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Full text of "Faclair Gailig us Beurla : a chaidh a chur a mach"

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Digitized by the Internet Archiye 
in 2013 










There have been so many Gaelic Dictionaries, and 
compendiums of Dictionaries, already published in 
the Gaelic language, that one would be apt to 
think, that there was no need of new publications. 
I was once of that belief myself, but, after mature 
deliberation, I saw an absolute necessity of publish- 
ing one for myself, composed of pure Gaelic words 
that I might be directed by it in my own writings. 
The reasons 1 had for doing so are the follow- 
ing. I saw that the Gaelic Bible, though looked 
upon as the standard of the Gaelic language had 
many errors. 

1. It has many Irishisms; as eadhon, to wit : 
gidheadh, nevertheless; feadh, as long as ; àithne, 
commandment, (it should be fàithne ;) cutback, 
madness, (i. e. caothach.) 

2. It has a number of provincial impure and 
improper words in it : as amhluadh, confusion ; 
(i, e. aimhreit,) oilean, an island, education ; (ei- 
lean,) ocar, interest; (riadh.) 


3. It spells the same word various ways, as 
bleodhainn, bleoghainn, milk ; daingionn, dain- 
nionn, daingeann, daingean ; giuthas is five ways, 
spelled, &c. 

4. It is full of Irish expressions ; as air (no- 
iar,) leughadh an t-soisgeil, after reading the gos- 
pel, (it should be an dèigh leughaidh an t-soisgeil.) 

5. Englishisms are also often to be met with in 
prose Gaelic authors, as cuibhrigidh so na fiachan 
ud (diolaidh na pàidhidh so na fiachan ud. ) 

The Dictionaries copied from the Bible, have 
the same errors. And in Gaelic authors, no im- 
provements can be expected, unless they throw a- 
side the Bible, and take their expressions as I have 
done, from the mouth of the best Gaelic speakers. 
To remedy, as much as possible, these blunders is 
my design in this Gaelic Dictionary, at least with 
regard to the propriety of words and fixibility of 

That I might proceed with greater ease, exact- 
ness, and punctuality in this, 1 provided myself 
with a Dictionary, which is looked upon as one of 
the best, published by the Rev, Dr Norman Mac- 
leod, and the Rev. Dr Daniel Dewar. This Dic- 
tionary answered indeed the end intended by its 
authors by giving all the dialects of the Gaelic, and 
more copiously mine, together with the various 
ways of orthography in each of them. Seeing this, 
my task was to select and choose my own dialect, 
with its proper and uniform orthography. In or- 
der to succeed in this, I read the dictionary over 
and over again with great attention, marking at 
the same time, all the words of my own pure dia- 
lect, leaving out provincial terms. Their ortho- 


graphy also was attended to, and rendered uniform. 
The number of provincials left out are very few, 
and made up for, by other words not to be found in 
in Macleod's Dictionary. Besides some improve- 
ments are made, and several amendments and cor- 
rections. Although this study of the Dictionary, 
be attended with much labour, still I have no rea- 
son to regret the pains and trouble I took, because 
its advantages are very great. It brought to my 
mind many words that were almost obliterated iu 
my mind — it taught me the meaning of words more 
perfectly — it discovered their etymology — it pointed 
out their orthography — and what was most useful 
of all, it laid down the foundation of grammar, by 
giving words with the chief variations of cases.- — 
Hence the study of Dictionaries cannot be too 
much recommended. After satisfying myself with 
the selection and orthography of words, I trans- 
cribed them all, and wrote them in this small Dic- 
tionary. It will be of service to the reader to have 
an idea of this compendium, especially in the de- 
clinable parts of speech. 

1. In nouns, the nominative singular, and the 
termination of the genitive singular or dative are 
given, with the termination also of the nominative 
plural. When no cases are marked, the noun is 
indeclinable. After the noun follows the gender, 
the English, and generally the derivative adjective, 
or a derivative noun. 

2. Adjectives when given in full, have two com- 
paratives, the first is sometimes a noun, the second 
is always so. When adjectives are not thus given 
in full, they can be easily formed, from the many 
examples given. 


3. Pronouns are marked down entire, both as 
simple and compound. 

4. Verbs are conjugated nearly the same way, 
as they are in Latin. All the tenses flow from the 
root. The first part, or root, is the second person 
singular of the imperative, and stands for the root 
of the verb. The next part given is the perfect 
participle passive, and commonly made by adding 
te to the root. The 3d and last part, is the infini- 
tive. From these three all the other parts are 

5. The undeclinable parts of speech being given 
in full, require no explanation. The next thing 
to be taken notice of, may be termed the variations 
peculiar to the Gaelic language, by which its cop- 
iousness and beauty are greatly increased, These 
variations may be reduced to two heads. The one 
regards the spelling, the other the sound. The one 
that regards the spelling, allows you two ways of 
spelling properly the same identical word, as tar- 
ruing or tarraing, fianuis or fianais, ian or eun, 
àite or àit, tighearn or tighearna tuille or tuilleadh. 
These changes arise principally from that adage. 

" Caol ri caol, leathan ri leathan," 
and from poetic licence. 

With regard to variations of sound, the spell- 
ing must always correspond to the sound. For in- 
stance the proper sound of draoidh,caothaeIi,neomh, 
can never be got at as we find them in the Dic- 
tionary and bible by spelling these words druidh, 
cuthach, neamh. 

From all that I have said it is clear that my 
principal aim in this Dictionary is to make the 
spelling echo with the sound in all cases where 

uniformity is wanting, (but these cases do not 
often occur) and to fix the orthography as much 
as possible, and not give double, treple, or quad- 
ruple spellings to the same word. 

This Compendium, though it appears small is 
nearly as comprehensive as Macleod's Dictionary. 
What makes it appear small is the rejection of pro- 
vincial words and giving fewer English terms, and 
avoiding explanations, and numberless repetitions. 
Words at the end of lines printed in Italics are of 
dubious character. You may take them as pro- 
per or provincials. If at any time I happen to 
disagree with Macleod I am forced to do it by my 
own purer dialect, or other dictionaries or books. 


a. signifies an adjective. 

art. article. 

aff. affirmative. 

adv. adverb. 

comp. or compar, comparative. 

con. conjunction. 

contr. contraction. 

dat. dative. 

def. v. defective verb. 

dim. diminutive. 

imp. improper. 

fut. future. 

f. feminine ; m. masculine. 

gen. or g. genitive. 

ind. indicative 

infin. infinitive. 

nom. nominative 

neg. negative. 

Pos. positive. 

pl. plural. 

pret. preterite. 

pos. orposs. possessive, 

pron. pronoun. 

prep, preposition. 

part, participle. 

rel. relative. 

s. substantive. 

sin. singular. 

a. v. active verb. 

n.v. neuter verb. 

v. verb. 

irreg. irregular. 

t. trade or office. 

eng. English, Scotch. 

pres. present. 


A — ABA. 

A, the first letter of the Gaelic Alphabet. 
A, a particle prefixed to adverbs, (a bhos.) 
A, the sign of the vocative, a dhuine, O man. 
A, possessive and relative pron. a mhac, his son ? 

a tbàinig, who came. 
A', prep, for ag, sign of the present participle, as 

a' tighinn, coming. 
A, prep, for do, tha mi dol a Ghlascu, I am going 

to Glasgow. 
A, prep, from, a tir na h-Eibhet, from the land of 
A', the art. for an, a' bhuaidb, the victory. [Egypt. 
Aba, abachan, m. an abbot, abbots. 
Abab ! interj. Fie! fie! 
Abuich, n.v. ripen. 

Abuich, a. ripe ; abuichead, f. ripeness. 
Abaid, f. an abbey, (ab-àite.) 
Abaideachd, f. an abbacy. 
Abair, a. v. and n.v. irreg. say, utter ; pret. thuirt; 

fut. their ; part, ràdh ; sub. theirinn. 
Abasdair, a dictionary. 
Abartachd, talkativeness; a. abartaeh. 


Abb. m. the barking of a dog. 

Abhag, -aig, -an, m. a terrier. 

àbhmst, f. custom, habit; a. abbuisteacb* 

Abhall, -aill, m. an apple tree, (ubhall, an apple.) 

àbhcaid, -e, -ean, f. sport fun; a. àbhcaideach. 

àbhcaideachd, f. sportiveness. 

Abhlan, -ain, -an. m. a wafer. 

àbhras, -ais, -an, m. spinning, flax, wool. 

Ablach, -aich, -ean, m. a carrion, a carcase. 

Abrach, m. a Lochabar man. 

Abhsporag, -aig, f. the tripe or paunch of a cow. 

Ac, -a, -an, -annan, m. a law, a decree. 

Aca, pron. with them; faic agam. 

Acain, -e, a sigh or moan ; a. acaineach. 

Acair, -e, -rach, -raichean, an acre, an anchor, 

Acairseid, f. a port, an harbour. 

Acarachd, f. gentleness, mildness; a. acarach. 

Acastair, -ean, f. an axle-tree. 

Ach, conj. but, except. 

Ach, termination of adjectives, as brònach, sad. 

Achadh, -aich, -aichean, m. a field, a plain. 

Achain, -e, -ean, f. prayer, supplication. 

Achanaich, ~e, -ean, f. earnest prayer. 

Achasan, -ain, -annan, m. a reproof, or scold. 

Achasanaich, a. v. rebuke, blame. 

Achlais, -e, -las, -ean, -an, f. the arm-pit. 

Achlasan, -ain, -annan, f. a bundle under the arm. 

Achlasaich, a v. put under the arm. 

Acrach, -aiche, -raichead, a. hungry, more hung- 
ry, hunger. 

Two compar. are here given, the last is often 
a noun. 
Acraich a. v. moor, harbour, cast anchor. 
Acras, -ais, m. hunger; a acrach, (ac-craois.) 

ACR — AGH. o 

Acuinn, -e, f. harness, tackle ; a. acuinneach. 

Adad ! interj. f. terror. 

Adag, -aig, -an, f. a shock of com, a haddock. 

Ad, contr. of ann do, ad laimb, for ami do laimh, 

Adagaich, a. v. make shocks of corn. 

Adamant, an adamant stone, (daoimein) 

Adhaltrach,m. an adulterer. 

Adhaltras, -ais, -an m. or f. adultery. 

Adhaltrach, or adhaltraiche, m. an adulterer. 

Adhann, -ne, -annan, m. a pan. 

Adharc, -aire, -ean, f. a horn ; a. adharcach. 

Adhart, -airt. -an, m. a pillow, progress, forward. 

Adhartach, -aiche, a. diligent, active. 

Adhartan, -ain, m. a little pillow, or bolster. 

Adhastar, -air, -an, m. a halter. 

Adhlaic, (rather amhlaic) -te, adhlacadh, a. v. 

bury, inter. 
Adhlac, -aic, m. (rather amhlac.) A burial. 
Ag, a. v. hesitate, doubt. 
Ag, m. hesitation, doubt. 
Ag, sign of the pres. part., ag èirigh, rising. 
Ag, a diminutive termination, nigheag, or nionag 

a little girl. 
Agach,a. doubting, hesitating. 
Agam, agad, aige, aice, againn, agaibh, aca, comp. 

pron. (aig-mi,) in my possession. 
Agair, -airt, -radh, a. v. claim, crave. 
Agarrach, -raich, m. a craver, a. agarrach. 
Agartas, -ais, m. claiming, craving, 
àgh, àigh, m. joy, happiness, luck ; a. àghor. 
Agh, -aighe, -aighean, m. a hind, a stirk, a heifer. 
Aghach, a. bold, full of hinds or heifers. 
Aghaidb; f. the face or countenance, 
àghorachd, f. prosperity, happiness. 

4 AGU — AIL. 

Agus, or us, or is, conj. and. 

Aha! Interj of surprise or wonder. 

Aibheil, -eile, a. huge, prodigious. 

Aibheis, f. chaos, ocean, space, a. aibheiseaeh. 

Aibhistear, m. tha devil ; (fear-aibbeis) 

Aibhsich, -te, -eadh, exaggerate, augment. 

Aibhistearaehd, f. devilishment, demonism. 

Aibhlitir, f. the alphabet. 

Aice, pron. at her ; faic agam. 

Aiceid, -eide, -ean, f. a disease; a aiceideach. 

Aicheadh, m. a denial, a refusal. 

Aicheich, part, aicheadh, a. v. deny, refuse. 

Aicheamhail, m. revenge ; a. aicheamhaiieaob. 

Aideach, -dich, m, confession ; aideachadh. 

Aidich, .-eachadh, -aideach, a. v. confess, own. 

Aidmheil, -e, f. faith, religion, confession. 

Aidmheileach, -aich, m. a confessor. 

Aidmheilear, m. a professor. 

Aifrionn, -rinne, -rinn, -ean, mass. 

Aig, prep, at, near to ; aig an tigh, at home. 

Aige, prep, with him, in his possession; (aig-e) ; 

see agam. 
àigeach, m. a young horse, a stallion. 
Aigeal, -eil, m. the bottom; aigean. 
Aigeannach, -aiche, a spirited, mettlesome, (aig- 

Aigeannachd, f. spiritedness, sprightliness. 
Aighear, -ir, f. gladness, cheerfulness; a.aighearach. 
Aighearachd, f. gladness, festivity. 
Aigilein, -ein, -ean, m. a tassel, a toy ; a. aigilein- 

Aigne, or aigneadh, m. mind, spirit, temper. 
Ail, (contr. of amhuil,) termination of adjectives, 

sometimes changed into eil, oil, uil. 

AIL — AIM. 5 

àill, f. the will. 

Ailbheag. -eig, -an, f. an ear-ring ; a. ailbheagach. 

Ailbheinn, f. a flint, a rock; ailbhinn ; ailbhe* 

àilde, f. beauty; àilne; àildeachd ; àilleachd. 

Aileag, -eig, -an, the hiccup; a. aileagach. 

àilein, -ein, m, a green, a plain, a meadow. 

àilear, -eir, in. a porch. 

àilleas, in. will, pleasure, desire ; àilgheas. 

àilleasach, -aiche, a. fastidious, proud, willful. 

àilleasachd, f. fastidiousness, wilfulness. 

Ailis, -e, -ean, f. blemish, defect, fault. 

àille, f. beauty, prettiness ; a. àilleach. 

àillead, -eid, m. a degree of beauty, beauty. 

àilleag, -eig, -an, f. a jewel, a pretty woman. 

àilleagan, -ain, -an, m. a jewel, a pretty little person. 

Ailleagan, -ain, m. the root of the ear. 

àillein, -ein, f, a wish, desire, a minion. 

àillidh, a. beautiful, fair, handsome. 

àilleacbd, f. beauty. 

Ailm, -e, f, an elm-tree, an helm, a flint-stone. 

Ailmeag, -eig, f. a small elm-t r ee. 

Ailpein, -ein, m. Alpiu, a man's name. 

Ailt, a. noble, stately, grand. 

Ailt, f. the impression, or mark of a wound ; see 

Aim, -ain, -ann, and an, are privative particles. 
Aimhleas, -eis, m. hurt, harm ; a. aimhleasach. 
Aimhleasachd, f. unfortunateness. ruinousness. 
Aimhlean, -eine, a. narrow, tight, (aim-leathan.) 
Aimhreit, -e, f. strife ? discord ; a. dimhreiteach. 
Aimhreith, f. disturbance, discord. 
Aimhreitich, a. v. confuse, disorder. 
Aimideachd. f. foolishness ; a. aimideach. 
Ainbheirt, f. poverty, distress. 

6 AIN ATlM. 

àin, -e, f. heat of the day, noon. 

Ainbheach, -eich, m. debt; (ain-fhiach. 

Aincheist, m. dilemma, perplexity ; a. aincheist- 

Aindeoin, f. against one's will, by force; a. ain- 

Aindeonachd, f. reluctancy, force. 

Ainndreas, -eis, m. Andrew, a man's name, 

Aineadas, -ais, m. vexation, sadness. 

Aineamh, -imh, m. a blemish or flaw. 

àinean, pi. the liver. 

Aineol, -eoil, m. a stranger, a guest; a. aineolach. 

Aineolas, -ais, m. ignorance. 

Ainfheoil, -eola, f. proud flesh, corrupt flesh. 

Anfhios, -a, m. ignorance; a. anfhiosrach. 

Aingeachd, f. wickedness, malice. 

Aingeal, -il, ainglean, m. an angel, fire. 

Aingealach, f. numbness by cold, angelic. 

Aingealtachd, f. malignity, malice ; a. aingealta. 

Aingealtas, -ais, f. malice, spite. 

Aingidh, a. wicked, perverse. 

àinich, f. panting, breathing hard. 

àinich, a. v. pant, breathe with noise. 

Ainideach, -eiche, a. vexed, angry. 

Ainiochd, f. cruelty; rather aniochd which see. 

Ainleag, -eig, f. a swallow, aingleag-mara, a sea- 
martin, [burden. 

Ainnleatrom, -uim, m. a great weight, a heavy 

Ainm, ainme, ainmean, ainmeannan, m. a name. 

Ainm-chlar, -air, -an, m. an index, a catalogue. 

Ainmeachas, -ais, m. a mere name. 

Ainmealachd, f. celebrity, renown, fame. 

Ainmeannach, f. a nominative, a nominator. 

Ainmeannaiche, m. a denominator. 

AIN— AIR. 7 

Ainmeil, -e, a. famous, celebrated. 

Ainmhide, m. a fool, an idiot, a beast. 

Ainmhidh, -e, -ean, m. a brute, a beast. 

Ainmich, -te, -eachd, a. v. name, nominate. 

Ainmig, a. seldom, rare, scarce, (ain-minig. ) 

Ainneamh, -eimhe, a. rare, scarce. 

Ainneamhachd, f. rarity, scarcity. 

Ainneart, -eirt, m. force, violence ; a. ainneartach. 

Ainnir, -e, f. a virgin, a maid; a. ainnireach. 

Ainnis, f. poverty, want; a. ainniseach, needy. 

Ainniseachd, f. poverty, neediness. 

Ainsgein, -ein, f. fright, terror; a. ainsgeanach. 

Aintheas, -eis, m. great heat ; aintheasachd, 

Ainnteisteanas, -ais, m. bad testimony. 

Ainteas, -eis, m. impetuosity, heat^ a. ainteasach. 

Ainteisteas, -eis, m. bad testimony. 

Air, termination of nouns, often changed into oir, 
eir, ir, uil and or. 

Air, prep, in, upon, of; air muin eich, on horse- 
back ; air leth, distinct. 

Air ais, adv. backward. 

àir, a v. number, count. 

Air ad hart, adv. forward. 

Air chor, adv. so that, to the end that. 

aire, -e, -ean, f. an ark, a chest. 

Aire, -e, f. distress, strait; a. airceach, distressed. 

Airceas, -eis, m. poverty, indigence. 

Airceag, -eig, a river in Lochaber. 

Airceil, -e, a. poor ; airceasach. 

Air chionn, adv. upon that, to the end that. 

Aircleach, -eich, m. a cripple. [county. 

àird and àrd, a prefix; àirdnamorchan, name ot a 

àird, àirde, àirdean, a quarter of the heavens. 

àird, f, preparation, activity. 

8 AIR — AIT. 

àirde, f. height, altitude. 

àirde-deas, the south. 

àird'-an-ear, the east. 

àird'-an-iar, the west. 

àirde-tuath, the north. 

àirdeil, -e. a. inventive, artful, active. 

Aire, f. notice, attention. 

Airidh, f. worth, merit; a. airidh, worthy. 

àiridh, -ean, f. a shealing, summer pasture. 

àireach, -ich, m. a keeper of cattle, a grazier. 

àireachas, -ais, m. keeping cattle, a pastoral life. 

àireamh. a. v. number, count. 

àireamhach, a numeral. 

Airgiod, -id, m. silver ; a. airgideach. 

Airleag, a. v. borrow lend. 

Airleag, -eig, f. a-jeik, a pull, a strait, want. 

àirnean, pi. the reins. 

àirneach, a. valiant, stout. 

Airson, adv. for. 

Air-neo, adv. else, otherwise. 

Airsteal, f. weariness, heaviness ; a. arsneal. 

Airstealach, a. wearisome, dull. 

Ais, adv. backward. 

Aisde, out of her, see asam. 

Aisead, -eid, m. delivery. 

Aiseid, aiseadadh, a, v. and n.v. bear, be delivered. 

Aiseag, -eig 3 m. a ferry. 

Aiseal, -eil, m. an axle-tree. 

Aisig, -te, aisigeadh, a.v ferry, bring over. 

Aisling, -e, -ean, f. a dream, a vision ; a. aislingeach. 

Aisne, aisnean, f, a rib; a. aisneach, ribbed. 

Aisre, a path, an abode, aisridh. 

Ait, e, a. glad, joyful. 

àit or àite, àiteachan, m. a place. 


àiteach, -ich, m. agriculture, cultivation, 
àiteachas, -ais, m. cultivation, a colony, 
àiteachan, -ain, m. a little place. 
Aiteal, -eil, m. a glimpse, a breeze, a bit, gloss. 
Aiteam, or aitim, m. folk, people. 
Aiteamh, -eimh, m. thaw. 
Aiteas, -eis, m. joy, gladness. 
Aith or ath, a prefix, equivalent to re or again. 
Aitheamh, -imh, f. a fathom. 
Aithghearr, brevity ; a. short, brief. 
Aithghearr, -adh, a. v. cut again, shorten. 
Aithgearradh, -aidh, m. an abbreviation. 
Aithine, ean, m. a fire-brand; (ath-theine.) 
àithn, eadh, àithn, a. v. command, order; r. fhàin. 
Aithne, f. knowledge, acquaintance. 
Aithneach, -ich, pi. aithnichinn, m. a guest. 
Aithneachd, f. knowledge, discernment. 
Aithneachail, -e, a. discerning, intelligent. 
Aithnich, -te, -eachadh, -icinn, a. v. know; dh'aith- 
ninn, imp. subj. as dh'aithninn e, I would know 
Aithreachas, -ais, m. penance, repentance, [him, 
Aithris, aithris, aithriseadh, a. v. tell, relate, 
àitich, -eachadh, a. v. cultivate, dwell, inhabit, 
àitidh, a. damp, moist. 
Aitoinn, -inn, m. juniper. 

Aitreabh, -ibh, m. a building, houses: a. aitreabh- 
àl, àil, m. brood, generation. [ail. 

àlach, -aich, m. brood, a set, a bank of oars, 
àlaich, a.v. bring forth, nourish, nurse. 
Alba or Albainn, Scotland; albannach, a Scotsman. 
Alastair, Alexander, a man's name. 
Alia, a. wild, fieree. 

Allaban, -ain, m. wandering, aberration. 
Allail, -e, a. famous, renowned. 

10 ALL — AMA. 

Alla-cheò, m. troubled mist. 

Allaidh, a. wild, savage ; ailanta. 

Allaghoir, f. jargon, vain-glory, gibberish. 

Ailabharrach, a. savage, a barbarian. 

Allabarrachd, f. barbarity, cruelty. 

Allt, uilt, m. a brook, a rill ; alltan, a small rill. 

Aim, ailm, m. alum ; aim, -te, -adh, a. v. a tincture 

Alp, ailp, f. a large mountain. [with alum. 

A los, adv. and prep, to, in order to, about ; los ar 

Alp, -te, -adh, a.v. engraft, join. [murt. 

Alt, uilt, m. a joint, state, order ; a. altach, full of 

Altaich, -achadh, a.v, salute, move, stir. [joints. 

Altachadh, -aidh, m. grace, salutation ; altachadh- 

Altair, altrach, f. an altar. [beatha. 

Altrum, a.v. nurse, foster. 

Altrumaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. nurse, foster, rear. 

Altruman, -ain, m. a nursling. 

Altrumas, -ais, m. nursing. 

àluinn, -e, a. fine, pretty. 

Am, poss. pron. their ; am fearg, their anger. 

Am, the article, put before words, beginning with 

b, p, f, m. 
Am, contr, for ann mo ; am laimh, a m 
Am, interr. am beil thu sin ? are you there ? 
àm, -a, -annan, m. time, season. 
Amalist, f. confusion, calamity ; a. amalisteach, 
A mach, adv. out, without. 

Amadan,_-ain, m. a fool, an idiot ; a. amadanach. 
Amadanachd, f. folly, foolishness. 
Amaladh, -aidb, f. a stop, a hinderance. 
Amall, -aill, m. a swingle-tree, a yoke. 
Amar, -air, m. a trough, a channel. 
Amas, -ais, m. hitting, marking, aiming. 
Amasir. -e, time, season ; a. amasireil. 

AM A — ANA. 11 

Amais, -amas, a. v. hit, find. 

Amarid, a. barren, unfruitful. 

Amh, or eimb, a. raw, crud: a. amhaidh. 

Amhach, -aich, f. the neck ; pi. amhaichean. 

Amhainn : aimhne, aimhnichean, f. a river. 

Amhàin, or mhàin, adv. only ; cba'n e mhàin, 
not only ; rather bhàin. 

Amhairc, amharc, adv. look, behold. 

Amhaltas, -ais, m. vexation, anger ; a. amhaltach. 

Amharus,-uis, m. doubt, suspicion; a. amharusach. 

Amhus, -uis, m. a fool, an idiot. 

àmhghar, -air, na. anguish, distress; aàmhgharach. 

Amhlair, -ean, m. an idiot ; amhlaireachd, folly. 

Amhluidh, a. like, similar. 

Amhuil, adv. as, like as. [each. 

àmhuilt, -e -ean, f. odd gesticulation ; a. àmhuilt- 

Amalach, -aiche, a. curled, having ringlets. 

Amlag, -aig, f. a curl, a ringlet; a amlagach. 

àmraidh, f. a cupboard. [bagan. 

An, the termination of diminutive nouns, bag, 

An, pi. termination of nouns; ainm, ainmean. 
An is often elided; aithriche, for aithrichean. 
Some nouns admit of a double plural termina- 
tion, as àm, aman, amannan ; in these n is 

An, a conj. interr. an tu th'ann ? Is it you? 

An, the art. the. 

Anabarr, m. excess; a anabarrach ; anabarrachd. 

Anabas, -ais, m. unripeness, corruption. 

Anabaich, a. unripe. 

Anabasachd, f. unripeness ; a. anabasach. 

Anabheus, -a, -an, immorality; a. anabheusach, 

Anabhiorach, -aich, a centipede, a poisonous insect. 

Anabitb, a. extraordinary, huge. 

12 ANA ANA. 

Anablas, -ais, m. a bad taste ; a. anablasda. 
Anacai), anacladh, a. v. save, protect. 
Annacainnt, f. bad language ; a. annacainnteach. 
Anacaitheamh, m. spendthrift; a. anacaith teach, 
Anaceart, or anaceartas, m. injustice, 
Ancheartach, -aiche, a. jocose, witty. 
Anacheist, f. difficulty, dilemma. 
Anacleachdadh, -aidh, -annan, m. a bad habit. 
Anacneasda, a, uncharitable, cruel. 
Anacneasdachd, f. uncharitableness. 
Anacothrom, -uim, m. injustice, injury, 
Anacothromach, -aiche, a. unjust, unfair. 
Anacreideamh, -imh, m. infidelity. 
Anacreidmheach, m. an unbeliever, an infidel. 
Anacriost, m. antichrist. 
Anacriostalachd, f. infidelity ; a anacriostail 
Anacriostuidh, m. a pagan, a heathen. 
Anacuibheas, -ais, m. excess; a. anacuibheasach. 
Anagaireas, -ais, m. inconvenience. 
Anagaireasach, -aiche, a. inconveient. 
Anagèillidh, a. huge, immense. 
Anaghleus, m. unreadiness, unprepared. 
Ana-ghnà, or ana-ghnàs, m. a bad habit. 
Ana-gnàthaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. misuse, abuse. 
Anail, -alach. f. breath, air, rest, (an-fhàileadh.) 
Anamsir, -e, f. bad weather. 

Anainn, -e, f. the top of a wall. [spirit. 

Anam, anma, anman, anmannan, m. a soul, life, 
Anam fàsor, m. a vegetative soul. 
Anam-muchachail, m. a sensitive soul. [lively. 

Anam-reusonta, m. a reasonable soul ; a. anmanta, 
Anamiosarrachd, f. intemperance, a. anamiosarra. 
Anaman, -ain, m. a little soul. [ana-meinneach. 
Ana-meinn, -e, f. frowardness, perverseness, a. 

ANA— ANN. 13 

Ana-meìnneachd f perverseness, maliciousness. 
Ana-miann, m. passion, lust, sensuality, a. ana- 

An-aoibhinn, -e, a. unhappy ; an-aobhach, (an-aoibh- 

neach. ) 
An-aoibhneas, -eis, m. unhappiness, woe. 
Anaois, -e, f. non-age, minority. 
Anart, -airt, -an, m. linen; anart-bùird, table-linen* 
Anasta, a. stormy; anastachd, trouble, hardship. 
An-ath-oidheh, f. to-morrow night. 
Anabheus, m. immorality ; a. anabheusach. 
Ana-bhuil, f. missapplication, abuse, damage. 
Andè, yesterday ; air bhon-dè, two days ago. 
An dèigh an dèis, adv. after, behind. 
An dèighlaimhe, adv. afterwards, behindhand. 
An diugh, adv, to day. 

An dràsda, adv. now, (an tria-so) an dràsta. 
An earar, adv. two days hence. 
An eararais, adv. three days hence. 
An»earbsa, f. mistrust, a. an-earbsach. 
An-èibhinn, -e, a. uncomfortable ; an-èibhinneach, 
An-aoibhneas, -eis, m. woe, grief, sorrow. 
An-eifeachd, f. inefficacy; a. an-eifeachdaeh. 
Anfhann, -a. week, feeble; anfhannachd, weakness, 
Anfhannaich, -achadh, a. v. weaken, debilitate. 
An-fhèilidh, a. inhospitable, surly. 
An-f hiachail, -e, a. worthless, low, mean. 
Anfhios, m. ignorance ; a. anfhiosrach. 
An-fhuras, -ais, m impatience; a. an-fhurasach. 
Anaghlonn, a. stout, brave ; anagMonnach 
An-iochd, f. cruelty, want of feeling; a an-ichdor. 
Anndeiseil, -e, a. unprepared, not ready. 
Anndeisealachd, f. unprovidedness. 
Anndiadhachd, f. ungodliness ; a. anndiadh aidh. 

14 ANN — ANN. 

An nios, adv. up, up hither. 

An nis, or a nise, adv. now. 

An-iùl, f. bad guidance, error, misrule. 

Annlaoch, -aoich, m. a weak or inferior hero. 

Annluehd, f. overweight, a heavy load. 

Ann, prep, in; ann an Gàrradh Eudein, it is often 

suppressed, as bha mi am baile Lunnainn. 
Ann, in him, see unnam 
Annaladh, -aidh, m. an age, or era. 
Annas, -ais, -an, m. novelty, rarity, a. annasach. 
Ann-dòchas, -ais, m. despair ; a. ann-dòchasach. 
Ann-dòigh, f. bad condition, a. ann-dòigheil. 
Ann-dualachas, -ais, m. degeneracy. [ach. 

Ann-dùchas, ^ais, m. degeneracy; a. ann-dùchas- 
Annlann, -ainn, m. condiment, kitchen. 
Annrath, m. misfortune, distress, 
ànradh, -aidh, m. trouble, distress ; a. ànracb. 
Ann-riadb, -rèidh, m. usury. 
Ann-righ, m. a tyrant ; anntighearnas, tyranny. 
Annsa, m. or f. love, affection, annsachd, the be- 
An raoir, adv. last night. [loved. 

Annsgairt, f. a loud shout, a, annsgairteach. 
Annspiorad, -aid, m. a bad spirit, a demon. 
Anns, prep, in : anns gach àite, everywhere. 
Anntighearna, m. a tyrant. 

Anntoil, f. against one's will. [ach. 

Anntrom, or antrom, m. overweight, a. anntrom- 
Anntromaich, -achadh, a. v. overload. 
Anshocair, -e, f. pain, distres ; a. anshocrach. 
Anntlachd, f. anger, rage. 

An t, the article, used occasionally before 

initial vowels and s, an t-athair, an t-sùil. 
Ann-tràthach, -aiche, a. unseasonable. 
Ann-tròcair, f. uncharitableness, mercilesstiess. 

ANN — Aor. 15 

Ann-tròcrach, -aiche, a. merciless, uncharitable. 

Ann-truas, -ais, m. want of pity; a. antruacanta. 

Ann-truacantachd, want of feeling or compassion. 

An-uair, bad weather, a storm. 

An nuas, adv. down, downward. 

A null or a nunn, adv. over. 

An-trà, adv. when. 

An uraidh, adv. last year. 

Ao, a privitave equivalent to un or in, in English. 

Aobhach, -aiche, a. joyful, cheerful ; aobhachd, 

Aobhar, -air, -an, m.. cause, reason ; a. aobharach. 
Aobrunn, -uinn, -uinnean, m. an ankle. 
Aobharrach, m. a youth, a grown person. 
Aodach,-aich,-aichean, m. clothes, dress, garments. 
Aodaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. clothe, dress. 
Ao-coltach, a. unlike. 
Aodann, -ainn, -ann, m, the face, visage. 
Aodhaire, -ean, m. a shepherd, a pastor. 
Aodhaireachd, f. the office of a shepherd. 
Aodion, m. leakiness ; a. aodionach, leaky. 
Aog, aoig, m. death, a ghost, a spectre. 
Aognaich, n.v. become pale, wither, fade. 
Aognuidh, a. pale, frightful. 
Aogus, -uis, m. the countenance, appearance. 
Aoibh, a. joyful, glad. 
Aoibhinn, -e, a. joyful ; aoibhinneach. 
Aoibhneas, -eis, m. gladness cheerfulness. 
Aoidheachd, f. hospitality, beggary. 
Aoidh, -e, -ean, a guest, a stranger. 
Aoigh, f. a pleasant or cheerful countenance. 
Aoigheii, -e, a. frank, pleasant. 
Aoighealachd, f. frankness, kindness. 
Aoine, f. friday. 

16 AOI AOS. 

Aoir, -eadh, a. v. satirize, curse. 
Aoir, -e, -ean, f. a curse, a lampoon. 
Aoireadh, -eidh, m. cursing, satirizing. 
Aoireachas, -ais, f. satire. 

Aol, aoil, m. lime ; aol gun bhàtbadh, quicklime. 
Aol, -te, -adh, a.v. lime, plaster. 
Aolach, -aich, m. dung, manure. 
Aoladair, -ean, m. a plasterer. 
Aoladaireachd, f. plastering. 
Aolar, -aire, a. abounding with lime. 
Aom, -te, -adh, a.v. incline, bend, bow; aomaich. 
Aomadh, -aidh, m. inclination, declivity, bending. 
Aon, a h-aon, a. one; aonar, alone. 
Aonach, -aich, aichean, in. a hill, a heath. 
Aonach, -aich, m. galloping. 
Aonachd, f. unity, concord, harmony. 
Aonadharcach, m. an unicorn. 
Aonaran, -ain, m. a hermit, a solitary ; a. anaran- 
Aonais, f. want, without. [ach. 

Aonaranachd, f. solitude, lonelieness. 
Aon-diag or a h-aon-diag, a. eleven ; aon-deug. 
Aon-fhilte, a. single, one-fold ; aon-fhilteachd, sin- 
Aon-ghin, rather aonaghin, m. only-begotton, 
Aonragan, m. a solitary; a. aonraganach, solitary, 
Aonta, m. a lease, a vote, an assent; a. aontach. 
Aontaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. consent agree. 
Aontachadh, -aidh, m. a consent, a vote. 
Aontachd, f. acquiescence, consent. 
Aon -toil, f. unanimity. 
Aorabh, in. constitution, frame. 
Aoradh, -aidh, m. worship, adoration. 
Aosar, -aire, a. old ; aosda* 
Aosdàna, m. a poet. 

AOS — ARB. 17 

Aos-dànachd, f. the office of a bard, bardism. 

Aosdachd f. old n ess, old-age; aosor, aosta. 

Aotrom, -uime, a. light, not heavy ; eutrom. 

Aotromaich, -achadh, a. v. lighten, make light, al- 

Aotroman, -ain, m. a bladder. [leviate, 

Aotromas, -ais, m. lightness, levity. 

Ap, -a, f. an ape, a mimic ; apag, a little ape. 

Aparran, -ain, pi. aparrain, m an apron. 

Aparsaid, -e, -ean, f. a knapsack. 

Ar, poss. pron. our ; bithidh ar coimsthri ri dàimh. 

Ar, termination of verbs impersonally used, as 

Ar, -te, -aradh, a. v. plough, till, cultivate, 
àr, àir, m. battle, slaughter, field of battle, 
àra, àirnean, f. kidney; an dààra, the two kidneys, 
àrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a field of battle, 
àrach, -aich, m. rearing, nursing, maintenance, 
àrachas, -ais, ra. insurance; fear-àrachais, an in- 
àraich, àraich, a.v. rear, bring up, educate, 
àraig, f. any valuable thing found, a treasure, 
àraid or àraidh, a. particular, special ; duin' àraidh* 
Ar-amach, m. rebellion, insurrection. 
Aran, -ain, m. bread, sustenance, livelihood. 
Aran-donn, or aran-milis, gingerbread. 
Aran coirce, oaten bread. 
Aran-eòrna, barley bread. 
Aran-cruithneachd, wheaten bread. 
Aran-seagail, rye bread, 
Aran-peasrach, pease bread, 
Aranach, -aiche, a. full of bread. 
Arannach-strèine, m. a bridle-rein. 
Araon or maraon, adv. together, both. 
Arbhar, -air, m. corn ; a. arbharach, full of corn. 

i8 ARB — ARO. 

Arbhuidh, a. auburn, brownish ; brbhuiclh, 

arc or aire, f. a cork ; crann àirce, a cork-tree. 

àrcan, -ain, m. a little cork. 

àr-chu, m. a chained dog. 

àrd, a. high, lofty, sublime. 

àrd, or àirde, or àrda, -an, m. a height, a hill, hea- 

àrdaich, -te, -achadh, a v. raise, elevate. [ven. 

àrd-aigneach, a. high-minded, magnanimous. 

àrd-aigne, m. magnanimity, bravery. 

àrdan-ain, m. pride, anger; a, àrdanach, proud. 

àrd-athair, m. a patriarch. 

àrd-britheamh, -imh, m. a supreme judge. 

àrd-chomhairle, f. a supreme court, 

àrd-dorus, m. a lintel of a door. 

àrd-easbuig, in. an arch-bishop. 

àrd-fhlath, m. a chief, a high or supreme lord. 

àrd-iarla, m. a first earl. 

àrd-inbhe, f. a high post or situation. 

àrd olla m. a first doctor. 

àrd-mhorfhear, m. a lord president, a chief lord. 

àrd-sgoil, f. a high school, a college. 

àrd-thriath, in. a supreme chief. 

Ar learn, def. v. methinks. 

A ris, or rithist, adv. again. 

Arm, airm, pi. airm, armaibh, m. a weapon, arms. 

Armach, -aiche, a. armed, warlike. 

Armachd, f. armour, arms. 

Armaich, -te, -achadh, f. arm, put on armour. 

Armadh, -aidh, m. oil or butter for anointing wool. 

Armailt, -e, m. an army, an host; a. armailteach. 

Arm-coise, m. infantry. 

Arm-eilean, -ein, m. military discipline. 

àrmunn, -uinn, m. a hero, a warrior. 

Aros, -ois, m. an abode, a house, a habitation. 

A HP ASP, 19 

Arpag, -aig, f. a harpy, a ravenous animal ; a. 

Arraban, -ain, m. grief, sorrow; a. arrabanach. 
Arrabhaig, -e, f. strife, contention. 
Arrabhalach, -aich, m. a clown, a traitor. 
Arracb, -aich, m, a dwarf, a spectre. 
Arral, -ail, m. insolence, sauciness ; a, arralach. 
Arragloir, f. vain talk. 

Arronta, a. bold, brave, intrepid, stout. [os esa. 
Arsa or os, def. verb, quoth ; arsa raise, ars'esa, 
àrsadh, -aidh, m. antiquity; àrsachd. 
àrsaidh, a. antique, old; àrsair, an antiquarian. 
Arsaireachd, f. antiquarianisra. 
Arsneal, -eil, m. sadness, heaviness. 
Arsnealach, a. sad, sorrowful. 
Art, airt, f. a stone, ; tarruing-art, a load-stone, 
àruinn, -e, -ean, f a forest, bounds, kidney. 
As, prep, out of; as an tigh. 
As, f. an ass ; asal-ail. 

A's, (improperly for agus, or is,) conj. and. 
Asam, asad, as, aisde, a<ainn, asaibh, asda, prep. 

conj. with thepers. pron, out of me, out of thee, 

&c, (as-mi.) 
àsuig, -e, -ean, tools, apparatus; àsuinn. 
Asair, -e, -ean, f. harness for horse. 
Asbhuain, -e, f. stubble. 

Ascall, -ail, loss ; ascall earraich ; loss of cattle in 
Ascaoin, -e, harsh, unkind, (as-caoin.) [spring. 
Ascaoin, -e. f. curse, an excommunication. 
Ascart, -airt, tow, coarse lint. 
Asgall, or asgailt, bosom, breast, armpit. 
Aslach, f. prayer, supplication. 
Aslaich, a. v. pray supplicate. 
Asp, -a, -an, f. an asp, an adder. 
B 2 

20 ASO — ATH. 

Asonair, f. dishonor, disrespect. 

Astair, astar, a. v. march, walk, go; astaraich 

Astar, -air, m. a journey, a walk ; astraiche, a 

A stigh, adv. in, in the house. [traveller. 

Ath, a prefix, signifying again. 

As-ùr, adv. anew, afresh. 

At, m. a swelling, a protuberance. 

Atach, -aich, m. a request. 

Ata, subst. verb, am, art, is ; see is. 

Ataich, a. v, intreat, request. 

Ataig, -e, -ean, f. a palisade, a stake. 

Taim, (ta-mi,) subst. v. I am. 

Ataireachd, f. swelling, blustering. 

Ath, a. the next, again, an ath uair; the next time. 

àth, -a, m. a ford ; àth nan sùl, the corner of the 

àth, f. a kiln; àth-aoil, a lime kiln. [ e y e « 

Ath-aithris, ath-aithris, a. v. repeat, rehearse. 

Athach, -aich, m. a stranger, a champion, a giant. 

Athach, -aiche, a. bashful, modest. 

Athadh, -aidh, m. bashfulness, modesty. 

Athailt, -e, -ean, m. a mark, a scar, an impression. 

Athailteach, a. full of scars. 

Athair, -ar, aithriche, m. a father. 

Athair-cèile, m. a father-in-law. 

Atharail, -e, a fatherly. 

Atbais, f. leisure, ease, a reproach, 

Athaiseach, -eiche, a. slow, reproachful. 

Athar-air, m. air, sky, firmament. 

Atharrais-bhialaim, f. mimicry with the mouth. 

Athar-eòlas, m. aeromancy. 

Athar-iùl, -iuil, f. aerology. 

Atharnach, -aich, f. second crop. 

Atharrach, a. strange, foreign, droll. 

Atharrach, -aich, m. another person, an alien. 

ATH ATH. 2 1 

Aiharracbail, «e, a. changeable, variable. 
Atharraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. change, alter, move. 
Atharrais, a. v. mimic, imitate. 
Athbharr, -a. m. a second crop. 
Ath-bhàs, m. a second death. 
Ath-bheachd, m. a second thought. 
Athbheum, m. a second blow. 
Ath-bheotbaich,-te,-achadh, a. v. revive, reanimate. 
Ath-bheothachail, -e, a, reviving, reanimating. 
Athbhliadhna, f. next year. 
Ath-bhliochd, f. a second milk. 
Ath-bhreith, f. a second birth, regeneration. 
Ath bhuail, -te, -ualadh, a. v. strike again. 
Athchanaich, f. prayer, (ath-chan) ; s. achanaich. 
Ath-chasaid, f. a second complaint or charge. 
Ath-cheannaich, -te, ath-chennach, a. v. redeem. 
Ath-chomain, -e, f. a second obligation or favour. 
Ath-chomhairle, f. a second advice. 
Ath-chruth, m. a second form or appearance. 
Ath-chùm, -te, -adh, a. v. reform, shape again. 
Atb-dhiol, -te,- adh, a. v. repay. 
Ath-fhàs, -ais, m. second growth, or second crop. 
Athghearradh, -aidh, m. cutting again, an abbrevi- 
Ath-ghin, -te, -eadh, a v. regenerate. [ation. 

Atbghoirid, a. cross, short tempered. 
Athghoirid, m. a short cut, a nearer road. 
Athlamh, rather ealamh, a. ready, quick. 
Ath-làn, -ain, m. second full. 
Ath-làn-mara, f. next tide. 
Ath-latha, m. next day. 

Ath-leasaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. reform, amend. 
Ath-lion, -te, -adh, a. v. fill again, replenish. 
Ath-neartaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n. v. recruit. 
Ath-nuadhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. renew. 
B 3 

22 ATH — BAC. 

Ath-oidhche, or an athoidhch, adv. next night 

Ath-sgeul, -eoil, m. a second tale. 

Ath~theine, m. a second fire; see aithine. 

Ath-theòth, -te, -adh, a v. warm again. 

Ath-uair, or an ath uair, f. next time, 

As the diphthong au is not admitted into mo- 
dern gaelic, abh, adh, agh, amh, all, are in the 
few words requiring its sound employed, as abh- 
ug, adhlaic, faghaid, amhach, fallsa. 


B, the second letter of the gaelic alphabet. 

B', for bu, the pret. of the verb is ; b' e, it was. 

Bà, pi. of bò, a cow. 

Bà, -a, foolish, simple ; spelt also baoth. 

Bà ! interj. or rather obà ! obà ! a lulaby. 

Babag, -aig, -an, a tassel, a broom or besom. 

Babagach, -aiche, a. full of tassels or fringes. 

Baban, -ain, m. a tassel, a fringe; a. babanach. 

Babhsgach, -aiche, a. easily scared; babhsganta. 

Bac, -aic, -an, a stop, a thowl, a notch, a pit. 

Bac, -ail, -bacadh, a.v. stop, hinder, forbid. 

Bacach, -aiche, a. lame, cripple. 

Bacag, -aig, f. a trip in wrestling. 

Bacaid, -e, -ean, f. a backet for ashes or coals. 

Bacan, -ain, -annan, m. a balcony, a notch. 

Bàch, m. drunkenness, riot; (Bachus.) 

Bàch-thinneas, -eis, m. sickness occasioned by 

drink, surfeit. 
Bachall, -a : .il, m. a shepherd's staff. 

BAC — BAI. 23 

Bachlach, -aiche, a. curled, full of curls. 

Bachlag, -aig, f. a potatoe shoot ; a. bachlagach. 

Bad, -a, m. a tuft, a cluster ; a. badach. 

Badag, -aig, -an, f. a small cluster ; badan. 

Badagach, -aiche, a. full of tufts; badanach. 

Bag, -a, m. a bag, a scrip; a. bagach. 

Bagaid or bagailt, -e, -ean, m. a cluster of nuts. 

Bagair, -airt,-radb, threaten, terrify, [a bagaideai-b. 

Bagarrachd, f. threatening; a. bagrach. 

Bàgh, m. a bay or harbour. 

Baghaire, m, a fool, an idiot ; (bà-aire). 

Baideal, -eil, -ean, m. a battlement, a tower; a. 

Baidean, -ein, -nan, m. a flock of sheep or goatsj 

a. baideanach. 
Bàideanach, a district in Inverness-shire. 
Bàidse, m. a musician's fee. 
Bagan, -ain, m. a little bag; baigean. 
Baigeir, -ean, m. a beggar ; (bag-fhear). 
Baigeireachd, f. beggary ; a. bageireach. 
Bàigh, f. kindness; a. bàigheil, bàigheach. 
Bailbhe, f. muteness, dumbness ; bailbheachd. 
Bailc, -e, -ean, f. a balk ; a. bailceach. 
Bailceauta, a. stout, strong ; bailceach. 
Baile, -tean, m. a town, a village, a city, 
Baile-geamhraidh, a winter dwelling. 
Baile-mòid, a court town. 
Baile-mòr, a city, a town. 
Baile- puirt; a sea-port. 
Bàilisdear, -ean, m. a blusterer, a babbler. 
Bàilisdeaireachd, f. blustering ; (boile.) 
B'àill, (bu àill,) would ; b'àill leam, I would, 
Bàillidh, m. a magistrate ; bàilleachd, office 01 a 

B 4 

24 BAI — BAL. 

Baindeachd, f. female modesty ; a baindidh. 

Bàn-dia, a godess. 

Bàinidh, f. fury, rage, madness. 

Bainionn, a female; see boirionn, boirionnach. 

Bainionnachd, f. muliebrity. 

Bainis, bainnse, f. a wedding. 

Bainne, m. milk ; bainne-blàth, warm milk. 

Bainne-lom, skimmed milk 

Bainne-binntichte, curdled milk. 

Bainne-goirt, sour milk ; a. bainneach. 

Banstubhart, f. a housekeeper. 

Banstubhartachd, housekeeping. 

Baintearna, a lady. 

Baintearnachd, f. ladyship ; baintexrnas* 

Bàir, -e, a path a road. 

Bàirich, f. lowing of cattle. 

Bàirlinn, f. a summons, a billow. 

Bàirneach, -ich, f. a limpet. 

Baist, -te, -eadh, a.v. baptize. 

Baistich, an anabaptist. 

Baistidh, a. belonging to baptism ; baisteach. 

Balach, -aich, m. a clown j (bà-laoch) a. balachail. 

Balachan-ain, m. a little clown, a boy. 

Balgam, m. a mouthfull ; see bolgam. 

Balbh, bailbhe, a. dumb, mute. 

Balbhan, -ain, a dumb person. 

Bale, baile, f. a balk ; a. balcach. 

Balcach, -aiche, a. splay-footed. 

Balcanta, a. stout strong. 

Balg, builg, pi. builg, a bag; see bolg. 

Balgach, -aiche, a. full of bags ; bolgach. [out. 

Bolgaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. stow in a bag, swell 

Balgaire, -ean, m. a fox; bolgaire. 

Balgan, -ain, m. a small bag; a. balganach ; bolgan. 

BAL BAN. 25 

Balg-bèice, m. a furz ball, the sponge mushroom. 

Balgan-snàmha, m. the air bladder in fishes. 

Balgan-uisge, m. a water bubble. 

Balg-chasach, a. bandy-legged. 

Balg-losguinn, m. a mushroom. 

Balg-saighid, m, a quiver. 

Balg-sèididh, m. a pair of bellows. 

Ball, buill, m. a member, a limb, a tool, a ball. 

Ballach, -aiche, a. spotted, walled. 

BalJa, -achan, m. a wall, a rampart. 

Ball-airm, m. a weapon. 

Ballan, -ain, m. a tub, a vat. 

Ballart, -airt, m. noise, clamour ; a. ballartach,, 

Ball-bùirt, m. a laughing stock ; or ball-fanaid. 

Ballan-stiallach, m. pillory used in the highlands. 

Balla-chrith, m. trembling, fear, terror. 

Ball-cluaise, m. the sheet rope of a vessel. 

Ball-coise, m. a foot-ball. 

Ball-dobhrain, m. a knoll on the skin. 

Ball-diomhair, no ball-deise, m. the private mem- 

Ball-seirc, m. a beauty spot. [ber. 

Ballsgaire, m. a fool, or giddy person. 

Ball-toirmisg, m. a forbidden tool. 

Bait, built, pi. built, m. the welt of a shoe; a. bal- 

Baltaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. welt, belt, border. 
Bàn, bàine, a. white, pale, wan. 
Bàn -àin, m. the left-hand-side of a furrow; dearg, 

the right-hand-side of the furrow. 
Ban, or bana, a prefix (signifying a woman.) 
Ban-aba, f. an abbess. 
Bana-charaid, f. a female relation. 
Bàn-fhàidh, f. a prophetess. 
Bànag, -aig, f. a grilse, 
B 5 

26 BAN — BAN. 

Ban-aihhistear, or ban-diabhol, f. a she devil. 

Bànaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. & n. v. whiten, turn 

Banail, -e, a womanly, modest, [pale. 

Banalas, -ais, f. female modesty ; banalachd. 

Banaltrumas, -ais, f. nursing; banaltrumaehd. 

Banaltrum, f. a nurse. 

Banamhaighistir, f. a mistress. 

Banarach, -aich, f. a dairy-maid ; banarachas, her 

Bana-bharan, f. a baroness. [office. 

Bana-bhàrd, f. a poetess. 

Banas-taighe, f. housewifery. 

Bana-bhuidseach, -ich, f. a witch. 

Bàngaid, -e, -ean, f. a banquet, a feast. 

Banachag, -aig, -an, f. a dairy-maid. 

Banacheard, -eird, f. a female tinker, 

Ban-chliamhuinn, f. a daughter-in-law. 

Bana-chòcaire, f. a female cook. 

Banachomhdhalta, f. a foster sister. 

Banachomanach, f. a female companion. 

Bandaidh, a. womanish, modest. 

Ban-dalla, f. a foster daughter. 

Ban-dia, f. a godess. 

Ban-dùichd, f. a duchess. 

Ban-draoi, f. a sorceress. 

Banf hiosaiche, f. a fortune teller, 

Ban-ghaisgeach, f. a heroine. 

Ban-iutharnach, f. a fury. 

Ban-leigh, f. a female doctor. 

Bana-mharcuis, f. a marchioness. 

Banna-mhorfhair, f. a lady, a lord's wife. 

Ban-fhlath, f. a chieftain's wife. 

Ban-iarla, f. a countess. 

Banaghoistidh, f. a god-mother. 

Bànn, boinne, f. a band, a bond, a girth, a hinge. 

BAN BAO. 27 

Bannag, -aig, f. a new-year's cake ; bonnag. 

Bannal, -ail, m. a crowd of women; (ban-thional.) 

Eann-naomh, f. a female saint. 

Bauu-cèirde, f. a deed of indenture. 

Bann-dùirn, f. a wrist-band. 

Bann-lamh, f. a cubit, a handcuff. 

Bann-seilbbe, a deed of enfeoffment. 

Bantrach, -aich, f. a widow. 

Bantrachas, -ais, in. widowhood. 

Ban-ogha, f. a grand daughter. 

Ban-olach, -aich, or banoglach, f. a maid servant. 

Ban-oighre, f. an heiress. 

Bàruinn, e, f. a queen ; banrigh. 

Bana-phrionnsa, f. a princess. 

Bann-ridire, f. a baroness. 

Bann-sealgair, f. a huntress. 

Bann-seirbheiseach, a servant maid. 

Bann-tràill, f. a female slave. 

Bann-tuathanach, f. a farmer's wife. 

Baobh, baoibh, m. or f. a wizard, a hag; a. baobh- 

Baobhachd, f. action of a hag or wizard ; a. baobh- 

Baoghaiste, in. hardship, trouble. 
Baoghal, -ail, in. peril, danger ; a. baoghlach. 
Baoghalta, a. simple, silly, foolish. 
Baoghaltachd, f. simplicity, folly. 
Baois, f. concupiscence, lust ; a. baoiseach. 
Baoiseachd, f. lewdness. 
Baothaire, m. a simpleton ; (bao-aire.) 
Baothaireachd, f. folly, stupidity, 
Baoth-bheus, -eusan, m. immorality ; a. baoth - 
Baoth-chleasachd, f. immodest play. [bheusach. 
Baotb-shugradh, m. profane jesting. 
B 6 

28 BAO — BAR. 

Baoth-smaoin, m. a foolish thought. 

Bara, or bara-roth, m. a wheel-barrow. 

Barail, -e, -aralach, -alaichean, f. opinion, coujec- 

Barailt, -e, -ean, m. a barrel. [ture. 

Baraisd, -e, m. the herb borage. 

Baralaich, -achadh, a. v. gaess conjecture. 

Baran, -ain, m. a baron. 

Barantuich, -te, -uchadh, a. v. warrant, assure. 

Barantas, -ais, m. a warrant ; a. barantach. 

Barbair, -ean, m. a barber; barbaireachd, his office. 

Barbarra, a. barbarous, fierce. 

Bare, -a, -an, f. a boat ; barca t annan. 

Bare, -te, -adh, av. rush, burst forth ; a. bàrcach. 

Bard, bàird, -an, or bàird, ra. a bard or poet. 

Bàrdas, -ais, m. poetry ; a. bàrdail, bàrdach. 

Bardachd, f. poetry, satire. 

Bargan,-ain, m. a bargain. 

Barganaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. bargain. 

Bàrlag, -aig, -an, f. a rag, a tatter ; a. barlagach. 

Bàrnaig, -te, -eadh, av. summon, or warn. 

Bàrr, -a, -an, m. the top, a point, a crop. 

Bhàrr, or rather a bhàrr, adv. moreover. 

Barra, m. a court of justice. 

Barracaid, f. pride, loud talk; a. barrcaideach. 

Barrach, -aich, m. branches of birch. 

Barrach, -aiche, a. heaped to the top. 

Barrachd, more, overplus, superiority. 

Barrachdail, -e, a. surpassing, superior. 

Barraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. heap up, excell. 

Barrasach, -aiche, a. topped, excellent. 

Barrachaol, f, a pyramid. 

Barrag, -aig, -an, f. scum, froth, a. barragach. 

Barraichte, f. superior, lofty, excellent. 

Barraidh, f, the Island of Bara. 

BAR BE A. 29 

Barran, -ain, an, m. the coping on the top of a 

Barrathonn, m. a high surge, the top of waves. 
Barradhias, -eis, f. the point or blade of a sword. 
Barragùg, ùig, m. a blossom, a bloom ; barraguc, 
Barrall, -aill, f. a shoe-tie, a latchet; (barr-iall). 
Barrarochd, or barrastaimh, in. the broad-bladed 

Bas, -aise, f. the bent side of a club, a wheel-spoke, 
Bas, boise, -an, f. the palm of the hand. 
Bàs, bàis, -an, m. death ; a. bàsor, s. bàsorachd. 
Bàsaich, -te, -achadh, n.v. die, expire. 
Bàsarm, -airm, m. a deadly weapon. 
Basbair, m. a fencer, basbaireachd, fencing. 
Bascaid, -e, ean, f. a basket ; a. basgaideach. 
Basdal, -ail, m. glitter, show, noise; a. basdalach. 
Basdard, m. a bastard. 
Basganta, a. warbling, melodious. 
Basaidh, f. a basin. 
Baslach, rather boslach, f. a hand-ful of water 

Basraich, f. clapping of hands in mourning. 
Bat, or bata, m. a staff or club ; dim. batachan. 
Batair, m. a cudgeller ; bataireachd, cudgelling. 
Bath, -te, -adh, a. v. drown. [sloth. 

Bàtbach,-aich,-aichean, f. a cow-house ;(bàtheach) 
Bathais, m. the front, or forehead ; a. bathaiseach. 
Bathar, -air, m. goods, merchandise, wares, [bold. 
Bà-thruth, m. a. calm stream. 
B'e, (bu e,) 3d pers. sing. pret. ind. of the v. is 
Beabhar, -air, m a beaver. [it was he. 

Beach, -e, -an, m. a bee ; a. beacbach. 
Beachd, m. notice, observation ; gu beachd, surely. 
Beachdaireaohd, f. spying, observing; a. beachdail. 

30 BEA — BEA. 

Beachdaire, m. an observer. 

Beachdaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. observe, view. 

Beadag, -aig, f. an impudent woman ; a beadaidh. 

Beadarracb, -aicbe, a. fond, sportive, beloved. 

Beadradh, -aidh, m. fun, sport, play ; a. beadrach. 

Beagaich, -te, -achadh, av. diminish, lessen. 

Began, -ain, m. a little. 

Beag-luach, of little value ; beag-math, of little 

Beag-nàire, shameless. 

Beal, -eil, the god Belus. 

Bealach, -aich, -aiehean, m. a defile, a pass. 

Beallaidh, m. broom. 

Bealltainn, f. May-day ; (Beal-taing.) 

Bean, beantainn, beanailt, beanail, a. v. touch. 

Bean, mnà, dat. mnaoi, pi. mnà, or mnathan, a 

Bean.ghlùin, a midwife, bean-taighe, a housewife. 

Beanailteach, -eiche, a. tangent. 

Bean-bainnse, a bride ; bean-bhochd, a poor wo- 

Bean-bràthar-àthar, f. a paternal uncle's wife. 

Bean-bràthar-màthar, maternal uncle's wife. 

Bean-chiche, f. a wet nurse. 

Bean-chinnidh, f. a kinswoman. 

Bean-cliamhuinn, f. a daughter, or sister-in-law. 

Bean-chomhaideachd, f. waiting-maid. 

Bean-òsda, f. an hostess. 

Bean-uasal, -ail, f. a lady, a gentlewoman. 

Beannach, or beanntach, a. full of hills or corners. 

Beannachd, f. a blessing, a compliment. 

Bennaich, -te, -achadh, bless, salute. 

Beam, -eirn, -an, f. a gap, a breach ; a. bearnach. 

BEA — BEI. 31 

Bearr, -te, -adh, a. v. clip, crop, prune, shear. 

Bearradair, -ean, m. a barber, a shearer. 

Bearradaireachd, f. clipping, shearing. 

Bearrag, -aig, f. a razor ; a. bearraideach, clearer. 

Beatha, f. life, food, a. beathail, lively, active. 

Beathaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. nourish, foster. 

Beathalachd, f. liveliness. 

Beic, f. a curtesy ; dean beic, make a curtesy. 

Bèic, or beuc, f. a shout, a roar ; a. beucach. 

Bèigneid, -ean, f. a bayonet. 

Beilean,-ein, m. a little mouth. 

Beileanach, -aiche, a. garrulous, talkative, 

Beileanachd, f. garrulousness, talkativeness. 

Beilleach, -eiche, a blubber-lipped. 

Bèilleag, -eig, -an ,f. the outer coating of a birch- 
tree ; spèileag. 

Beileachas, -ais, m. the deformity of a blubber-lip. 

Bèinge, -ean, f. a bank, a bench, a plank of a bed. 

Beinn, .e, beannan, beanntan, f. a mountain, a hill. 

Beir, -te, breith, beirsinn, pret. rug, irreg. a.v. 
take, hold, bear. 

Beirbhe, f, Copenhagen. 

Beirm, -e, f. barm, yest, ferment. 

Beirt, -e, -ean, f. a loom, a frame, a work, a burden. 

Beirt iongadach, a wonderful work ; long fo bbeirt, 
a ship in equipment; lann fo bheirt, a sword in 
the scabard ; beirte-fhighe, a weaver's loom ; 
beirt-thuairneir, a turner's loom ; Ar siuil 's ar 
beirtean, our sails and shrouds. 

Beirticb, -te, -eachadh, a.v. equip, yoke, prepare. 

Beirteas, is, m. riches ; a. beirteach, rich. 

Bèist, -e, -ean, f. a beast, a wretch ; a. bèisteil. 

Bèistealachd, f. brutality. 

Beith, -e, m. or f. birch, a. beitheach. 

82 BEI— BEU. 

Beithir, beathrach, beathraichean, f. a bear, athun 
der bolt. 

Beitir, -e, a. neat, tight, tidy. 

Beò, a. alive, living ; am beò e ? is be alive ? Beò 

Beò-airgeod, or rather airgeod-beò, m. quicksilver. 

Beochan, -ain, m. a small fire ; beochan teine, a 
little fire. 

Beòchanta, a. vigorous, lively; beòcbantachd, live- 

Beò-eachdraidh, biography, writing of lives of men. 

Beò-ghriosach, -aich, f. hot embers. 

Beò-ìobairt, f. a living sacrifice. 

Beoir, -e, f. ale, beer ; beoir-chaol, small beer ; 
beoir-làidir, strong beer. 

Beòladas, or beuladas, m. tradition. 

Beo-shlainte, f. lifetime, livelihood. 

Beothach, -aich, m. a beast. 

Beothaich, -te, achadh, kindle, animate, revive. 

Beothachail, -e, a. lively, spirited ; beothail. 

Beòfhalachd, f. liveliness, beòchantachd. 

Beuban, -ain, -an, m. any thing mangled or spoiled. 

Beubanaich, -te, achadh, a. v. mangle, spoil. 

Beubanachd, f. mangling, bruising, tearing. 

Beuc or biac, m. a roar, a shriek ; a. beucach. 

Beucaich, or biacaich, f. a roaring, a yelling. 

Beucail, or Biacail. a. roaring, shrieking. 

Beucaire, or biacaire, m. a roarer. 

Beud, m. loss, harm, damage; a. beudach, beiidail. 

Beudaich, -te, .achadh, a. v. hurt, damage. 

Beul, orbial, m. the mouth. 

Beulach, or bialach, a. flattering, fawning. 

Beulachas, or bialachas, f. flattery, artful speaking. 

Beul-aithris, f. oral tradition. 

BEU — BHA. 33 

Beulan, or bialan, m. a little mouth ; a. beulanach 

Beulanaich -te, achadh, a. v. allure with words; 

Beulaobh, or bialaobh, m. face, front, presence. 

Beul-àtha, or bial-atha, m. a ford. 

Beul-chainnt, or rather cainnt-beoil, f oral speech. 

Beul-chrabhadh, in. lip-devotion, cant. 

Beul-ghràdh, m. lip love, flattery. 

Beul-maothain, in. the sloat of the breast. 

Beul-ràdh, -àidh, m. speech, a phrase. 

Beul-snaip, -e, m. the flint socket of a gun lock. 

Beum, beuma, beuman, m. a stroke, a cut, a taunt. 

Beum, -adh, a. v. strike, taunt, reproach. 

Beum-sgèithe, m. the sound of a shield, an alarm. 

Beum-slèibhe, in. a mountain torrent. 

Beum-soluis 5 m. a beam of light. 

Beum-sùl, m. the influence of a malignant eye. 

Beur, bèire, m. a point, a pinnacle. 

Beurla, f . the English language ; a. beurlach, 

Beuradair, -ean, m. a satirist ; beuradaireachd, satire 

Beus, f. a bass viol, a fiddle. 

Beus, -a, -an, f. a moral quality, virtue, conduct, 

Beusach, -aiche, a. virtuous, modest, well-bred. 

Beusachd, f. good behaviour, moral rectitude. 

Beusalachd, f. good behaviour ; a. beusail. 

Bhàrr, prep, from, off. 

B' fhearr, (bu fhearr) better, it were better. 

Bha, pret, ind. of the v. bi, was; bha mi, I was. 

Bhac, pret. of the v. bac, hinder. 

N.B. — The preterite of the indicative is form- 
ed by putting h after the first consonant, as bhac. 
But if the verb begins with a vowel or f, d' or 
dh' is separately prefixed, as cha d' èisd, dh' èisd, 
cha d' fholbh, dh' holbh. 

34 BHO — BIN. 

Bho, prep, from ; bbo lochan nan nial oss. 

O is now generally used, but does not give tbe 

sound so well, and on tbat account bbo should 

be preferred. 
Bhàin; down, downward. 
Bhòbh ! interj. alas! O dear! 
Bhos, prep, on tbis side; also a bbos. 
Biadh, bidh, m. meat, food. 

Bian, bèin, m. a skin; bian an tuirc, the boar's 
Biast, -èiste, -an, -ean, f. a beast ; a. biastail. [skin. 
Biast, -adh, a. v. abuse, revile. 
Biast-dubh, f. an otter. 
Biastalachd, f. beastliness. 
Biata, a. fed, fatted. 
Biatachd, f. hospitality. 

Biataiche, m. a hospitable person; a. biatach. 
Biath, -te, -adh, a.v. feed, fatten ; biathaich. 
Bibh, (for bithibh) be ye; see bi. 
Bichionta, a. or adv. common, general. 
Bichiontas, -ais, m. the state of being common. 
Bi-chùram, -aim, constant solicitude. 
Bid, -e, -ean, m. a shrill sound, as that of a bird; 
Bid, -eadh, a.v. nip, pinch. [big, 

Bideag, -eig, f. a bit, a crumb; a. bideagach. 
Bidein, -ein, m. a point, a summit; a. bideineach 
Bidil, f. chirping, as a bird or mice; bigil. 
Bile, -ean, f. a rim, an edge, a lip ; a. bileach. 
Bileag, -eig, f. a blade, as of grass ; a. bileagach. 
Bilisteir, -ean, m. a mean beggarly fellow. 
Bilisteireachd, f. a mean hankering for food. 
Binid, -e, binnde, binndean, f. a runnet. 
Binn, -e, -ead, a. melodious, sweet, harmonious. 
Binn, -e, f. sentence, judgment. 
Binnbheul, m. a sweet mouth, or voice. 

BIN BIO. 35 

Binndich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. curdle, coagulate. 

Binneas, -is, m. music, melody. 

Binueiii, -ein, m. a pinnacle, a little conical hill. 

Binnteach, -eiche, a. coagulative. 

Biobull, -uill, m. a bible; a. bioblach. 

Bida, m. a pointed top ; air chorra bida, on tip-toes. 

Biodach, a. little, small. 

Biodach, -aiche, a. sharp-pointed. 

Biodag, -aig, f. a dirk, a dagger; a. biodagach. 

Biod-cheann, m. a pointed head. 

Biodh (for bitheadh) 3d pers. imper. of the v. bi, 

biodh iad let them be. 
Biòg, -a, -an, m. a chirp, a start ; a. biogach. 
Biògadh, -aidh, m. a starting, a palpitation. 
Biòganta, a. sharp, thrilling. 

Biogarra, a. mean, churlish; biogarrachd, meaness. 
Biolair, -e, f. water cresses; a. biolaireach. 
Biom (for bitheam) 1st. pers. sing, imper. v. bi, 

let me be. 
Bior, -a, -an, m. a thorn, a prickle ; a. biorach. 
Bior, -te, -adh. a. v. spur, sting, goad, gall. 
Biorachas, -ais. m. pointedness, sharpness. 
Bioradh, -aidh, m. stinging or stung. 
Bioraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sharpen, make pointed. 
Bioraich, -e, -ean, m. a colt, a foal. 
Bioran, -airi, m. a little stick; a bioranach. 
Biorchluas, f. a pointed ear, a listening ear. 
Biorchluasach, -aiche, a. sharp-eared. 
Bior-fhiocal, -la, m. a tooth pick. 
Biorg, -adh, n. v. twitch sorely, sting, gall, 
Biorganta, a. vexatious, galling; a. biorgantach. 
Biorguinn, -e, f. a sharp lancinating pain. 
Biorraid, -e,-ean, f, a helmet; a. biorraideach. 
Bior-ròslaidh. m. a spit; bior-ròstaidh. 

36 BIO — BLA. 

Biorsshuil f. a quick eye; a. biorshuileach. 
Biorsadh, -aidh, m. eager desire, keen wish. 
Biorsamaid, -e, ean, f. a balance, a steelyard. 
Biosa (for bithusa) 2d pers. sing, imper. v. bi. 
Biotailt, -e. m, victuals - t a. biotailteach. [be thou. 
Birlinn, -e, -ean, f. a pleasure boat, a barge. 
Bith, f. life, being, existence, aon air bith, any one. 
Bith, -e, f. gum, glue, bird lime, tar. 
Bith. a. quiet, calm. 
Bith, a prefix, signifying always. 
Bi-bhuan, a. everlasting, perpetual. 
Bi-chùram, -aim, m. continual care. 
Bith-ian, f. bird-lime. 
Bithis, f. a vice, a screw. 

Bitse, -eachan, f. a bitch, a whore, bitseachd, 
Biuidh, in. a hero ; biùthaidh. [whoredom. 

Biùthas, -ais, m. fame, reputation. 
Blabaran, -ain, m. a stammerer, a stutterer. 
Blad, -aid, m an open mouth or wide mouth. 
Bladaire,-ean,m. a babbler; blabaireachd, babbling. 
Blaohastair, m. a fool, a babbler; s. blaghastaireachd. 
Blaomaire or blaomastair, a blusterer, a swaggerer. 
Blad-shrònach, flat-nosed. 
Blagh, blaigh, m. essence, meaning, energy. 
Blais, -te, blasadh, a. v. taste, try, sip. 
Blaisbheum. m. blasphemy ; a. blaisbheumach. 
Blaoghan-ain, m. the fawn's cry. 
Blaomadh, -aidh, m. a foolish excitement, a whim. 
Blaomag, -aig, f. a silly woman. 
Blaomannach,-aiche, a. variable, fickle, inconstant. 
Blàr, -air, m. a moss, a marsh, a plain, a field. 
Blàr, -aire, a. white faced ; blàrag, f a white faced 
Blàran, -ain, m. a little moss or field. [cow. 

Blàr-mòine, m. a peat moss. 

BLA — BLO. 37 

Bias, -ais, m. taste, relish; a. blasda, tasty, sweet. 

Blasachd, f. tasting ; blasad, blasadh, tasting. 

Blasdachd, f. sweetness ; a. blasor, blasda, sweet. 

Bias, -ais, warmth, heat, blàths; a. blàth. 

Blàth, -a, m. a flower, a blossom, hue, mark. 

Blàthach, -aich, f. butter milk. 

Blàthaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n. v. warm, heat. 

Blàthan. -ain, m. a small flower, or twig. 

Blà-chainnteach, a. kind words; blà-bhriathrach. 

Blà-fhleasg, f. a garland or wreath of flowers. 

Blà-obair, f- embroidery, needle-work. 

Blà-oibrich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. embroider. 

Beil, or rather bleith, -te, bleth, a. v. grind. 

Bleith-gbluineach, -eiche, a. in-kneed, knock- 

Bleid, -e, f. impertinence, cajoling; a. bleideil, 

Bleidire, m. an impertinent fellow. [bleideach. 

Bleidireachd, f. impertinence, intrusion. 

Bleodhainn, bleodhte, bleodhann, a. v. milk. 

Bliadhna, -achan, -aichean, f. a year. 

Bliadhna-leum, a leap-year. 

Bliadhuach, -aiche, m. a yearling, a year old. 

Bliadhnail, -e, a. yearly; hliadhnachail. 

Blialum, -uim, m. confused talk. 

Blian, a. lean, meagre ; s. blianach, meagre flesh. 

Bliochd, f. milk; a. bliochdar, bliochdacb. 

Bliochdas, -ais, m. tendency to milk. 

Bliochdorachd, f. milkiness. 

Blobach, -aiche, a blubber-lipped. 

Blobaran, or blabaran, m. a stammerer; blubach, 

Bloigh, -e, bloighean, f. one-half, or part of any 

Bloigheach, a. divisible ; bloigheil [thing 

Bloighich, -te, bloigheadh, a.v. divide, part. 

38 BLO — BOD. 

Blòmas, -«iis, m. ostentation, pomp ; a. blomasach. 

Bionag. -aig, f. fat, lard; a. blonagach. 

Biosg, a.v. sound a horn or trumpet. 

Bo ! bo 1 interj. strange ! wonderful ! 

Bò, boin, boine, pi. bà, bò, f. a cow. 

Bò bhainne, a milk cow ; bò sheasg, a cow not 
giving milk ; bò geamhraidh, a winter mart: bò 
laoigb, a cow in calf; bò bhreac, a spotted cow; 
bò riabhach, a brindled cow ; bò cheannion^ a 
white-faced cow ; bò ghruimionn, a white-back- 
ed cow ; bò chaisionn, a white-footed cow ; bò 
uihaol, a hummel cow ; bò adhairceach, a horned 
cow ; bò-alluidh, a buffalo. 

Boban, -ain, m. a gallant, a coxcomb ; boban, a 
god-father, a term of contempt, as a bhobain, a 

Bobhstair, -e, -ean, m. a bolster. 

Boc, buic, m. a buck, a he-goat, a roe-buck ; a. boc- 

Bòc, *te, bòcadh, a.v. swell, blister. [ach. 

Bocan, -annan, m. a pimple, a pustle. 

Bòcau, -ain, m. a hobgoblin, a sprite, a spectre. 

Bocan, -ain, m. a little buck ; a. bocanach. 

Boc-earba, m. a roe-buck ; boc-gaibhre, a he-goat. 

Bochd, a. poor, needy ; s. bochduinn, poverty. 

Bochduinnich, -te, -eadh, a.v. impoverish. 

Bochdas, -ais, m. poverty ; bochduinneachd. 

Bocsa, a blow, a box. 

Bòc-thonn, f. a swelling wave ; a. bòc-thonnach. 

Bòcum ort! interj. a threat to children. 

Bodach, -aich, m. an old churlish man, a spectre. 

Bodach-fleasgaich, m. an old bachelor. 

Bodachail, -e, a. churlish, boorish, inhospitable. 

Bodachan, -ain, m. a little old man ; s. bodachas 

Bodach, -ruadh, -uaidb, m. a cod fish. 

BOD — BOI. 39 

JBodag, -aig, f. anger, rage; a. bodagach. 

Bodair, m. a debauchee. 

Bodchrann, -uinn, m. a kind of crupper. 

Bodhag, -aig, f. a sea lark. 

Bodhaig, -e, -ean, f. the human body, a person. 

Bòdhan, -ain, m. the ham or breech. 

Bodhair, -te, -radh, a.v. deafen. 

Bodhar, buidhie, a. deaf; bodhrach. 

Bodhar-fhuaim, f. a hollow low sound. 

Bog, bulge, -ead, a. soft, tender. 

Bog, -te, -adh, a.v. dip, steep, move, soften ; bogaich. 

Bogadaich, -aiche, a. moving, shaking. 

Bogadan, -ain, m. a shaking or agitating. 

Bogadanaich, f. a continued shaking. 

Bogan, -ain, m. any thing soft, a quagmire. 

Boganach, -aich, m. a soft fellow; boganachd, soft- 

Bogchridheach, a. faint-hearted, cowardly, [ness. 

Bogha, -achan, m. a bow; chuir e bhogh' air a lagh, 

he bent his bow ; bogh'-froise, or bogh'-braoin, 

a rainbow ; fear-bogha, an archer. 
Boghdaireachd, f. archery. 
Bò-ghamhna, f. a farrow cow. 
Bogha-cath, m. a battle bow. 
Boglach, -aich, f. a bog, a quagmire. 
Bogsa, -an, -achan, m. a coffer, a box. 
Bogus, -uis, f. a timber moth. 
Boicionn, -inn, m. a goat skin ; a. boicneach. 
Boicnich, -te, boicneachadh, a.v. skin. 
Bòid, -e, can, f. a vow, an oath ; a. bòideach. 
Bòideach, m. a Bute man ; or bòiteach. 
Bòidheach, bòidhche, a. pretty, fair, beautiful. 
Bòidhchead, -eid, f. beauty, a degree of beauty. 
Bòidich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. vow, promise, curse. 
Boile, f. madness, fury ; s. bòilich, foolish talk. 

40 BOI — BOR. 

Boillsg, -te, -eadb, n.v. shine, gleam, glitter. 

Boillsgeadh, -eidh, m. gleaming, glittering. 

Boillsgean, -ein, m. the focus or middle of a fire. 

Boineid, -e, -ean, f. a bonnet; a. boineideach. 

Boinne, -ean, m. a drop, a current. [man. 

Boirionn, a. feminine, female; boirionnach, a wo- 

Boiseag, -eig, -an, f. a slap with the hand, a hand- 

Boiseid, or rather baoiseid, f. a soldier's purse, [ful. 

Boiteag, -eig, -an, f. a worm, a bait. 

Boitean, -ein, -eannan, m. a bundle of hay or straw. 

Boiteanach, -aiche, f. full of wisps or bundles. 

Boladh, -aidb, m. smell, savour. 

Bol, -te, -adh, a. v. smell, scent. 

Bolg, builg, m. a bag ; see balg ; bolgan, dim. 

Bolg-solair, -e, m. magazine. 

Bolgam, -aim, m. a mouthful ; see balgam. 

Bolla, -achan, m. a boll, a buoy. 

Bolt, m. a welt ; see bait. 

Boltrach, -aiche, a. smelling, scenting. 

Boltrachas, -ais, m. a scent bottle, a nosegay. 

Boltrachas, -ais, m. fragrance, perfumery. 

Bom, -a, m. a bomb ; a. bomach, of or belonging 

to a bomb. 
Bonn, buinn, -an, -buinn, m. a sole, a base, a coin. 
Bonn-crùinn, a crown piece ; thug e na buinn, he 

took to his heels; bonn-a-sia, a half-penny. 
Bonnach, -aich, m. a cake, see bannach. 
Bonnachan, -ain, m. a little cake. 
Bontach, -aich, f. the thickest part of a hide. 
Borb, buirbe, a. fierce, wild, barbarous. 
Borbachd, f. fierceness; a. borbarra, borbas. 
Borbhan, -ain, m. a low sound, small stones. 
Borbnaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. grow angry, 
Bore, -te, -adh, n.v. swell, bud, blossom, [fester 

B0J1— BRA. 41 

Bòrcach, -aiche, a. swelling, strutting. 

Bòrd, bùird, m. a table, a plank ; air bòrd, on bòrd. 

Bòrlum, -uim, m. a stripe of arable land. 

Borrachas, -ais, blubber-lips, bullyiug ; a. borrach. 

Borras, -ais, m. a blubber lip ; a. borrasach. 

Borrshuileach, -eiche, a. large eyed ; s. borrshuil. 

Borrghanta, a. turgid, swelling, fierce. 

Bos, boise, f. the palm of the hand ; see bas. 

Bòsd, -a, m. pride, boasting ; a. bòsdail. 

Bòsdan, -ain, m. a small box. 

Boslaeh, -aich, f. a handful, lay baptism. 

Bot, or bòtunn, -an, f. a boot ; a. bòtach, bòtuin- 

Both, m. agitation ; a' cur nam both dheth, in 

great agitation. 
Both, or bothan, m. a hut, a cottage, a booth. 
Bothag, -aig, -an, f. a booth, a hut, a cottage; a. 

Botrumaid, -e, -ean, f. a slovenly woman, a slut; 

a. botrumaideach. 
Botul, -uil, m. a bottle ; see searrag ; a. botulach. 
Botulaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. bottle, put in a bottle 
Botulair, -ean, m. a butler; see buidileir. 
Botus, -uis, m. a belly worm. 
Brà, or bràth, bràthan, f. a quern. 
Brach, -te, -adh, a. v. and n. v. ferment, malt. 
Bràch, (gu bràch) adv. forever; gu bràth. 
Brachan, -ain, m. any thing rotten, leaven. 
Brà-cheò, m. stupefaction ; chaidh e na brà-cheò, 

he became stupid. 
Bradach, -aiche, a. thievish, stolen. 
Bradag, -aig, f. a thievish woman, m. braidein. 
Bradan, -ain, m. a salmon, a swelling; a. brada- 
Braghadh, -aidb, m. a noise, a burst. [nach. 


42 BRA — BRA. 

Braghadaich, f. crackling ; a. braghadach. 
Braich, -acha, f. malt. 
Braid, -e, -ean, f. a horse's collar. 
Braid, -e, f. theft ; luchd-braid, thieves. 
Braghad, -aid, m. the neck or throat. 
Bràighd, -ean, m. a hostage, a captive. 
Bràighe, m. braes; as, bràigh'-lochabar. 
Bràighdeanas, -ais, m. bondage, slavery. 
Bràigheach, a. belonging to the braes, a mountain- 
Brailis, -e, f. the wort of ale or beer. [eer. 

Braim, -ama, annan, m. a f — t; a. breimneach. 
Bràisd, -e, -ean, f. a brooch; a. bràisdeach. 
Braise, f. ardour, rashness ; braiseachd. 
Brài-ìinn, -e, f. a linen sheet ; rather plài-linn. 
Bramanach, -aich, m. an awkward or clumsy fel- 
Bran, -ain, m. the name of Fingal's dog. [low. 
Bràng, -aing, m. a horse's collar. 
Brangach, -aiche, a. snarling, growling, grinning. 
Bràngus,-uis, -an, instrument for punishing. 
Brànduidb, f. brandy. 

Bràndair, -ean, m. a gridiron ; a. bràndaireach. 
Braoileag, -eig, -an, f. a whortle berry, [thasid. 
Braoidhlich, f. a loud noise ; as, cud a' bhraoilich a 
Braoisg, f. a grimace, agrin ; a. braoisgeaeh. [achd. 
Braoisgdn, m. a grinning person; s. braoisgeine- 
Braon, braoin, m. a drop, water; a. brapnach. 
Braonan, -ain, m. an earth-nut; a. braonauach. 
Braonan-nan-con, m. dog-«armillion. 
Bras, -aise, -ead, a. keen, hasty, rash. 
Bras-bhoinne, f. a torrent. 
Brat, brait, -an, m. a veil, a covering. 
Brat-gnùise, a veil ; brat-bròin, a mort-cloth. 
Brat-spèiUidh, a swaddling cloth; brat-ùrlar, a 

BRA — BRE. 43 

Bratacb, -aich, -aichean, f. a flag, a banner. 
Bratag, -aig, -an, f. the rough or grass caterpillar. 
Brath, -a, m. information, knowledge, notice, 
Brath, -te, -adh, a. v. betray, deceive. 
Brathadair, -ean, m, a betrayer, a great fire. 
Bràthair, bràthar, braithre, -ean, m. a brother. 
Bràthair-bochd, m. a friar. [spouse. 

Bràthair-cèile, m. a brother-in-law, brother of a 
Brathreachas, or bràthrealachd, brotherhood. 
Bràthaireil, -e, a. brotherly. 
Breab, -a, -an, f. a kick, a start ; a. breabach. 
Breab, -te, -adh, a. v. kick, spurn, prance. 
Breabadaich, f. kicking, leaping, prancing. 
Breabadair, -ean, m. a weaver ; breabadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Breaban, -ain, m. a piece on the sole of a shoe. 
Breac, brie, m. a trout ; a. breac, spotted. 
Breac, -te, -adh, a.v. pick a millstone, speckle. 
Breac, or rather a' bhreac, f. the small-pox. 
Breac-shianain, in. freckles on the skin. 
Breacag, -aig, -an, f. a cake, a scon. 
Breacair, -ean, m. a graver; breacaireacbd, his trade. 
Breac-a-mhuiltean, m. a dappled sky. [plaid. 

Breacan, -ain, -an, m. a highland plaid, a tartan 
Breacanach, -aiche, a. plaided, dressed in a tartan 
Breac-an-t-sil, m.a white and grey wagtail, [plaid. 
Breacdhearg, a. speckled with red. 
Breac-lion, -iin, m. a trout net. 
Breacluirgneach, a. skin freckled. 
Breacnaich , -te, -achadh, a.v. checker, make spotted 
Breac-shith, f. livid spots on the skin, hives. 
Breaman, -ain, -an, m. the tail of a sheep or goaf 
Breamas, -ais, m. mischief, mishap ; a. breamasach- 
Breamasachd, f, misfortune, mishap. 

c 2 

44 BRE BRI. 

Breatuinn, m. Britain ; a. breatuinneach, british. 
Brèid, -e, -ean, m. a piece of cloth, a woman's head 

Brèideach, a. woman with a head dress, ragged. 
Brèidean, -ein, m. a small clout. 
Brèidgheal, a. white-sailed. 
Brèid-shaghaichean, m. a dishclout ; brèid-skoith- 

Brèin, -e ; -ead, a. nasty, dirty; hreun. 
Brèineag, -eig, f. a dirty or sulky woman. 
Brèinein, -ein, m. a sulky inhospitable man. 
Breisleach, -ich, f. raving, a delirium. 
Breislich, -eachadh, n.v. rave, talk nonsense. 
Breth, f. judgment. 
Beir, irreg. v. bear, bring forth ; pret. rug ; fut. 

beiridh, cha bheir ; inf. beirsinn, breith. 
Breith-buidheachais, f. thanksgiving. 
Breitheamh, rather britheamh, -eimh, m. a judge. 
Breitheanas, -ais, f. judgment, sentence. 
Breith-air-èiginn, f. violence force. 
Breith-]à, m. a bir/h-day. 

Breithnich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. interpret, explain. 
Breò, or breòth, -ite, -adh, n. v. rot, corrupt. 
Breòchaid, f. any fragile or brittle thing. 
Breochdail, -te, -ladh, a. v. patch, mend. 
Breòchdlair, -ean, m. a mender, a botcher. 
Breòite, a. frail, feeble ; s. breòiteachd. 
Breug, or briag, brèige, -an, f. a lie, a falsehood. 
Breug, or briag, -te, -adh, a. v. soothe ; flatter. 
Breugach, or briagach, a. lying, false. 
Breugadair, or briagadair, m. a liar. 
Breugadaireachd, or briagadaireachd, f. lying. 
Breugag, or briagag, -aig, f. a little lie. 
Breugair, or briagair, -ean, m. a liar. 

BRI BRI. 45 

Breugnaich, or briagnaich, -te, -achadh_, a. v. belie, 
Briagba, a. pretty, beautiful. [gainsay. 

Briagbachd, briaghas, f. beauty, finery. 
Briatbar, -air, briathran, m. a word, an oath. 
Briatbrach, -aiehe, a wordy, loquacious. 
Briathrachan, -ain, m. a vocabulary. 
Briathrachas, -ais, m. loquacity, garulity. 
Briathraicb, -te, -acbadh, a. v. affirm, swear. 
Briathrail, -e, a. verbal, verbose. 
Bricein, -ein, m. a small trout, a sprat. 
Bricein-beithe, m. a linnet, a species of grass. 
Bride, f a woman's name, Bridget. 
Brideaeh, -ich, m. a dwarf; a. brideachail. 
Brigh, f. sap ; essence, juice, vigour, strength. 
Brighor, a. sappy; a. brigheil. 
Brighich, a.v. strengthen, confirm. 
Briob, or rather brib, f. a bribe. 
Briob, or brib, -te, -adh, a.v. bribe, corrupt. 
Bridal, -ail, m. carressing, flattery; a. briodalach. 
Briodail, -aladh, a.v. caress, flatter. [caresser. 

Briodalachd, f. flattery, caressing ; briodalache; a 
Briog, -adh, a.v. prick, stab, thrust, restrain. 
Briogach, -aiche, a. mean, miserly. 
Briogaid, f. an elderly or morose female. 
Briogais, -e, -ean, f. a pair of breeches. 
Briogaireachd, f. avarice; briogaire, a miser. 
Brionglaid, -e, -ean, wrangling; a. brionglaideach. 
Brionn, f. prettiness ; a. brionnach, pretty. 
Brionnal, -ail, m. flattery, flirting, a. brionnalach, 
Brionnalachd, f flattery, fawning. 
Brionndal, -ail, m. caressing; a. brionndalach. 
Brionn-shuil, -ula, -ean, f. a clear lively eye. 
Briosg, -adh, n. v. start, leap. [briosg. 

Briosgadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a start, a leap, 

c 3 

46 BRI BRO. 

Briosgaid, -ean, f. a biscuit; a briosgaideach. 

Briosganta, or briosgarra, a brisk ; s. briosgarr- 

Briot, f. chit-chat, tattle ; briotal. [achd. 

Briosg, -e, a. brisk, quick, lively. 

Brisgein, -ean, m. the root of the silver weed. 

Brist, -te, -eadh, a. v. break, fracture, become in- 

Bristeadh, m. breaking ; a. bristeach. 

Britheamh, -imh, nan, m. a judge; breitheamh. 

Broc, bruic, pi. bruic, m. a badger ; a. brocach, 

Brochail, -te, -ladh, a. v. mangle, spoil. 

Brocair, -ean, m. a fox-hunter; brocaireachd, his 

Brochan, -ain, m. porridge, gruel ; a. brochanach. 

Broclach, a badger or fox's den ; braclach. 

Brod, -uid. m. a lid, a choice of any thing, as brod 
an duine. 

Brod, -te, -adh, a. v. goad, sting, excite. 

Brodunn, -uinn, m. a goad, a prickle. 

Bròg, -òige, -an, f. a shoe; a. brògach; dim. brògag. 

Brog, -uig, a shoemaker*s pegging awl ; also a, v. 

Brogach, -aich, m. a boy, a lad. [spur, goad. 

Brògag, -aige, -an, f. a little shoe. 

Brogail, -e, a. stout, lively, active ; s. brogalachd. 

Broganach, -aich, m. a little boy. 

Bròg-na-cuthaig, m. butterwort. 

Broilein, m. the manyplies ; a. broileineach 

Broilleach, -ich, -ichean, m. the breast or bosom. 

Broineag, -eig, -an, f. a rag, a tatter; a. broineag- 

Bròinein, m. a poor or sorry person. [ach. 

Broinndeargan, -ain, m. robin-red. breast. 

Broisg, brosgadh, a. v. excite, stir up, incite. 

Broit, -e } f. the bosom, the breast. 

BRO BRU. 47 

Brolaich, f. incoherent talk, raving. 
Brolasg, -aisg, m. garrulity, flattery. 
Brolachan, -ain, m. a ragged, naked person. 
Bròluinn, -ean, f. a meeting of currents or tides. 
Bròn, bròin, m. grief, sorrow ; a. brònach. 
Brònag, -aig, f, a poor sorry woman. 
Bronnach, -aich, f. a girth, a belt. 
Bronnach, -aiche, a. swag-bellied. 
Brosgul, -uil, m. flattery; a. brosgulach. 
Brot, m. a. v. fatten, feed. 
Brotaich, -tadh, n. v. thrive, grow fat. 
Broth, -a, m. the itch, an eruption on the skin. 
Brothach, -aiche, a. scabbed, itchy. 
Brotbag, -aig, f. the bosom. 
Bròthas, -ais, m. brose. [Scot.] 
Brù, bronn, dat, broinn, pi. bronnaichean. f. a 
belly. [ag. 

Bruach, -aich, -an, f. a bank, a brink , dim. bruacfa- 
Bruachaireachd, f. hovering about, lounging, 
Bruachaire, m. a hoverer, a lounger. 
Bruadair, n. v. dream. 
Bruadar, -air, m. a dream, a reverie. 
Bruadaraiche, -ean, m. a dreamer 
Bruaillean, -ein, m. confusion ; bruaidlean. 
Bruailleaneach, -eiche, a. confounding, vexing. 
Bruailleanachd, f. confusion, vexation. 
Bruan, -adh, a. v. break into small bits, crumble. 
Bruan, -ain, -an f. a crumb, a bit, a morsel. 
Bruanach, -aiche, a. crumbling. 
Bruanachd, f. state of crumbling. 
Bruanag, -aig, f. a small bit, or crumb. 
Bruanagach, a. full of crumbs or bits. 
Bruanan, -ain, m. a small morsel, or bit. 
Bruansgal, -àil, f. a crashing noise ; brunsgal. 

c 4 

48 BRU BRU. 

Bruanspealt, a, v. splinter, smash. 
Eruanspealtadh, -aidh, ra. splintering. 
Brucach, -aiche, a. spotted, speckled. 
Bruchag, f. a leaky boat, a little dirty woman. 
Brucaich, a. v. make spotted, speckle. 
Brùchd, -a, -an, m. a belch, a rushing, a sally. 
Brùchd, -adh, a. v. rush, sally, burst out. 
Brùchdail, f. belching, rifting, also an a. 
Brùchd-rùadhain. m. belching from an overloaded 

stomach ; brùchd.seilge. 
Bruchlag, -aig, f. a mean hovel, a bad boat. 
Bru-chorcan, m. a sort of grass, stool-bent. 
Bruch-shuil, f. a bird-eye; a. bruchshuileach, 
Bruich, -te, bruich, a. v. boil, roast. 
Bruichealachd, f. sultriness, warmth. 
Bruicheil, -e, a. sultry, hot. 
Bruid, -e, -ean, captivity, grief, anguish. 
Brùid, -e, -ean, f. a beast, a brute; a. brùideil. 
Bruid, -eadh, a. v. stab, dig, stir up ; bruidich. 
Brùidealachd, f. brutality, beastliness. 
Bruideadh, -idh, m. a stab, a thrust. 
Bruidheann, -dhne, f. talk, speech; a. bruidhneach, 
Brùideag, -eig, f. a little brute, or beast. 
Bruidil, a. v. stir up, dig. 
Brùill, -te, -eadh, a. v, bruise, beat. 
Bruis, -e, ean, f. a brush, 
Brunsgal, -ail, f. a rumbling noise. 
Brusg, -uisg, f. a crumb, a bit. 
Brùth, -te, -adh, a. v. bruise, crush. 
Bruth, -a, f. a cave; sith-bruth, a fairy den. 
Bruthach, -aich, -aichean, m. an ascent, a hill side. 
Bruthadair, -ean, m. a pestle, a bruiser. 
Bruthadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a bruise, crushing. 
Bruthainn,-e, -ean, f. sultry heat; a.bruthainneach. 

BRL' BUA. 49 

Bruthaiste, f. brose. 

Bu ! interj. to excite fear in children. 

Bu. pret. ind. of v. is was j bu mhi, bu tu, b'e, I 

was, &c. 
Bubhall, -aill, -an, m. a buffalo, an unicorn, a 

cow stall. 
Buachaille, -ean. m. a herd, a shepherd. 
Buachailleachd. f. herding ; a. buachailleach. 
Buachaillich, -te, -eachd, a. v. herd, keep. 
Buachar, -air, m. cow dung ; (bo-ghaorr.) 
Buadhadh, -aidh, ni. a fit, impetuosity, a sally. 
Buadhaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. conquer, subdue. 
Buadhachas, -ais, m. gaining a victory, luck. 
Buadhaiche, -ean, m. a conqueror. 
Buadhalachd, f. luck, prosperity. 
Buadhail, -e, a. victoiious ; buadhor. 
Buaghaira, a. sulky, boisterous. 
Buaic, -e, -ean, f. wick of a candle or lamp, dung 

for washing or bleaching, tallow. 
Buaicean, m. a little wick. 

Buaicean-iall, m. tallow to rub a thong for sewing. 
Buaidh, -e, -ean, f. virtue, victory, success ; a. 

Buaidh-fhear, -f hir, m. a conqueror. 
Buaidh- fhacal, -ail, m. an adjective. 
Buaidh-ghàir, f. a shout of victory, or triumph. 
Buaidh-ghuth, m. the voice or s?hout of triumph. 
Buaidh-làrach, m. a decisive victory. 
Buaii, -te, -adh, a. v. strike, beat, smite, 
Buaiie, -tean, f. a fold for sheep or cattle. 
Buaiiteach, -eiche, a. liable to, subject to. 
Buailteach, -eich, -ean, m. summer booths, or huts. 
Bualtean, -e, ean, m. a flail or supple. [Scot.] 
Buailtear, m. a thrasher. 
c 5 

50 BUA — BUC. 

Buain, -te, buain, a. v. shear, cut, mow. 
Buaine, f. continuance, durability, perseverance. 
Buair, -te, -eadh, a. v. tempt, try, vex, provoke. 
Buaireadair, -ean, m. a tempter, a disturber. 
Buaireadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a temptation, atrial. 
Buaireanta, a. tempting-, trying ; buaireasach. 
Buaireas, -eis, m. tumult, ferment ; buaireasachd. 
Buamastair, -ean, m. a vain boaster, a noisy fool. 
Buamastaireachd, f. foolish boasting. 
Buan, buaine, buainead, a. lasting, durable. 
Buanaich, -te, -adh, a. v. last persevere. 
Buanaiche, -ean, m. a shearer. 
Buanas, -ais, m. lasting, perseverance. 
Buan-chuimhne, f. a retentive memory. 
Buan-mhairsinneach, a. lasting, durable. 
Buain-mairsinneachd, f. durability. 
Buannachd, f. profit, advantage ; a. buannachdail. 
Buannaich, -te, -achadh. a. v. gain, won, acquire. 
Buan-sheas, n. v. persevere, stand steady. 
Buau-sheasamh, m. perseverance ; a. buan-sheas- 
Buar, -uair, m. cattle, a herd of cattle. [mhach. 
Buarach, -aich, -ean, f. a cow-fetter when milking. 
Buarach-na-baoibhe, f. lamprey, an eel supposed 

to possess magical powers. 
Buath, buaith, f. rage, madness, fury. 
Buathadh, -aidh, m. a fit, fury ; a. buathach. 
Bub, -a, m. a roar, a yell, a bellow ; a. bùbail. 
Bùban, -ain, m. a coxcomb ; a. bùbanach. 
Bùbanachd, f. the behaviour of a coxcomb. 
Bucaid, f. a pimple, a pustule, a bucket. 
Bucail, -e a. bulky, from bur, size, bulk. 
Bucall, - aill, m. a buckle; a, bucallach. 
Buchuinn, a. melodious, nestling; buchuinneach. 
Buchullach, a. nestling, melodious. 

BUG BUT. 51 

Buclaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. buckle up, trim. 

Bucsa, m. box- wood ; bugsa. 

Budagochd, m. a snipe. 

Buthag, -aig, f. a bundle of straw, &c. 

Buicein, m. a little buck, or roe; a. buiceineach. 

Buiceis, f. sporting like a buck ; buiceasach. 

Buideal, -eii, in. a cask, an anker. 

Buidealaicb, f. a blaze of fire. 

Buidileir, -ean, m. a butler ; buidilireachd, his 

Buidhe, a. yellow, lucky ; is budhe dhut, it is lucky 

for you, or it is fortunate for you. 
Buidheach, -ich, f. the jaundice. 
Buidheach, -eiche, a. thankful, content, 
Buidheachas, -ais, m. thanks, thanksgiving. 
Buidhead, -eid, f. yellowness. 
Buidheag, -eig, f. a goldfinch. 
Buidheag-bhuachair, a bird, the yellow-hammer. 
Buidheagan. ain, m. the yolk of an egg. 
Buidheann, buidhue, buidhnichean, f. a party. 
Buidhinn, buidhne, f. gain, profit. 
Buidhinn, a. v. gain, get, acquire. 
Buidhneach, eiche, a. victorious, gainful, in bands. 
Buidhe-ruadh, a. of a bay colour, auburn coloured. 
Buidhneachd, f. successfulness, victoriousness. 
Buidhnich, -te, -eachadh, arrange into companies. 
Buidhre, f. deafness. 

Buidseach, -ich, f. a witch ; buidseachd, witchcraft. 
Buige, f. softness, humidity ; buigead. 
Buigein, m. a soft or effeminate fellow. 
Buigleag, f. a bog, a quagmire. 
Buil, -e, use, effect, end. 

Buileach, a. and adv. whole, wholly, entirely. 
Builg, f. a distemper of cattle, gen. of bolg, a bag. 

c 6 

52 Bur — bun. 

Builgein, m. a little bag. 

Builgeineach, -eiche, a. thick, full of pimples. 

Builich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. use, give, bestow. 

Builiorin, -inn, -an, f. a loaf; a. builionnach. 

Buill-bheirt, m. tackle, instruments. 

Buille, f. a blow, a stroke. 

Builie-choilleig, f. a stroke to a ball in shinny play. 

Builleach, a. of, or belonging to, strokes. 

Builleachas, -ais, f. striking. 

Bumaileir, m. a bungler. 

Buin, -te, buntuinn, a. v. and n. v. take away, be- 
long to. 

Buinig, a. v. gain, conquer ; buinnig* 

Buinneach, -ich, f. the flux, looseness. 

Buinneag, -eig, f. a twig, a dockan, a maid. 

Bùir, bùireadh, bùirich, n. v. roar, bellow. 

Buirbe, f. ferocity, barbarity ; (borb.) 

Buirbeachd, f. barbarity, savageness. 

Buirbein, m. a savage, a cancer. 

Bùirdeasach, m. a burgess, a free-man. 

Bùire, m. a bellow, a roar; bùirieh, bùireadh. 

Bùirein, m. a little bellow ; a. bùireineach, 

Bùiriehe, m. a mattock, a hoe. 

Buisein, m. a little mouth ; (bus.) 

Bùla, m, a pot-hook ; bùlas. 

Bulg, builg, m. a belly, a lump ; see bolg. 

Bulgach. a. convex, round, bulging. 

Bulla, m. a bowl, a ball. 

Bun, buin, bunan, m. a root, a stock, the mouth 
of a river ; bun-fos-cionn, up-side-down. 

Bunabhas, -ais, m. an element ; a. bunabhasach, 

Bunach, a. of, or belonging to, roots. 

Bunachas, -ais, m. foundation ; bunachar. 

Bunachasach, a. radical, fundamental. 

BUN — BUR. 53 

-Junaich, -te, -acbadh, a. v. found, establish. 
Bunailteachd, f. firmness, steadiness; bunailteas, 
Bunailteach, a firm, steady; bunaiteach. 
Bunamas, -ais, m. sense, solidity. 
Bunan, -ain, m. a little root. 
Bunanta, a. strong, firm, constant. 
Bunantacbd, f. firmness, sturdiness. 
Bunasach, -aiche, a. firm, stout. 
Bunchiallach, a. concealing a moral, a parable. 
Bun-dubh, -uibh, that part of the root under 

Bunndaist, m. a fee ; a grassum, a thrashing. 
Bunnsach, -aich, a rod, a twig; bunnsag % 
Bunnsaidh, a. firm, steady. 
Bunntam, -aim, f. solidity, firmness. 
Bunntamas, -ais, m. sense, solidity. 
Buntàta, m. a potato. 
Bùrach, -aich, f. delving, digging. 
Burbhuachaille, -ean, m. a bird called the speckled 

Burgaid, -e, -ean, f. a purge, a dose of physic. 
Burgaidich, -te, achadh, a. v. purge. 
Burgair, -ean, m. a burgess, a citizen. 
Burmaid, f. wormwood. 
Burn, bùirn, m. water; a. bùrnach, 
Burraidh, -ean, m. a fool, a blockhead. 
Burrus, -uis, m. a caterpillar ; burruis. 
BurraL -ail, m. a howl, a burst of grief. 
Burralaich, f. crying, weeping ; a. burralach, 
Burgaid, m. an awkward or noisy fellow. 
Burgaideach, a. clownish, awkward. 
Burrghlas, -ais, f. a torrent of brutal rage. 
Burrghlasach, a. brutally passionate. 
Burrusgadh, -aidh, m. a fit of rage. 

54 BUR — CE. 

Bùrsach, -aicb, m. a stormy fellow, a torrent of 

Burrusgaireachd, f. fury, rage, brutality. 
Bùrt, bùirt, m. mockery, joking, ridicule. 
Bururus, -uis, m. a harsh, or gurgling noise. 
Bururasach, a. harsh, grating, purling. 
Bus, buis, m. the mouth or snout of a beast. 
Busach, -aiche, a smuty, having a big snout. 
Busag, -aig, f. a girl with thick lips, a blow on the 
Bus-dubh, m. a black mouth or snout. [lips. 

Bus-iall, èille, f. a muzzle. 

Butarrais, f. a confused mixture, hotch-potch. 
Bùth, bùithean, m. a shop, a tent, a booth. 
Buthainnieh, -te, -eachadh, a. v. thrash, beat. 
Bùthan, -ain, m. a small shop, or tent. 
Bùta, -achan, m. a young bird. 

C, the third letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

Co, de, cè, cud, rel. pron. who, what, which, that, 
also cia, ciod ; c'ainm ort ? what is your name? 
de, cud, no ciod a tha thu dianamh? what are 
you doing ? 

Cè sin, show me that, give me that; cia, is im- 
properly used for cè and de, as cia sin, for cè 
sin, show me that ; cia sin ? what's that? rather 
de sin? or cud sin? Cia, and ciod, as words 
taken from the Irish, may be discarded, as caus- 
ing confusion, and dubious in their sound. Qui, 
quae, quod, seem to have come from this relative. 

CA CAG. 55 

Ca, adv. where ; ca bbeil thu ? where are you ? 
Cab, -te, -adb, a. v. indent, notch, hack. 
Cab, caib, m. making a mouth in derision. 
Cabach, -aiche, a toothless, notched. 
Cabaich, -te-achadh, a. v. indent, notch. 
Càbag, -aig, f. a cheese ; a. càbagach. 
Cabach, m. a toothless man; cabag, a toothless 
Cabaire, m. a tattler ; a. babbler. [woman. 

Cabaireachd, f. prattling, tattling. 
Cabaiste, f. a cabbage. (Eng. ) 
Càball, -aill, -an, m. a cable. 
Cabar, -air, m. a stake, a rafter, a deer's horn. 
Cabrach, -aiche, a. having antlers, branchy, 
Cabhag, -aig, f. hurry, haste; a. cabhagach. 
Cabhsair, -ean, m. a street, a causeway. 
Cabhtair, -ean, m. an issue, or drain in the body. 
Cabhuil, -ean, f. a sort of creel to catch fish. 
Càbon, m. a capon. 

Cabastair, -ean, m. a curb, or bit, of a bridle ; cab- 
Cac, -a m. dirt, dung; a. cacach, cacail, caca. 
Cac, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. go to stool. 
Càch, pron. the rest ; ro chàch ; before the rest. 
Cachle, f. a gate ; cachaileith, cachlaidh. 
Càd? adv. how long? c'ad, c'fhad. 
Cadad, m, suppression or elision of a letter. 
Cadadh, -aidh, m. hose-tartan ; (cath-dath.) 
Càdal, -ail, m. sleep; a. cadalach. 
Cadal-deilgneach, m. the prickling sense in a torpid 
Cadalan, -ain, dim. a little sleep, a nap. [state. 
Cadaltachd, f. sleepiness, drowsiness. 
Cagailt, -e, -ean, a hearth. 

Carra-chagailt, f. sulphurious hue of hot embers. 
Cagainn, -te, -cagnadh, a.v. chew, gnaw. 

56 CAG — CAI. 

Cagar, -air, m. a darling, a pet ; dim. cagaran. 

Caibheis, f. prattling, tittering. 

Caibideal, -eil, m. a chapter of a book. 

Caidil, n.v. sleep, slumber, repose. 

Caidreach, a. kind, friendly, a spouse. 

Caidreachail, -e, a. familiar, friendly. 

Caidreamh, -eimh, m. familiarity, friendship. 

Caidreamhach, m. a familiar, a friend. 

Caidreamhas, -ais, m. familiarity, intimacy. 

Caidrich, a. v. cherish ; caidir. 

Caigionn, -ginn, f. a couple, a brace ; caigeann. 

Caignich, -te, -neadh, a. v. couple together. 

Call, -e, f. vigour, strength. 

Cailbhe, -ean, m. a partition wall, a wattle. 

Cailc, -e, f. chaik; a. cailceach, chalky. 

Cailc, -te, -eadh, a. v. chalk. 

Càileanta, a, hard, firm. 

Caile, f. a quean, a hussy. 

Càileachd, f. energy, ability, (càil.) 

Càileachdach, a. strong, able, powerful. 

Caileag, -eig, -an, f. (dim. of caile,) a little girl. 

Càilein, -ein, -an, m. a husk, a prickle; (càth.) 

Càileiginn, f. somewhat, something. 

Cailin, -e, f. a miss, a maid, a nymph. 

Cailis, -ean, f. a chalice, a cup. 

Caill, -te, call, a. v. lose, suffer loss. 

Cailleach, -ich, cailleachan, f. an old woman. 

Cailleachag, -aig, dim. f. a little old woman. 

Cailleachail, a. cowardly; cailleachanta. 

Cailleachas, -ais, f. the conduct of an old wife. 

Cailleach-dhubh, f. a nun ; cailleachas-dubh, state 

of a nun. 
Cailleach-oidhche, f. an owl. 
Caillteach, a. hurtful, ruinous. 

CAT CAI. 57 

Caillteanach, -aich, m. an eunuch. 

Caimbeul. m. a distorted mouth, a Campbell. 

Caimbeulach, m. a Campbell. 

Caimdeal, rather camaideal, m. a circuitous route. 

Caime, f. crookedness, blindness of one eye. 

Caimein, -e, -ean, m. a mote; a. caimeineach. 

Caimleid, -e, f. camlet, a sort of worsted cloth. 

Cain, -te, -adh, a. v. scold, slander. 

Càin, -e, f. tribute, tax ; a. càineach. 

Cainb, -e, f. hemp, canvas. 

Cainbaodach, -aich, m. sackloth. 

Càineachd, f. taxation, taxing. 

Caiueal, -eil, m. cinnamon. 

Càingis, f. Whitsuntide, pentecost. 

Càinich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. impose a tax ; (càin.) 

Cainnt, -ean, f. speech, language; a. cainnteach. 

Cainnteachd, f. talkativeness. 

Cainntear, -ean, m. a censurer, an orator, a talker. 

Caintearachd, f. eloquence, oratory. 

Caiptein, m. a captain. 

Caipteineachd, f. captainship. 

Càir, a gum, a grin, foam of the sea. 

Cairb, -e, -ean, the bent ridge of a pack saddle; as 

cairb strathrach. 
Cairbh, -e, -ean, f. a carcase, a dead body. 
Cairbhinn, f. a carcase ; a. cairbbinneach. 
Cairbhinneachd, f. slaughter, massacring, [ging. 
Cairbheist, -e, a load, carriage to a landlord, a flog- 
Cairbinn, -e, -ean, f. a carbine, a small musket. 
Càird, -e, f. delay, respite, 
Càirde, m. friendship, a relation ; see caraid. 
Càirdeach, -iche, a. related, friendly. 
Càirdeachas, -ais, m. relation, friendliness. 
Càirdealachd, f. friendliness, kindness. 

58 CAI — CAI. 

Càirdens, -is, m. friendship, relationship. 

Càirdeil, -e, a. friendly, kind, affectionate. 

Càirdich, a. v. befriend. 

Caireachd, f. wrestling. 

Càirean, -ein, -einean, m. the gum of the mouth. 

Càireanach, a. having gums. 

Càir-gheal, -ile, a white-foaming, as a wave. 

Càirich, -te, càradh, a.v. mend, repair. 

Cairidh, -idhean, f. a wall in the sea to catch fish. 

Cairioll, m. a bard's name in Ossiari. 

Càirneach, rather càrnach, f. stony ground. 

Càirt, cartach, cairtean, f. a cart, a bark, a card. 

Cairt, -te, -eadh, a.v. tan, as leather, muck. 

Cairteag, -eig, f. a little cart. 

Cairteal, -eil, -an, m a fourth part, a quarter. 

Cairtealan, m. quarters, lodgings. 

Cairtear, -ean, m. a carter, a waggoner. 

Cairtearachd, f. a carter's trade. 

Cairtidh, a. swarthy, tawny. 

Cairt-iuil, f. a mariner's compass. 

Caisd, caisdeachd, n.v. listen, hearken. 

Caisdeachd, f. listening. 

Càise, m. cheese ; a- càiseach. 

Caise, f. a curl of hair, shortness of temper. 

Caisein, m. any curled thing, dew-lap of cattle, a 

short tempered man. 
Caisein-uchd, the breast stripe of beasts. 
Caiseineach, a. short-tempered. 
Caiseart, -eirt, f. shoes and hose; (cas-bheirt.) 
Càisg or càsg, -a, f. Easter; (caisg.) 
Caisg, -te, casgadh, a.v. restrain, check, curb. 
Caisiall, -eill, m. a shoemaker's strap. 
Caisil-ehrò, f. a bier, a coffin. 
Caislich, -te, caisleadh, a.v. soften, smooth. 

CAI — CAL. 59 

Caismeachd, f. alarm, warning, a hint. 

Caisreag, -eig, -an, f. a curl, a ringlet ; a, caisreag- 

Caisrig, -te, -eadh, a.v. consecrate. [ach. 

Caisteal, -eil, ra. a castle. 

Càit, or càite, aiìv. where ; (co-àite.) 

Caitein, m. caddis, nap of cloth ; a. caiteineach, 

Caith, -te, -eamh, a.v. wear, spend, waste. 

Caithteach, a. prodigal. 

Caitheamh, -eimh, m. spending. 

Caitheamh-amasire, m. sport, pastime. 

Caitbe-beatha, f. moral conduct, behaviour. 

Caithream, -eim, m, f. joyful noise or shout. 

Caithreamaich, f. shouting; a. caithreamach. 

Caith reamaich, a.v. shout for joy. 

Caithris, f. watching. 

Caithris, -te, caithris, a.v. watch, guard. 

Caithriseach, a. watching, attentive. 

Caithteachas, -ais, m. prodigality. 

Caithtiche, m. a spendthrift. 

Càl, càil, m. kail, cabbage. 

Cala, -achan, -aichean, m. a harbour, a port. 

Calaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. bring to port. 

Calanas, -ais, f. spinning of wool or flax. 

Calbh, cuilbh, m. a shoot, a twig, a rod. 

Calc, -te, -adh, a.v. chaulk, ram, cram, 

Calcaire, m. a chaulker, a rammer. 

Càl-ceirsleach, m. cabbage. 

Calg, cuilg, m. an awn, a prickle, beard of corn. 

Calgach, -aiche, a. bristly, full of awns. 

Calg-direach, a. direct, straight. 

Call, -a, m. loss, damage. 

Callaid, f. a lurking place, a hedge, a cap. 

Callaideach, a. hedged, fenced, wearing a wig. 

Call-araasire, m. losing time. 

60 CAL — CAN. 

Callanach, -aiche. a. noisy, clamorous. 

Calldachd, f, loss, calamity. 

Calltuirm, -e, m. hazle. 

Calma, a strong, brave ; calmail, calmor. 

Calmachd, f stoutness, courage. 

Caiman, ain, m. a dove; (calma.) 

Calm-lann, m. a dove-cot. 

Calpa, -an, -annan, m. the calf of the leg. 

Calpa-na-tàirnge, m. the haulyards. 

Calba isriadh, m. the principal and interest, 

Calpach or calpannach, a. stout-legged. 

Calum, m. a man's name, Macolm. 

Calluinn, -e, f. new year's day. 

Cama-dhubh, f. the arm or thigh bone. 

Camag, -aig, -an, f. a curve, a crook, a club. 

Camagach, a. crooked, bending, curled. 

Caman, -ain, pi. camain, m. a shinny or club. 

Camanachd, f. shinny or golf playing. 

Camas, -ais, m. a bay, a creek, a harbour. 

Camasach. a. full of bays. 

Cam-chasach, a. bow-legged. 

Camhall, -aill, pi. camhaill, m. a camel. 

Camhanaich, f. the dawn, twilight. 

Cam-luirgneach, a. bow-legged. 

Camp, -a, -an, -annan, f. a camp. 

Camhlach, -aich, f. a fleet, a navy. 

Campaich, -te, -acbadh, n.v. encamp. 

Campair, m. a camp master. 

Campar, -air. m. anger, grief, sadness. 

Camparacb, a. sad, vexed. 

Camshron, f. a crook-nose or hook nose. 

Camshronach, a. hook-nosed, Cameron. 

Cam-shuil, f. a squint eye ; a camshuileach. 

Can, -te, cantuinn, cantail, a.v. say, rehearse. 

CAN CAO. 61 

Canabbas, -ais, m. canvas. 

Canach, -aicb, f. the herb cat's tail, a little whale. 

Cànan, -ain, m. a language, a tongue. 

Canastair. -eaa, m. a canister. 

Cangluinn, f. angry words; a. cangluinneach. 

Cangluinneachd, f. turbulent words. 

Canna, -achan, m. a can, a cup. 

Cannach, a. sweet, pretty, myrtle. 

Canntair, m. a chanter, a singer. 

Canntaireachd, f. chanting, singing. 

Cànran, -ain, m. contention, strife. 

Cànranach, a. disputing, contending. 

Cànranachd, f. murmuring, grumbling. 

Cànranaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. contend, grumble. 

Caob, -oib, -an, m. a lump, a clod, a bite. 

Caob, -te, -adh, a. v. clod, bite, strike. 

Caoch, caoiche, a. empty, hollow. 

Caochag, -aig, f. an empty nut. 

Caochail, -te, caochladh, a. v. and n.v. alter, expire. 

Caochan, -ain, -an, m. a brook, a rivulet, whisky 

in its first process of distilation, 
Caochlach, a. changing, variable. 
Caochlaideach, a. inconstant, variable. 
Caochladh, -aidh, m. a change, an alteration. 
Caochlaideachd, f. mutability, variation. 
Caog, -te,-adh, a. v. wink, connive, aim by one eye. 
Caogach, -aiche, a. winking, squint-eyed. 
Caogad, -aid, a. fifty; caogadamh, the fiftieth. 
Caogshuil, f. a winking eye, a squint eye. 
Caogshuileach, a. winking, squint-eyed. 
Caoidh, -e, f. lamentation, weeping. 
Caoidh, caoidh, a. v. weep, mourn, bewail. 
Caoidh-chomhra, f. mournful expressions. 
Caoidheach, a. mournful, wailing. 

62 CAO CAO. 

Caoile, f. leauness ; caoilead. 

Caoimhne, f. kindness ; caoimhneas, caoimhnealas, 

caoinihnealachd ; a. eaoimhneil, caoimhneasach. 
Caoin, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. weep, deplore, la- 
Caoin, -e, a. kind, mild, gentle, dry. [ment. 

Caoin, f. right side of cloth ; as caoin is ascaoin. 
Caoineachas, -ais, m. mildness, tranquility. 
Caoinich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. dry, season, sooth. 
Caointeach, a. sad, sorrowful, mourning. 
Caointeachan, -ain, m. a mourner. 
Caoir, -e, -ean, f. red-hot iron, a blaze of fire. 
Caoireach, a. sparkling, blazing, flashing. 
Caoirein, -ein, m. a plaintive sound, a purling noise. 
Caoireanach, a. plaintive, mourning, soft. 
Caoireanachd, f. moaning, mourning. 
Caoirgheal, a. bright, flaming. 
Caoir-lasair, f. a bright or sparkling flame. 
Caoirnean,«ein, -an, m. a globule of sheep or goat's 
Caoir-sholuis, f. a gleaming light. [dung. 

Caoir-theine, f. a fire-brand. 
Caol, caoile, caoilead, a. small, slender, lean. 
Caol, caoil, caoiltean, m. a sound, a firth, rods. 
Caol-an-droma, the small of the back ; caol-an- 

dùirn, the wrist; eallach caoil, a burden of rods. 
Caoilich, -te, -achadh, a. v. make slender, attenuate. 
Caolan, -ain, -an, m. a gut, a tripe; a. caolanach. 
Caolas, -ais, -an, m. a firth, a strait. 
Caolcbasach, a. having small legs. 
Caol-chomhnuidh, f. a narrow abode, a grave. 
Caolchruth, m. a slender form; a. caolchruthach. 
Caol-dhearrsa, f. the name of a star. 
Caol-mhala, a well shaped eye-brow. 
Caolsthrath, m. a narrow strath or plain. 
Caolmhuingeach, a. narrow-maned. 

CAO — CAR. 63 

Caomh, caoimh, m. a friend, kindness. 
Caomh, caomha, caoimhe, a. kind, gentle. 
Caomhach, -aich, m. a friend. 
Caomhaclid, f. kindness, affection; caonihachdas. 
Caomhag, -aig, f. a mild or kind woman. 
Caomhaich, -te. -achadh, a. v. sooth, cherish, pacify. 
Caomhail, -e, a. mild, kind ; caomhalach, caomh- 

Caomhainn, -mhte, -mhna', a.v. spare, save. 
Caomhan, -ain, in. a kind or friendly man. 
Caonihalaehd, f. kindness, mildness. 
Caomh-chridheach, a. kind-hearted. 
Caomhuach, -aiche, a. frugal, sparing ; caomhtach. 
Caonnag, -aig, f. bustle, strife ; a. caonnagach. 
Caomlitachd, f. saving, sparing, frugality. 
Caor, -a, -an, f. a rowan tree berry. 
Caora, caorach, dat. caoraich, pi. caoraich, f. a sheep. 
Caora-tìthich,f.acrow-berry; cara-nadhag,fionnag- 
Caoran, -ain, m. a fragment of peat. [an„ 

Caorunn, -uinn, m. a rowan tree. 
Caor-thalinhuinne, a strawberry ; suigheag. 
Caothach, -aich, m. madness ; cuthach. 
Càpa, m. a cap. 
Capull, -uill, m. a mare; capullmath, not mhath, 

gender and construction here disagree. 
Capuìl-coille, m. a bird, the wood grouse. 
Capull-lin, m. a lint beetle. 

Car, -aire, m. a friend, a relation ; a friendly. 
Car, adv. during ; car tamuill, a while. 
Car, cuir, m. a turn, a bend, a winding, a trick. 
Carach, -aiche, a. cunning, sly, winding. 
Caraich,-te,carachadb,carachd uinn, a.v. move, stir. 
Caraid, -e, pi. càirdean, m. a friend, a relation. 
Càraid, -e, -ean, f. a pair, a couple ; a. càraideach. 

64 CAR — CAR. 

Càraidich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. pair, couple. 
Caramh, impr.comp. prep, meeting; amcharamh, 

ad charamh, meeting me, meeting yon, &c; or 

at me, at you ; or on me, on you. 
Carbad, -aid, -an, m. a chariot, a bier, a jaw. 
Carbadair, -ean, a charioteer, a driver. 
Carbhaidh, f. carraway. 
Carbhair, -ean, m. a carver, an engraver. 
Carbhaireachd, f. carving, mangling. 
Carcais, f. a carcase, a dead body. 
Card, -a, -an, f. a wool card. 
Card, -te, -adh, a.v. card wool, cotton, or flax. 
Càrdair, *ean, m. a carder of wool, &c. 
Càrdaireachd, f. carding, the office of carding. 
Car-fhacal, -ail, m. a quibble, a pun. 
Car-fhaclach, -aiche, a. quibbling. 
Car-fhaclaiche, m. a quibbler, a punster. 
Carghus, -uis, m. Lent. 
Cam, -te,, -adh, a.v. heap, pile. 
Càrn, cùirn, m. a heap of stones, a sledge. 
Càrnach, -aich, m. hard rocky ground. 
Càrnag, -aig, -an, f. a sea-eel. 
Càrnaid, f. a certain red colour. 
Càrnan, -ain, dim. a small heap of stones. 
Càrn-cuimhne, m. a monument. 
Càrr, -a, the itch, the curl in potatoes, a rock. 
Carragh, -aigh, f. a rock, a pillar, a monument. 
Carraicean,-ein, -an, m.a knotty stick, a thick man. 
Carraid, -e, f. a conflict, a fight, a strife. 
Carraideach, a. quarrelsome, boisterous. 
Carraig, cairrge, f. a rock, a cliff. 
Carraigeach, a. rocky, full of cliffs. 
Carraigean, -ein, -ean, f. a knot in wood. 
Carageanach, a. knotty, rocky. 

CAR CAS. 65 

Car ran, -ain, m. a weed growing in corn. 

Carran-craige, m. a sort of fish, a conger eel. 

Carrannacbd, f. charity, carthanachd. 

Cars, f. a plane, a fertile tract of country. 

Carshuil,|f. a rolling eye. 

Carson, conj. why ; c' arson, (cè air son) faic corson 

Càrt, càirt, pi. càirt, f. a quarter, one fourth. 

Cart, -te, -adh, a. v. muck, clean, cast out; cairt. 

Cartan, -ain, m. a small brown insect that eats in- 
to the flesh. 

Car-tuathal, -ail, m. a wrong turn, mishap. 

Cas, coise, -an, f. a leg, a foot, a handle, a shaft. 

Cas, caise, caisead, a. steep, curled, irritable. 

Cas, -adh, a. v. gnash, oppose, turn against. 

Càs, càis, càsan, m. a case, a difficulty, distress. 

Casach, a. having feet. 

Casa-carrach, f. stilts ; see casa-corrach. 

Casad, -aid, m. a cough ; casduich ; a. casadach. 

Casadh, -aidh, m. grinning, gnashing, curling. 

Casag, -aig, f. a long coat ; a. casagach. 

Casaid, -e, -ean, f. an accusation, a complaint. 

Casaid, a. v. accuse, arraign. 

Caisaideach, a. complaining, accusing. 

Casaidich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. accuse, arraign. 

Casaidiche, -ean, m. an accuser. 

Casan, -ain, pi. casain, m. a post or stick in the 

inside of a wall ; a. casanach. 
Casaodannach, a. having a wrinkled face. 
Casehiabh, f. a curled lock; a. caschiabhach. 
Cas-chs òm, f. a crooked spade used in the High- 
Casd, casdaich, a. v. and n. v. cough. Hands. 

Cas-direach, f. a straight spade. 
Cais-ihionn, a. white-footed. 
Caisg, -te, casg, casgadh, a. v. restrain, curb. 

66 CAS — CAT. 

Casgair, ~te, casgairt, casgradh, a. v. slay, mangle. 

Casgrach, -aiche, a. mangling, slaying. 

Casgairt, f. slaughter. 

Cas-moighich, f. the herb hare's foot. 

Casruisgte, a. barefooted. 

Castan, -ain, -an, f. a chesnut. 

Casurlach, a. high-breasted, tall. 

Cat, cait, m. a cat. 

Cata, -an, m. a sheap-cot. 

Cataich, -te, -achadh, a. v. tame, domesticate. 

Catanach, a. hairy, rough ; one of the Cattan 

Cat-fiadhaich, m. a wild cat. 
Cath, catha, an, -m. a fight, a struggle, a battle. 
Cath, catbadh, a.v. fight, struggle. 
Càth, -a, càithe, f. seeds or husks ; a. càthach. 
Catha, f. a difficult narrow pass. 
Cathach, a. fighting, also a warrior. 
Catbadh, -ajdh, m. snow-drift. 
Catbadh- fairge. m. sea- drift. 
Cathaj. -aig, -an, f. a daw, a jackdaw, 
Cathaich, -te, -achadh, or cothachadh, a. v. fight, 

Cathair, cathrach, ~raichean, f. a chair, a throne, a 

Cathair-easbuig, f. an episcopal chair. 
Cathair-breitheanais. f. a tribunal. 
Cathair-rioghail. f. a throne. 
Catban, -ain, -an, in. a species of wild goose. 
Càthar, -air. in. a moss, a hog, a. càtharach. 
Catbarra, a brave, strenuous. 
Catnarracbd. f. valour, bravery. 
Càthbhruich, rather cabhruich, f, sowans, (càth- 

bruich ) 

CAT CEA. 67 

Catharra, a. militant ; an creideamh catharra, the 
militant faith ; also an Eaglais-chatharra. 

Caithreim, m. the shout of triumph. 

Cat-luch, cait-luch, m. a mouse-trap. 

Cè ? pron. what ? show me, give me ; faic co» 

Cè, rather cia, m. cream. 

Cè m. the earth, cruinnecè, globe of the earth. 

Ceaba, -achan, -annan, m. iron part of a spade. 

Ceach ! interj. expressive of dislike. 

Ceacharra, a. cowardly, mean, sordid. 

Cead, m. leave, permission. 

Ceadaich, -te,-achadh,a.v. andn.v. allow, permit. 

Ceadalach, -aiche, a. crazy, subject to fits of sick- 

Ceadan, -ain, -an. m. a lump, a burden, a lock of 

Cèird, ciuird, cèirde, f. a trade. 

Ceal, -a, -an, m. stupor, stupidity. 

Cealg, ceilg, f. deceit, hypocrisy ; a. cealgach. 

Cealgair, -ean. m. a deceiver, a hypocrite. 

Cealgaireachd, f. fraud, hypocrisy. 

Ceall, cill, f. a church, a burying place, a cell. 

Ceallair, m. the superior of a monastery, a talker. 

Cean, m. love, favour. 

Cean, or ceana, r.dv. whither. 

Ceanal. -ail, m. pleasantry, merriment ; (cean.) 

Ceanalta, a. genteel, humoursome, polite. 

Ceanaltachd. f. complaisance, ceanaltas. 

Ceannfhionn, -inn, a. white-faced. 

Ceangail, -te, -gal. a. v. bind, tie, fetter. 

Ceangaltas, -ais. m. obligation, tying ; a. ceangal- 

Ceangal,-ail, m. a fetter, a tie j a. ceangaltach. 

Ceangtaiche, m, a binder. 

68 CEA — CEA. 

Ceann, cinn, m. a head, an end, a hilt, a top, a 

Ceanna-bheirt,-ean,m.a head covering, an helmet. 
Ceannach, -aich, m. a hire, a reward, a price. 
Ceann-adhairt, m. the head of a bed, a pillow. 
Ceannaich, -te, -nnach, a.v. buy, purchase. 
Ceannaiche,-ean, m. a merchant, a trader. 
Ceannachd, f. goods, merchandise. 
Cann-amasire, m. a date or era, fixed time. 
Ceannairc, -e, f. rebellion, sedition, (ceann-airc). 
Ceannairceas, -eis, m. sedition ; a. ceannairceach. 
Ceannaire, -ean, m. a driver, a goadsman. 
Ceannaire, m, a wedge to drive hoops. 
Ceannaireachd, f. a goad's man office. 
Ceannaircich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. rebel. 
Ceann-airm, m. a general. 
Ceann-aobhair, m. a first cause. 
Ceannaodach, m> a head dress. 
Ceannard, -aird, m. a head, a chief or commander. 
Ceann-àrd, -airde, a. high-headed. 
Ceannardach, -aiche, a. imperious, haughty. 
Ceannardachd, f. imperiousness, arrogance. 
Ceann-armailt, m. a general. 
Ceannas, -ais, m. forwardness, imperiousness. 
Ceannasach, a. authoritative, imperious. 
Ceannasachd, f. authority, imperiousness. 
Ceannas-feadhna, m. the situation of the head of 

a clan. 
Ceannasg,-aisg, a hair-lace. 
Ceanna-bhàrr, m. a head dress, a cap, a hat. 
Ceannabhiorach, a. conical, pointed at the top. 
Ceannabrat, -ait, a head dress, a canopy. 
Ceannabheirt, f. a helmet. 
Ceann-bhriathar, m, an adverb. 

CEA — CEA. 69 

Ceann-buidhne, m. a captain. 

Ceann-caol, m. the small end, ceann-garbh, great 

Ceanna-chathair, f. a metropolis. 

Ceann-cinnidh, m. the head of a clan, a chief. 

Ceann-còmbraidh, m. subject of a discourse. 

Ceann-eònspuid, m. the subject of a debate. 

Ceann-èideadh, m. a head dress. 

Ceann-fàth, m. cause, reason. 

Ceann-feachd ; m. a general ; or ceann-feadhna. 

Ceann-ghalar, -air, m. any disorder in the head. 

Ceannagblas, a. grey-headed. 

Ceann-ileach, m. a sword-hilt made in Islay. 

Ceann-fine, m. a chieftain, head of a clan. 

Ceann-iuil, m. a guide. 

Ceannlaidir, a. obstinate ; ceannlaireachd, ob- 

Ceann-litir, m. a capital letter. 

Ceann-mathain, f. the name of a star. 

Ceannag, ~aig, f. a head ridge. 

Ceannsaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. subdue, command. 

Ceannsal, -ail, m. command, authority. 

Ceannsalachd, f. command, authority. 

Ceannsgal, -ail, m. command, authority. 

Ceannsgalach, a. authoritative, commanding. 

Ceannsgriobhaidh, m. subject of writing, a motto. 

Cearm-sguir, m. an end, a period, a full stop. 

Ceann-sithe, a peace- maker. 

Ceann suidhe, pi. cinn-shuidhe, m. a president. 

Ceann-tàile, i.e. ceann-an-t-saile, Kintail. 

Ceann-tàla, m. a bard. 

Ceann-teagaisg, m. the subject of a sermon, a 

Ceann-taighe, or ceann-fine, m. head of a family. 


70 CEA — CEA. 

Ceann-tìre, or cinn-tìre, Kintyre. 

Ceann-uidhe, m, the end of a journey, a hospit- 
able man. 

Ceap or ceapa, -an m. a shoemaker's last, a trap, a 

Ceap-te. -adh, a. v. catch, stop, intercept. 

Ceapach, -aiche, a. full of la^ts, or trunks of trees ; 
a farm in Lochaber. 

Ceapag, -aig, f. a small turf, a sod, a block. 

Ceapaire, -ean, m. bread covered with butter. 

Ceapan, -ain, m. a little last, or stock; a. ceap - 

Ceapanta, a. thick, strong. 

Cearb, cirb, f. a corner of cloth, a piece of cloth, 
a rag. 

Cearbach, aiche, a. ragged, awkward, clumsy. 

Cearbaiche, f. awkwardness, raggedness. 

Cearbaire, m. an awkward person. 

Cearbachd, f. awkwardness; cearbalachd. 

Cearban, -ain, m. a sail-fish, a basking shark. 

Cearc, circe, cearcan, f. a hen ; a, cearcach. 

Cearcag, -aig, f. a little hen. 

Cearcall, -aill, m. a hoop ; a. cearclach. 

Cearc- fhrangach, f. a turkey hen. 

Cearc-fhraoich, f. a moor fowl. 

Cearc-thomain, f . a partridge. 

Cèard, cèird, ciuird, m. a tinker. 

Cèardach, -aich, f. a forge, a smiddy. [Scot ] 

Cèardachd, f. office of a tinker ; a. cèardail. 

Cèardail, -e, a. of or belonging to a tinker. 

Cèardalachd, f. handicraft, ingenuity, tinkerness. 

Cèard-dubhan, -ain, m. a dung beetle. 

Cearn, -a, -an, f. a corner, a region ; a. cearnach. 

Cearnag, -aig, f. a little corner; a. cearnagach. 

CEA CEI. 71 

Cearnan, -ain, m. a square, a quadrangle. 
Cearr, -a, ciorra, a. left, wrong, left handed. 
Cearrach, -aiche, a. expert, clever, a gamester.^ 
Cearrag, -aig, -an, f. the left hand ; a. cearragach. 
Cearr-lamhach, a. left-handed, awkward. 
Ceart, ceirte, a. right, just, proper. 
Ceart, ceirt, m. right, justice, propriety. 
Ceartaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. adjust, rectify. 
Ceaitachail, -e, a. rectifiable, reclaimable. 
Ceartachair, -ean, m. a rectifier ; ceartaiche. 
Ceartas, -ais, m. justice, equity. 
Ceart-bheirt, f. a good deed, a good turn. 
Ceart-bhreth, -e, f. a just judgment. 
Ceart-breitheach, a. righteous, or just in judgment. 
Ceart-bhreitbeanas, -ais, f. a just judgment. 
Ceart-sgriobhadh, -aidh, m. orthography. 
Ceasad, -aid, m. grumbling, complaining. 
Ceasadair, -ean, m. a grumbler ; a. ceasadach. 
Ceasnaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. question, examine. 
Ceathach, -aich, m. mist, fog. (ceò) 
Ceathachail, -e, a. misty, foggy. 
Ceathair or ceithir, a. four. 
Ceathairne, f. a party of men, stout men. 
Ceathairne-choiile, f. freebooters, outlaws. 
Ceatharnach, -aich, m. a stout man, a soldier. 
Ceatharnachd, f. valour, heroism ; ceatharnas. 
Ceathramh, -aimh, m. a fourth part. 
Ceathramh, a. the fourth ; an ceathramh fear. 
Ceathramhan, -ain, m. a cube, a quadrant. 
Ceathramhanach, a. resembling a quadrant. 
Ceathrar, a. four persons. 

Ceig, -e, -ean, f. a lump, a bunch ; a. ceigeach. 
Ceig, -eadh, a v. kick, strike with the foot. 
Ceigeanachd, f. squatness. 

72 CEI — CEI. 

Ceigein, m. a thick short man ; a. ceigeanacb. 

Ceil, -te, ceiltimn, ceileadh, a. v. conceal, hide. 

Cèile, m. and f. a spouse, a husband. Athair-cèile, 
a father-in-law. Le chèile, together. O chèile, 
asunder. As-a-chèile, separated. Troi-chèile, 
in disorder ; &c. all adv. 

Ceileir, m. lively music, as of birds ; ceileireadh. 

Ceileir, -eadh, n. v. chirp, sing like a bird. 

Ceileireach, a. chirping, musical. 

Ceilidh, -lidhean, f. visiting, sojurning. 

Cèillidh, -e, a. wise, prudent; (ciall.) 

Cèin, -e, a. distant, far off; cein-thir, distant land. 

Cèir, -e, f. wax, a buttock, a deer's buttock. 

Cèir, -te, -eadh, a. v. wax, seal. 

Cèir-bheach, f. bees' wax, the honeycomb. 

Cèir-chuachag, -aig, -an, f. a waxen cell or cup. 

Cèirdeach, a. having a trade, expert, dexterous. 

Cèireach, -eiche. a. waxy, full of wax ; cèireil. 

Cèirgheal, -ile, a. white about the buttocks. 

Cèir-sheillein, f. bees' wax. 

Ceirsle, -ean, f. a clew of yarn ; a. ceirsleach. 

Ceirslich, -te, ceirsleachadh, a. v. form into clews. 

Ceirsleag, -eig, -ean, f. a small clew; a. ceirsleag- 

Cèis, -e, -ean, f. a case, a keeping plaee. [ach. 

Ceis, -e, -ean, f. a creel, a basket, a hamper. 

Ceisd, -e, -ean, f. a question, a problem, a darling. 

Ceisdich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. question examine. 

Ceisdeil, -e, a. chaste, modest, of a good character. 

Ctùsdein, m. a lover, a sweetheart. 

Cèiseag;, a small case; ceiseag, small creel. 

Ceist, -e, -ean, £ difficulty, perplexity. [each. 

Cèitein, -e, m. m. the month of may; a. rèitein- 

Ceithir, a. four ; ceithir-chasach, four-footed. 

Ceithir-chearnach, a. quadrangular. 

CEI — CHA. 73 

Ceithir-chearnaicb, -te, -achadh, a. v. square. 
Ceitbir-diag, a. fourteen ; ceithir-deug . 
Ceithir-fillte, a. fourfold ; ceithir-fhillteach. 
Ceithir-oisnneach, a. quadrangular. 
Ceithir-ramach, a. four-barred, a boat of four oars. 
Ceithir-shlisneach, a. quadrilateral, four sidjd. 
Ceò, m. mist, fog ; a. ceòtbach, oeòtbar. 
Ceòban-ain, m. small drizzling rain; a. ceòbanach. 
Ceò èideadh, m. a sbroud or covering of mist. 
Ceòl, ciuil, ceoil, m. music, melody ; a. ceòlar, ceòl- 
Ceòlradh, -aidh, f. the Muses. [ach. 

Ceòpan, -ain, m. a small bay. 

Ceòs, rather cias, ceois, -an_, m. the hip or buttocks. 
Ceòsan, -ain, m. a light down of feathers. 
Ceòthaireaehd, f. mistiness. 
Ceòthran, -ain, m. a slight drizzling rain. 
Ceothranach, a. drizzling; ceòthranachd, drizzling 
Ceud, rather ciad, a. the first, a hundred. [rain. 
Ceudach, a. centuple; ceudamh, the hundredth. 
Ceud-chathach, of an husdred battles, an ephithet 

of Conn. 
Ceud, -a, -an, f. a sense, the senses, (ciad-fà.) 
Ceum, -a, -an, -annan, m. a step, a path. 
Ceum, -te, -adh, a. v. step, pace; ceumnaich. 
Ceumach, -aiche, a. a stately gait ; ceumail, ceu- 

Ceum-inbhe, m. dignity, rank, promotion. 
Ceum-tuislidh, m. a false step. 
Ceus, -te, -adh, a. v. crucify, torture. 
Ceusach, a. crucifying, torturing. 
Ceusadair, -ean, m. a tormentor. 
Ceutach, -aiche, a. comely, elegant, graceful. 
Cha, cha d', cha 'n, chau, neg. adv. not ; as cha 

bhuail mi ; cha d' fholbh mi ; chan fhaighinn. 
D 5 

74 CHA — CIA. 

Chab, pret of the v. cab, did notch. 

Chaidh, pret. of the irreg. v. theirig, did go. 

Chàirich, pret. of the v. càirich, did mend, &c. h 
put after the first consonant gives the pret. in 
regular verbs, but if the verb begins with f, or 
a vowel, dh' or d' is put before it ; as, dh' èisd, 
cha d' fhlolbh. 

Chaoidh, adv. forever ; or, a chaoidh. 

Chean, or cheana, adv. already. 

Chianamh, adv. or a. a little while ago. 

Chion, or cion, adv. want of; as cion slàinte. 

Chionn, conj. because, for that reason. 

Chite, pret. sub. of the v. chi, might be seen. 

Cho, adv. so ; as cho beo, so lively. 

Chuile, a. every, all ; generally used thus, a chuile 
or h-uile. 

C'i or ci, pron. interog. f. co i. 

Ciabh, -a, -an, f. a lock or ringlet of hair. 

Ciabhach, -aiche, a. full of locks of hair. 

Ciabhag, -aig, -an, f. a small lock ; a. ciabhagach. 

Ciabhag-choille, f. a wood-lark. 

Ciad, a. a hundred ; an ciadamh, the hundredth. 

Ciad-bhainne, m. first milk of a cow after calving. 

Ciad-bhileach, -ich, f. the herb centuary. 

Ciad-fbàire, m. the dawn, first dawn of day. 

Ciad-fhàs, -ais, m. first growth. 

Ciadghin, m. first born, firstlings. 

Ciadlomaidh, or a' chiadlomaidh, not taken break- 

Ciad-mhios, m. first fruit. [fast. 

Ciall, cèille, f. reason, sense. Mo chiall, my 

Ciallacb, -aiche, a. judicious, prudent ; ciallail. 

Ciallaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. bring to reason, ex- 
plain, mean. 



Ciallan, -ain, m. a pet, a darling; a chiallain, my 

Ciall-nàdair, f. natural sense. 
Ciamar, adv. how ; cia mar, rather ceamar. 
Cian, cèin, a. long, tedious, remote, distant; An 

cèin, at a distance, bho chèin, from far. 
Cianail, -e, a. sad, melancholy ; cianalach. 
Cianalas, -ais, m. sadness ; cinalachd. 
Ciar, cèire, a. dusky, dark, brown, swarthy. 
Ciar, -adh, n.v. become dark or gloomy; ciaraich. 
Ciarag, -aig, f. a little dark woman, or thing. 
Ciaran, -ain, m. a dark or swarthy man. 
Ciar-dhubh, -uibhe, a. dark grey. 
Ciarshuil, m. a dark eye; a. ciarshuileach. 
Ciàs, ceois, -an, m. hip buttocks ; a. ciàsach. 
Cìb. -e, f. a kind of grass ; a. cibeach. 
Cibeir, -ean, m. a shepherd ; cibeireachd, his trade. 
Cidhisy -e, -ean, f. a mask, a vizor. 
Cill, -e, -tean, f. a cell, a grave, a church-yard ; 

hence, cille-bhrìde, cille-mhàillidh, &c. 
Cinn, -te, tinn, n.v. grow, increase ; cinnich. 
Cinneachadh, -aidh, m. growth, cinneachuinn. 
Cinneadail, -le, a. clannish ; cinneadalachd, clan- 

Cinneadh, -idh, m. a clan, a tribe, 
Cinneas, -eis, m. growth; cinneasachd ; a. cin- 

Cinnseal, -eil, m. commencement, beginning. 
Cinnt, -e, f. certainty; cinnteachd ; a. cinnteach. 
Cinntealas, -ais, m. certainty, assiirance. 
Ciòch, ciche, f. a woman's breast, a pap, a nave of 

a wheel. 
Ciòcharan, -ain, -an, m. a suckling, an infant at 

the breast. 
D 6 

76 cio — cis. 

Cìocharanachd, f. the condition of a suckling. 

Cìoch-bhràgad, -aid, f. the uvola ; cioch-mhuineil. 

Cioch-shlugain, f. the muscular sack, the gullet. 

Ciotn, -te, -adh, a. v. comb, card wool., 

Ciomach. -aich, m. a prisoner, a slave, a captive. 

Ciombal, -ail, m. cymbal. 

Cion, m. want. 

Cion-aire, f. want of attention, cion-eòlais, igno- 

i ranee. 

Cionta, -an, f. guilt, cr3m<? ; a. ciontach, guilty, a 

Cionn, adv. reason, sake; a chionn. 

Ciontaich, -achadh, a. v. transgress, be guilty. 

Ciorram, -aim, in. a hurt, a mishap ; a. ciorra- 

Ciosaicb, -t«, -aehadh, a. v. subdue, tire out, re- 

Ciosan, -ain, m. a basket, a box. 

Ciosnach, -aiche ; a. tiresome; ciosnachail. 

Ciotach, -aiche, a. left-handed, awkward. 

Ciotachd, f. left-handed, awkward. 

Ciotachd, f. left handedness; ciotaiche. 

Ciotag, -aig, f. a left hand, a little plaid. 

Cipein, -ean, m. a peg, a pin for tying a tether. 

Cir, -te, eadh, a. v. comb, tease as wool. 

Cir, -e, -ean, f. a comb ; cnamh-chire, the chewing 
the cud. 

Circ-fbeoil, f. the flesh of a hen. 

Cirein, -ean, m. a cock's comb, a crest ; a. cire- 

Cireag, -eig, f. a little comb ; a. cireagach. 

Cir-mheala, f. a honeycomb. 

Cis, -e, -ean, f. a tax, a tribute ; a. ciseach. [trade, 

Ciseir, -ean, m. a tax-gatherer ; ciseireachd, his 

CIS — CLA. 77 

Cìs-uahaor, m, a publican, a tax-gatherer. 

Ciste, -eachan, f. a che&t, a coffer; dim cisteag. . 

Cistin, rather, citsin, m. a kitchen ; a. citsineach. 

Cith, -e, -ean, m. a heavy shower, rage; a. citheach. 

Cith-chatha, m, ardour for battle. 

Cithein, m. low crying, or bemoaning ; a. cith- 

Cithris-charis, f. confusion, tumult, loquacity. 
Ciùran, m. drizzling rain ; a. ciùranach. 
Ciuin, -e, -ead, a. meek, gentle, mild. 
Ciuin, -tt*, -eadh, a. v. ca!m, pacify ; ciuinich. 
Ciuine, f. mildness, meekness, calmness. 
Ciuineas, -eis, m. calmness, meekness ; ciuineachd. 
Ciuirrteach, -eiche, a. hurtful ; ciùrrail. 
Ciùrr, -te, -adh, a. v. hurt, torture, 
Ciùrradair, -ean, m. tormentor. 
Ciùrradh, -aidh, m. a hurt, a sore. 
Clab, -aib, m, an open or wide mouth ; a. clabach. 
Clabag, -aig, f. a garrulous female, [bling. 

Clabaire, -ean, m. a babbler; clabaireachd, bab- 
Clabar, -air, -ean, no. a mill-clapper. 
Clàbar, -air, m. mire, mud, clay ; a. clàbarach 
Clàbarachd, f. mireness, dirtiness. 
Clabastair, -ean, m. brawler, babbler. 
Clabog, -oig, -an, f. a good bargain. 
Clach, cloiche, -an, f. a stone, a stone- weight. 
Clach, -te, -adh, a v stone, strike with stone. 
Clacbach, -aiche, a. stony 
Clachair, -ean, m. a mason ; clachaireachd, his 

Clachan, -ain, m. a church, burying ground. 
Clachran, -ain, m. stepping stones ; a bird's name, 
Clach-bholg, -uilg, m. a rattle made by stones in 

a bag. 

78 CLA CLA. 

Cìach-bhleith, f. a grind-stone. 
Clach-bhuadhach, f. a precious stone, a gem. 
Clach-chinn, f. a stone at the head of a grave. 
Clach-cheangail, f. a key-stone. 
Clach-chnòtainn, or cnòtag, f. a hollowed stone, 

where corn is given to beasts, or beatten from 

the husks, 
Clach-chreatha, f. a brick. 
Clach-chriche, f. a march-stone. 
Clach-chumhneachain, f. a monument. 
Clach-dhearg, f. keel. 
Clach-ghaireil, f. a free-stone. 
Clach-ghiaraiche, f. a sharpening stone. 
Clach-iuil, f. a loadstone. 
Clach-lèig, f. a precious stone. 
Clach-lionraitb, f. a grind-stone. 
Clach-mheallain, f. a hail-stone. 
Clach-mhile, f. a mile-stone. 
Clach-mhuilinn, f. a mill-stone. 
Clach-na-sul, f. the apple of the eye. 
Clach-neart, f. a putting stone. 
Clach-oisinn, f. a corner stone. 
Clach-theine, f. a flint stone. 
Clach-thomhais, f. a weight, or weighing-stone. 
Clach-uasal, f. a precious stone. 
Cladach, -aich, -aichean, m. the shore, channel of 

a river. 
Cladh, -a, m. spawn, a burying place, a trench. 
Cladhach, -aich, m. digging. 
Cladhaicb, -te, cladhach, a. v. dig. 
Cladhaire, -ean, m. a coward; a. cladhaireach, 

and cladharra. 
Clad-dùdaidh, m. a roaring billow. 
Clag, cluig, m. a bell ; a. clagach. 

CLA CLA. 79 

Clag, -adh, a. v. sound a bell. 

Clagan, -ain, m. a small bell; a. claganach. 

Claidheamh, -imh, pi. clàidheaii. m. a sword. 

Claidheamh mòr, m, a broad sword. 

Claidbeamh caol, m. a small sword. 

Claidhcamhear, m. a swordsman, a fencer. 

Claidheamhaireachd, f. swordmanship. 

Claidreacb, a. deafening-, fatiguing. 

Claidricb, -te, -eadh, a. v. deafen, tire, fatigue. 

Claigionn, -inn, -gnean, m. a skull ; a. claigion- 

Clais, -e, -ean, f. a furrow, a pit, a hollow ; a. 

Clàisdeachd, f. hearing ; clàistinn, clàisneacd. 

Claisich, -te, -seadh, a. v. furrow, hollow, trench. 

Clamhan, -ain, m. a buzzard, a kyte. 

Clann, cloinne, pi. clainne, cloinn, children, off- 

Clann, -a, -an, f. a lock of hair ; a. clannach. 

Clannach, -aiche, a. prolific ; a. clannail, clannor. 

Claoidh, f. mortification, pain, affliction. 

Claoidh, -te, -eadh and claoidh, a.v. mortify, afflict. 

Claoine, f. obliquity, squintness ; claoinead-id. 

Claon, -e, -ead, -id, a. squint, inclining. 

Claon, -te, -adh, a.v. incline, go aside. 

Claonadh, -aidh, m. inclination, turning aside. 

Claonaireachd, f. inclination, partiality, 

Claon-bhreth, -e, ean, f. an unjust judgment, 

Claon-breilheach, a. partial, unjust. 

Claon -bhritheamh, m. a partial judge. 

Claon-shuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a squint eye ; a. claon- 

Clapail, f. flapping of wings ; clapartaich. 

80 CLA — CLE. 

Clàr, -àir, pi. clàir, or clàran, m. a stave, a trough. 

Clàr, -àir, (for clàrsach) m. a harp. 

Clàrsach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to staves. 

Clàrag, -aig, -an, f. a fore tooth, a broad woman. 

Clàraidh. f. a wooden floor, a partition. 

Clàr-ainm. -e, -ean, m. a catalogue. 

Clàr-amais, m. an index. 

Clar-aodainn, m. the front, the face. 

Clàr-buideil, m. the stave of a cask. 

Clàrchas, -ois, m. a splay-foot ; a. clàrchasach. 

Clàr-feoirne, m, a chess or draught board. 

Clàr-fuine, m. a kneading trough. 

Clàr-innse, m. an ind< j x. 

Clàr-iomairt, m. a chess or draught board. 

Clàr-mìneachaidh, m. a glossary. 

Clàsair, -ean, m. a harper, a minstrel. 

Clàrsaireachd, f. harping. 

Clàr-sgìthe, m. a name for the Isle of Skye. 

Clàr-tomhais, m. a scale, a measure. 

Clàr-uachdair, m. a lid of a chest or trunk. 

Cleachd, -te, -adh, a.v. accustom, practise, [habit. 

Cleachdadh, -aidh, -annan, -aidhean, custom, 

Cleachdach, or cleachdail, and cleachdte, a. ac- 
customed, habitual, full of ringlets of hair, (from 
cleachd or clearc, hair.) 

Cleamhnas, -ais, m. affinity, relationship. 

Clearc, -an, m. hair, a lock of hair. 

Cleas, -a, an, m. a play, a trick, a feat. 

Cleasach, -aiche, a. playful, sportive, tricky. 

Cleasachd, f. play, sport, slight of hand. 

Cleasaich, -te, sadh, -achd, a.v. sport, play. 

Cleasaiche, -ean, m. a juggler, a stage player. 

Cleasanta, a. playful, frisky ; cleasantachd, play- 

CLE — CLT. 81 

Clèir, f. clergy; a. clèireach. 
Clèireach, -icb, m. a clerk, a writer. 
Clèireachd, f. clerkship; clèirsinneachd. 
Cliaraiche, -ean, m. a bard, a songster. [each. 

Clèit, -e, -ean, f. a quill, a flake of snow ; a. clèit- 
Clèiteag, -eig, f. a little quill or flake of snow. 
Cleith, -e, f. a stake, a large stick, concealment. 
Cleith, -te, cleith, a. v. hide, conceal. 
Cleitheach, -aiche, a. concealing, clandestine. 
Cleitheachd, f. concealment. 

Cleith-inntinn,f. dissimulation, mental reservation. 
Cleitinn, rather clitinn, f. a croft, a cow's grass. 
Cleòc, -a, -an, -annan, m. a cloak, a mantle; a. 

Cleòcan, -ain, -an, m. a little cloak or mantle ; a. 

Clì or clith, f. vigour, strength ; a. cli, left, clever. 

Lamh-cli, the left hand. An taobh-cli, the left 

Cliabh, clèibh, pi. clèibh, m. a creel, a cheese chest. 
Cliabhan, -ain, m. a small creel or chest ; a. cliabh- 

CHabhanach, -aiche, a. full of creels or chests. 
Cliabh-farsuinn, m. a broad chest or breast. 
Cliadan, -ain, -an, m. a bur; a. cliadanach. 
Cliamhuinn, cleamhna, pi. clèimhnean, m. a son- 
Cliar, clèir, m. a poet, a brave man ; a. cliar, brave. 
Cliarachas, -ais, m. or f. bardism, poetry, feats of 

Cliaradh, -aidh, m. singing; cliaraiche, a songster. 
Cliatan, -ain. -an, m. a level spot of ground, a hand. 
Cliath, clèithe, f. a harrow, a hurdle, a worm ; pi. 
Cliath, -te, -adh, a.v, harrow. [cliathan 

82 CLI — CLI. 

Cliath, -èisg, (no bhradain, no sgadain,) a shoal 

of fish. 
Gliathach, -aich, -aichean, f. the side of the body. 
Cliathag, -aig, -an, f. a small hurdle or harrow. 
Cliathair, -ean, m. a narrower. 
Cliath-chliata, f. a harrow. 
Cliath-laimhe, f. a hand harrow. 
Cliath-luaidh, f. a fuller's hurdle or frame ; cllath- 

ràmh, f. a set of oars ; cliath-poite-duibhe, a 

Glib, -e, m. an excrescence. 
CHbeadh, -eidh, m. a slipping or stumbling. 
Clibealachd,f. clumsiness, awkwardness ; a. clibeil. 
Clibein, -ein, m. an excrescence, or appendage. 
Clibiste, -ean, m. an awkwaid or unhandy fellow. 
Clibeisteach, a. unhandy, awkward. 
Clichd, -e, -ean, f. an iron hook, a crook ; a. clichd- 

each, cunning, artful, deceitful. 
Cli-lamhach, -aiche, a. left-handed. 
Cliostar, -air, -an, m. clyster. 
Clipeach, -aiche, a. stammering. 
Clip, -te, -eadh, a. v. catch with a hook. 
Cliopad, -aid, f. lisping, stammering. 
Clip, f. fraud, deceit; a. clipeil, cripeach. 
Cograich; f. whispering. 
Cogarsaiche, m. a whisperer. 
Coiceig, f. trouble, hindrance. 
Clip-lamhachas, or clip-lamhaiche, f. unhandiness. 
Clis, -e, a. quick, agile, nimble. 
CHsbeach a. unsteady on the feet, apt to stumble. 
Clisbeaclid, f. lameness, unsteadiness. [fear. 

Clisg, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. start, startle, leap for 
Clisgeadh, -idh, -idhean ; m. a start, a starting. 
Clisgeach a. apt to start, starting, timid. 

CLI — CLO. 88 

Clisneach, -ich, f. the human body or person, 
Clisgeachd, f. quickness, activity, nimbleness. 
Cliù, cliù, cliùtha, m. fame, reputation. 
Cliùthar, -aire, a. renowned, famous; cliuiteach. 
Cliùchd, f. a hand; a. clùchdach, artful, cunning. 
Cliùchd, -adh, a.v. repair, mend nets or shoes. 
Cliùchdair, -ean, m. a mender of nets or shoes. 
Cliuchdaireachd, f. the art of mending nets, fraud. 
Cliùd, -a, -an, m. a hand, a stroke with the hand. 
Cliùdan, -ain, m. a little hand, 
Cliùthaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. praise, extol, celebrate* 
Cliutharachd, f. renown, celebrity. 
Cloth or clò, clotha, clòithean, m. home made 

cloth, printing. 
Clobha, -achan, m. a pair of tongs*. 
Clobhsa, -achan, m. an entry, a close. 
Clòbhuail, -te, aladh, a.v. print, impress, stamp. 
Clòbhuailte, per. part- printed, impressed. 
Clòbhuailteir, -ear*, m. a printer, 
Clòbhualadh, -aidh, m. printing. 
Clochar, -air, m. a wheezing in the throat. 
Clò-chadal, -ail, m. a slumber, a dozing. 
Clod, cluid, pi. clodan, cluid, m. a clod, a sod, a 
Clod, -te, -adh, a.v. clod, pelt with clods. [turf. 
Clodaoh, -aiche, a. full of clods. 
Clodaire, -ean, m. a palter with clods. 
Clodaireachd, f. a. pelting with clods. 
Clodan, -ain, -an, m. a little clod ; a. clodanach. 
Clodcheaun, -chinn, m. a dull heavy head ; a. 

Clog, cluig, m. a clock, a bell ; see clag. 
Clogad, or clogaid , -ean, m. a helmet, a cone; a. 

clogaideach. [clock. 

Clog-mheur, m. th hour-hand of a dial-plate, or 

84 CLO — CLU. 

Clog'shnàthad, -aid, -an, f. the gnomon of a dial. 

Cloichear, -eire, m. the rattle in the throat of 
dying persons. 

Cloicheirein, rather clacbaran, m. the bird stone- 

Clòimheag, -eig, -an, f. a sort of small fish. 

Clòimhein-doruis, m. a bolt of a door. 

Clòlein, m. dim. of clò, a little web of cloth. 

Clòimh, -e, f. wool. 

Cloimh, -e, f. the itch, down. 

Clòimhdich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. shrug the shoulders. 

Clòimheach, a„ woolly. 

Clòimbein, -ean, an icicle, a snot or slaver. 

Cloimh-gharrain, f. down on birds. 

Clòimhneag, -eig, -an, f. a flake of snow. 

Clòimhneagach, a. flaky. 

Clòimheinich, n.v. flutter, fall slow as down or 

Clomhach, -aiehe, a. itchy, scabbed. 

Clos, m. rest, repose, stillness. 

Clos, te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. calm, be quiet. 

Closach, aich, f. a carcase, a corpse. 

Clòsaid, -e, -ean, f. a closet, a room, a study. 

Clò-suaine, f. slumber. 

Cluain, -e, -can, -tean, a green spot, a bower, am- 

Cluaineag, -eig, -an, f. a little green field or lawn. 

Cluaineagach, a. full of lawns or fields. 

Cluaineis, f. artifice, intrigue; a. cluaineiseach. 

Cluainearachd, or cluainearas, f. deceit. 

Cluainteir, m. a cheat, cluainteireachd, his trade. 

Cluaisein, -ean, m. a shoe lachet ; a. cluaiseineach. 

Cluanag, -aig, f. a deceitful woman. 

Cluaran, -ain, -an, m. a thistle; a. cluarrnach. 

CLU — CNA. 85 

Cluas, cluaise, -an, f. the ear, the handle of a dish ; 

a. chuasach. [ciuasagach. 

Cluasag, -aig, -an, f. a pillow, a pin cushion ; a. 
Cluas-bhiorach. a. sharp-eared, pointed ears. 
Cluas-chiuil, f. a musical ear. 
Cluas-fhàinne, or cluas-fhàil, an ear-ring 1 . 
Cluas-liath, the herb colt's foot, cluas-luch, the 

herb hawk's weed. 
Clùd, clùid, -an or cluid, m. a clout, a rag ; a, 

Clùd, -te, -clùdadh, a.v. clout, patch, mend ; clùd- 

Cludag", or clùdan, dim, a little clout; a. clùd- 

Clùdair, -ean, m. a patcher, a botcher, a cobbler. 
Cluigein, -ean, m. any thing hanging, an appen- 
Cluigeineach, a. full of appendages, or bells. 
Cluinn,-te, cluinntinn,a.v. hear, listen ; cluinnidh, 

fut. chuala, pret. 
Cluinnteir, -ean, m. a hearer or listner. 
Cluinnteireachd, f. hearing, cluinntinn. 
Cluip, f. deceit, cluipeir, or cluipeadair, deceiver. 
Cluipeireachd, f. deception, fraud, 
Cluip, -te, -eadh, a.v. deceive, cheat. 
Cluith, -te, cluith, a.v. play, sport ; cluich. 
Cluitheach or cluitheil, a. playful, sportive. 
Cluitheag, -eig, -an, f. children's sport, a toy. 
Cluitheir, or cluitheadair, m. a player. 
Clùthor-aire, a. warm, covered, sheltered. 
Cluthaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. warm, cover. 
Clù-nead, -nid, m. a warm ©r sheltered nest. 
Clùthorachd, f. warmth, shelter. 
Cnag, -an, f. a sound, a fissure. 

86 CNA — CNE. 

Cnag, -aig, -an, f. a peg, a pin ; a. cnagach. 
Cnag, -te, -adh ; a.v. crack; s. a snap of the fingers, 

Cnagaire, -ean, m. a knocker. 
Cnagan, -ain, m. a little pin, or peg. 
Cnàimh, cnàmha, cnàimhean, m. a bone ; a. 

Cnaimh-bhristeach, m. the ossifrage. 
Cnaimh-ghiadh, -eoidh, m, a fowl between a goose 

and a duck. 
Cnaimh-gheal, -ile, a. white-boned. 
Cnaimhseag, -eig, an, f. the bear-berry. 
Cnaimbseagach, -aiche, a, full of bear-berries. 
Cnàmh, -imhte, -adh, a.v. digest, corrode, chew, 

Cnàmhachd, f. wasting, consuming ; a. cnàmh. 
Cnàmhag, -aig, -an, f. remains of straw eaten by 

Cnàmhan, -ain, m. a gnawing pain, corroding 

Cnàmhanach, -aiche, a, corroding, vexatious. 
Cnap, -aip, -an, m. a knob, a lump, a little hill. 
Cnap, -te, -adh, a.v. thump, knock, strike. 
Cnapach, -aiche, a. knobby, hilly, lumpy. 
Cnapaich, -te, achadh, a.v, gather into lumps. 
Cnaparra, a. thick, stout, strong. 
Cnapadair, -ean, m. a thumper. 
Cnapag, -aig, -an, f. little stool or block. 
Cnapan, -ain, -an, m. a little lump, a little block. 
Cnapanach, -aiche, a. full of lumps, or blocks. 
Cnapsaig, -ean, f. knapsack. 
Cnap-starra', -aidh, m. an obstacle, a ball at the 

end of a spear for giving alarm. 
Cnatan, -ain, m. a cold, a cough ; a. cnatanach. 

CNE — CNO. 87 

Cnead, -a, -an, f. a sigh, a moan j a. caeadaeh. 
Cnead, -adh, -ail, n.v. sigh, moan. [cneidheach. 
Cneadh, or cneidh, -e, -ean, f. a wound, a sore ; a. 
Cneamb, -a, m. garlic ; a. cneamhach. 
Cneap, -ip, ra. a bead, a pebble, a button. 
Cneas, -a, -an, m. hew, skin, the breast, form, 
Cueasaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. shape, beautify. 
Cneasdachd, f. humanity, meekness ; a. cneasda. 
Cneas-gbeal, -ile, a. white-skined. 
Cneasor, -oire, a. pretty, comely. 
Cneidh, -te, -eadh, a.v. wound, hurt. 
Cneidh-fhiacall, f. the tooth-ache. [nate. 

Cnèimh, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. chew, bite, rumi- 
Cniadaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. caress, rub gently. 
Cniadaiche, or cniadaire, m. a caresser. 
Cnò, -an, f. a nut ; a. cnòthach. 
Cnoc, -uic, -oic, cnocan, m. an eminence, a little 
Cnocach, -aiche, a. hilly, rugged. [hill. 

Cnocaid, f. a woman's hair bound in a fillet. 
Cnocaire, -ean, m. a saunterer, a loiterer. 
Cnocaireachd, f. loitering on hills. 
Cnocan, -ain, -an, m. a small hill; a. cnocanach. 
Cnoc-faire, no cnoc-sealta, m. a watch-hill. 
Cnòd, 'òid, -an, m. a patch or j:iece on a shoe. 
Cnòd, -te, -adh, a.v. patch, mend; cnòdaich. 
Cnòdach, a. industrious, clouted, t inched, 
Cnòdan, -ain, -an, m. the fish gurnet. 
Cnò-fhrangach, f. a walnut 
Cnò-gheanmnuidh, f. a chesnut. 
Cnomhag, -aig, -au, f. a big welk; dim. c .jomhagag. 
Cnò-shàmhna, f. a hallow-even nut. 
Cnot, -te, adh, a.v. unhusk corn. 
Cnotag, -aig, f. a hollow stone for unhusking corn. 
Cnò-thalmhuiuji, f. an earth nut. 


Cnuachd, -aichd, -an, f. a lump, a head. 

Cnuacbdach, a. lumpish, shy, shrewd. 

Cnuachdarra, a. deep, shrewd. 

Cnuas, -te, -adh, a. v. chew, ponder, meditate. 

Cnuasaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. chew, ponder. 

Cnuasachd, f. chewing, ruminating, pondering. 

Cnuasaiche, m. a searcher ; cnuasair, cnuasadair. 

Cnuasor, a. fruitful, fertile ; cnuasach. 

Co, interrog. pron. who, which ; as co e, co i. 

Co, cho, conj. as; co math riut, or cho math riut. 

Co, coi, com, con, coimh, coin, are prefixes of the 

same import as con in English. 
Comhaois, equal age, cotemporary. 
Còmhail, f. a meeting, (comh-dhàil.) 
Comhainm, m a surname. 

Co air bith, co sam bith, co sa bith, adv. whosoever. 
Comhalta, m. or f. a foster brother or sister. 
Comhaltas, -ais, m. relationship, (co-dhalta.) 
Co~aontaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. acquiesce, agree. 
Cobhair, cobiirach, f. help, assistance. 
Cobhair, -te, -bhradh, cobhair, a.v. help, assist. 
Cobhan, -ain, -an, m. a coffer, a chest, a box. 
Cobhanach, a. full of coffers or boxes. 
Cobhar, -air, m. froth, foam ; a. cobhrach. 
Cobhartach, -aich, in. booty, spoil. 
Cobhartach, -aich, m. a helper. 
Coc, -te, -adh, a.v. cock; as coc dobhoineid. 
Còcaire, -ean, m. a cook ; còcaireachd, cooking. 
Cochomunn, -uinn, m. communion, society. 
Cochull, -uill, m. a husk; a. cochullach. 
Cocshron, f. a cocked nose ; a. cocshronach. 
Codaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. share, divide. 
Cog, -adh, a.v. war, fight. 
Cogadh, -aidn, -aidhean, m. war, fighting. 

COA COG. 89 

Co-aigne, f. a similar turn of mind. 
Co-aigneach, a. having the same mind 
Co-amasireachd, f. concurrence of events. 
Co-bhrìghich, -te, -achadh, a. v. consubstantiate. 
Co-bheanailteach, -eich, a co~tangent. 
Co-cheangal, -ail, a compact, a league, a bond. 
Cocheangail, -te, -gal, a. v. bind together, "tie, unite, 
Co-cheòl, -iuil, m. a concert, a symphony. 
Co-chreutair, -ean, m. a fellow creature. 
Co-chomhairle, -ean, f. a consultation. 
Co-chomunn, -uinn, m. fellowship, communion, 
Co-chruinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. collect, gather. 
Co-chuing, -e, -ean, f. a conjugation. 
Co-dhùin, -te, -ùnadh, a.v. conclude. 
Co-èignich, -te, -eachadh, a v. force, compel. 
Co-fhreagair, co-fhreagairt, -radb, a.v. correspond 
Co-fhreagrach, -aiche, a. answering, corresponding* 
Co-fhreagartas, -ais, m. correspondence, symmetry* 
Co-fharpuis, -e, -ean, f. rivalry. 
Co-fhaghlumaiche, -ean, m. a school-fellow. 
Co-threagrachd, f. symmetry, conformity. 
Co-fhulangas, -ais, in. sympathy, compassion.- 
Co-fhurtachd, f. comfort, consolation. 
Co-fhurtair, -ean, m. a comforter. 
Cogach, a. warlike; cogail. 
Cogais, -e, -ean, f. conscience; a. cogaiseach. 
Cogail, -aill, m. the herb cockle, tares; a. cogallach 
Cogar, -air, m. a whisper; a. cogarach. 
Cograich, f. whispering. 
Cogarsaiche, m. a whisperer, 
Co-ghlòir, -e, f. equal glory, the same glory. 
Co-ghuil, -te, -al, n.v. condole, weep with. 
Cogheall, -adh, a.v. fulfil a promise, or engage- 


90 COG — COT. 

Co-ghleachd, f. a struggling, fighting together. 
Coghnè f. a like or similar nature ; a. co-ghnèith- 
Coiceig, f. trouble, hindrance. 
Coichionn, a, common, general ; cochionta. 
Coichionntachd, f. community; coichionntas. 
Coidheas, -eise, a. indifferent, equally willing. 
Coidil, -te, -eadh, a.v. spare, save. 
Coig. a. live ; an coigeamh, the fifth ; cuig. 
Coig-diag, a. fifteen ; an coigeamh-fear-diag, the 
Coignear a. five persons. [fifteenth man. 

Coigreach, -ich ; m. a stranger; a. foreign. 
Coigridh, f. strangers ; a. coigreachail. 
Coig-shliosnach, a. a pentelateral. 
Coilbein, -ean, m. a small rope for carrying a bur- 
Coileabach, -aich ; f. or m. a bed companion, [den. 
Coileach, -ich, m. a cock, a gush of water. 
Coileachail, a cock-like; coileachach, coileachanta. 
Coileacb^n, -ain, m. a little cock ; a. coileachanach. 
Coileach-coille, m. a wood cock. 
Coileach-dubb, m. a black cock. 
Coileach-frangach, m. a turkey cock. 
Coileaeh-oidhche, m. an owl cock. 
Coiieach-ruadh, m. a heath cock. 
Coileach-gaoitb, m. a weather-cock. 
Coileaeh-tomain, m. a cock patridge. 
Còileag, -eig, -an, f. a cock of hay; a. còileagach. 
Còileagaich, -te, -achadb, a.v. gather into cocks. 
Coileid, -e, -ean, f. brawling, stir, noise. 
Coileir, -e, -ean, m. a collar, a neck, a lace. 
Coileireach, a. full of collars. 
Coilioh, a. as many, how many ; coimhlion. 
Coille, coilltean, f. a wood, a forest, a grove. 
Coilleag, -eig, f. a cockle, a potatoe sprout. 
Coillengach, a. full of sprouts, musical; s. a song. 

coi — coi. 91 

Coilleannach, -aich, m. a poltroon, a truant. 
Coill teach, -ich, f. a wood, a forest. 
Coillteach or coillteachail, a. woody. 
Coillteir, -ean, m. a wood wanderer, a fugitive. 
Coillteireachd, f. the state of a fugitive. 
Coimeas, -eis, m. equality, comparison. 
Coimeasach, a. co-equal. 
Coimheach, ich, m. an alien, a stranger. 
Coimheach, -eiche, a. savage, shy, foreign. 

Coimheachas, -ais, m. shyness, frowardness. 

Coimhead, part, looking, observing; a. coimh- 

Coimheadaiche, -ean, m. an observer, a watch. 

Coimhearsnach, -aich, m. a neighbour. 

Coimhearsnachd, f. neighbourhood. 

Coimheait, -a. or coimheartas, a comparison. 

Coimhearta, a. equivalent, equal, s. a comparison, 

Coimhearspa, f. contention, striving, vying, 

Coimhid, coimhead, a. v. look, see, behold. 

Co-iomlan, -aine, a, perfect, complete. 

Co-iomlanachd, f. completeness, perfection. 

Co-ionann, a. alike, equal. 

Co-ionannachd, f. equality, identity. 

Coimhlion, -te, -adh, a. v. fulfil, perform. 

Coimhlion, a. perfect, complete ; coimhlionta. 

Coimlionachd, f. perfection; coimhliontachd. 

Coimhrith, f. a race, a running match, 

Coimhsheirm, -e, ean, f. a concert,, a choir. 

Coingheall, -ill, m. a loan ; a. coingheallach. 

Coinein, ean, m. a rabbit : a. coineineach. 
Coinnlein, or cuinnein, m. a nostril. 
Coinneamh, -eimh, f. a meeting; coinne. 
Còinneach, -ich, f. moss, or fog. 
E 2 

92 coi — coi. 

Coinneal, coinnle, coinnlean, f. a candle. 

Coinnleacb, a. full of candles, coinnealach. 

Coinnleir, -ean, m. a candlestick. 

Coinneal-bhàthadh, -aidh, a sign of excommunica- 

Coinnich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. meet, oppose. 

Coinnleag, -eig, -an ; f, an oily surface of broth. 

Coinnleagaeb, -aicbe, a. oily surfaced. 

Coinnlein, -ean, m. rather cuinnlean, a stalk of 
corn ; a. coinnleanach, each. 

Coinnseas, -eis, m. conscience ; a. coinnseasacb. 

Coinnspeach, -eich, pi. coinnspeieh, m. a wasp. 

Còir, -e, -ead, a. honest, just, right, kind, affable. 

Còir, còrach, còraiehean, f. right, justice, equity. 

Coirbte, a. corrupt, perverse, wicked. 

Corca, coirce, m. oats; a. coirceach, coirceill. 

Coire, -eannan, f. a crime, a fault, harm. 

Coire, -eachan, m. a cauldron, a circular hollow in 

Coi reach, -eiche, a. faulty, hollow. 

Coirich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. commit a fault. 

Coireachd, f. culpability ; a. coireacb. 

Coireal, -ail, m. coral ; a. coirealach. 

Coireaman, -ain, m. coriander; a. coireamanach. 

Coirein, -ean, m. a little hollow ; a. coireineach. 

Coirill, -ill, f. chirping of birds ; a. coirilleach. 

Coirneal, -nileir, -ean, m. a colonel in the army. 

Coirpileir, -ean, m. a corporal. 

Coiseachd, f. walking, traveling. 

Coisich, -te, coiseachd, a. v. walk, travel. 

Coisiche, -ean, m. a traveller, a walker. 

Coisinn, -te, cosnadh, a-v. won, earn, gain. 

Còisir, còisreadh, -sre, sri, f. a choir, a party of 
singers, attendants. 

coi — com. 93 

Coisridh, -e, f. infantry, a company on foot. 

Coisrig, -te, -eadh, a. v. consecrate, bless. 

Coit or coite, -eachan, f. a small boat. [fice. 

Coiteir, -ir, -ean, m. a cottar ; coiteireachd, his of- 

Coitich, -te, -each ; -eachadh, a. v. press upon, urge. 

Coitidh, a. common, general. 

Col, -a, in. a stain, filth, incest; a. collach. 

Colach, a native of the isle of Coll. 

Colaisde, m. a college; a. colaisdeach. 

Còlan, -ain, -an, m. a companion, a fellow soldier. 

Colann, or colunn, -ainne, -uinne, -an, f. the body. 

Co-Iaoch, -aoich, pi. co-laoich, m. a fellow-warrior. 

Colbb, cuilbh, m. a sceptre, a post : a. colbhach. 

Co-leagte, a. parallel. 

Co-leasaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. mend, make up, re- 

Colg, cuilg, m. a prickle, anger, fierceness. 

Colgacb, -aiche, a. prickly, wild, fierce. 

Colgantas, -ais, m. wildness ; a. colgarra, colgail. 

Colgantachd, f. fierceness; colgarrachd. 

Colg aiche, f, wildness. 

Colla, m. a man's name; coll. 

Collaid, -e, -ean, f. clamor, scolding, din. 

Collaideach, a. clamorous, noisy. 

Collaidh, a. carnal, lewd. 

Collachd, f. lewdness, coilaidhneachd. 

Collnach, -aiche, a. incestuous. 

Coltach, -aiche, a. like, likely. 

Colltar, -air, m. a coulter, the plough iron that 
cuts the soil. 

Coltas, -ais, m. likeness, appearance. 

Com, cuim, m. the chest, the body. 

Coma, a. indifferent, not caring. 

Comaich, f. eating together. 
E 3 

94 COM — COM. 

Comain, -e, -ean, f. an obligation, a favour. 
Comanaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. communicate. 
Comanachadh, -aidh, m . taking the sacrament of 

Comanaiche, -ean, m. a communicant. 

Comannd, -a, m. command, authority. 

Comanndair, -ean, m. a commander. 

Comair, -ean, f. a meeting or confluence of 

Comaradh, -aidh, m. aid, assistance. 

Comaraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. aid, assist. 

Comaradh, -aidh, m. help, assistance. 

Comaraich, -e, f. protection, salutation, compli- 

Comaraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. protect, assist. 

Comas, -ais, -an, m. ability, power, permission. 

Comasach, -aiche, a. able, powerful, capable. 

Compach, -aich, companach, m. a companion, a 

Comaiste, -ean, m. a compass; a. comaisteacb. 

Comhachag, -aig, -an, f. an owl, (cumha). 

Comhaideachd, f. conveying, attending. 

Comhaidich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. convey, attend. 

Aingeal-comhaideachd, m. a guardian angjl. 

Comhair, adv. headlong, opposit.?. 

Co-mairionn, a. equally lasting. 

Comhairle, -ean, f. au advice, or counsel. 

Comhairleach, -ich, -ichean, m. a counsellor. 

Comairlich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. advise, counsel. 

Comhairliche, -ean, m. a counsellor. 

Comhalta, -an, m. a foster brother or sister. 

Comhaltas, -ais, m. the relation of fosterage. 

Comharra or comharradh, m. a mark, a sign, a to- 

COM — CON. 95 

Comharraich, -te, -achadh, a.r. mark, remark. 

Comharradh, -aidh, -aidhean, m, a mark, a sign. 

Comhart, -airt, -an, m. the barking of a dog. 

Comharstaich, -e, f. barking. 

Còmhlaieh, -te, -adh, -achduinn. a. v. meet., en- 

Comhdach, -aich, -aichean, m. clothing, proof, 

Comhdaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. clothe, cover, prove, 

Comhla, -ach, -achan, f. a door frame, a door, a 

Comhla, adv. together, at one time; (co-luath.) 

Comhnadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. help, assistance. 

Comhnard, -airt, -an, m. a plain, a level. 

Comhnuich, -te, -uidb, a. v. dwell, inhabit. 

Comhthroinach, a. of equal weight, rich. 

Comhnuidh, -ean, f. a dwelling; (coti-uidh.) 

Comhnuidh, rather an comhnuidh, adv. always. 

Comhradh, or comhra, f. conversation. 

Comhrag, -aig, -an, f. a fight, a battle. 

Comhraig, a. v. fight, combat. 

Comhragaeh, a. warlike. 

Comhragair, -ean, m. a warrior. 

Comhraiteach, a. conversable. 

Comhraitiche, -ean, m. a conversable person. 

Compai&te, -ean, m. a compass. 

Companas, -ais, m. fellowship, society. 

Comunn, -uinn, m. association, fellowship. 

Comunnaich, «te, -achadh, a. v. associate, commu- 

Conablach, -aich, -an, m. a mangled body; (con- 

Conablaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. mangle, lacerate. 

Conacbuileag, -eig, f. a sort of fly. 

Conair, -e, -ean, f. help, a crown, a set of beads. 
E 4 

96 con — cop. 

Conaltradh, -aidh, m. conversation ; a. conaltrach. 
Conas, -ais, ra. strife, quarrel ; a. conasach. 
Conasg, -aisg, -an, m. whins ; a. conasgach. 
Condrachd, f. mischief, mishap, an imprecation. 
Confhadh, -aidh, in. eagerness, impetuosity, fury. 
Connlach, -aich, f. stubble, unthrashed straw. 
Conn, -uinn, m. a man's name, Constantine. 
Connadh, -aidh, m. fire-wood, fuel. 
Connlaoch,-aoieh, m. the name of Cuchuillin'sson. 
Cònsaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. contend, dispute. 
Cònsachadh, -aidh, m. contention, dispute. 
Cònspaid, f. dispute, stripe ; a. cònspaideach. 
Cònspaidiche, -ean, m. a disputant. 
Cònspunn, -uinn, m. a hero; cònsmunn. 
Consmunnach, -aiche, a. warlike, heroic. 
Cònspair, -ean, m. a disputant. 
Còntraigh, f. neap tide. 
Co-neartaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. strengthen, 
Co-oibrich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. co-operate. 
Co-oibriche, -ean, m. a fellow-labourer. 
Co-oibrich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. co-operate. 
Co-oibriche, -ean, m. a fellow -labourer. 
Co-oighre, -eachan, m. a co-heir, 
Co-oisinneach, a. equi-angular. 
Co-olcas, -ais, m. malice, spleen. 
Cop, -oip, -uip, m. froth, foam; a. copach. 
Cop, -te, -adb, a. v. and n.v. foam, pour out. 
Copag, -aig, f. the weed dock, docken, [Scot,] a. 

Copan, -ain, -an, m. the boss of a shield, a ladle. 
Copanach, -aiche, a. full of bosses, ladles, or cups. 
Copar, -air, m. copper, copperas; a. coprach. 
Co-pàirt, f. partnership, participation. 
Co-pàirtich, -te, -eicheadh, a. v. share, divide. 

cop — cor. 97 

Co-pàirteacb, -eiche, a. participating. 
Co-pàirtiche, -ean, m. a partner, a sharer. 
Co-phòiteir, -ean, m. a drinking companion, 
Co-priosonacb, -aich, m. a fellow prisoner. 
Cor, or coir, m. state, condition. Se sin mo chorsa, 
that is my condition. Air a h-uile cor, by all 
means. Air cbor air bith, by no means. 
Corb, -te, -adb, a. v. corrupt, spoil, ruin. 
Core, -a, -an, m. a cork of a bottle. 
Core, cuirce, corcan, f. a knife; a. corcacb. 
Còrcracb, -aich, f. hemp; a. còrcrach, cbrcach. 
Corcan, -ain, m. a little cork. 
Corcag, -aig, -an, f. a little knife. 
Corcur, -uir, m. scarlet, purple. 
Còrd, eùird, f. a cord, a small rope. 
Còrd, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. agree, accord. 
Còrdadh, -aidh, m. agreement, contract. 

Co-rèir, f. construction, syntax. 

Co-reult, -a, -an, f. a constellation, 

C :-roinn, -e, -ean, f. a share, a portion. 

Co-roinn, -te, -eadh, a v. share, divide. 

Còrrlacb, -aich, m. bran, the refuse of grain. 

Corn,cùirn,m. a drinking horn or cup; a. còrnacb. 

Còrnan, -ain, m. a little drink-horn; a. còrnanach. 

Cornuil, -e, f. a retching, a vehement coughing. 

Coron, -ain, -an, m. a coronet, a chaplet, a crown. 

Coron-Mhoire, or conair-Mhoire, m. a rosary of 
the Blessed Virgin. 

Coronach, a. of or belonging to chaplets or crowns. 

Corp, -uirp, m. the body ; corp-chiosta, the eucha- 

Corpach, a. corpulent ; corporra, corpanta. [rist. 

Corpan, -ain, an, m. a little body; a. corpanach. 

Corpantachd, f. bulkiness ; corparrachd. 

Corp-shnasachd ; f. anatomy; corpshnasaireachd 
E 5 

98 cor — cos. 

Corp-shnasach, a. anatomical; corp-shnasaireach. 
Corp-shnasaire, m. an anatomist; corp-shnasadair. 
Corr, -a, a. excellent, great, excess, odds. 
Corr, -a, -an, f. a heron, a crane, a stork. 
Corra-bhàn,f.astork; corra-gblas,corra-mhonaidh. 
Corra-ghiibheach, f. a heron. 
Corra-mhonaidh, f. a crane. 
Corra-bioda, m. on tip-toes, keenness. 
Corra-chagailt, f, a salamander, moving embers. 
Corrach, -aiche, a. steep, unsteady, passionate. 
Corra-ehòsag, -aig, -an, f. a small insect found in 

Corrag, -aig, -an, f. the finger next the thumb. 
Corragaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. finger, handle. 
Corran, -ain, m. a reaping hook, a jutting point 

of land into the sea, a point of a weapon, a spear. 
Corranach, -aiche, a. circular, barbed. 
Corranaich, f. a funeral cry ; (corr-rànaich.) 
Corran-sgathaidh, m. a pruning hook. 
Corra-riobhach, f. a heron. 
Corra-shùgain, or corra-shiomain, f. a thraw-crook, 

[Scot.] an instrument for making straw ropes. 
Corra-bheinn, f, a steep hill. 

Corra-ghleus, m. an angry mood ; a. corra-gbleus- 
Corra-mheur, m. an odd finger. [ach. 

Corruich, »e, f. anger, wrath ; a. corruch. 
Coruichf -te, -uchadh, a. v. move, stir ; caruich. 
Corruil, or coirill, f. chirping of birds. 
Còrsa, -achan, in. a coast, a shore. 
Corsair, -ean, m. a cruiser ; còrsaireachd, his trade. 
Corra-shiomain, f. a thraw-crook. 
Còs, còis, -an, m. a hole, a cavern ; a. còsach. 
Cosag, -aig, -an, f. a small hole; a. còsagach. 
Cosàmhlachd, f. a similitude, a parable. 

cos — cos. 99 

Cosamhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. compare, liken. 
Co-sheasamh, -aimh, m. constancy, consistency. 
Co-shìn, -te, -eadh, a.v. stretch, parallel. 
Co-shìnteachan, -ain, -an, m. a parallelogram. 
Co-shiorruidh, a. co-eternal. 
Co-sthreap, f. rivalry, contention. 
Co-samhuil, like. 

Co-sgoileir, -ean, m. a school-fellow. 
Co-shaighdeir, -ean, m. a fellow-soldier. 
Co-shamhlach, -aiche, a. comparitive. 
Co-sbamhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. compare. 
Co-sheirbheis, -e, -ean, f. joint service. 
Co-sheirbheiseach, -ich, m. a fellow-servant. 
Co-sheirm, -e, f. harmony. 
Co-sheod, -eoid, m. a fellow champion. 
Co-shlisneacb, a. equilateral, of equal sides. 
Co-shnaim, -e, m. knitting together, union. 
Co-shoillse, -ean, f. a constellation. 
Co-shùgradh, -aidh, m. sporting together. 
Coshuidhe, f. sitting together. 
Co-shuirbhe, f. rivalship in love, 
Co-shuirbhiche, -ean, m. a rival in love. 
Co-shusbuinteach, a. consubstantial, of the same 

Còsan, -ain, -an, m. a small hole; a. còsanach. 
Cosg, -te, cosg, -adh, a.v. spend, waste. 
Cosgail, -e, a. expensive; costail. 
Cosgarrach, -aich, m. a kite, a slaughterer. 
Cosguis, f. expenses, cost. 
Cosnach, -aich, m. a labourer ; cosnaiche. 
Cosnadh, -aidh, in. labour, work. 
Còs-shruth, -a, -an, m. a stream under ground. 
Cos-stòl, -a, m. a footstool. 
Cosmail, -e ; f. rubbish ; a. cosmaileacb. 

100 COS — CRA. 

Còta, -aichean, m. a coat; a. còtaeb. 
Còta-bàn, -airs, m. a flannel petticoat, a groat. 
Còta-mòr, m. a big- coat, a surtout. 
Còtaich, -te, -acbadb, a.v. coat, co^er with a coat. 

Còtan, -ain, -an, m. a little coat ; a. còtanacb, 

Cotan, -ain, m. cotton. 

Co-thàthuich, -te, -acbadb, a v. join, sohhr. 

Co-theanail, -te, -aladh, a.v. assemble, gather ; co- 

Co-theanaL -ail, in. a congregation; cothional. 

Co-theanail, -te, -aladh; a.v. assemble. 

Co-theanal, -all, m. a congregation, a gathering. 

Co-tbruas, -ais, m. compassion, sympathy. 

Cothaich, -te, -acbadb, a.v. labour, work, strive. 

Cotban, -ain, m. froth, foam ; a. cotbanach. 

Cothanachd, f. frotbiness. 

Co-tbional, -ail, -an, m. a congregation ; co-theanal. 

Cothlam ; -aim, m. a mixture ; a. cothlamach, 

Cothlaim, -te, -adb, a.v. mix together ; (tlàm). 

Cothrom, -uim, m. equilibrium, fair play, oppor- 

Cothromacb, -aiche, a. wealthy, just, honest. 

Cothromaich, -te, -acbadb, a.v. weigh, measure 

Cothromaiche, -ean, m. a weight, a weigher. 

Co-uillionnach, a. equi-angu'ar. 

Comhstadh, -aidb, m. a loan ; a. comhstadhach. 

Comb-stri, or comh-strith, f. strife, contest. 

Cràbhadh, -aidh, m. devotion, piety ; a. cràbhach, 

Cràbhachd, f. devoutness, devotion. 

Crabhaichean pi. small articles, small wares. 

Crac, rather crag, f. a pin, a knock, a fissure. 

Cracaire, rather cnacaire, -ean, m. a talker. 

Cràdh, -àidh, m. pain, anguish ; a. cràiteach. 

Cràidh, -te, cràdh, cràdhadh, a.v. torment, pain. 

CRA CRA. 101 

Cràg, or cròg, f. a paw, a hand ; a. cragach. 
Cràgaire, -ean, m. a handler; cràgaireachd, his 

Oàgair, -te, cragairt, a. v. handle awkwardly. 
Crà-ghiadh, -iodh, in. a sort of duck. 
Cràg-chasaeb, a. in-footed. 
Crag or creag, -aige, f a rock; dim. cragan. 
Craicionn, -inn, -cnean, m. a skin ; a. craicneach. 
Craidhleag, -eig, -an, f. a skull, a basket. 
Craidhneach, -ich, -ichean, f. any lean thing, a 

lean skeleton. 
Craidhnich, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. make lean, 

giow lean, tire. 
Craidhneag, -eig, -an, f. a bit of a dried peat. 
Craidneagach, a. full of peat fragments. 
Cràigein, -ean, m. a splay-footed person, a frog. 
Cràgeineachd, f. splay-footedness. 
Cràin, -e, -tean, f. a sow, a pig ; a. cràinteach 
Crainntidh, «e, a. withered, parched, dry. 
Crainnteachd, f. dryness, witheredness. 
Cràleaba, f. a bier, a hearse. 
Cràmb, -àimb, f. a cramp-iron; cràmbach. 
Cràmb, -te, -adh, a.v, squeese, grip, press. 
Cràmh, rather cnàmh, which see. 
Crapag, rather cnapag, f. a little block, a stool. 
Crann, -oinn, -ainn, pi. croinn, m. a plough, a 

tree, a bolt, a mast. 
Crann, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. bolt, mast, decay, 

Crannach, -aiche, a. full of masts or trees. 
Crannag, -aig, -an, f. a top mast, a pulpit. 
Crannadh, -aidh, m. decaying, withering. 
Crannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. bolt, mast. 
Crann-arain, pi. croinn-arain, m. a plough 

102 CRA — CRA. 

Crann-àrcuin, m. a cork tree. 
Crann-ceusaidh, a crucifix. 

Crannchar, -air, -an, m. a lot, chance, fortune. 
Crannachu, -oin, m. a lap-dog, faic miosan. 
Crannda, a, frail, withered, dry. 
Crann-deiridh, m. amizen mast. 
Crann-doruis, croinn-dhoruis, m. a door bolt. 
Crann-laoghcionn, m. a false calf. 
Crann-fige, m. a fig tree ; crann-figis. 
Orann-fiona, croinn-fhiona, m. a vine. 
Crann-fuine, m. a baker's rolling pin. 
Crannlach, -aich, f. boughs, branches. 
Crann-miadhoin, in. the main mast of a ship. 
Crann-ola, m. an olive tree. 

Crann-ristil, m. a cutting plough, (crann-rios- 
Crann-sgòid, m. a boom of a ship. [laidb.) 

Cratm-spreoid, m. a bow-sprit of a ship. 
Crann-tabhuill, croinn-thabhuill, m. a sling. 
Crann-tachrais, m. a winding wheel, a reel. 
Cranntarung, f. a joining pin. 
Crann-tàraidh, m. an alarming beam. 
Oann-teannachaidh, m. a book binder's press. 
Crann-toisich, m. a fore mast of a ship. 
Crann-togaJaeh, m. a crane. 
Craobh, craoibhe, -an, f. a tree ; a. craobhach. 
Craobh, cràice, f. the foam or bell of liquor. 
Craobhag, -aig, -an, f. a small tree ; a. craobhagach. 
Craobhaidh, a. nervous, tender. 
Oaobhachd, f. nervousness, tenderness. 
Craobh-chosgair, f. a laurel, a laurel tree. 
Craobhdhearg, a. red streaming. 
Craobh-ghinealaich, f. a genealogical tree : 
Craobhsgaoil, -te, -eadh, -adh, a.v and n.v. ramify 

CRA CRE. 103 

Craobhsgaoilteach, a. ramifying, propagative. 
Craoim -te, craoim, -eadh, a. v. pick, chew, bite ; 

Craois, or cnaois, -ean, f. the trunk of an elephant. 
Craoisein, -ean, m. a glutton; craosaire ; a. 

Craosachd, f. gluttony ; craosaireachd. 
Craosnach, -aich, f. a spear. 
Crasgach, a. cross ways, contrary ways. 
Crasgan, -ain, -an, m. any thing of a cruciform 

Crath, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. shake, quiver, 

tremble sprinkle. 
Crathadh,, -aidh, m. a shake, trembling. 
Crathaeh, -aiche, a. shaking, waving ; crathanach. 
Crè, f. clay ; hence crèbhog, the body. 
Creach, criche, creachan, f. plunder, spoil, pillage. 
Creach, -te, -adh, a v. plunder, rob, pillage. 
Creachach, a. plundering, creachadair, aplunderer. 
Creachadaireachd, f. plundering, robbing. 
Creachan, -ain, -an, m. a scallop shell, a rock. 
Creag, craige, -an, f. a rock ; a. creagach. 
Creagag, -aig, -an, f. a conger; a. creagagach. 
Creagan, -ain, m. a little rock ; a. creaganach. 
Creamh, rather cneamh, -a, m. wild garlic. 
Creamhaehd, -a, -an, stock, a stump. 
Creanaicb, -te, -achadb, n.v. shake, quiver, 
Creapail, »aill, m. a lump, a let or hindrance. 
Creathall, -lach, -aichean, f, a cradle. 
Creic, -te, creic, a. v. sell dispose of. 
Cred, -sinn, n.v. believe, give credit to, 
Creideamh, -imh, m. a belief, a creed. 
Creideas, -eis, m. credit, esteem ; a. creideasach. 
Creidhm, -te, -eadh, a. v. chew, gnaw ; cnèidhm. 

104 CRE — CRI. 

Creidhmeadh-chìre, f. chewing the cud. 

Creidmheach, -ich, pi. creidrnhich, m. a believer, 

Creimneacli, -eiche, a. knotty, rough. 

Crèis, -e, f. grease, fat; a. crèiseach. 

Crèis, -te, -eadh, a. v. grease. 

Creithleag, -eig, an, f. a gad fly; a. creithleagach. 

Creubhacb, -aich, f. brushwood, firewood. 

Creubhachan, -ain, m. a sort of pudding. 

Creuchd, -an, f. a wound, a hurt ; a. creuehdach. 

Creud, -a, -an, f. a creed, a belief. 

Creutair, -ean, m. a creature, a being, a person. 

Criath, creatha, f. clay; a criathach, creathach. 

Criatbair, -thrte, -thradh, a.v. swift, examine ; 

Criathar, -air, -ran, m. a sieve ; a, criathrach. 
Cridhe, -eachan, m. the heart ; a. cridheil. 
Cridhealas, -ais, m. hilarity, cridhealachd. 
Cridheiu, m. a gallant, favourite. 
Crilein, -ean, m. a small creel. 
Crine, f. niggardness, rotteness; crineachd. 
Crinein, -ean, m. a miser ; f. crineag. 
Crìoch, crìehe, criochan. f. end, march, limit. 
Criochadair, -ean, m. a borderer. 
Criochnaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. finish, conclude. 
Croichnaiche, m. a finisher. 
Criom, -te, -adh, a.v. pick, bite, nip. 
Criomag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit ; a. criomagach. 
Criomagaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. crumble. 
Criomaire, -ean, m. a picker, nibbler. 
Crioman, -ain, -an, m. a small bit. 
Crìon, crine, crinead, a. little, mean. 
Crion, -te, -adh, n.v. rot, decay, wither; crionach. 
Crionach, -aich, f. a rotten tree, brushwood, a term 

of contempt. 

CRI CRT. 105 

Crion-ald, m. a little brook. 
Crionlacb, -aich, f. brushwood, firewood. 
Crion-mhiol, -a, -an, f. a wood louse. 
Criouna, or crionnta, a. prident, parsimonious. 
Crionnachd, f. prudence, penuriousness. 
Crionntag, -aig, f. a sorry or parsimonious female. 
Crios, -a, -an, m. a belt, a zone ; a. criosach. 
Criosaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. belt, gird, bind. 
Criosadair, -ean, m. one that belts, a belt maker. 
Crinsan, -ain, -an, m. a small belt; a. criosanach. 
Criost, or Chriosta, m. Christ our Saviour. 
Criostachd, f. Christianity, Christendom. 
Criostaidh, -e, -an, m. a christian. 
Criostail, -e, a. christian, christian like. 
Criostalachd, f. christian behaviour. 
Crios-guaille, m. a shoulder belt. 
Crios-miadhoin an t-saoghail, m. the equator. 
Crios-na-grèine, or grian-chrios, m. the zodiac. 
Criostal, -ail, m. crystal; a. criostalach. 
Crith-thalmhainn, f. an earthquake. 
Criothunn, -uinn, m. an aspen tree (crith.) 
Cripleach, -ich, m. a cripple. 
Cripleachd, f. lameness, decrepitude. 
Criplich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. make lame, cripple. 
Crith, -e, -ean, f. trembling, quaking ; a. critheach. 
Crith, crith, n.v. tremble, quake. 
Crith-cheòl, -iuil, f. musical notes, or trills. 
Crith-chreideamh, m. quakerism. 
Crithean, f. fits of trembling. 

Crith-ghalar, -air, m. the palsy or ague , a chrith. ; 
Crithich, n.v. tremble, quake. 
Crith-lamh, f. a trembling hand. 
Crith-lamhach, a. having trembling hands. 
Crith-lamh achd, f. tremor of hands. 

106 CRI — CRO. 

Crith-reothadh -aidh, m. hoar frost. 

Crò, cròtha, cròithean, m. a sheep cot, a hut, a 

Ct'ò-suàithde, m. the eye of a needle. 

Chò, cròtha, a. stout, valorous. 

Cròc, ci òic, -an, f. a deer's horn ; a. cròcach. 

C» òcan, -ain, -an, m. a hook, a crook. 

Cròc-cheannach, a, antlerd, having horns. 

Cròch, -òieh, m. saffron, red. 

Croch, -te, -adh, a. v. hang, suspend. 

Crochadair, -ean, m. a hangman. 

Crochadaireachd, f. the business of a hangman. 

Crochadan, -ain, -an. m. a pendulum. 

Crochaire, -ean, m. a rogue (croch-aire.) 

Crochbhrat, -ait, -an, m. a hanging tapestry. 

Crodh, cruidh, m. cattle. 

Crodhan, -ain, -an, m. a parted or divided hoof. 

Crodhanach, a. having divided hoofs. 

Oò-dhearg, -eirge, a. blood-red. 

Cròg, -òige, -an, f. a hand, a paw ; a. crògach. 

Crog, -a, -achan, m. an earthen vessel, ajar. 

Crog, -a, -aichean, -achan, f. an aged ewe. 

Crogach, -aiche, a. full of jars, or earthen vessels. 

Ciògaire, -ean, m. one who handles clumsily. 

Crògaireachd, f. handing awkwardly. 

Croghall, -aill, m. a crocodile or alligator. 

Crogan, -ain, -an, m. a dish, ajar, a shrunk per- 

Croganach, a. full of jars, shrunk, withered. 

Cròglach, -aich, m. a handful. 

Crògnaich, -te, -nachadh, a. v. handle clumsily. 

Cròic, f. the bell or foam on the top of liquor. 

Criòceach, a. rising into foam, branchy. 

Croich, -e, -ean, a gallows, a gibbet. 

CRO — CftO. 107 

Cròileagan, -ain, m* a ring or circl of people, or 

Cròilein, -ean, a little fold, or circle. 
Crois, -e, -eau, f. a cross, a mishap, a reel. 
Crois, -te, -eadh, a. v. wind yarn, reel. 
Crois-chriosta, f. the sign of the cross, cross of 

Croiseag, -eig, f. a little cross. 
Crois-bhoga, m. a cross-bow. 
Crois iarna, f. a hand reel. 

Croislin, -e, -ean, f. a diameter; a. croislineach. 
Crois4ara, or crois-tàraidh, f. a sign of alarm. 
Ì Crois-thachrais, f. a winding reel. 
Croit, -e, -ean, f. a hump upon the back, a back, a 

croft, a hill. 
Croiteag, -eig, -ean, f. a little back, or croft, or 

Croiteir, -ean m. a crofter ; croiteireachd, his trade. 
Crom, cruime, cruimead, a. crooked, not straight. 
prom, cruim, in. a circle, a ridge of hills. 
Crom, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. bend, stoop, bow. 
Cromadh, -aidh, m. bending, bowing, a mid-finger's 

length. * 

Cromag", -aig, -an, f. a hook, a clip, a clasp. 
Cromagaeh, -aiche, a. full ol hooks or clasps. 
Crom-aisne, -ean, m. the little rib. 
Croman-lòin, m. a snipe. 
Croman-luatha, m. a rake for ashes. 
Croman-luch, m. a kite. 

Cromachas, f. a bandy leg ; a. cromachasach. 
Cromacheannach, a. bent headed. 
Cromaghluineach, a. in-kneed. 
Cromaghobach, a. curve-billed. 
Cromaleachd, f. an inclined stone, a druidical altar. 



Crom-shlinneineach, a. bent shouldered. 

Crom-shrònach, a. hook nosed, 

Cromshuileach, a. bent eyed. 

Cron, -oin, m. a fault, harm, blame ; a. cronail. 

Cronaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. blame, reprove. 

Cronalachd, f. hurtfulness, harm. 

Crònan, -ain, m. a dull note, humming noise. 

Crònanach, a. buzzing, humming, purling. 

Crònanaich, f. humming, murmuring. 

Cron-seanchuis, m. an error in words. 

Cron-sgriobhaidh, m. a mistake in writing. 

Cros, -te, -adh, a.v. hinder, forbid, cross. 

Crosach, -aiche, a. thwarting, crossing. 

Crosadh, -aidh, m. hindrance, obstruction. 

Crosan, -ain, m. a peevish man. 

Crosdachd, f. ill nature, peevishness ; a. crosda. 

Crosdan, -ain, m. a peevish fellow. 

Crosg, croisg, m. a cross ; crasg. 

Cros-shuileach, a. squint-eyed. 

Crotach, -aiche, a hump-backed. 

Crotachd, f. hump-backedness, uneveness. 

Crotag, -aig, f. a crooked woman, a sixpence. 

Crotaiche, f. hump-backedness, gibbosity. 

Crotal, -ail, m. all kinds of lichen used in dying. 

Ootal-coille, m. the plant lung-wort. 

Cròth, -te, -adh, a.v. house, gather in, pen, fold. 

Cruac, -aice, -an, f. a lump, a head; a. cruacach. 

Cruach, -aiche, -an, f. a stack, a heap, a hill. 

Cruach, »te, -adh, a.v. heap, stack, pile. 

Cmachag, -aig, -an, f. a small stack. 

Cruachan, -ain, m. a conical hill in Argyllshire. 

Cruachan, -ainn, f. the haunch. 

Cruadal, -ail, m. hardiness, vigour, valour. 

Cruadalach, -aiche, a. hardy, brave, patient. 

CRU CRU. 109 

Cruadalachd, f. hardihood, firmness. 
Cruadhaicb, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. harden, 

Cruadhlach, -aich, m. hard stony ground. 
Cruaidh, -dhach, f. steel, a stone anchor. 
Cruaidh, -e, -ead, f. hard, painful, scarce. 
Cruaidh-bheum, m. a severe or hard stroke. 
Cruaidh-chàs, m. a hard case, distress, hardship. 
Cruaidh-cheangal, -ail, m. a hard bond or tie. 
Cruaidh-cheisd, -e, -ean, f. a hard question. 
Cruaidh -chùis, f. a hard case, a great difficulty. 
Cruaidh-chuing, f. a hard yoke, bondage, slavery. 
Cruaidh-fhortan, -ain, -an, m. misfortune. 
Cruaidh. fhortanach, a. unfortunate. 
Cruaidh-ghleachd, m, a hard fight or struggle. 
Cruaidh-reothadh, -aidh, m. hard frost. 
Cruaidh-shnaim, m. a hard knot. 
Cruaidh-ruith, m. swift running, a race. 
Cruaidh-theinn, f. severe affliction or trial. 
Crualach, -aich, m. hard or stony ground. 
Cruas, -ais, m. hardness, severity, rigour. 
Crùb, -te, -adh. n.v. crouch, squat. 
Crùbach, -aiche, a. lame, cripple. 
Crùbag, -aig, -an, a sort of crab, a lame woman. 
Crùbaiche, f. lameness. 

Crùbain, -te, -anadh, crùban, n.v. crouch, creep. 
Crùban, -ain, m. a crouching attitude ; a. crùb- 

Crùdh, -uidhte, -uidheadh, a. v. shoe a horse. 
Crudha, -uidhe, -uidhean, m a horse-shoe. 
Cruidheach, a. shod ; cruidhte. 
Cruidein, m. a bird called the king's-fisher. 
Cruime, or cruimead, f. crookedness, a bend. 
Cruithneachd, m. wheat. 

110 CRU CKU. 

Cruinne, f. roundness; an cruinnecè, the globe of 

the earth. 
Cruinneag, -eig, -an, f. a neat tight girl. 
Cruinnead, -eid, f. roundness, circularity. 
Cruinneineach, -ich, m. any round thing, a stout 

Cruinne-thomhas, -ais, m. geometry. 
Cruinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. gather, collect. 
Cruinniche, -ean, m. a gatherer, a collector. 
Cruinn-leurin, -eim, -an, -annan, f. a standing 

j ump. 
Crùisgein, -ean, m. an oil lamp; a. crùisgeineach. 
Crùisle, -ean, -ichean, f. a vault of a church, a 

Cruit, -e, -ean, f. a harp, a violin. 
Cruit-chiuil, f. a musical instrument. 
Cruiteag, -eig, -an, f. a little harp or violin. 
Cruitealachd, f. pleasantness ; a. cruiteil. 

Cruiteir, -ein, m a harper, a fiddler. 

Cruiteireachd, f. the performance of a harper. 

Cruitheachd, f. form, complexion, the universe. 

Cruithneach, -ich, m. a Pict. 

Crùn, -ùin, -ùintean, m. a crown, a garland. 

Crùn, -ùinte, -adh, a.v. crown: 

Crùnadh, -aidh, m. crowning. 

Ciùn-easbuig, m. a mitre. 

Ci ùn-sgèithe, m. the boss of a shield. 

Crup, -te, -adh, a.v and n v. crouch, squat, bend. 

Crupadh-fèithe, m. a spasm. 

Cruth, -a, -an, -annan, m, a form, a figure. 

Cruthach, -aiche, a. full of forms or shapes. 

Cruthaich, -te, -achadh. a.v. create, form. 

Cruthachadh, -aidh, m. the creation. 

Crutbadaiv, m. the Creator; cruithfhear. 

CRU — CUA. Ill 

Cruthail, -e, a. shapely, elegant. 
Cruthaileachd, f. comliness, shapeliness. 
Cruth-atharrachadh,-aidh, m. transfiguration. 
Cruthatharraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. transfigure. 
Cruth-chaochail, -te, -ladh,a.v. metamorphose. 
Outh-chaocblaideach, a. changing forms. 
Cù, coin, dat. chù ; voc. choin, pi. coin, gen. con, 

m. a dog. 
Cù-ianaich, m. a pointer. 
Cù-luirge, a blood-hound. 

Cù-uisge, m. a water-dog; miol-chu, a grey-hound. 
Cuach, -aich, -an, f. a cup, a pail, a cur], a cuckoo, 

a cap. 
Cuach-phàdruig, f. the herb plantain. 
Cuach-bhleodhain, f. a milking pail. 
Cuach, -te, -adh, a. v. fold, plait, curl. 
Cuachach, -aiche, a. full of pails, plaites, or curls. 
Cuachag, -rig, -an, f. a little plait, curl, or girl. 
Cuag, -uaig, -an, f. an awkward, curve, or bend. 
Cuagachj -aiche, a. awkwardly bent, curved. 
Cuagaire, -ean, m. an awkward clump-footed man. 
Cuagaireachd, f. clumsiness, awkwardness. 
Cuaichein, -ean, m. a seam, a curl ; a. cuaichein- 

Cuaiseinich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. plait, curl, cuaich- 

Cuaigein, -ean, m. a splay-footed man. 
Cuaillein, -ean, m. a lock or curl of hair, hair. 
Cuailleineach, .eiche, a. full of locks, or curls. 
Cuaille, -eachan, m. a large club, or baton. 
Cuain, -e, f. a litter of whelps ; (cu.) 
Cuarsg, -te, -eadb, a v. roll, wrap up, twist. 
Cursgach, a. coiled, rolled ; a. cursgagach. 
Cursgan, -ain, m. a wrapper, an envelope. 

112 CUA CUD. 

Cuarsgag, -aig, a curve, a circle. 

Cuairt, -e, -ean, f. a round, a circuit, a tour, a 

Cuairteach, -eiche, a. round, circuitous. 
Cuartich, -te, -adh, a.v. surround, rather cuair- 

Cuartag, -eig, -an, f. a little circle, a bird's nest. 
Cuartagach, a. edying, circular. 
Cuairteir, -ean, a tourist, a sojourner. 
Cuairt-ghaoth, f. a whirlwind, an edying wind. 
Cual, cuail, cuailtean, f. a shoulder burden of 

Cuallach, -aich, -aichean, m. a great burden of 

Cualag, -aig, -an, f. a little shoulder burden. 
Cuan, cuain, pi. cuantan, cuaintean, m. the ocean. 
Cuan-sgithe, m. the channel between Harris and 

Quanta, a. able, robust. 

Cuantach,, -aich, rn. a sea-faring man,. sea-bred. 
Guar, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. torment, feel sorely. 
Cuaran, -ain, -an, m. a shoe made of an untanned 

Cuaranach, a. full of untanned shoes, or rillens. 
Cuartalan, -ain, -an, m. a circuit, a circuitous 

Curtan, -ain, -an, m, a maze, a labyrinth. 
Cùb, -te, -adh, n.v. crouch, bend. 
Cùbaid, -e, -ean, f. a pulpit ; cùbaidh. 
Cùbair, -ean, m. a cooper ; cùbaireachd, his trade. 
Cubhaidh, -e, a. fit, seemly, 
Cùbhraidh, -e, a. fragrant, of a fine smell. 
Cùbhraidheachd, f. fragrance. 
Cudainn, -e, -ean, f. a small fish, a cuddy; cudaig. 

cud — cur. 113 

Cùdainn, -e, -ean, f. a large tub; a. cùdainneach. 

Cà-donn, an otter ; see biastdubh. 

Cuibheas, -eis, m. enougb, competency. 

Cuibheasach, a. middling, tolerable, 

Cuibhl s dat. cuibhlidh, pi. cuibhleachan, f. a 

Cuibhlicb, -te, -eachadh, a v. wheel, turn round. 
Cuibhne, pi. -ean, -ichean, f. an antler of a deer. 
Cuibhreacb, -ich, -ichean, f. a bond, a chain. 
Cuibhrich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. bind, fetter. 
Cuibhrig, -e, -ean, f. a lid, a cover; a. cuibh- 

Cuibhrig, -te, -eadh, a. v. cover. 
Cuibhrionn, -inn, -ean, f. a share, a portion. 
Cuid, pron. def. some. 

Cuid, codaeh, codaichean, f. effects, means, portion. 
Cuidich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. help, support. 
Cuideachail, -e, a. aiding, supporting. 
Cuideachd, adv. together. 

Cuideachd, or cuideachda, f. company, society. 
Cuideachdail, -e, a. social. 
Cuideag, -eig, -an, f. small effects, a share. 
Cuideil, -e, a. whiggish, forward, proud. 
Cuide-rium, -riut, -ris, -rithe, -ruinn, -ruibh, prep. 

with me, &c. 
Cuide-ri cbèile, with each other. 
Cuidhtich, cuidhte, -eachadh, a. v. quit, leave off, 

Cuidich, -te, -eachadh, a v. help, assist, aid. 
Cuidiche, -ean, m. a helper, an assistant. 
Cuidreach, a. powerful, strong, corroborative. 
Cuid-roinne, f. a share, a portion, a lot. 
Cuifein, -ean, m. a wadding of a gun. 
Cuigeal, -eil, -ach, an, f. a distaff; a. cuidealach. 

114 CUI — CUI. 

Cùil, -e, cùiltean, f. a nook, a corner ; a. cùilteach. 
Cuilbheart, -eirt, -ean, -an, f. a wile, a trick; a. 

Cuilbheartachd, f. w illness, trickiness. 
Cuilbheir, -e, -ean, m. a gun or fowling piece. 
Cuilbheireach, a. having guri3. 
Cuilc, -e, -ean, f. a reed ; a. cuilceach. 
Cuilcearnacb, -aich, f. a place where reeds grow. 
Cuile, -ich, -ichean, f. a cellar, a store apartment. 
Culleag, -eig, -an, f. a fly, a fishiug fly. 
Cuileagacb, -aiche, a. full of flies. 
Cuilein, -ean, m. a whelp, a puppy, a darling. 
Cuilgein, -ean, m. an awn of corn, a prickle; a. 

Cuiiidh, -ean, f. a cellar. 
Cuilionn, -inn, m. holly; a. cuilionnach. 
Cuilm, -e, -ean, f. a feast, a banquet. 
Cùilteach, -ich, m. a culdee, a skulker. 
Cùilteir, -ean, m. a skulker. 
Cuime, adv. why, for what; (co-ime.) 
Cuimein, -ean, f. the plant cummin. 
Cuimhne, f. memory; a. cuimhneach, mindful. 
Cuimhnich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. remember. 
Cuimhneachail, -e, a. mindful, remembering. 
Cuimhneachan, -ain, m. a memorial. 
Cuimhniche, -ean, m. a remembrancer, a recorder. 
Cuimhneachair, -ean, m. a recorder, a chronicler. 
Cuimir, -e, a. neat, tidy, elegant. 
Cuimireachd, f. neatness, symmetry. 
Cuimrig, -e, -ean, f. hindrance, obstacle; (cum.) 
Cuimrig, -te, -eadh, a.v. hinder, restrain. 
Cuimrigeach, a. difficult, full of obstacles. 
Cuimse, -ean, f. aim, measure ; a. cuimseach. 
Cuimsich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. aim, hit, point. 

GUI — CUI. 115 

Cuimte, a. tight, neat, well-shaped. 

Cuin, adv. when, at what time ; (co-ùine.) 

Cuing, -e, -ean, f. a yoke, a restraint, a hindrance. 

Cuing-analach, f. a shortness of breath, an asthma. 

Cuinge, f. narrowness ; cuingead. 

Cuingich,-te, -eachadh, a.v. straiten, hamper, yoke. 

Cùinn, -te, -eadh, a.v. coin, shape, form. 

Cùinneadh, -idh, m. a coin ; a. cùinneach. 

Cuinneag, -eig, -an, f. a bucket, a stoup. 

Cuinnein> -ean, m. a nostril; a. cuinneineach. 

Cuinnlein, »ean, m. a stalk of corn, a nostril. 

Cuinnleineach, a. full of stalks, or nostrils, 

Cuinnse, -ean, f, a quince ; a. cuinnseach. 

Cuinnseir, -ean, m. a dagger or sword. 

Cuinnseireach, a. armed with daggers. 

Cuip, -e, -an, eachan, f. a whip; a. cuipeach. 

Cuip, -te, -eadh, a.v. whip, flog. 

Cuir, -te, cur, a.v. put, sow, send. 

Cuir an aghaidh, oppose. Cuir an neopris, despise. 
Cuir an cèill, perform. Cuir air ehùl, abrogate. 
Cuir suas ris, bear with him. Cuir as da, de- 
stroy him. Cuir air folbh, send away. Cuir 
dragh, trouble. Cuir, delay. Cuir ris, 
apply. Cuir romhad, resolve. 

Cuireadb, -idh, m. an invitation. 

Cuirein, -ean, m. a little turn ; a. cuireineach. 

Cuireideach, a. shy, wily, tricky. 

Cuiridh, m. a hero. 

Cuirm, -e, -ean, -eannan, f. a feast, a banquet. 

Cùihnein, -ean, m. small heap of stones, a drop. 

Cùirneineach, a. full of heaps of stones or drops. 

Cùirt, -e, -ean, f. honour, a court. 

Cùirteireachd, f. courtliness ; cùirtealachd. 

Cùirteil, -e, a. courtly, polite ; a. cùirteasach, 
F 2 

116 CUI — CLL. 

Cùirteas, -eis, f. courtesy, urbanity, politeness. 

Cùirteiseachd, f. politeness, courtesy. 

Cuirtein, -ean, m. a curtain. 

Cùirteir, -ean, m. a courtier. 

Cùis, -e, -ean, f, an affair, a cause, a subject. 

Cùis-lagha, a law- suit. Cùis-ghearain, a cause 

of complaint. Cùis-bròin, a subject of sorrow. 

Cùis-dhìtidh, a cause of condemnation. 
Cuiseag, -eig, -an, f. a stalk of a weed. 
Cuiseagach, a. full of stalks or stems. 
Cùisire, -ean, m. a casuist. 
Cuisle, -ean, f. a vein, an artery; a. cuisleach. 
Cuisleag, -eig, -an, f. a little vein ; a. cuisleagach 
Cuisle-mhòr, f. an artery, a great artery. [each 
Cuitbe, -eachan, m. a wreath of snow; a. cuith 
Cùl, cùil, m. the back ; air mo chùl, at my back. 
Cùlag, -aig, -an, f. a back-tooth, a turf ; a. cùla- 

Culaidh, -ean, -aichean, f. dress, tools, fatness; 

a. culach. 
Cùlanach, a, behind, coming behind. 
Cùlaobh, -aibh, m. the back, the back parts. 
Cùl-bheum. -eim, m. a back-stroke. 
Cùl-chàin, -te, -eadh, a. v. backbite, slander. 
Cùl-chàineadh, -idh, m. backbiting. 
Cùlchainnt, -e, f. backbiting, calumny. 
Cùlchainnteach, a. backbiting, slanderous. 
Cùlchainnteir, -ean, m. a slanderer* 
Cùlcheumnaich, -te, -nachadh, a.v. go backwards. 
Cùlchoimhead, -id, m. a retrospect. 
Culdaich, -e, m. a back house, a cellar. 
Cul-shleamhnaich, -te- -achadh, a.v. backslide. 
Cùl-shleamhnaiche, -ean, m. a backslider. 
Cul-taic, -e ; m. a support, a backing. 

CUL — CUN. 117 

Cularan, -ain, -an, m. a cucumber, swine-bread. 
Cum, adv. why. 

Cum, -mte, -ail, a. v. and n.v. hold, keep, restrain. 
Cuma, f. a shape, a form, a figure ; cumadh. 
Cumachd f. faic cuma; a. cumachdail, well-shaped. 
Cumadair, -ean, m. ashaper, a former, a fashioner. 
Cumadaireachd, f. framing, forming. 
Cumadalachd, f. symmetry, shapliness. 
Cumail, -alach, f. a holding, a keeping, a lease. 
Cumaltachd, f. tenaciousness ; cumailteachd. 
Cuman, -ain, pi. cumain, m. a cogue, a pail ; (cum.) 
Cumanta, a. common, general. 
Cumantachd, f. commonality; cumanta8. 
Cumha, f. a dirge, a mourning, a condition, a bribe. 
Cumhachag, an owl ; faic comhachag. 
Cumhachd, f. power, virtue ; a. cumhaehdach. 
Cumhachdair, -ean, m. a commissioner. 
Cumhaing, -te, -angadh, a. v. straiten, make narrow. 
Cumhaingich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. straiten. 
Cumhang, -ainge, cuinge, a. narrow, strait. 
Cumhann, cuinge, a. narrow, strait. 
Cumhann, <ainn, m. a strait, a deiile. 
Cumhnant, -aint, -an, m a covenant, a paction. 
Cumhnantach, a. pactional ; cumhnantail. 
Cumhnantaich, -te, -achadh, a v. bargain. 
Cùmhradh, -aidh, m. a good bargain. 
Cumraig, -te, -eadh, a. v. impede; cuimiig. 
Cunbhail, -e, f. sense, wit; a. cunbhalach. 
Cuubhalas, -ais, m. sense, judgment; cunbhalachd. 
Cungaidh, -e, -ean, f. a tool, an instrument. 
Cungaisich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. provide with tools, 

Cunghlach, -aich, in. a rn rrow pass, a defile. 
Cunnarach, -aich, m. a good bargain, 


118 CUN — CUR. 

Cunnart, -airt, -an, m. danger, risk ; a. cunnartach. 

Cunnt, -te, -adb, a. v. count, number. 

Cunntair, -ean, m. a counter, an arithmetician. 

Cunntaireachd, f. counting, reckoning, numbering. 

Cunntas, -ais, m. counting; a. cunntasach. 

Cunnuil, -e, -ean, f. an objection, a check ; a. cun- 

Cunnuilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. object, wrangle. 

Cùp, -a, f. a box-cart ; a. cùpach. ' i 

Cupa, -achan, -aichean, m. a cup; a. cupach. 

Cupan, -ain, -an, in. a little cup ; a. cupanach. 

Cupair, -ean, m. a cup-bearer ; cupaireachd, his 

Cuplaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. couple, join. [trade. 

Cupall, -aill, -aichean, m. a couple, a pair. 

Cuplach, -aiche, a. full of couples, or pairs. 

Cur, m. power; hence curidh, a hero. 

Curach, -aich, -aichean, m. a boat covered with 
hides. [bottle. 

Currachd-na-cuthaige, m. a bell-flower, or blue- 

Curaidh, -nean, m. a hero ; rather cuiridh. 

Cùrainn, -e, -eàn, f. a coarse woollen cloth, a co- 

Cùrainnich, -te, -eachach, a.v. cover, as a table. 

Cùram, -aim, m. care, anxiety, solicitude. 

Cùramachd, f. care, solicitude ; a. cùramach. 

Curantachd, f. bravery, courage ; a. curanta. 

Currcag, -aig, -an, f . a cock of hay, a bubble. 

Currcagach, a. full of cocks or bubbles. 
" Cùrr, -a, -an, m. a heron. 

Currachd, -aichd, -aichdean, m. a mutch, or cap. 

Curraichdeach, a. full of caps. 

Curran, -ain, -an, m. a carrot, paniers for a horse. 

Curranach, a. full of carrots or paniers. 

Currtha, a. exhausted, wearied ; cuirte. 

CUR DA. 119 

Cùrrusan, -ain, an, m. a large deep vessel, a pail. 
Cùrsa, in. a course, a route, a row ; a. cùrsach. 
Cùrsaich,-te, -achadh, a. v. course, arrange in rows. 
Cùrsachd, f. coursing, traversing. 
Cùrsair, -ean, in. a courser, a racer; cùrsan. 
Cùrsaireachi!, f. coursing ; a. cùrsaireach, cùrsan- 
Curta, a. infamous, shocking, rank. [ach. 

Cusag, -iùg, f. wild mustard; a. cusagach. 
Cus, m. a great quantiy, much. 
Cuspa, -an, f. a chilblain on the heel ; a. cuspach. 
Cuspair, -ean, m. an object, a mark, a marksman. 
Cuspaireachd, r archery, shooting at a mark. 
Cuspairiche, -ean, m. a marksman, an archer. 
Ouspairich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. shoot at a mark. 
Cuspunn, -uinn, -an, m. a tax, custom. 
Cut, -te, -adh, a. v. gut, as fish, dock, shorten. 
Cuta, -an, m. a short log, a cut of yarn ; a. cutach. 
Cutaich, -te, -rchadh, a. v. shorten, dock, curtail, 
Cutag, -aig, -an, f. any short thing, as a girl or spoon. 
Cuthag, -aig, -an, f. a cuckoo ; a. cuthagach. 
Cuthach, -aich. "m. madness ; faic caothach. 


D, the fourth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

D', contr. for do, the poss. pron., before words be- 
ginning with a vowel, or f, as, cha d'eisd, cha 

D' is often changed into t'; as t'athair, for d'athair. 

Dà, a. two; as dà mhart, two cows. [i.e. do a. 

Da, prep, conjoined with the pers. pron. a ; as da, 
F 4 

120 DAB — DAI. 

Dabhach, -aich, -aichean, f. a large vat, a portion of 

Dàbheathach, -aich, m. an amphibious animal. 
Dachaidh, -ean, f. a home; adv. home, homeward. 
Dàcheannach, a. haying two heads, bieipitous. 
Dàchorpach, a. having two bodies. 
Dàcbosach, a. two footed, a biped, rather dàchasach. 
Dàchruthach, a. having two forms, bifoi med. 
Dad, m. any thing, aught; dim. dadan, dadum. 
Dàdhuilleaeh, a. bifoliat^d, two-folded, as a door. 
Dadamunn, -uinn, m. a mote; a. dadamunnach ; 

Dadum, -uim, m. a mote, an atom ; a. dadumaeh. 
Dàfbaobhrach, a. two-edged. 
Dàfhiaclach, a. having two teeth, bidental 
Dàfhiehead, a. forty, an dàfhicheadamh, the 

Dag, or daga, daige, dagan, dagaiehean, m. a pis- 
tol ; a. dagach. 
Daga-diallaid, m. a holster ; daga-diollfa. 
Daibhreas, -eis, not. povei ty ; a. daibhir, opposed 

to saoibhir. 
Dàicheil, -e, a. majestic, genteel, firm. 
Dàichealachd, f. stateliness, gracefulness. 
Daidein m. a papa; the prattle of children. 
Dài ; a man's name, David. 
Daingnich, -te, -eachadh ; a. v. straiten, fortify, 

Dail ; dalach, dailthean, f. a field, a plain ; a. dail- 

Dàil, -ach, -aichean, f. delay, a. dàileach. 
Daileag, -eig, -an, f. a small field ; a. daileagach. 
Dàilich -te, -eachadh, a. v. delay, defer, linger. 
Daille, f. blindness; (dall.) 

DAI — DAL. 121 

Dàimh, f. relationship, affinity ; a. dàimheach. 
Dàimh, m. guests, strangers, enemies. 
Dàimheacb, -ich, m. a relation, a friend. 
Dàimhealachd, relationship, kindness; a. dàimheiL 
Daingionn, daingne, daingnean, in. a fort or castle. 
Daingionn, daingne, a. firm, strait > daingeann, 
Daingneach, -ich, ichean, m. a fort, a castle. 
Daingneachas, -ais, m. firmness, surety. 
Daingneachd, f. strength, firmness. 
Dàir, -te, -eadh, a. v. rut, as cattle, &c. 
Dàir, dàra, f. the pairing of cattle ; a.v. also. 
Dais, -e, -ean, -eachan, f. a mow of corn ; a, 

Dàite, a. singed, burned. 

Daite, a, colored ; daiteach, much colored ; (dath.) 
Daithead, f. a diet. ["dark. 

Dall, -aille, doiilead, a. blind, ignorant, obscure, 
Dal lag, -aige, -an, f. a shrew mouse ; a. dallagach. 
Dalian, -ain, -an, m. a corn fan. 
Dallanacb, -aich, f. an unbored wecht ; [Scot.] 
Dallanach, -aich, f. complete drunkness ; (dall.) 
Dallandà, m. a game, viz., blind man's buff. 
Dallaran, -ain, -an, m. a blind person. 
Dallaranchd, f. blindness, groping in darkness. 
Dallabrat, -an, m. a blinding bandage. 
Dallachran. -ain, m. ignorance, blindness. 
Dalla-chreideamh, m. blind faith. 
Dalla-cheo, m. dark or thick mist. 
Dall-oidhche, f. a dark night. 
Dall-inntinneach, a. dark minded, blind. 
Dall-shùil, f. a blind or dim eye. 
Dalma, a. forward, bold. 
Dalmachd, f. audacity, temerity, boldness. 
Dalta, -achan, -an, a foster child ; a. daltach. 


12o DAM — DAO. 

Dàm, -aim, -an, m. a mill dam. 

Damainte, a. damned, condemned. 

Damh, -aimh, pi. daimh, m. an ox, a stag, sticks 

of a harrow. 
Damhach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to oxen, or 

Dàmhair, -e, f. the rutting of deer; a. dàmhair- 

Damhan-alluidh, -ain-alluidh, m. a spider. 
Damnadh, -aidh, m, condemnation, cursing. 
Dàn, -àin, pi. dàin, dàintean, m. a poem, fate, a 

Dana, a. bold, audacious, presumptuous. 
Dànachd, f. poetry, boldness, presumption. 
Danadas, -ais, m. presumption, audacity. 
Dànaìch, -te, -achadh, a.v. dare, venture. 
Dannarra, a. bold, presumptuous. 
Dannarrachd,f. presumption, boldness, impudence. 
Danns, -te, danns, -adh, a.v. dance, s. also. 
Dannsair, -ean, m, a dancer, dannsaireachd, his 

Daobhaidh, a. perverse, wicked, malicious; (do- 

Daoi, a. wicked, foolish ; also a wicked man. 
Daoifhearachd, f. wickedness, fraud, deceit. 
Daoimein, ean, a diamond. 
Daol, -aoil, f. a beetle ; a. daolagach. 
Daolag, -aige, -an, f. a little beetle, a miser ; a. 

Daolaire, -ean, m a miser, a mean selfish man. 
Daolaireachd, f. meanness, narrowness, penury. 
Daonnda, a. human, humane, charitable. 
Daonndachd, f. humanity, kindness, charity. 
Daonnacbdach, a. charitable, humane ; daonndach. 

DAO DEA. 123 

; Daonnan, adv. always, continually. 

Daor, daoire, daoiread, a. dear, costly, slavish. 
I Daoraich, -te, -aoradh. a. v. make dearer; daor. 

Daorach, -aich, f. drunkenness. 
| Daoranach, -aich, m. a slave. 
| Daor-bhodach, -aich, m. a churl, an old slave. 
| Daor-èigeantas, -ais, f. absolute necessity. 
I Daormunn, -uinn, m. a niggard, a miser, 
j Daorsa, f. bondage, captivity; daorsainn. 
| Dà-phèighinn, m. a certain coin, two pennies 

Dara, or dàrna, a. the second, either of two. 
Darach, -aich, m. oak timber ; darag, an oak tree. 
Dararaich. -e, f. a rattling noise. 
Darcan, -ain. m. an acorn. 

Dàsachd, f. wildness, fury ; a. dàsannach, dàsaidh. 
Dàsaa, prep, conjoin with pers. pron. i.e. do a~san 

to him. 
Dàth, dàite, -adh, a. v. singe. 
Dath, -a, daithean, -an, m. colour ; a. dathach, 

Dath, daite, -adh, a.v. colour, dye, tinge. 
Dathadair, -ean, m. a dyer ; dathadaireachd, his 

Dathais, -e, -ean, a fallow deer ; a. dathaiseach. 
De, pron. i.e. cud, e, what is it, de b aill leat 

what do you want. 
De, prep, of, as dithis de dhaoftje, two oi his men 
Dè gen. of Dia, God, Dhè ; faic Dia. 
Dè, or an dè, adv. yesterday. 
Deacaid, -e, -ean, f. a jacket, a waistcoat. 
Deacair. -era, a. hard, difficult, sad, sorrowful. 
Deacaireachd, f. difficulty, sadness ; deacrachd. 
Deachamh, -aimh, -ean, m. a tithe, a tenth part. 
F 6 

124 DEA DEA. 

Deachd, -te, -adh, a. v. dictate, indite ; deachd- 

Deachdair, or deachadair, -ean, m. a dictator. 

Deachdaireachd, or deachdadaireachd, f. dictator- 

Deachmhaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. tithe, collect tithes., 

Deagh, a. good, excellent. 

Deagh-ainm, m. a good mime. 

Dea-bheachd, m. a good intention. 

Dea-bheirt, f. a good deed. 

Dea-bheus. m. good mariners. 1 

Dea-bhlas, m. good taste. ] 

Dea-bhuil, f. good disposal. 

Dea-ghean, m. good humour. 

Dea-labhairt, f. eloquence. 

Dea-mhisneach, f. good courage. 

Dea-thoil, f. goodwill. 

Deaghaidh, -ean, f. love, desire ; adv. atitr. 

Dea-thuigse, f. a good understanding. 

Deal, -a, a. relative, friendly ; mo dhala charaid 
my true friend. 

Deal, -a, -achan, f. a leech. 

Deala, comp. of deal, of a nearer kindred. 

Dealaich,-te, -achadh, a. v. separate, divide, divorce. 

Dealaidh, a. relative, friendly, mora related. 

Deaiaidheachd, f. kindred, relationship. 

Dealan, -ain, -an, m. lightning, a bar of a door; a. 

Deal an dè, m. a fiery circle made by a firebrand. 

Dealandè, f. a butterfly, rather dearbadandè. 

Dealan-doruis, m. a bar of a door. 

Dealanach, -aich, m. lightning. 

Dealbh, -a, -an, -annan, m. a picture, a figure, an 

DEA — DEA. 125 

Dealbh, -te, -adh, a. v. form, figure, dealbhaich. 
Dealbhaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. shape, form figure. 
Dealbhach,-aiche, a. shapely, handsome, inventive. 
Dealbhadan, -ain, -an, m. a mould, a frame. 
Dealbhadair, -airean, m. a painter; dealbhadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Dealbhadh, -aidh, m. planning, forming, shaping. 
Dealbh-chluith, -e, -ean, m. a play, a stage play, a 

Dealbh-chluitheadair, -ean, m. a stage player, an 
Deal-each, -eich, f. a horse-leech. [actor. 

Dealg, -eilg, -an, m. a pin, a prickle; a. dealgach. 
Dealgan, -ain, -an, m. a little pin, a spindle; a. 

Dealradh, -aidh, m. a gleam, brightness ; a. deal- 

Dealraich, -te, -radh, a.v. and n.v, shine, gleam, 

Dealt, -a, -an, f. dew ; a. dealtach, dealtor, dealtrach. 
Dealtraich, -te, -radh, a.v. gild, varnish, be-drop. 
Dealann, -ainn, m. barking of a dog. 
Deamhais, -aisean, f. a pair of sheep shears. 
Deann, -e, -an, f. haste, velocity, a small quantity, 

as of meal. 
Deannag, -aig, -an, f. a little quantity, as of meal ; 

a. deannagach; 
Deannamh, -aimh, m. running fast, velocity, 
Deannal, -ail, -an, m. a conflict, an onset. 
Deannan, -ain, -an, m. faic deannag. 
Deannruitb, f. rnnning full speed. 
Deanntag, -aig, -an, f. a nettle; a. deanntagach. 
Dearbadandè m, a butterfly; (cearbandè.) 
Dearbh, -te, -adh, a.v. prove, confirm, try. 
Dearbhadh_, -aidh, -ean, m. a proof; a. dearbhach. 

126 DEA DEA. 

Dearbhachd, f. proof, testimony ; dearbhadas. 

Dearbbaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. prove, confirm. 

Dearbhan, -ain, -an, in. an axiom, an evidence. 

Dearbbas, -ais, -an, in. a proof. 

Dearbh, or gu dearbh, adv. indeed, for certain. 

Dearbh-bheachd, m. full aim, full notice. 

Dearbh-bràthair, m. a full brother. 

Dearbh-bhriathar, -air, -airean, in. an axiom. 

Dearbh-chinnte,or dearb-chinnteas,f. full certainty 

Dearbh-chinnteach, a. full sure, or certain. 

Dearbhte, a. proved, tried. 

Dearc, -an, f. a berry, a lizard ; a. dearcach. 

Dearc, -te, -adb, a. v. look narrowly, observe. 

Dearcag, -aig, -an, f. a small berry ; a. dearcag- 

Dearac-aitinn, f. a juniper berry. [ach. 

Dearc-dharaich, an acorn. 

Dearc -fhiona, f. a grape. 

Dearc fhrangach, f. a currant. 

Deac-luachrach, f. a lizard. 

Dearcnaich, -te, -anachadh, a. v. view minutely, 

Dearc-ola, f. an olive. [examine. 

Dearg, deirge, deirgead, a. red, violet, impetuous. 

Dearg, -te, -adh, a.v s make red, plough, make an 

Dearg, -eirg, m. a red deer, ploughed land. 

Deargadh, -aidh, m. ploughing, blushing, an im- 

Deargan, -ain, m. a red spot, crimson, purple. 

Deargan-ald, m. a kestrel-hawk. 

Dearg-fhraoich, m. a goldfinch. 

Deargann, -ainn, -an, f. a flea; a. deargannach. 

Deargshuil, f. a red or bloody eye ; a. deargshuil- 

Dearinad, -aid, an, m. an omission; a. dearmadach. 

DEA — DEE. 127 

Dearmadachd, f. omission, carelessness. 
Dearmaid, -te, -adadh, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. omit, ne- 
Dearmail, -e, -ean, f. solicitude, worldiiness. [gleet. 
Dearmaileach, a. anxious, worldly. 
Dearna, -aichean, f. the palm of the hand. 
Dearnadair, -ean, m. a palmist, 
Deanadaireachd, f. palmistry, chiromancy. 
Dearnagan, -ain, -an, m. a cake made by the hand. 
Dearrs, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. shine, gleam. 
Dearrsaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. shine. 
Dearrsg, or dearrgsnaich, a.v. polish. 
Dearrsach, -aiche, a. bright, radiant; dearrsanta. 
Deas, -eise, f. the south. 
Deas, -eise, -ead, a. ready, prepared. 
Deasach, -aich, m. a south countryman. 
Deasad, -aid, m. readiness, appositeness. 
Deasadan, -ain, m. a common-place book. 
Deasaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. prepare, dress, cook. 
Deas-chainnt, -e, -ean, f. eloquence ; a. deas- 

Deas-fhacal, -ail, m. a ready word, a smart reply. 
Deasgainn, -e, -ean, f. arjerhnet; a. deasgainneaeh. 
Deas-gnàth, m. a ceremony ; a. deas-gnàtbacb. 
Deas-gnàtbachd, f. ceremony. 
Deas-labhairt, f. eloquence, address ; a. deas- 

Deas-lamh, -aimh, f. the right hand ; a. deas- 

Deas-maireas, -eis, or deasmaireachd, f. curiosity. 
Deaspud, -uid, -an, m. dispute, wrangling; deas- 

paireachd. [ach. 

Deathach, -aich, f. smoke ; a. deathachail, death- 
Dee, or diathan, gods; pi. of dia; rather diathan, 

than dèe. 

128 DEI — DEI. 

Dèibleid, -e, -ean, m. an awkward, or unhandy 

Dèibleideachd, f. awkwardness, inability, clumsi- 
Deic, -e, a. convenient, fit ; as cha deic, it is not fit. 
Deich, a. ten ; an deicheamh, the tenth. 
Deiehmhich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. decimate, tithe. 
Deichnear, a. ten persons. 
Deich-shlisneach, -iche, -ean, m. a decagon. 
Deich-thaobhach, -aich, -aichean, m. a ten sided 

Dèideadh, -idh, m. the tooth-ache ; dèide. 
Dèideag, -eig, -an, f. a present of a lover, a gift. 
Dèidh, -e, f. love, wish, desire ; adv. after ; a. 

Dèidhinn, or mu dhèidhinn, prep, concerning, of. 
Deifir, -e, f. haste, speed ; a. deifir«»ch. 
Deifrich, -te, -eadh, a.v. hasten, hurry. 
Deigh, -e, -ean, -eannan, -eachan, f . ice ; a.deigheach, 
Dèigh-laimh, or an dèigh-laimhe, adv. after hand, 

Dèighlean, -ein, -ean, m. a quire of paper. 
Deil, -e, -ean, f. a turner's lathe, a sharp iron rod, 

an axle. 
Deilbh, -e, -ean, f. a web, forming, deilbhidh. 
Deilbh, -te, -eadh, a.v. frame, form, warp; deil- 

Deilbhin, -e, -ean, f. a little image or web. 
Deile, adv. what else; i e. de-eile. 
Dèile, -eachan, a deal ; dèileadair, a sawyer, a 

Dèileadaireachd, f. the business of a sawyer, or 

Dèileag, -eig, -an, f. a little deal ; a. dèileagach. 

DEI — DEO. 129 

Deilicli, -te, -eadh, a. v. separate, depart ; dealaich. 
Dèilig, «te, -eadh, a.v. deal, treat with. 
Deillseag, -eig, -an, f. a slap with the open hand. 
Deiltreadh, -aidh, m. gilding; a. geiltreach. 
Deimhinn, adv. indeed) verily, truly. 
Deimhinneachd, f. certainty. 
Deimhnich, -te, -eadh, a.v. verify, prove. 
Dèine, f. eagerness, keenness ; (dian.) 
Dèineachd, f. keenness, eagerness ; a. dèine;ssach. 
Deir, n.v. def. say, rather abair. 
Dèirc, -e, -ean, f. alms; a. deirceach, poor. 
Dèirceir, -ean, m. an almoner, dèircire. 
Dèirceag, -eig, f. a penurious woman. 
Deire, or deireadh, -idh, -idhean, m. an end, the 

stern of a ship, the hind part of any thing, at 

Deireonnaeh, -aiche, a, last, hindmost, late. 
Dearas, -ais, rn. defect, hurt, loss; a. deireasath. 
Deirge, deirgead, f. redness. 
Dèis, or an dèis, adv. after, afterwards. 
Deisciopul, -ail, pi. d( isciopuil, m. a disciple, 
Deiseil, a. towards the south, ready; deisearrach. 
Deisealaehd, f. readiness ; deasalas, deisealas. 
Deisealan, -ain, -an, m. a box on the ear. 
Dèisg, -te, -eadh, n.v. crack, split, dry up. 
Dèisinn, - e, f, abhorence, disgust; a. dèisneach. 
Deò, f. breath, air, life, a ray of light ; a. deòth- 

Deoch, dibhe, -an, f. a drink, liquors. 
Deoch-an-doruis, f. a parting cup. 
Deoch-slàinte, f. a health, a toast. 
Deòthas, -ais, m. eagerness ; a. deòthasach. 
Deò-grèine, f. a sun beam, Fingal's standard. 
Deoin, e, f. will, accord, assent; a. deònach. 

130 DEO DIA. 

Deoiridh, m a poor or desolate creature. 

Deònaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. vouchsave, grant. 

Decnitachd, f. willingness ; deòntas. 

Deòràich, -te, -achadh, a. v. banish, expel. 

Deothail, -te, deothal, a. v. suck as infants. 

Detheòdha, -an, f. henbane ; a. detheòdhaoh. 

Deth, prep, off him ; faic dhiom. 

Deubh, -te, -adh, n.v. shrink, dry up, wither. 

Deubhann, -ainn, -an, f. a fetter for a horse. 

Deudach, -aich, -aichean, m. the teeth ; a. deudach. 

Deud-gheal, a. white-toothed. 

Deng or diag, a. ten, a. h-aon, diag, eleven. 

Deur, or diar,deoir,pl. deoir, m a tear ;a. deurach. 

Deurach, -aich, f. pain caused by a blow, &c. 

Deurshuil, f. a weeping eye; a. deurshuileach. 

Dh', for do, sign of the prater, before a vowel, or 
fh, as dh' èisd mi, I listened, dh' fholbh mi, I 

Dhà, or a Dhà, a. two. 

Dha, prep conjoined with the pers. pron. to him, 

Dhachaidh, or dachaidh, adv. home. 

Dh' aindeoin, adv. in spite of. 

Dhi, dhise, prep, conjoined with the pers. pron. 
to her. 

Dhia, or dhè, the voc, of dia. 

Dhiom, dhiot, dhith, dheth, dhinn, dhibh, dhiu. 
comp. prep, off me, off you, i.e. dheth mi, &c. 

Dhomh, dhut, dha, dhi, dhuinn, dhuibh, dhaibh. 
comp. prep, to me, to you. &c. ?'.e, do mi. 

Di, or dia, m a day, as diluain, Monday, dimairt, 
Tuesdays diciaduin, Wednesday; diardae'n, 
Thursday; dithaine, Friday; disathurna, Sa- 
turday; didòmhnuich, Sunday. 

Dia, God, voc. Dhè, or Dhia, pi. Dèe, or Diathan, 

DJA DIB. 181 

Diabheum, -eim, m. blasphemy ; a. diabheumach. 

Diabhol, -oil, -bhlan, -oil, in. a devil ; a. diabh- 

Diabhluuhd, f. devilishness. 

Diachadaich, adv. especially. 

Diachuiun, -e, f. a trial ; a. diachuinneach. 

Diadhacbd,f.godliness, piety ; a. diadhaidh, diadh- 

Diadhaieh, -te, -achadh, a.v. deify. 

Diadhair, -ean, m. a divine ; diadhaireachd, di- 

Diadhalachd, f. godliness, piety. 

Dia-dhuine, m. a God-man, Christ. 

Diollaid, -e, -ean, f. a saddle; dialladair, r. sad- 

Dialtag, -aig, -an, f. a bat ; a. diaitagaeh. 

Diamhasladh, -aidb, m. blasphemy. 

Diambaslichear, -ean, m. a blasphemer. 

Diamhasiaich, -te, -adh, a.v. blaspheme. 

Diau, dèiiie, dèinead, a. keen, quick, vehement. 

Dianas, -ais, m. vehemence, eagerness. 

Dian-achanaich, f. earnest supplication or prayer. 

Dian-ruagadh, m. close pursuit. 

Dian-losgadh, m. violent burning. 

Dian-ruith, f. running at full speed. 

Dian-sthruth, m. a rapid stieam. 

Dian-theas, m. intense heat. 

Diarras, -ais, m. stubbornness ; a. diarrasach. 

Dias, deise, -an, f. an ear of corn, a blade of a 

Diasach, -aiche, a. full of blades, or ears of corn. 

Diasag, -aig, -an, f. a little blade or ear of corn. 

Dibit-, -te, -radh, dibirt, a.v. forsake, abandon. 

Dibirt, f. abandonment. 

132 DIB — DIN. 

Dìblidh, a. vile, low, mean ; dibleachd, vileness. 
Dichioll, -ill, m. endeavour, diligence; a. dich- 

Diochuimhne, f. forgetful ness; a. diochuimhneach. 
Diochuimhnich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. forget. 
Did, or dideag > f. a peep ; a. dìdeagach, didil, 
Didean, -ein, -ean, m. protection, a fort. 
Dideinich, -te, -eachadh ; a. v. protect, defend ; did- 

Didneadh, -idh, m. protection ; from didinn. 
Dig, dige, -ean, f. a ditch, a dike ; a. digeach. 
Digeir, -ean, m. a ditcher ; digeireachd, his busi- 
Dile, f. heavy rain, a deluge ; a. dileach ; dil 
Dileab, -eib, -an, f. a legacy ; dileabach, a legatee. 
Dileabaiche, -ean, m. a testator. 
Dileag, -eig, -ean, f. a blossom, a flower ; a. dileag- 

Dileag, -eig, -an, f. a small quantity of liquor, a 

drop ; a. dileagach. 
Dileant, -a, a deep, profound, rainy. 
Dììeas, dìlse, dilsead, a. related, faithful. 
Dilinn, a. endless, forever, (di-linn.) 
Dilleachdan, -ain, -an, m. an orphan; a. dilleachd- 

Dìsìe, -ean, m. relationship, fidelity, friendship. 
Dilseachd, f. relationship, friendship, faithfulness. 
Dimios, m. contempt, disrespect ; a. dimiosail. 
Dimiilteach, -ich, m. a greedy beast that breaks 

Di-neart, -eirt, m. want of strength, imbecility. 
Dinn, or dhinn, comp. pron. faic dhiom. 
Dinn, -te, -eadh, a. v. press, cram, force down. 
Dinneadh, -idb, m. pressing. 

DIN— PFO. 133 

Dinnein, -ein, in. a small quantity, as of meal. 

Dinneir, dinnearach, -earan, -aichean, f. a dinner. 

Dinneir, -ean, m. a presser, a wedge. 

Dinnseir, m. ginger ; a, dinnseireach. 

Diobhuir, -te, -diobhuirt, a. v. vomit, throw up. 

Diòeail, -ladb, a. v. and n.v. lower, extinguish. 

Diog, -a. m. a syllable, life, breath. 

Diogail, -te, -ailt, -ladh, a.v. tickle. 

Diogailt, -e, f. tickling ; diogladh ; a. diogailteach, 

Diogan, -ain, m. revenge, spite ; a. diogantach. 

Dioluim, -te, -eadh, a, v. glean, cull ; diolam, glean- 

Diol, -te, -adh, a.v. pay. 

Dioladh, -aidh, m. paying. 

Dioladair, -ean, m. a payer.. 

Diolain, -e, a bastard, a. illegitimate ; diolan. 

Dioì-dèirc, -e, -ean, m. a beggar, an object of 

Diombach, -aiche, -ead, a. displeased, angry, dium- 

Diomb, m. hatred, disdain, dislike ; diunib. 

Diomain, -e, -ead, a. not lasting, transitory ; (di- 

Diomhain, -e, -ead, a. lazy, idle. 

Diomhair, -e, -ead, a. secret, private. 

Diomhaireachd, f. secrecy, mystery. 

Diomhairich, -te, -eachadh, a.v, secret, hide. 

Diomhanas, -ais, m. idleness, laziness. 

Diomoil, -te, -adh, a.v. dispraise, vilify, disparage. 

Diomoladh, -aidh, m. a dispraising, vilifying. 

Diomoltair, -ean, m. a dispraiser or disparager. 

Dionag, -aig r , -an, f. a two-year-old sheep or goat. 

Dion, -a ; m, protection, shelter. 

134 DIO DIT. 

Dion, -te, -adb, a. v. defend, protect, shelter. 
Dionaeh, -aiche, -ead, a. sheltered, water-tight. 
Dionachadh, or dionacbas, m. shelter, security. 
Dionadair, -ean, m. a protector, a defender. 
Dionadh, -aidh. m. protecting, sheltering, 
Dionaich, -te, -achadh, a v. make water-tight, 

Diong, -te, -adh, a.v. effect, match, concur, equal. 
Diongadh, -aidh, m. effecting, concuring ; a. dion- 

Diongmhail, or diongmhalta, a. perfect, effective. 
Diongmhaltas, -ais, m. perfectness, efficiency. 
Diosg, a. barren, dry, faic seasg. 
Diosg, m. any quantity of water, or liquor in a 

Diosgan, -ain, m. a creaking noise ; diosganaich. 
Diot, -a, -an, f. a meal of meat, dìot-mhòr, dinner. 
Dith, -eadh, n.v. die, perish, wither away. 
Direach, -iche, -ead, a. straight, perpendicular, just. 
Direachan, -ain, -an, m. a perpendicular. 
Dirich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. make straight, straighten. 
Dirich, -eadh, a.v. ascend, go up, scand, mount. 
Dis, -e, -ead, a. delicate in bearing cold, tender. 
Disne, -ean, m. a die, a cube ; a. disneach. 
Disnein, -ean, m. a die-box. 
Dit, -te, -eadh, a.v. condemn, reproach, rebuke. 
Diteadh, -idh, m. condemnation, sentencing. 
Dith, -f, f. want, deficiency, defect ; di. 
Dì-creìdimh, f. want of faith, infidelity. 
Di-cuimhne, or diochuimhne, f. forgetfulness. 
Dithein, -ean, m. a daisy, a blossom ; a. ditheineach. 
Dithich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. destroy, die, 

Dithis, a, two persons, a pair. 

DIT DLU. 135 

Dì-mill, -te, -eadh, a. v. destroy. 

Dithreabh, -eibh, f. a desert. 

Dithreabhach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a hermit. 

Diù, f. worth, value. 

Diù, m. the refuse of any thing-, the worst. 

Diùbhail, -alach, -an, -laiehean, loss, harm ; (di- 

Diùbhalach, -aiche, a. hurtful. [buil.) 

Diubhras, -ais, in. a difference ; a. diubhrasach. 

Diùc, -an, m. a duke; a. diùcail. 

Diùdan, -ain, m. a giddy person, giddiness. 

Diug, interj. a cry to gather hens. 

Diu, or diugh, and an diu, or an diugh, adv. to day. 

Diùd, -e, -ean, m. a giddy person, giddiness, silli- 

Diùdachd, f. silliness, bashfulness ; a. diùdaidh, 

Diùlnach. -aich, m. a hero; diulnas, heroism. 

Diùlt, diùlt, -adh, a. v. refuse. 

Diùltadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a refusal. 

Diùmbach, -aiche, -ead, a. displeased, angry. 

Diùmb, -a, m. hatred, displeasure. 

Diùghail, diùghladh, a.v. avenge. 

Diùghladair, -ean, m. an avenger. 

Diùghaltas, -ais, -an, m. revenge, requital ; (diù- 

Dleas, -an, m. duty, office ; a. dleasail. dutiful. 

Dleasalachd, f. dutifulness. 

Dleasnas, -ais, m. duty ; a. dleasnach. 

Dlighe, f. duty, law, ordinance, due ; a. dligheach. 

Dligheachas, -ais, m. duty, right ; a. dligheil. 

Dligheir, -ean, m. a lawyer, a creditor. 

Dlò, or dlòth, f. a handful of corn ; a. dlòthach. , 

Dlù, or dlùth, dluithe, -ead, a. nigh, near. 

Dlùitheachd, f. nearness, closeness. 

136 DLU — DOC. 

Dlùtbaich, -te, -thadh, a.v. approach, draw near, 

Dlùthadh, -aidh, m. a. joining, approaching, warp- 
Dlùthas, -ais, f. nearness, closeness ; dlùs. [iug* 
Dlù-ghleus, -eois, m. quick gesture or motion. 
Dlù-lean, -te, -ail, -tuinn, a.v. pursue closely. 
Do, prep. to. 

Do, sign of thejpreterite, as do bhuail, did strike. 
Do, poss. pron. thy, thine ; do lamh, your hand. 
Do, a negative particle, as, do-dhiante, impracticable. 
Dòbhairìh, -e, a. dreadful, awful ; (do-bhàigh.) 
Dòbheirt, -ean, f. a bad deed, wickedness, vice. 
Dòbheirteach, a. wicked, malicious, vicious. 
Dòbhliadhnach, -aich, m. a beast two years old. 
Dòbhran, -ain, m. an otter; a. dòbhranach, shy, 
Do-bhrigh, adv. for, because. [distant. 

Do-bhròn, -oin, great grief ; a. do-bhrònach. 
Docair, e, a. hard, grievous. 
Docha, a. comp. more dear or beloved. 
Dòcha, a. comp. more likely, more probable. 
Dochainn, -te. dochainneachadh, dochnadh, a.v. 

hurt, harm. 
Dochair, -e, -ean, f. hurt, harm; (do-char.) 
Dochaireach, -iche, a hurtful ; also docharach. 
Dochartas, -ais, m. sickness j_a-. dochartach. 
Dòchas, -ais, m. hope, confidence; a. dòchasach. 
Dòchasach, -aiche, a. curious, droll, odd. 
Docheannsaichte, a. unmanageable. 
Dochiosnaichte, a. insuperable, indefatigable. 
Dochlaoidhte, a. untameable, ungovernable. 
Dochomhairlichte, a, incorrigible, unadvisable. 
Dochrach, -aiche, a. wrong, hurtful; docharach. 
Do dh', prep, used before a vowel or fh, as do dh' 

fhear, to a man. 

DQF — DOI. 137 

Do-fhaicinneach, a. hard to be seen, invisible. 

Do-fhulangach, a. intolerable. 

Do-gbnà, adv. always ; also a gnà, 

Docheall, -eill, m. inhospitableness, refusing. 

Docheallach, -aiche, a inhospitable, churlish. 

Dòid, -e, -ean, f. the hand : a. dòideach, handed, 

Dòid-gheal, -iJe, a. white handed. 

Dòigh, -e, -ean, f. way, method, state ; a. dòigheil. 

Dòighealachd, f. metbodiousness, adjustment. 

Dòilichinn, f. a deluge of rain. 

Doille, f. blindness ; faic dall. 

Doilleir, -e, a. dark, obscure ; doilleireachd, dark- 

Doilleirich, -te, eachadh, a.v. and n.v. darken, 
make dark. 

Doimh, -e, a. gross, unshapely. 

Doimhne, f. the deep, the sea, depth ; doimhneachd . 

Doimhnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. deepen, make deep. 

Doimheamh, -eimhe, a. vexed, grieved, sad. 

Doimheadas, -ais, m. grief, vexation. 

Doinionn, -inn, f. a storm, a tempest, (don-shian.) 

Doinionnach, -aiche, tempestuous, stormy. 

Do-innste, a. unutterable, inexpressible. 

Do-iomcharach, -aiche, a. intolerable. 

Doirbeag, -eig, -ean, f. a small fish, a minnow. 

Doirbh, -e, »ead, a. rough, peevish, hard, difficult. 

Doirbheadas, doirbhead, or doirbhe, roughness. 

Doirbheag, -eig, -ean, f. a peevish woman. 

Doirbhein, -ean, m. a churl. 

Doirbheineachd, doirbheas, churlishness. 

Doire. -eachan, m. a grove, a thicket ; a. doireachu 

Doirionn, -inn, an, f. a storm, (doirbh-shian.) 

Doirionnach, -aiche, a. stormy, tempestuous. 

138 DOI — DON. 

Doirionnachd, f. tempestuousness ; a. doirionnta. 
Dòirlinn, -e, -ean, f. an isthmus; a. ilòirlinneaeh. 
Dòirneag, -eig, -an, f. a round &tone that fills the 

Dòirneagach, -aiche, a. full of round stones. 
Dòirt, -te, dòrtadh, a.v. spill, shed, rush out. 
Dòirte, pret. part, spilled ; a. dòirteach, dòirteil. 
Dòite, a. singed ; faic dàite. 
Do-labhairt, or do-labhrach ; a. unspeakable. 
Dolaidh, f. harm, loss, damage; a. dolach. 
Dòlamhach, or dàlamhach, a. using both hands 

Dòias, -ais, -an, m. woe, grief, pain ; a. dòlasach. 
Dòlasachd, f. torment, pain, sadness (clo-shòlas.) 
Dolasair, -srach, -sraichean, f. a destructive flame. 
Do-leas, rather doileas, -eis, m. mischief, hurt. 
Doleasaichte, a. irreparable, incurable. 
Do-leaghasach, a. irremediable, doleighiseach. 
Do-lèirsinneach, a. invisible. 
Dòìum, -uim, m. murmuring, rigidness; a. dòlum- 

Domail, -e, m. hurt, harm. 

Dom, -uim, m. gall ; and domblas, gall, choler. 
Domblasachd, f. bitterness, choler; a. domblasach. 
Domhail, -la, a. thick, bulky, corpulent. 
Domhain, -oimhne, a. deep, profound, (do-mhàin.) 
Domhan, -ain, in. the universe, the world. 
Domhladas, -ais, m. thickness, bulk. 
Domhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. thicken, crowd. 
Dòrnhnach, -aich, m. Sunday. 
Do-mhuinte, a. untractable, unlearned. 
Don, -a, m. evil, want, badness; a. dona, (do- 

Donad> -aid, m. badness, anddonadas. 

DON — DOR. 189 

Donas, -ais, -an, m. the devil, mischief, hurt. 

Donasan, -ain, -an, m. a little devii, or mischief, 

Dongaidh, -e, a. moist, humid. 

Donn, duinne, duinnead, a. brown, surly. 

Donn, -te, -adh, a v, and n.v. make brown, grow 

brown ; donnaich. 
Donnag, -aig, -an, f. a small brown fish. 
Donnal, -ail, -an^ m. the barking or howling of a 

Donnalaich, m. barking, howling. 
Donnalaich, -aladh, a. v. howl. 
Do-roinnte, a. indivisible, 
Dorannsuichte, a. inscrutable, unsearchable. 
Dorbh, -oirbh, -uirbh, m. a hand-line for fishing. 
Dorcha,duirche,dorchad, duirchead, a. dark, black. 
Dorchadas, -ais, m. darkness, mysteriousness. 
Dorchaich,-te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. darken, grow 

Do-rèiteachas, -ais, m. irreconcilableness. 
Do-rèitichte, a irreconcilable, implacable. 
Do-rèir, air-rèir, a-rèlr, prep, according to. 
Do-riaraichte, a. insatiable, 'ungovernable. 
Dòrlaeh, -aich, m. a handful, a quiver of arrows. 
Dòrn, -ùirn, pi, dùirn, m. a fist, a blow with the 

fist, a hilt. 
Dòrn, -te, adh, a.v. thump with the fists. 
Dòrnach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to fists. 
Dòrnadh, -aidh, m. a thumping with the fists. 
Dòrnan, -ain, -an, m. a little fist ; a. dòrnanach. 
Dòrn-gheal, -ile, a. white-handed. 
Dorra, comp. of duilich, more difficult. 
Dorradas, -ais, m. difficulty, hardship. 
Dorran,-ain,-an,m. vexation, anger; a. dorranach. 
Dorrannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, vex, grieve. 

140 DOR — DRA. 

Dorsair, -ean, m. a door-keeper, a porter ; dorsair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Dòruinn, -e, f. pain, torment; a. dòruinneacb. 
Dòruinneachd, f. torment; (do-ruinn.) 
Dorus, -uis, -san, m. a door, an opening, a gate. 
Dorus-luthainn, or -luthaidh, m. a folding door. 
Dos, -uis, -an, m. a bush, a tuft, a forelock, a drone. 
Dosach, a. full of tufts or bushes ; or the drones of 

bagpipes. fach. 

Dosan, -ain, -an, m. a little tuft, a topee ; a. dosan- 
Dosgaidh, -aighean, f. a misfortune ; (do-sgath.) 
Dosguinn, -ean, f. a misfortune; (do-ghùin.) 
Do-sgairte, a. inseparable. 
Dosgach, -aiche, -ead, a. unfortunate ; dosguinne- 

Do-sgrudaidh, -e, a. unsearchable. 
Do-sheachnach, -aiche, a. inevitable. 
Do-smachdach, -aiche, a. ungovernable. 
Dosrach, -aiche, a. bushy, branchy. 
Dosraich, -e, f. luxuriousness of tufts, or branches,, 
Dòth, dòite, dòthadh, a. v. singe, scorch, burn. 
Dòdhadh, -aidh, m. singing, scorching; a. dòthach. 
Do-uair, -e, -ean, bad weather, a storm. 
Drabach, -aiche, a. dirty, nasty. 
Drabag, -aig, -an, f. a dirty woman ; m. drabaire. 
Drabasda, a. obscene, filthy. 
Drabasdachd, f. obscenity of language. 
Dràdhach, -aiche, a. diverging, fissured, rifted. 
Dràbhag, -aig, -Bn, f. dregs ; a. dràbhagach. 
Drabhas, -ais, -an, m. dirtiness, foul weather. 
Drabhasach, -aiche, a. dirty, foul. 
Dràc, dràic, -an, m. a drake ; a. dràcach# 
Dragh, -e, m. annoyance, trouble; a. draghail. 
Dragh, a.v. draw. 

DRA — DRE. 141 

Dragbalachd ; f. troublesomness ; a. draghalach, 

Draghair, -ean, m. a puller, a drawer. 
Draghaireachd, f. drawing, pulling. 
Dragon, rather dreugon, -oin, -an, m. a dragon. 
Droighionn, rather dreighionn, -inn, -an, m. a 

Draoighneach, -ich, f. a heap of thorns or sticks. 
Dram, -a, -achan, -an, m. a dram ; a. dramach. 
Drannd, -a, -an, f. a syllable, a word. 
Dranndail, -e, f. grumbling, snarling. 
Dranndan, -ain, m. growling, snarling. 
Dranndanaeh, a. murmuring, complaining. 
Dranndanich, or dranndanachd, f. grumbling. 
Drannadh, -aidh, -aidhean, in. grinning. 
Draoi, -thean, m. a magician, a druid. 
Draoitheachd, f. sorcery; a. draoitheach. 
Draoluinn, -e, f. any thing drawling. 
Draosdachd, f. obscene words ; a. draosda. 
Draosdail, -aile, a. obscene, smutty. 
Dràsda, adv. now ; an dràsd. 
Dràthas, rather dreathais, -e, -ean, f. a pair of 

Dreach, -te, -adh, a.v, figure, shape ,deliuiate, adorn. 
Dreach, -a^-an, m. appearance, figure ; a. dreachail. 
Dreachadan, -ain, -an, m. a mould ; a. dreachadan- 
Dreachalachd, f. comliness ; a. dreachor. [ach. 
Dreuchd, rather driaehd, m. office, occupation. 
Dreag, -eig, -an, f. a meteor ; (draoi-eug.) 
Dreall, -ill m. a door bar ; a. dreallach. 
Dreallag, -aig, *an, f. a swinging rope for play. 
Dream, m. people, a distorted mouth. 
Dreamach, -aiche, a. grinning, snarling, peevish. 
Dreamachd, f. peevishness ; dreamaiche. 


142 DRE — DRI. 

Dreamag, -aig, -an, f. a peevish woman. 
Dream-chraos, -aois, m. a distorted mouth. 
Dreamlainneaeh, -aiche, a. peevish, morose. 
Dreatnlain, -e, f. snarling, grumbling. 
Dreamasgal, -ail, m. a heterogenous mass. 
Dreaghan, rather dreighionn, -inn, m. a thorn. 
Dreathan, -ain, m. a wren ; dreathan-donn. 
Dreighionn, -inn, m. a thorn. 
Di èin, -e, ~ean, f. a grin ; a. drèineach. 
Drèineag, -eig, f. a grinning female. 
Dreòcham, -aim, m. the crying of deer. 
Dreòllan, -ain, -an, m. a wren, a dwarf; rather 

Dreòs, -eois, m. a blaze; a. dreòsach. 
Driachan, -ain, m. plodding, working weakly, 
Driachanachd,f. plodding, botching; a.driachanach. 
Driamlach, -aich, -aichean, f. a fishing line, a tall 

Drill, -e, f. a shining drop, a spark ; a. drilleach. 
Drilleanach, a. shining, sparkling; (drill.) 
Driodar, -air, m. lees, mishap; a. driodarach. 
Driod-fhortan, -ain, m. mishap; a. driod-fhortan- 

Driog, -a, -an, m. a drop ; a. driogach, dropping 

Driogachd, f. distillation. 
Dri<gaire, -ean, m. a distiller. 
Driongan, -ain, m. slowness ; a. drionganach. 
Drionganachd, f. slowness, tardiness. 
Driopail, -e, a. hurried, rather dripeil. 
Drip, e, f. hurry, haste ; a. dripeil. 
Dris, -e, -ean, f. a thorn, a brier; a. driseach. 
Dristag, -eig, -an, f. a little thorn ; a. driseagach. 
Drisearnach, -aich, f. a place where thorns grow. 

DRI — DRO. 143 

Driùchd, -an, m. dew; driichd. 

Driùchdail, or driùchdach, a. dewy. 

Driug, -a, -an, f. a meteor; rather dreag. [ach. 

Dròbh, -òibh, -an, m. a drove of cattle ; a. dròbh- 

Dròbhair, -ean, m. a drover; dròbhaireachd, his 

Droch, a. bad, wicked, evil. 

Droch-abhaist, a bad custom. 

Drochaid, -e, -ean, f. a bridge ; (droch-àite.) 

Drochaideach, a. full of bridges. 

Droch-ainm, m. a bad name. 

Droch-bhuil, f. an improper disposal. 

Droch-bharail, f. a bad opinion. 

Droch-bhàs, m. a bad death ; also, an imprecation. 

Drochbheirt, f. a bad deed, evil, wickedness. 

Droch-bhiaiach, a. foul-mouthed. 

Droch- bheus, m. bad behaviour. 

Droch-caidreamh, m. evil communication. 

Droch-cainnt, f. bad language. 

Droch-comhairle, f. bad advice. 

Droch-comhail, f. a bad omened meeting, an im- 

Droch-cuimhneachan, m. a bitter remembrance. 

Droch-dhiol, m. bad treatment, an imprecation. 

Droch- fhacal, m. a bad word. 

Droch-ghuidhe, m. a curse, an imprecation. 

Droch-iomradh, m. an evil report. 

Droch-mhios, m. a bad opinion, disregard. 

Drochmheinn, f. ill-will, malice. 

Drochmheinneach, a. malicious. 

Droch-mhisneach, f. pusillanimity. 

Droch-nòsach, a. immoral. 

Droch-obair, f a bad work, a bad job. 

Droch-riaghladh, m. bad management. 
G 4 

144 DRO — DRU. 

Droch-rùn, m. ill-will, malice. 
Broch-sgeul, m. a bad account or report. 
Drocb-shùil, f. an evil eye. 
Droch-spiorad, m. an evil spirit. 
Droch-theanga, f. a bad tougue. 
Droch-thuairisgeul, m. an evil report, 
Droch-thuar, m. a bad appearance. 
Drocbuair, or san drochuair, m. in an evil hour. 
Drògaid, -e, -ean, f. drugget cloth of lint and 

Droineach, -iche, a. ragged 
Droing, -e, in. people, folks, persons. 
Droinip, -e, f. canvas, sails, tackle. 
Drola, -achan, f. a pot-hook ; a. drolach. 
Drolabhais, -e, -ean, f. unnecessary lumber. 
Droll, -uill, -an, m. a door bar, a tail, a sluggard. 
Drollaire, -ean, m. a sluggard, drollaireachd, his 

Droman, -ain, -an, m, a little hill, or eminence. 
Dromanach, -aiche, a. full of eminences. 
Drongair, -ean, m. a drunkard ; drongaireach'd, 

his trade. 
Drorm, -uinn, f. the rump, the back; a. dronach. 
Dronuag, -aig, -an, f. a small height, or back. 
Dronuagacb, -aiche, a. full of heights, or backs. 
Drùbag, -aig, -an, f. a little meuthful of liquid. 
Druablaich, -aich, f. muddy water, lees ; druablr.s. 
Druaip, -e, f. lees, dregs ; a. druaipeil. 
Druaipeir, -ean, m. a tippler, druaipeireachd, his 

Drùp, f. a wink, as of sleep ; a. drùbanta, drowsy. 
Drùb-shuileach, a. sleepy-eyed. 
Druid, -te, eadh, a.v. shut closely, advance, join. 
Diuid, -e, -ean, f. a stariling ; dim, druideag. 

DRU — DUA. 145 

Drùigh, -te, drùghadh, a.v. penetrate, drop. 
Drùghadh, -aidh, m. penetrating, oozing. 
Drùigheil, -e, a. penetrating, drùighteach, drùigte. 
Druim, droma, dromannan, m. a back, a hill, a 

roof, a keel. 
Druimfhionn, a. white backed. 
Druimneach, a. full of eminences, or backs. 
Druinnein,-ean,m. a little back ; a. druinneineach. 
Drùis, -e, f. lust, perspiration ; a. drùiseil, drùise- 

Drùisealachd, f. lewdness, perspiration. 
Drùiseir, -ean, m. a fornicator, di ùiseireachd, his 

Drùis-thigh, m. a brothel, drùis-lann. 
Drumon, -ain, m. a boortree, a little back. 
Drum, -a, -achan, -aichean, f. a drum ; a. drum- 

Drumair, -ean, m. a drummer; drumaireachd, 

his trade. 
Dù, a. meet, proper, just, hereditary. 
Duaisnich,-te, -eachadh, a.v. make ugly, disfigure. 
Duaichnidh, -e, -ead, a. ugly, horrid, gloomy. 
Duaisneachd, f. ugliness, horridness. 
Duaidh, -e, -ean, f. a horrid scene, a battle. 
Duairc, f. a vice, an evil, (do-shuairc.) 
Duais, -e, -ean, f. a reward, a prize; a. duaiseach. 
Dual, duail, dualan, f. a plait, a lock of hair. 
Dualach, a. full of plaits or locks, hereditary. 
Dual, -te, -adh, a.v. plait, fold. 
Dualadair, -ean, m. a plaiter, dualadaireachd, his 

Dual, m. an hereditary quality ; is dual da sid. 
Dualan, -ain, -an, m. a small lock ; a. dualanach. 
Dualachas, -as, m. hereditary disposition. 
G 5 

146 DUA DUB. 

Duan, -uain, pi. duain, m. a song, a poem, or ode. 

Duanach, a. of or belonging to odes or songs. 

Duanag, -aig, -an, f. a little song; a. duanagaeh. 

Duanaire. -ean, m. a songster, a bard, 

Duanaireachd, f. chanting, rhyming. 

Duarman, -ain, -an, a murmur; a. duarmanach. ' 

Duarmanaicb, f. murmuring, grumbling. 

Diibail, -te, -ladh, a.v. double. 

Dùbailteachd, f, dissimulation, duplicity. 

Dubh, duibhe, -ead, a. black, dark, ink. 

Dubh. -te, -adh, a.v. blacken, blot out. 

Dubhag, -aig, -an, f. a deep, or dark pool. 

Dubhagan, -ain, m. the deepest part of a pool or 

Dubhach, -aiche, a. sad, sorrowful, melancholy. 

Dubhachas, -ais, m. grief, sorrow. 

Dubhailc, -e, -ean, f. a vice ; a. dubhailceach, vi- 

Dubhailteach, -iche, a. sorrowful, sad ; s. also. 

Dubhairt, pret. of abair, said, rather thuirt. 

Dubhan, -ain, -an, m. a fishing hook, a claw ; a*. 

Dubhar, -air, m. a shade, darkness; a. dubharaoh. 

Dubharachd, f. shade, darkness. 

Dubhairidh, f. a dowry ; (dù-airidh.) 

Dubh-bhlianaeh, -aicb, f. meagre or lean flesh. 

Dubh-breac, -brie, m. a black trout, a large trout. 

Dubh-bhròn, -ain, m. deep sorrow; a?dubh-bhròn- 

Dubh-chaile, -ean, f. a scullion, a girl of low situ- 

Dubh-chlèin, -e, -ean, f. the flank, the spleen. 

Dubhdhearg, -eirge, a. deep red. 

Dubh-dhonn, -uinne, a. dark brown. 

DUB — DUI. 147 

Dubhfhacal, -ail, m. a parable, a riddle, a. dark 

Dubh-ghalar, -air, m. a disease in catt!e. [word, 

Dubh-ghall, -aill, m. a real lowlander. 

Dubhghlac, -aic, f. a dark valley. 
..Dubhghlas, -aise, a. dark grey. 

Dubhghorm, -uirme, a. dark blue. 

Dubh-ghràin, -e, f. extreme disgust. 

Dubh-là, m. a day of trial or temptation, a dark 

Dubhlaidh, -e, a. gloomy, s. a storm, winter. 

Dubhlacbd, or dùlachd, or dùldachd, winter, a 

Dubhlan, -ain, m. a defiance, a challenge. 

Dublanacbd, s. defiance; a. dublanacb. 

Dublanaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. defy, challenge. 

Dubh-liath, -a, f. the spleen. 

Dube-liath, -èithe, a. dark grey. 

Dubhlosgadh, -aidh, m. great burning. 

Dubh-neul, -eoil, m. a dark cloud. 

Dubh-ogha, m. the great grandson's grandson. 

Dùbhra, or duibbre, or dùbbradh, m. shade, dark- 
ness; a. dùbhraeh. 

Dubh-ruadh, -uaidhe, a. dark red. 

Dubh-shuileach, -icbe, a. black-eyed. 

Dùblaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. double. 

Dùdach, -aich, -ean, f. a sounding horn. 

Dùdag, -aig t , -an, f. a little sounding horn. 

Dùdaire, -ean, m. a trumpeter. 

Dùd, -irid, m. a word, a sound ; rather dùrd. 

D ùdai reach d, f. the noise of horns or trumpets. 

Dùdan, -ain, m. dust, as mill dust, &c. 

Duibh, prep, conjoined with pers. pron. to you, 
i.e do-sibh. 

Duibhe, f. blackness, compr. of dubh. 
!f G 6 

148 DUI— DUR. 

Duibhre, f. darkness, shade; duibhreas. 

Duil, -e, -ean, f. hope, expectation, an element. 

Dùileach, -iche, a. elemental. 

Duileasg, -isg, m. dilse, tangle, (duill-iasg.) 

Duilich, -lghe, -uilead, a. difficult, sad, grieved. 

Duilghe, duilgheadas, or duilichinn, sadness, grief. 

Dùilinn, pi. the elements, or dùilinnean, 

Duille, -ean, f. a sheath, a leaf; a. duilleach, 

Duilleag, -eig, -ean, f. a little leaf; a. duilleagach. 

Duilleag-bhàite, f. the white water lily. 

Duillich, -te, -eachadh, n v. sprout, put forth leaves. 

Dùin, -te, -adh, a. v. shut, close. 

Duine^l. daoine, m. a man; a. duineil, manly. 

Duineachan, -ain, m. a little man, a manikin. 

Duinealas, duineadas, duinealachd, manliness. 

Dùire, dùiread, f. obstinacy; faic dur. 

Duirt, said, faic, abair. 

Dùiseal, -eil, m. a slumber, drowsiness. 

Dùisealan, pi. pretences, dissimulation. 

Dùisg, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. awake, rouse. 

Dula, -achan, f. a noose, a loop ; a. dulach. 

Dùlach, dùlachd, dùldachd, winter, gloom. 

Dùldaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. darken, make, gloomy. 

Dùldaidh, -e, a. wintry, gloomy. 

Dun, -uin, m. a heap, a hill, a castle ; dim. dunan. 

Dunach, -aich, f. woe, disaster. 

Dùr, -uire, dùiread, a. stubborn, obstinate. 

Dùrachd, f. earnestness, good-will, luck-penny. 

Dùrachdach, -aiche, a. earnest. (Dùr-achd.) 

Dùradan, -ain, -an, m. a mote, an atom ; a. dùr- 

Dùraig, -te, -acuinn, -aigeadh, a. v. wish, desire. 
Dùrantachd, f. obstinacy, stiffness. 
Dùr-bhodach, -aich, m. a stiff old man. 

DUR — EA. 149 

Durcais, -e, -pan, f. pincers, nippers; a. durcais- 

Dùr-chluasach, a. hard of hearing. [each. 

Dùr-chridheach, a- hard-hearted. 

Dùrd, ùird, m. a word, a syllable, a sound. 

Durdail, or dùrdanaieh, the black cock's note, mur- 

Dùrdan, -ain, m. a humming noise ; a. dùrdanach, 

Durganta, a. surly, grumbling. 

Durrag, -aig, -an, f. a worm, a maggot j a. durag- 

Durrgail, e, f. the cooing of a dove, or black cock. 

Dùrranra, a. stiff, obstinate. (Dùr.) 

Dursann, -ainn, -an, m. mishap, unluckiness. 

Dus, -uis. m. dust ; a. dustach, dustail. 

Dusan, -ain, -an, m. a dozen ; a. dusanach. 

Duslach, or duslainn m. dust; a. duslacbail, dus- 

Dùth, or dù, -e, a. natural, hereditary ; faic dù, 

Dùthaich, dùcha, dùchannan, f. a country. (Dù- 

Dùchas, -ais, m. any thing natural, hereditary. 

Dùcbasach, -aiche, a. natural, hereditary. 

Duchasachd, f. any thing hereditary. 


E, the fifth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 
E! an interjection of surprise. 
E, pers. pron. he, him, or it. 

Ea, a prefix, of the same import as un or in, in 
English ; it takes different forms, as eag, eu, eas. 

150 EAB — EAD. 

Eabair, -te, -bradh, a. v. besmear, dab with mud. 

Eabar, -air, in. mud, mire ; a. eabrach. 

Eabha, Eve, f. the first woman ; rather Eò, or 

Eabon, -oin, m. ebony ; a. eabonach. [Eubh. 

Eabur, -uir, -m. ivory ; a. eaburach. 

Each, -eich, pi. eich, dat. eachaibh, m. a horse ; a. 

Eachalachd, f. brutality ; a. eachail. 

Eachan, -ain, -an, m. a little horse ; a. eachanach. 

Each-chir, -e, -ean, f. a horse-comb. 

Eachdaireachd, f. history, chronicle. 

Eachdraiche, -e, -ean, m. an historian. 

Each-lèigh. -e, -ean, m. a farrier. 

Each-lèigheas, -is, m. the veterinary art. 

Eachdruidh, pi. horses, cavalry, a stud of horses. 

Eachrais, -e, f. confusion, bustle ; a. eachraiseach. 

Eadailt, f. Italy ; Eadailteach, an Italian. 

Eadar, prep, between, betwixt. 

Eadar-dhà lionn, adv. between sinking and swim- 

Eadarchur, -uir, f. an interjection, [ m g< 

Eadardhealaehadh, -aidh, m. a distinction, a differ- 

Eadardhealaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. distinguish, y se~ 

Eadarf hrasach, a. between showers. [parate. 

Eadarghearradh, -aidh, m. a separation, a divorce. 

Eadarghuidhe, m. intercession. 

Eadarghuidheir, -ean, m. an intercessor. 

Eadarmhiadhoin, m. middle, mediation. 

Eadarmhiadhonair, -ean, m. a mediator. 

Eadarmiadhonaireachd, f. mediation. 

Eadarmhinich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. interpret, tran- 

Eadarmhinichear, or eadarmhiniche, m. an inter- 

EAD — EAG. 151 

Eadarsgaradh, -aidh, f. a separation, a divorce. 

Eadarsgarachduinn, -e, -ean, f. a separation or di- 

Eadarshoillse, f. the twilight ; a. eadarshoillseach. 

Eadarshoillsich, -te, -eachadh, n.v. glimmer, shine 

Eadartheangaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. interpret. 

Eadartheangachadh, -aidh, m. interpretation, ver^ 
si on. 

Eadartheangachd, f. interpretation, translation. 

Eadartheangair, or eadartheangachair, m. an in- 

Eadartheangaireachd, f. interpretation, translation. 

Eadarthireacb, a. Mediterranean. 

Eadarthrà, rather eadradh, m. milking time. 

Eadarmi, eadarthu, eadare, eadari, eadaruinn, 
eadaruibh, eatorra, prep, conjoin with hers. pron. 
between me, &c. 

Eadh, adv. yes, yea, so ; as an eadh ? is it so ? 

Eadha, -an, m. the name of the letter E, an aspen 

JEadhall, --ail], pi. èidhlean, f. a burning coal, ra- 
ther èibheall, dim. èibhleag. 

Eadhon, adv. to wit, namely, Irish, improper 

Eadradh, -aidh, m. milking time. 

Eadraig, -te, -raginn, a.v. interpose, seperate. 

Eag, -eig, -an, f. a nick, a hack, a notch ; a. eag- 

Eagaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. notch, hack, mark with 

Eagal, -ail, m. fear, fright ; a. eaglach. 

Eagar, -air, m. order, a class, a row; a. eagarrach. 

Eagarraich, -te, -achach, a.v. set in order, digest. 

152 EAG — J3ÀN. 

Eagarra, a. exact, precise, methodical. 

Eaglais, -e, -ean, f. a church ; a. eaglaiseach, eag- 

Eagnachd, f. wisdom, prudence ; also eagnadh. 
Eagnaidh, or eagnaidheach, a. wise, prudent. 
JEagnaidheackd, f. wisdom, prudence, exactness, 
èarrlinn, -e, -ean, f. a keel, a bottom, an end. 
Eala, -achan, f. a swan ; a. ealach. 
Ealachuinn, -e, -ean, f. a stand to lay a gun upon, 

an armoury. 
Ealaidh, -te, -ladh, n.v. creep; rather ialaidh. 
Ealag, -aig, -an, f. a little swan, a block ; a. eal- 

Ealaidh, -e ; ean, f. an ode, a song, music, art. 
Ealaineach, -iche, a.- musical, artificial; ealanta. 
Ealamh, -aimhe, a, quick, nimble. 
Ealantas, -ais, m. art, readiness ; also ealantachd. 
Ealbhuidh, -e, -ean, an herb called the St. John's 

Ealain, -e, -ean, f. art, science, skill; a. ealanach. 
Eallachan, -ain, -an, m. a little burden. 
Eallach, -aich, pi. -an, -aichean, m. a burden. 
Eallchail, -e, a. burdensome, heavy, cumbersome. 
Ealt, or ealta, pi. ealtan, f. a covey of birds. 
Ealtuinn, -e ; -ean, f. birds, a flock of birds, (ealt- 

Ealtuinn, e, -ean ; f. a razor ; a. ealtuinneach. 
Eanachainn, -e, -ean, m. the brain ; a. eanachain- 

Eanach, -aich, m. praise, renown. 
Eang, -a, -an, f. a leg, a shirt ; a. eangach, swift. 
Eangag, -aig, -an, f. a little leg ; eangagach. 
Eangarrachd, f. swiftness, agility; a. eangarra. 
Eanglas, -ais, f. gruel, rather eanaghlas. 

EAN — EAR. 153 

Eantag, -e, -ean, f. nettles, rather deanntag. 

Eanraich, -e, -ean, f. flesh soup, rather eanaraich. 

Ear, f. the east, easterly, eastward. 

Earail, -ealach, -aichean, f. an exhortation. 

Earailteach, -iche, a. exhorting, provident, cau- 

Earal, -ail, in. provision, caution ; a. earalach, 

Earalaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. exhort, caution. 

Earalaiche. -ean, m. an exhorter. 

Earalas, -ais, m. provision, caution ; a. earalasach. 

Earar, i.e. an earar, adv. the day after to-morrow. 

Earair, -te, eararadh, a. v. perch or dry corn. 

Earasaid, -e, -ean, f. a woman's plaid or clothes. 

Earb. -te, -sa, -adh, a. v. and n.v. trust, hope, con- 

Earb, -an, -aichean, f. a roe, a. earbach. [fide. 

Earbag, -aig, -ean, f. a little roe; a. earbagach. 

Earbsa, f. hope, confidence; a. earbsaeh. 

Earbsalachd, f'. confidence, trust ; a. earbsail. 

Earrchall, -aill, m. loss of cattle; a. earrchallach, 

Earlaid, -e, -ean, f. dependence, expectation, land. 

Earlas, -ais, m. an earnest, an earnest penny. 

Earnach, -aich, f. a disease in cattle. 

Earr, -a, -an, m. the tail of a fish, a bottom, an 

Earrach, -aich, m. the bottom of a dish, spring. 

Earradh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. dress, clothing. 

Earradhubh, -uibh, m. the wane of the moon, 

Earraghloir, f. bold or taunting language. 

Earraid, -ean, m. a king's messenger or officer. 

Earraideach, -iche, a. of or belonging to messengers. 

Earraig, -e, -ean, f. a shift; a. earraigeach. 

Earrann, -ainn, an, f. a share, a portion. 

154? EAR — EAT. 

Earrannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, share, divide, por- 

Earraball, -aill,m. a tail, (earr-ball) a. earrballach. 

Earrannaiche, -ean, m. a divider, a sharer. 

Earras, -ais, -an, m. riches, care ; a. earrasach. 

Earrgheal, -ile, -an, f. the bird pygarg. 

Earrghobhlach, a. fork-tailed. 

Earr-ite, -ean, f. a tail feather ; a. earr-iteach. 

Easag, -aig, -an, f. a pheasant ; a. easagach. 

Easan, -ain, -an, m. a little cascade, thin gruel. 

Easaontachd, or easaonachd, f. disagreement, dis- 

Easaanta, f. dissention, disagreement; a. easaon- 

Easaontaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. disagree, discord. 

Easaontas, -ais, m. disobedience, trespass. 

Easubh, -e, -ean, f. want, defect, (eas-bhuidh.) 

Easbhuidheach, a. wanting, deficient. 

Easbuig, -ean, m. a bishop ; a. easbuigeach. 

Easbuigeachd, f. episcopacy, a bishopric. 

Eascairdeas, -eis, m. enmity; a. eascairdeach. 

JSascaraid, -cairdean, m. an adversary. 

Easgaid, -e, -ean, f. a hough, a thigh ; a. easgaid- 

Easgann, -ainn, -an, f. an eel ; a. easgannach. 

Easlaint, -e, -tean. f. sickness; a. easlainteach. 

Easradh, -aidh, m. bedding for cattle. 

Easraich, -e, -ean, f. the boiling of water of a 

Easurram, -aim, m. disrespect ; a. easurramach. 

Easurramaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. dishonour. 

EasuiTamachd, f. dishonour, disrespect. 

Eathar, -air, -thraichean, m. a boat. 

Eatorrachj -aiche ; a, barren. 

EAT — EIL. 155 

Eatorras, -ais, m. middling, mediocrity. 

Eatorra, between them, faiceadarmi, &c. 

Eatròcraeh, -aiche, a. unmerciful. 

èibh, -e, -ean, f. a cry. 

èibhneachd, f. joyfulness; a. èibhinn, èibhneach. 

èibhneas, -ais, m. joy, gladness ; a. èibhinneach. 

èibheall, èibhle, èibhlean, f. a live coal ; a. èibh- 

èibhleag, -eig, -an, f. a small coal, 
èid, -te, -eadh, a.v. dress, cloth, 
èide, (or èideadh, -idh) -ean, m. clothing, armour. 
Eidhionn, -inn, f. ivy ; a. eidhionnach. 
Eifeachd, f, effect ; a. eifeachdach. 
èigeantas, -ais, m. necessity. 
Eighe, f. ice, rather deigh. 
èigh, -te, èigheach, a.v. shout, cry. 
Eighe, eachan, f. a file, 
èigh, -e, -ean, f. a cry, a shout, 
èigheach, -ich, -ichean, a cry ; a. èigheach. 
Eigin, pron. indefinite, some, as cuid-eigin, some 

èigin, or èiginn, f. force, violence, a rape ; èiginn- 

èigneach, or èìginneach, a. necessary, violent, 
èignich, -te, -neachadh, a.v. force, compel. 
èilgeag,-eig,-an, f. a young hind or roe ; a. èilgeag- 

Eile, pron. other, another, the other, 
èileadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a kilt, a plaid of a man; 

Eileach, -ich, m. a mill dam. 

Eilein, -ean, m. an island, manners; a. eileineach. 
Eilthir, -ean, f. another- country ; a. eilthireach, a 


156 EIL — EIS. 

Eilgh, -te, -eadh, a. v. plough for a second plough- 
ing; fach, [Scot.] 

Eilid, èilde, èildean, f. a she hind ; a. èildeach. 

èillteil, -e, -eile, a, horrid, dreadful; oillteil. 

èillteir, -ean, m. an elder, èillteireachd, his trade. 

Eilthire, f. a foreign coast or land. 

èilltich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. terrify, be 

Eirbheirt, -e, f. any thing done hastily, or by force. 

èire, or èireadh, f. frost, a burden ; a. èireach, 

Eireachd, f. elegance, beauty ; a. eireachdail. 

Eireachdas, -ais, m. elegance, handsomeness. 

Eireag, -eig, -an, f. a young hen ; a. eireagach. 

Eiriceachd, f. heresy ; eiriceach, a heretic. 

èirich. èirigh, a.v. and n.v. rise, get up, rouse. 

Eirignich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. cherish, nurse; eiri- 

èirig, -e, -ean, f. a ransom ; a. èirigeach. 

èirionnach, -aich, m. a castrated goat, an Irishman. 

èirneis, f. furniture ; a. èirneiseach, airneis. 

Eirmis, -te, eirmis, a.v. find out, hit. 

Eirthir, -e, -ean, f. sea coast ; eirthireach. 

èis, -e, -ean, f. hindrance, delay; a. èiseil, èiseach. 

èisd, -te, -eachd, a.v. hear, listen, take no heed. 

èisdeachd, f. hearing, confession ; èisdeir, a hearer. 

èisg, -e, -ean, m. f. a satirist; also èisgeir. 

eisgealachd, or èisgeachd, f. satire ; a. èisgeil, 

Eismail, -lach, -laiehean, f. a bias or partiality. 

Eismaileach, -iche, a. dependent, biased. 

Eisir, -ean, f. an oyster ; a. eisireach. 

èislein, m. hindrance, grief; a. èisleineacb. 

Eislinn, -ean, f. boards under a corpse, a shroud. 

KIT EUC. 157 

èiteag. -eig, f. a white pebble, a fair maid ; a. eiteag- 

Eite, -ean, f. an unhusked ear of corn ; a. eiteach. 
Eitich, -te, -eadh, a. v. forswear, refuse, deny. 
Eitheach, -ich, m. perjury, a lie; a. eithich. 
Eitidb, -e, a. churl y, angry, ugly, stormy. 
Eoinein, -can, m. a little bird, (ian.) 
Eòl, m. science, knowledge, a charm ; a. eòlach. 
Eòlas, -ais, m. science, knowledge, skill. 
Eòrna, m. barley ; a. eòrnach. 
Eothanaich, -te, -achadh, n.v. languish, decay. 
Esa, or esan, pers. pron. emphat, he, himself. 
Eubh, -te, eubhach, n.v. cry; faic èibh, or èigb. 
Eubb, -e, -ean, f. a cry ; faic èibh, or èigh. 
Eubhach, -aich, -aichean, f. a cry ; fac, èibheach. 
Eugail, -alach, -ean, f. a disease, infirmity ; a. 

Eucàirdeas, -eis, m. unfriendliness, enmity. 
Eucàirdeil, or eucàirdeach, unfriendly, inimical. 
Euchd,m. an exploit, a feat; a. euchdail, euchdacb. 
Euchdag, -aig, -an, f. a fair maid, a charmer. 
Euchdalachd, f. heroism. 

Eucoir, -orach, -ean, f. injustice, wrong; a. eucor- 
Eucoireachd, f. injuriousness, injustice. [ach. 

Encorach, -aich, -ean, m. a wicked person, a devil. 
Eud, or iad, m. jealousy, a grudge. 
Eudail, -ean,f. a darling, a treasure; a. eudaileach. 
Eudaire, -ean, m. a jealous man. 
Eudorachd, f. jealousy ; a. eudor. • 
Eu-dòchas, -ais, m. despair ; a. eu-dòchasach. 
Eu-domhain, -oimhne, a. shallow, not deep. 
Eug, -te, -eugadh, n.v. die, perish, decay. 
Eug, -èig, m. death. 
Eugais, prep, without; as eugais, in want of. 

158 EUG — FAC. 

Eugnaich,-te,-achadh, n.v. die, perish, decay; eug. 
Eugnaidh, -e, a. death-like. pale. 
Eugsamhlaohd, f. variety ; a. eugsamhuil, eug- 

Eun, or ian, eoin, pi. eoin, m. a bird; a. eunach. 
Eunach, -aich, m. fowling ; eunadair, a fowler. 
Eunadaireachd, f. fowling ; or ianadaireachd. 
Eunadan, -ain, m. a cage ; or ianadan. 
Eunbhruich,-uich, m. chicken broth ;(eun-bhruich.) 
Eun-ghraoitheachd, f. augury. 
Eunlainn, or eunlaith, or ianlaith, pi. birds, fowls. 
Eunfhiosachd, f. auspices. 
Eun-lion, in, m. a fowler's net. 
Eun-uisge, or ian-uisge, m. a water-fowl. 
Eur, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. refuse, deny. 
Euradh, -aidh, m. a refusal, a denial. 
Eudraig, interpose ; eudraiginn. 
Eu-treoir, -e, f. weakness, imbecility ; eu-treòrach. 
Eutrom, -a, a. light; faic aotrom. 


F, the sixth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

Fà or fàth, f. cause, reason, occasion. 

Fa prep, under, below ; faic fo and fodha. 

Fabhairt, f. forging, hammering, a trifle. 

Fàbhor, -oir, -an, in. favour ; a. fàbhorach. 

Fàbhoir, -te, -oradh, a.v. favour, oblige. 

Fabhra, (or fabhrad, -aid, -an,) m. an eye-lid, or 

Facal, -ail, Ian, m. a word; a. faclach ; focal* 

FAC — FAI. 159 

Fachach, -aich, -an, m. a puffin; a. fachach 

Faciaich, -te, -ladb, a. v. word, pronounce. 

Fàd, fàid, -an, m. a peat ; a. fàdach, foil. 

Fad, m. length ; also adv. as, air fad, altogether. 

Fatla, faide, -ead, a. long, tedious. 

Fadaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. lengthen, extend. 

Fadaidh, -te, -adh, a. v. kindle, inflame. 

Fadachadh, -aidh, m. a lengthening, extending 

Fadadh, -aidh, m. kindling, lightning. 

Fadal. -ail, -an, m. delay, a longing ; a. fadalach. 

F'adalachd, f. prolixity, tediousness. 

Fad-analach, -aiche, a. long winded. 

Fad-fhaighidin ; -e, f. longanimity, patience 

Fad-fbaigbidineach, -iche, a. longanimous. 

Fad-fhulangas, -ais, m. long-suffering, patience. 

Fad-fhulangach, -aiche, a. long- suffering, patience. 

Fadsfhulangachd, f. long-suffering, patience. 

Fadharsach, -aiche, a. trifling, paltry, mean. 

Fadharsachd, f. insignificancy. 

Fa-dheireadh, rather fo dheireadh, adv. at last. 

Fad-gheugach, -aiche, a. long-branched. 

Fad-lamhach, -aiche, a. long-handed, thievish. 

Fad-shaoghlach, a. long-lived. 

Fad-shaoghlachd, f. longevity. 

Fad-sheailach, -aiche, a. long-sighted, prospective. 

Fad-theangach, -aiche, a. long-tongued. 

Fafan, -ain, m. a gentle breeze ; a. fafanach. 

Fàg, -te, -ail, a.v. leave, quit, abandon. 

Fàgail, -e, -ean, f. quitting, a custom, a habit. 

Faghaid, -e, -ean, f. a hunting party. 

Fagus, or fagusg, adv. near; a. fagusach, 

Fagusachd, f. nearness, propinquity. 

Faic, faicinn, perf. chunnaic, a.v. behold, see 

Faic! inter. Lo ! behold ! 

160 FAI FAX. 

Faicinneach, -iche, a. evident, manifest. 

Faicinneachd, f. evidence, clearness. 

Faich, -e, -ean, f. a plain, a field ; a. faicheach. 

Faicheachd, f. field parading or walking. 

Faicheil, -e, a. stately, trim, showy. 

Faicill, -e, f. care, caution ; a. faicleach. 

Faieinn, f. seeing, perceiving, vision ; a. faicinneach. 

Faide, faidead, f. length, a degree of length. 

Fàidh, -e, -ean, m. a prophet, seer. 

Faidhail, -dhlach, -aichean, f. an extensive beach ; 

a. fadhlach, rather faodhail. 
Fàidheachd, f. prophesy ; fàisneachd, fàidheadair- 

Faidhir, -dhreach, -dhrichean, f. a fair; a. £aidh- 

Faidhreag, -eig, -an, f. a cloud-berry ; a. faidh- 

Faigh, fut. gheobh, perf. fhair, pres. part, faighinn, 
Faighail, irreg. v. get, obtain. 
Fàighe, or faoighe, f. begging. 
Faighidin, -e, f. patience; a. faighidneach. 
Faigbnich, -te, -neachd, a.v. ask, inquire. 
Faighneach, or faighneachail, a. inquisitive. 
Fail, -te, »eadh, a.v. and n.v. corrupt, putrifp. 
Fail, -e, -ean, f. a sty, a ring; a. faileach. 
Failbheag, rather ailbheag, -eig, -an, f. a ring. 
Failc 9 -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. bathe. 
Failchuach, -uaich, -an, f. a violet. 
Fàile, or fàileadh, m. smell, flavour. 
Fàileanta, a. smelling ; taileach, fàileanach. 
Faileas, -eis, -ean, m. a shadow; faileus. 
Faileasach, -aiche, a. shadowy ; faileusach. 
Faileasaiche, -ean, m. style or gnomon of a dial. 
Faillein, -e, -ean, m. a bud, the root of the ear. 

FAI — FAI. 161 

Failleanaich, -te, eacbadh, a. v. and n.v. germinate 
Fàilleanach, -aiche, a. full of buds or suckers. 
Fàillig, -te, -eadh, n.v. fail. 
Fàillinn, -e, -ean, f. a failing ; a. fàillinneach. 
Fàillnich, -te, -eachadh, n.v. fail; fàillinnich. 
Failmhe, f. emptiness, space ; (falamh.) 
Failm, -e, -ean, ra. an belm ; a. failmeacb. 
Failrase, -ean, f. a mistake, a blunder; a. failm- 
Fàilt, or fàilte, f. a salutation ; a. fàilteach. [seach. 
Fàiltich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. salute, welcome. 
Fàilteachadh, -aidh, m. salutation ; a. fàilteachail. 
Fainear, rather fonear, adv. under consideration ; 

Fàinrie, -eachan, f. a ring ; a. fàinneach. 
Fàinneag, -eig, -an, a little ring ; a. fàinneagach. 
Fàinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. ring, curl. 
Fair or far, def. v. give me, bring me. 
Fair, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. watch. 
Fàire, f. tbe horizon ; fàireadh, fàireamh. 
Fairig, -te. -eadh, a.v. bathe; /aire, failc. 
Fairche, -ean, m. a mallet ; a. faircheach. 
Faire ! faire! interj. what! what! 
Fàirdein, -ean, m. a farthing ; a. fàirdeineach. 
Faire or faireadh, f. watching ; a. faireach. 
Faireachadh, -aidh, m. waking, watching. 
Faireachail, -e, a. watching, feeling, waking. 
Faireachduinn, -e, -ean, f. feeling, sensation. 
Fàireag, -eig, -an, f. a gland ; a. fàireagach. 
Fairge, -eachan, f. the sea, the ocean ; a. fairgeach. 
Fairgeir,-ean, m. a sailor; fairgeireachd, his trade. 
Fairich, -te, faireachdinn, n.v. feel, watch. 
Fairis, adv. over ; thairis. 
Fairsnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. widen, extend ; far- 


162 FAI — FAL. 

Fairtlicli, -te, -licinn, -leachadh, a.v. overpower, 

Fàisg, -te, -adh, a.v. wring, squeeze, compress. 
Faisg, -e, a. near ; s. faisgead, proximity. 
Fàisgeadair, -ean, m. a presser; fàiseadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Fàisgein, -ean, m. a eheese-press ; a. fàisgeineach. 
Fàisniche, -ean, m. a prophet. 
Fàisnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. prophesy. 
Fàistin, -e, -ean, f. an omen, a prophesy. 
Fàistineach, -eiehe, a, prophetic. 
Fàite, fàitchean, f. a smile, a. fàiteacb, smiling. 
Faiteachas, -ais, or faiteas, m. slight fear ; a. faite- 
Faiteal, -eil, -an, m. faic. aiteal. [ach. 

Fàitheam, -eim, -an, in. the hem of a garment} a. 

Fàithne, -ntean, f. a command, an order ; àithne. 

Fàl, -ail, m. a sod, a pen-fold. 

Falachan, -ain, m. any thing hidden, a treasure. - 

Falacb, -aich, m. a hiding, a secreting; a. falach- 

Falachd, f. blood, feud, malice. [aidh. 

Falach-fead, m. a game called high-spy. 

Fàladair, m. a scythe, (Fàl.) 

Faladaireach, a. of, or belonging to scythes. 

Fàladaireachd, f. mowing, working with a scythe." 

Fàladh, -aidh, m. inclosing or covering with sods. 

Falaich, -te, falacb, a v. hide, conceal. 

Falaire, -ean, f. an interment, a funeral. (Fàl-aire.) 

Falaire, -ean, m. a prancer, a pacer. 

Falaireacbd, f. prancing ; a. falaireach. 

Falamh, failmhe, a. void, empty. 

Falamhacbd, f. rather failmheachd, or failmhe, - 
emptiness, space. 

Falamhaicb, rather failmhich,-te, -eadh, a.v, exnptyi^ 

FAL — FAN. 163 

Falbh, rather folbh, .te, folbh ; a. v. go, walk, die. 

Faibh, rather folbh, m. going; a. folbhach. 

Falbhaiche, rather folbhaiche, in. a walker. 

Falbhan, -ain, hi. moving about, rather folbhan. 

Falbhanachd, f. walking, rather fblbhanachd. 

Faibheirt, -ean, f. guile, deceit ; a. faibheirteach. 

Falcag, -aig, -an, f. a sea fowl, the awk. 

Fallaid, -e, .ean, f. dry meal put on cakes ; a. fal- 

Fallain, -e, -ead, a, healthy, sound. 

Fallaineachd, f. healthiness ; fallaine. 

Fallosg, -e, -ean, f. moor-burning ; a. fallosgach. 

Fallsachd, f. falsity, deceitfulness ; a. fallsa. 

Falluinu, -e, -ean, f. robe, garment; a. faliuinne- 
". Fallus. -uis, m. sweat, perspiration ; a. fallusach. 

Faim-an, -ain, -an, m. the knee-pan. 

Falmadair, -ean, m. a helm, a rudder ; a. falma- 
d air each. 

Falmhuich, -te, -uchadh, a. v. empty, drain. 

Fait, -uiit, m. human hair ; a. faitach. 

Faltan, -ain, m. a welt, a ribbon ; a. faltanach. 

Famhair, -ean, m. a giant, rather foimheir. 

Famh-thalmhainn, f. a mole ; famhoir, a mole- 
1 catcher. 

Fan, -tuinn, -ailt, fuireach, n.v. stay, wait, 

Fanaehd, f. staying, waiting. 

Fanaid, -e, f. derision, mockery ; a„ fanaideach. 

Fanaidich, a. v. deride, mock. 

Fanaidiche, -ean, m. a mocker, a scoffer. 
j Fang, -aing, -an, m. a sheep-pen, a prison. 

Fangaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. inclose, put into a fold. 

Fann, -a, or fainne, a. faint, weak, feeble. 
1 Fannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and. n.v. faint. 


164 FAN — FAO. 

Fannadh, -aidh, m. fainting, fannachadb. 
Fannanta, a. feeble, faint, languid. 
Fann-gheal, -ile, a. whitish, pale. 
Fann-ghuth, m. a feeble voice or note. 
Fannlas, -ais, m. worrying, destroying. 
Fann-sholus, -uis, a weak light. 
Fanntalach, -aichhe, a. faintish. 
Faob, faoib, -an, m. a knot; a. faobach. 
Faobairneach, m. any thing large or lumpish. 
Faoban, -ain, -an, m. a little lump; a. faobanach. 
Faobh, faoibh, m. spoil, booty ; a. faobhach. 
Faobhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. despoil, strip. 
Faobhar, -air, -ean, m. an edge ; a. faobharach. 
Faobharaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sharpen. 
Faoch, faoich, f. a wiik ; dim. faochag. 
Faod, v. auxil. may, can, 
Faodail, -alach, f. any thing found by chance. 
Faodaliche, -ean, m. a foundling. 
Faghar, -air, m. a sound, a noise ; a. fagharach. 
Faoil, -e, a. generous, kind, hospitable ; faoilidh. 
Faoil, -e, f. hospitality, generosity. 
Faoilteach, or faoilleach, -ich, m. the last fort- 
night of winter, and first fortnight of spring. 
Faoileag, -eig, -an f. a sea gull ; a. faoileagach. 
Faoileachd, f. hospitality, affability; a. faoilidh. 
Faoilte, f. a joyful salutation; a. faoilteach. 
Faoiltich, -eachadh, a.v and n.v. receive kindly, 
Faoin, -e, a vain, foolish, light. ["rejoice. 

Faoilteas, -eis, m. kind reception, gladness. 
Faoinchainnt, f. idle talk ; a. fa oinchainn teach. 
Faoincheann, -inn, an empty or vain head. 
Faoine. or faoineachd, f. vanity, folly. 
Faoineag, -eig, f. a silly woman ; m. faoinein. 
Faoinealachd, f. vanity ; a. faoinealacb. 

FAO — FAR. 165 

Faoinicb, -te, -eachadh, a.v. make vain. 

Faoinsgeul, -eoil, m. an idle tale; a. faoinsgeulach. 

Faoisg, -te, -eadh, a.v. unhusk, as nuts. 

Faoisgnich, -te, -neadh, a.v. squeeze, unhusk. 

Faoisid, -e, -ean, f. confession. 

Faoisidnich, -te, -neadh, a.v. confess. 

Faoisneadh, -eidh, m. bursting from the husks. 

Foghlum, -im, na. learning, rather faghlum. 

Foghlumaich,-te, -achadh, a.v. learn, rather fagh- 

Faondra, or faondradh, m. wandering, straying. 

Faondrach, -aiche, a. wandering, erroneous. 

Faontraigh, -e, -ean, f. an open or exposed shore. 

Faothaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. relieve, be 

Far, adv. where. [relieved. 

Far, -te, -adh, a.v. freight, as a ship. 

Far, or fair, def. v. give me, reach me. 

F'aradh, -aidh,* m. a hen-roost, a freight, litter. 

Fàradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a ladder, shrouds of a ship. 

Farachan, -ain, -an, m. a little mallet. 

Farainm, -ean, m. a nick-name. 

Faraire, -ean, f. watching a corpse, an entertain- 

Faraon, maraon, or araon, adv. both, also, to- 

Farasda, -aisde, f. soft, mild, gentle. [gether. 

Farasdachd r f. softness, gentleness. 

Farbhalach, -aich, in. a big clown, a foreigner. 

Farabhonnj -uinn, m. the inner sole of a shoe. 

Farabhuille, -ean, f. a back-stroke. 

Farchluais, -e, f. secret listening. 

Fàrdach, -aich, -aichean, f. a house, an abode. 

Fàrdadh, -aidh, m. elder bark for dying black. 

Fàrdal, -ail, -ean, m. delay ; a. fàrdalach. 

Fardorus, -uis, m. the lintel of a door. 
H 3 

166 FAR FAS. 

Farias, -ais, -an, m. a cottage chimney. 

Farm ad, -aid, m. envy; a. farmadach. 

Farpas, -ais, m. the of straw or hay. 

Farpasaeb, -aiche, a. full of refuse of straw. 

Farpuis, -e, -can, f. strife, contest ; a. farpuiseath. 

Farraid, a. v. ask, inquire, farraidick. 

Farraid, -e, -ean, f. enquiry; a. farraideach. 

Fàrrais. -e, f. paradise, rather phàrrais. 

Farran, -ain, m. anger, ire; a. farranach. 

Farranachd, f. vexation. 

Farranaich,-te, -achadh, a.v. vex, anger. 

Farrusg, -uisg, in. a peeling ; a refuse. 

Farsuinn, -e, -ead, a. wide, spacious. 

Farsuinneachd, f. width spaciousness. 

Farsuinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. widen. 

Farum, -uim, m. noise; a. farumach. 

Fàs, -àis, m. growth, growing; fàsaehd. 

Fàs, fàs, n.v. growth, increase. 

Fàs, -a, a empty, void ; fàsachail. 

Fasa, a. easier ; comp. of furasda. 

Fàsach, -aich, -aiehean, m. a desert. 

Fàsaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. depopulate, lay waste. 

Fàsnlaehd, f, state of laying waste. 

Fàslach, -aich, m void. 

Fasan, -ain, -an. in. fashion; a. fasanach, fasanta- 

Fasantachd, f. fashionableness. 

Fasbhuain, -uana, f. stubble, rather ashhuain. 

Fàschoiìl, -e, -tean, f. a young grove, empty wood. 

Fasdaidh, -te, -adh, a.v. hire, engage, tie. 

Fasgadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. shelter ; a. fasgach. 

Fàisg, -te, fàsgadh, a.v. wring squeese. 

Fàsgadh, -aidh, ra. a wringing ; a. fàsgach. 

Fasgain, -te, -anadh, a.v. winnow. 

Fasgnadh, -aidh, m. winnowing. 

FAS — FEA. 167 

Faslomairt, -eati, f. a bonfire, feats in a field. 

Fàsorachd, f. growth ; a. fàsor, fàsorach. 

Fà, or fàth, m. cause, reason, opportunity; a. 

Fathamas, -aia, m. awe, sparing; a. fathainaca. 
Fathast, or fhathast, adv. as yet, yet, still. 
Fàth-fheith, -te, -eamh, a.v. way-lay. 
Fathunn, -uinn, in. a rumour, news; a. fathunn- 

Fè, or fia, m. a calm ; a. feuthail, nathail. 
Feachdj an army ; a. feachdail. 
Feachd-dùthcba, f. militia. 
Fead, -an, f. a whistle; a. feadail. 
Feadag, -aig, -an, f, a plover; a. feadagaeh, (fead). 
Feadaire, -eau, m. a whistler; feadai reach d, his 

Feadan, -ain, -an, m. a whistle, a flute. 
F*iadanach, -aiehe, a. full of flutes. 
Feadanaiche, -ean, m. a piper. 
Feadh, adv. whilst, during, amongst, amid. 
Feadhainn. -dhnach, -dhna, pi. people, a band, 
Feadraich, -e, f. whistling; feadaireachd. 
Fèirrde, comp. of math ; better, improved, 
Fealadhà, f. a joke, playing the fool. 
Feall, f. treachery, deceit; a. feailtach, feallta. 
Fealiadb, -aidh, m. deceit. 
Feall an, ~ain, m. a traitor, a felon. 
Feall-chùinneadh, -idh, m. forgery, a counterfeit. 
Feall-fhalach, -aich, m. an ambuscade. 
Feall-gnàthachd, f. affectation. 
Feallsa, a. deceitful, mendacious. 
Feallsachd, f. mendacity, deceit. 
Feallsanach, -aich, m. sophist, a quack. 
Fealltanach, or fealltair, in. villain, a traitor. 
H 4 

168 FEA — FEA. 

Feamach, or feamachail, a. dirty, nasty. 
Feamachas, -ais, m. silliness, dirtiness. 

Feamuinn, -unn, f. see weeds; a. feamuinneach. 

Feaman, -ain, m. a tail ; feamanach. 

Feann, -te, -adh, a.v. skin, flay. 

Feannadh, -aidh, m. skinning. 

Feannag, -aig, -an, f. a hooded crow, a lazy bed. 

Feannagach, a. full of crows or lazy beds. 

Fear, fir, pi. fir, feara, m. a man. 

Fear-saoraidh, m. a saviour. 

Fear-an-taighe, m. the good-man. 

Fear-aisig, m. a ferry- man. 

Fear-cèirde. m. a tradesman. 

Fear-cinnidh, m. a kinsman. 

Fear-ciuil, in. a musician. 

Fear-cùirn, m. an out-law. 

Fear-lagha, m. a lawyer. 

Fear-oibre, m. a workman. Faic lucbd. 

Fearachas, -ais, m. manhood. 

Fearachd, f. manliness ; a. fearail. 

Fearalachd, f. manliness, hardiness, courage. 

Feargachd. or feargachas, f. anger, passion. 

Fearan, -ain, -an, m. a little man ; a. fearanach. 

Fearann, »ainn, m. land, country ; a. fearannach. 

Fearas, -ais, m. manliness, vigour. 

Fearas-chuideachd, f. diversion, sport. 

Fearas-taighe, f. domestic, economy. 

Fear-buidseachd, m. a wizard. 

Fear-cuairt, fir-chuairt, m. a sojourner, a visitor. 

Fear-coimhead, fir-choimhid, m. a watchman. 

Fear-cuideachd, m. a companion, a buffoon. 

Fear-dàin, m, a poet. 

Fear-fàire, fir-àire, m. a watchman, a sentinel. 

Fear-fuadain, fir-fhuadain, m. a fugitive. 

FEA — FEI. 169 

Fear-feoirne, fir-fheoirne, m. a die. 
Fear-labhairt, fir-labhairt, m. a speaker. 
Fearg, -eirge, f. anger, rage ; a. feargach, 
Feargachd, f. wrath, rage. 
Feargaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. anger, provoke. 
Fèarna, f. the<0der tree; a. fèarnach. 
Fèarr, comp. of math, better. 
Fearr-dhris, -e, -ean, f. a bramble briar., 
Fearsaid, -e, -ean, f. a spindle, heed, attention. 
Fear-seòlaidh, fir-sheolaidh, m. a director. 
Fear-siubhail, fìr-shiubhail, m. a traveller. 
Fear-stiùraidh, fir-stiùraidh, m. a steersman. 
Feart, feirt, f. attention, heed, care ; fearsaid. 
Feart, -a. -an, m virtue, power; a. feartach. 
Feartalachd, f. efficacy, strength ; a. feartail. 
Fiarthuinn, f. rain ; a. fiarthuinneach. 
Fear-turuis, fir-thuruis, m. a traveller ; fear-uidhe. 
Feasd, or am feasd, adv. forever, never. 
Feasgar, -air, -raichean, m. afternoon, evening. 
Feasgaraeh, -aicbe, a. of or belonging to evening. 
Feasgaran, -ain, m. vespers, evening song. 
Fèicheamh, -eimh, m. debt ; a. fèicheamhach. 
Fèicheannach, -aich, m. a debtor; fèichneir. 
Fèile, f. generosity, liberality; a. fèileach, fèilidh. 
Fèileachd, or fialachd, f. generosity, hospitality. 
Fèile, or f èileadh, -idh, -eachan, m. the kilt. 
Fèile-mòr, m. the kilt in its first and largest form. 
Fèile-beag, m. the kilt in its present form. 
Fèill, -e, -tean, f. a festival, a market. 
Fèill-brìde, f. Candlemas. 
Fèillire, -ean, m. an almanac. 
Fèill-mìcheil, f. Michaelmas. 

Fèillteachd, f. the keeping of feasts; a. fèillteach. 
Fèin, pers. pron. self, as mi fhein, myself. 

170 FEI — FEU. 

Fèineachas, -ais, f. selfishness; fèinealachd. 
Fèineil, -e, a. selfish. 
Fèin-mhios, or fèin-spèis, f. self conceit. 
Fèinn, pi. the Fingalians. 
Fèin-thoil, -e, f. self-will; a. fèin-thoileach. 
Feusd, -e, *ean, f. an entertainment, a feast. 
Feusd, f. banqueting ; feusdachd. 
Feith, -eamh, a.v. and n.v. wait, stay. 
Fèith, -e, -eachan, f. a mire, a bog ; a. fèitheach. 
Fèith, -e, -ean, f. a vein, a sinew; a. fèitheach. 
Fèitheachd, f. muscularity, miriness. 
Feitheamhair, -ean, m. a waiter, a watchman. 
Fèitheil or fiathail, a. calm, tranquil. 
Feòdar, -air, m. pewter ; fleòdar. 
Feòdaire, -ean, m. a pewterer; fleodaire. 
Feoil-ghabhail, -alach, f. incarnation. 
Feoirlinn, -e, -ean, f. a small lot of land, a far- 
Feoirne, m. chess. 

Feoirnein, -ean, m. a blade of grass, a pile of grass. 
Feoirneineach, -eiche, a. full of grass. 
Feòlach, -aich, m. carriage, slaughter. 
Feòladair, -ean, m. a butcher ; feòladaireachd, his 
Feòlan, -ain, m. train oil ; a. feòlanach. [trade. 
Feòlarachd, f. fleshiness, lust; a. feòlor. 
Feòrachail, -aile, a. inquisitive, curious. 
Feòrag, -aige, -an, f. a squirrel; a. feòragach. 
Feòraich, -te, -acbadh, a.v. enquire, ask. 
Feòraieh, f. enquiry. 

Feòran, -ain, -an, m. a green, a grassy spot. 
Feòrlan, -ain, an, m. a firlot, four pecks. 
Feothas, -ais, m. an amelioration ;feobhas, feadhas. 
Feothasaich, -te, -achadh, a v. and n.v. ameliorate. 
Feuch ! interj. see ! behold ! Fiach ! 

FEU — FIA. 171 

Fend, rather faod, fut. faodaidb, imp. subj. fhaod- 
adh, aux. verb, may, can ; hence fheudar, must, 
's fheudar dhomh, I must ; and ma fhaoidte, 

Feuch, or fiach, fiachuinn, a.v. show, try. 

Feudail, -alach, f. cattle ; a. feudalach. 

Feum, fut. feumaidh, cha 'n fheum, a.v. must. 

Feum, -a, feim, m. need, use ; a. feumach, needy. 

Feumach, -aich, m. a needy person. 

Feumklachd, f. use, utility ; a. feumalach. 

Feun, -a, -ein, -ean, m. a wain, a waggon ; feun- 

Feunadair, -ean, m. a waggoner. [aidh. 

Feur, or fiar, feoir, m. grass; a. feurach, fiarach. 

Feurach, or fiarach, -aich, m. pasture. 

Feuraich, -te, -achadb, a.v. graze, feed ; fiaraich. 

Feusag, or fiasag, -aig, -an, f. beard ; a. feusagach, 

Feusd, -an, f. a least. 

Feusgan, or fiasgan, -ain, -an, m. a sort of mussel. 

Fiabhrus, -uis, -an, m. a fever; a. fiabhrusach. 

Fiach, fèich, fiachan, m. value, worth, debt. 

Fiach, a. worthy, valuable; fiachach, fiachail, 

Fiachalachd, f. value, worthiness ; a. fiachail. 

Fiacaill, fiacla, fiaclan, f. a tooth; a. fiaclach. 

Fiaclaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. give teeth, notch, in- 

Fiadh, fèidh, pi. fèidh, m. a deer; a. fiadhacb. 

Fiadhach, -aich, f. hunting of deer, venison, forest. 

Fiadhachd, or fiadhachas, wildness, shyness. 

Fiadhaiche, wildness, a hunter of deer; fiadhaich- 

Fiadhuire, -ean, f. ley land ; a. fiadhuireach. [ead. 

Fiadhantachd, f. wildness; fiadhantas ; a. fiadhan- 

Fia-bheathach, -aich, -ean, m. a wild beast, ^ta 

Fia-dhuine, m. a savage. 

Fial, -a, fèile, a. generous, liberal ; fialaidb. 

172 FIA — FIG. 

Fial, fèile, f. hospitality; fialachd. 

Fial-chridheachd,f. open-heartedness;a. fial-chridh- 

Fiamh, -a, m. fear, awe, a. fiamhail, fiamhach. 

Fiamhachd, f. awe, resemblance; fiamhaidh. 

Fiamh-ghàire, f. a smile ; a. fiamh-ghàireach. 

Fiann, m. a Fingalian ; a. fiannach. 

Fiannaidh, fiannan, a Fingalian, a hero. 

Fiantag, -aig, -an, f, a black beatb berry. 

Fianuis, -e } -ean, f. a witness ; a. fianuiseach. 

Fianuisicb, -te, -eacbadb, a. v. give evidence. 

Fiar, -a, -ad, a. crooked, bent ; perverse.. 

Fiar, -te, -adb, a. v. bend. 

Fiar, ratber iar, or niar, f. tbe west. 

Fiarachd, or fiaradh, crookedness, squintness. 

Fiaras, -ais, m. crookedness ; a. fiarach. 

Fiarsbuil, -ula, -ean, f. a squint-eye ; a. fiarshuil- 

Fiarsbuilicbe, f. a squinting in the eyes. [each. 

Fiasgan, -ain, -an, m. a kind of mussel. 

Fiatacbd, f. wildness ; a. fiata. 

Fiath, -a, m. a calm ; a. fiathail, fiathalachd, calm- 

Fich ! ficb ! interj. expressive of heat. 

Fichead, a. twenty; a' ficheadamh, the twentieth. 

Fideag, -eig, -an, m. a reed, a whistle ; a. fideagach. 

Fidhleir,-ean,m. a fiddler; fidhleireachd, his trade. 

Fidileir, -ean, m, a bad fiddler ; fidileireacbd, his 

Fidir,-reachadh, a. v. and n.v. examine, weigh, try. 

Fidrich, -reachadh, a. v. and n.v. enquire, ask, con- 

Fidriche, -ean, m. an examiner, an inquirer. 

Fide, -ean, f . a fig; a. fideach, full of figs; fiogais. 

Figh, -te. -e, -eadh, a.v. weave, knit. 

FIG — FIO. 173 

Figheachan, -ain, -an, m. a web, a little web. 
Figheadair, -ean, m. a weaver; fighdaireachd, his 

File, or fileachd, f. poetry, eloquence ; a. fileanta. 
Fileantaehd, f. fluency of speech, eloqnence. 
Filidh, fiiine: n, m. a poet; (file.) 
Fill, -te, -eadh, a.v. fold, plait. 
Filleag, -eig, -an, a small plaid ; fillein. 
Fillte, or fillt, -ban, f . a fold, a ply; a. filite. 
Fillteachadh, -aidh, a. folding; a. fillteach. 
Filltiche, -ean, m. a multiplier. 
Fine, -eaehan, f. a tribe, a clan ; a. fineacb. 
Fineaclid, or fineachas, kindred, relationship. 
Fineag, -eig, -an, f. a mite, a miser ; a. fineagach. 
Finealtachd; f. fineness, neatness ; a. finealta. 
Finid, -ean, f. an end ; a. finideach. 
Finne, -ean, f. a maid, a maiden. 
Finnein, -ean, m. a buzzard. 
Fiodb, a. m. wood, timher ; a. fiodhach. 
Fiodhull, fìdhle, fidhlean, f. a fiddle. 
Fiodhan, -ain, -an, m. a cheese- vat; rather fioghan. 
Fiodh-ghual, -ail, m. charcoal. 
Fiodhrach-tarsuinn, m. cross timber of a boat. 
Fiogag, -aig, -an, f. a fig tree. 
Fioguis, -ean, f, a fig ; a. fioguiseach. 
Fion, -a, m. wine; a. fìonach, fionor. 
Fionan, -ain, -an, f. a vine, a vineyard. 
Fion-amar, -air, -mraichean, m. a wine-press. 
Fion-chaor, -aoir, -an, m. a grape; fion-dhearc. 
Fion-chrann, -oinn, -ainn, m. a vine. 
Fion-dhuille. f. a vine leaf. 
Fìon-fhàisgean, -eau, m. a wine press. 
Fion-fhuil, -ala. f. pure blood. 
Fìon-ghàrradh, or fion-ghort, m. a vineyard. 

174 FIO — FIR. 

Fion-lios, -an, m. a vineyard. 

Fionn, a. white, pale. 

Fionn, -te, -adh, a. v. skin, flay; faic feann. 

Fionnadh, -aidh, m. hair, fur, pile; a. fiontach. 

Fionnarc, -e, -ean, f. white cork ; a. fionnarach, 

Fionnan, -ain, m. a single hair. 

Fionnan-feoir, -ain-fheoir, m. a grasshopper. 

Fionnairidh -ean, f, watching. 

Fionnarachd, f. coolness ; fionnaireachd. 

Fionnuachd, f. coolness; a. fhionnuar. 

Fionnar, -aire, -airead, a. cool, cold. 

Fionnarich, -te, -arachadh, a.v, and n.v. cool, be 

Fionnògha, -achan, m. the grandson's grandson. 
Fionnsgeul, -sgeoil, m. a fable, a romance. 
Fionnsgeulaiche, m. a romancer ; a. nonsgeulach. 
Fior, -a, a. true, genuine. 
Fior-aithris, -ean, f. a true recital. 
Fior-chinnteach, -iche, a. quite certain. 
Fiosraich, -achadh, a.v. inquire. 
Fior-chrann, -oinn, -ainn, f. a sycamore tree. 
Fior-dhileas, -isle, a. very faithful, near akin. 
Fior-ian, rather fireun, m. an eagle. 
Fioruisg, -e, -eachan, m. spring water. 
Fios, -a, m. notice, intelligence ; a. fiosrach. 
Fiosaiche, -ean, m. a fortune-teller ; fiosachd, his 

Fiosail, or fiosrachail, a. knowing, intelligent. 
Fir-bholg, f. the ancient Irish. 
Fir-bhrèige, f. puppets. 
Fir-chlis, f. the Northern lights. 
Fir-chriatain, backgammon men. 
Faire ! faire ! interj. ay 1 ay ! what ! what ! 
Fireach, -ich, -ichean, m. a hill; a. fireachail 

FIR FLE. 175 

Firead, -eid, -eidean, f. a ferret. 

Ftrean, 'an, m. a righteous man. 

Fireanaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. justify. 

Fìreannàchd, f. justification. 

Firein, -ean, m. a manakin, a. fireineach. 

Firinn, -e, -ean, f. truth ; a. firinneaeh. 

Firinneach, -ieh, m. a righteous man ; a. true. 

Fhinneachd, f. truth, justification, righteousness* 

Firinnich, -te, -eaohadh, a. v. justify. 

Firinn-shuidhichte, f. an axiom. 

Firionn, a. masculine. 

Firionnach, -aich, m. a man. 

Firionnachd, f. manhood. 

Fise ! faise ! interj. the noise of things breaking. 

Fitheach, -ich, m. a raven. 

Fiu, m. worth, value; a. fiù, fiùthail, worthy. 

Fiùthaidh, -ean, m. an arrow. 

Fiughair, -ean, f. earnest expectation. 

Fiùbhaidh, m. a hero. 

Fiùghantach, or fiùghanta, a. worthy, heroic. 

Fiùghantachd, or fiùghantas, f. worthiness. 

Fiùrach, -aich, ean, f. a barge, a skiff, a rod. 

Fiuran, -ain, -an, m. a straight young tree, a 

Fiùranach, -aiche, a. full of young trees. 
Flasg, -aisg, -an, -aichean, f. a flask. 
Flath, -aith, -aithean, m. a chief, a hero. 
Flathail, -e, a. heavenly, stately, noble* 
Flathalachd, f. gracefulness, stateliness. 
Fiathasach, -aiche, a. divine, majestic. 
Flath-innis, rather flathanas, heaven. 
Flathas, or flathanas, m. heaven. 
Fleagh, -a, -an, m. a feast, a banquet; a. fleaghach. 
Fleaghachd, or fleaghachas, banquetting. 

176 LLE— FLO. 

Fleasg, -a, -an, f. a garland, a crown, a rod. 
Fleasgach, -aich, -aichean, m. a youth, a bride's 
Fleasgart, -airt, -an, f. a barge, a boat. [man. 

Fleisgeir, -ean, m. an arrow maker; fleisgeireachd- 

leisd. his trade. 
Fleòdar, -air, m. pewter ; a. fleòdarach. [ach. 

Fleògan, -ain, -an, m. a slabby person ; a. fleògan- 
Fliche, f. moisture ; flichead. 
Flichne, f. sleet ; flichneachd. 
Flichnidh, or flichneadh ; f. sleet, oozing. 
Fliogh, -a, m. chick-weed, a wen ; a. flioghach. 
Flioghan, -ain, -an, m. a small wen; a. flioghan- 
Fliuch, -iche, -ead, a. wet, moist. [ach. 

Fliuch, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. wet, make wet. 
Fliuchadh, -aidh, m. a. wetting. 
Fliuchalachd, f. wetness, moistness. 
Fliuchan, -ain, m. a wet spot, 
FHuchbhord, -uird, m. the keel board of a boat. 
Fliuch-shneachda, m. sleet, moist snow. 
Fliuchshronach, -aiche, a. snotty. 
FHuchshuileach, a. blear-eyed. 
Fliuchshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a blear-eye. 
Flod, -a, m. floating, a fleet ; flodadh. 
Flùirein, -ean, m. a small flower ; a. flùireineach. 
Flùr, -ùir, m. flour, a flower; a. flùrach. 
Flùran, -ain, -an, m. a small flower; a. flùranach. 
Fo, prep, under, heneadh, below. 
Focal, rather f'acal, -ail, -an, a word ; a. faclach. 
Focal-ceangail, m. a conjunction. 
JFocal-friamhachd, f. etymology ; friamhf hacal. 
Fochaid, -e, f. mocking ; a. fochaideach. 
Fochaidich, -te, fochaid, a. v. scoff, jeer. 
Fochair, m. presence, company. 
Fochunn, -uinn, m. corn beginning to blade. 

FOC — FOI. 177 

Focbunnach, a. growing corn, briaring. 
Fòcblan, -ain, -an, m. a pole-cat ; fòclan. 
Foclaich, or faclaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. word, ex- 
Foclaiche, m. a speaker ; faclaicbe. [press. 

Foclair, -ean, f. dictionary ; or faclair. 
Focladair, -ean, m. a lexicographer, or facladair. 
Foclaireacbd, or faclai reach d, f. lexicography. 
Fòd, or fòid, f. a turf ; a. fòideach. 
Fodar, -air, ra. straw ; a. fodrach. 
Fodbam, fodhad, fodha, foipe, fodhainn, fodhamb, 

fòdha, fòpa, prep, conj. with the personal pron. 

under me, under you, &c. 
Fodraich, -te, -radh, a.v. straw, give straw. 
Fògair, -raichte, -radh, fògairt, a.v. expel, banish. 
Fògrach, -aich, -raichean, m. an exile. 
Foghainn, foghnadh, n.v. suffice. 
Foghainnteachd, f. valour ; a. foghainnteach. 
Foghar, -air, m. sound, noise, a note, a vowel. 
Foghannany -ain, m. a thistle ; a. joghnannadi ; 

Foghar, -air, m. harvest ; faghar. 
Foghlum, -uim, m. learning ; faghlura. 
Foghluim, -te, -lum, a.v. learn ; faghluira. 
Foghlumache, or foghluinach, m. a learner; fagh- 

Fogus, or fagus, or faisge, adv. near. 
Foguisgead, m. nearness ; faisgead. 
Fòid, -e, -ean, m. a clod, a turf, a peat ; a. fòide- 

Fòidein, -ein, m. a small peat ; a fòideineach. 
Foil, -te, -eadh, a.v. boil or roast hastily. 
Foil, -e, a. soft, gentle. 
Foileag, -eig, -an, f. a hasty made cake. 
Foil!, -e, f. deceit, fraud ; a. foilleil. 

178 FOI FOR. 

Foimhear, -ean, m, a giant. 
Foiileir, -ean, m, a cheat, a rogue. 
Foinne, -ean, m. a wart ; a. foinneach. 
Foinnidh, -e, a. neat, genteel, stout. 
Foir, a.v. help, relieve, save, deliver. 
Fuirbheach, -ich, m. an elder, rather foirfeach. 
Foirbheachd, f. perfection, rather foirfeachd. 
Foireiginn, f. violence; foireigoeachadh, foireign- 

Foireigaieh, -te, -neadh, a.v. extort, oppress. 
Foireigniche, -ean, m. an oppressor. 
Foirfich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. perfect, accomplish. 
Foirfe, rather foirfidh, a. perfect. 
Foirin, -e, -ean, f. help, aid. 
Foirmeil, -eib\ a. pompous, lively, clever. 
Fòirneadh, -idh, m. intruding, forcing. 
Fòirne, m. a brigade, a troop ; foirnidh. 
Fòirii, -te, -eadh, a.v. intrude, press. 
Fòirneart, -eirt, m. force, impression. 
Fòirneartach, -aicbe, a. violent, oppressive. 
Fùirneartaicb, -te, -achadh, a.v. oppress. 
Fois, -e, f. rest, quietness ; a. foisneach. 
Foisicb, -te, -eachadh, n.v. rest, stop. 
Fòlach, -aich, m. rank grass. 
Folaich, a.v. bide, faic falaich, &c. 
Follais, rather follaiseach, a. known, public. 
Follas, -ais, m. publicity ; follaiseachd. 
Fonn, -uinn, m. ground, humour, an air, a tune. 
Fonnor, -aire, a. cheerful, tuneful, merry. 
Fonnorachd, f. humour, inclination, mirth. 
Fork, -te, -adh, a.v. push, press, fork. 
Fore, -uirc, -an, f. a fork; a. forcacb ; dim. forcan. 
For-chinnteacbd, f. predestination. 
Forchraicionn, -inn, m. the foreskin. 

FOR — FRA. 179 

Fordhorus, -uis, m. a porch. 

Forfhais, -e, -ean, f. inquiry ; a. forfhaiseach. 

Fòrlach, -aich, m. a pass, a furlough. 

For-òrdachadh, -aidh, m. predestination. 

Forradh, -aidh, m. excresenee, shift, gain. 

Forsair, -ean, m. a forester ; forsaireachd, his of- 

Fortan, -ain, m. fortune; a. f'ortanach. [fice. 

JFos, adv. moreover, yet ; f hathast. 

Fosgail, -te, -ladh, a. v. open. 

i^osgarrachd, f. openness, frankness ; a. fosgarra. 

Fosgladh, -aidh, -ean, ra. an opening ; fosglachd. 

Fotus, -uis, m. the refuse of potatoes or straw. 

Fòtus, -uis, in. corruption ; a. fòtusach. 

Fòtusaeh, -aiche, a. full of refuse. 

Fradharc, -aire, m- sight, vision, a. fradharcach. 

Fiaigh, -e, -ean, f. a side wall, a wall; a. fraigh- 

Fraigh-shnighe, m. water oozing down a wall. 
Frangach, -aich, m. a Frenchman ; fraiug his 

Fraingis, f. the French language. 
Fraoch, -aoich, m. heath, heather, rage; a. fraoch- 

Fraochag, -aig, -an, f. a whirtle berry; a. fraoeh- 

Fraochail, -e, a. angry ; a. fraochaidh. 
Fraochan, -ain, m. a patch on the point of a shoe. 
.Fraoch anach, a. full of patches, or anger. 
Fraoch-sgriachain, m. crackling sort of heath. 
Fraoidhneadb, -eidh, m. embroidery. 
Fraoidneas, -eis, -ean, m. embroidery, a fringe. 
Fraoidhncasach, a. full of embroidery, or fringes. 
Fras, -ois, -an, f. a shower, small shot, seed. 
Frasach, a. showery ; frasach d, showering. 

180 FRA — FRI. 

Fras, -adh. a.v. and n.v. shower, rain. 
Freagair, -raicbte, -radh, -airt, a.v. answer, fit. 
Freagairt, freagra, freagradh, f. an answer. 
Freagrach, or freagarrach, a. answering, fit. 
Freagarrachd, f. fitness, congruity. 
Freasdail, -te, -ladh, a.v. attend, wait on ; freas- 

Freasdal, -ail, m« attending, serving, providence ; 

a. freasdal ach, 
Freitieh, -eachadh, n.v. swear, vow. 
Freiteach, -ich, -ichean, m. a vow, an oath. 
Freumh, -e, -aichean, -an, f. a root ; faic friamh. 
Fride, -ean, f. a tetter ; dim. frideag. 
Frighig, rather fraoighig, -te, -eadh, a.v. fry, roast. 
Frionas, or frithneas, -eis, m. anger, rage; a. frith- 

Friochd, f. a second dram ; sgailc, being the first. 
Friocan, -ain, -an, m. a trying pan. 
Friodhan,-ain,-an, a sow's bristle; a. friodhanach. 
Frithneasachd, f. fretfulness, anger. 
Friothaladh, -aidh, m. attendance; a. friothalach. 
Frith, f. rage, anger; a. frithil. 
Frith, -e, -ean_, f. a deer forest, 
Friothainm, -eannan, m. a nick-name. 
Friothainmich, -te, -eacbadh, a.v. nick-name. 
Fiithbhac, -aic, -an, m. the barb of a hook. 
Frithbhacach, -aiche, a. barbed. 
Fritbbhaile, -ailteau, m. a suburb. 
FrithbuaiU -te, -ualadh, n.v. vibrate, palpitate. 
Frithbhuille, -ean, f. a back stroke. 
Frithcheum. -an, m. a bye-road. 
Fritheil, -te, -ealadh, a.v. attend, wait on ; frith- 

Frithearachd, f. peevishness ; a frithearra. 

FRI — FUA. 181 

Fritheilt, -p, -ean, f. attendance ; fritheilteacbd. 
Fritheilteach, a. attentive in waiting. 
Frith-eilein, -ean, m. a small island. 
Frithfhacal, -ail, -an, m. a bye word. 
Frithireachd, f. fretfulness, warmth ; a. frithir. 
Frithleum, m. a leap, a skip ; a. frithleumacb. 
Frith-mhaigbistir, -ean, m. an under master, an 

Frith-raineach, -icb, f. dwarf fern. 
Frith-rathad, -aid, -tean, m. a bye road. 
Frith-sthràid, -e, -ean, f. a bye street, a lane. 
Fròg, -ige, -an, f. a hole ; a. frògach. 
Frògag, -aig, -an, f. a little hole ; frògagach. 
Frogan, -ain, m. a fit of humour, tipsiness. 
Frogantachd, f. merriness ; a. froganta. 
Froineadb, -idh, m. a shake, a drubbing. 
Frois, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. shake, be shaken. 
Froisein, -ean, m. a grain of seed. 
Fuachd, m. coldness, cold. 

Fuadaich, -te, -adh, a.v. expel, banish, drive off. 
Fuadach, -aich, m. a driving or chasing away. 
Fuadain, -e, a. foreign, exiled. 
Fuaigh, -te, fuaghal, a. v. sew, knit; fuaghail. 
Fuaghal, -ail, -an, m. sewing. 
Fuaim, -e, -ean, f. voice, sound ; a. fuaimear. 
Fuaimnich, f. a great noise ; a. fuaimeil. 
Fuaimneachd, f. noisiness; a. fuaimneach. 
Fuaimnich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. sound, make a 
Fual, -uail, m. urine. [noise. 

Fuar, -uaire, -ead, a. cold, chilly, 
Fuarag, -aig, -an, f. a mixture of meal and water. 
Fuaradh, -aidh, m. the windward side. 
Fuaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. cool, become 


182 FUA — FUC. 

Fuaraicheir, -ean, m. a cooler. 
Fuarachd, f. coldness; a. fuaraidh. 

Fuaran, -ain, -an, a well, a fountain, (fuar. ) 
Fuaranach, -aiehe, a. full of springs. 

Fuaranta, a. coldish, chilly. 

Fuarbheann, or fuarbheinn, f. a cold hill. 

Fuarchasach, a. having cold feet. 

Fuar-chiàbhaeb, or fuar-chràbhraiche, m. a hypo- 

Fuar-chràbhach, -aiche, a. tepid, hypocritical. 

Fuar- chràbhadh, -aidh, -ean, m. tepidity, bypo- 

Fuar-chridheacb, a. cold hearted. 

Fuar-dhealta ; f. mildew ; a. fuar-ghealtach. 

Fuarfhead, -an, f. a cold whistling. 

Fuaralachd, f. coldness, indifference ; a. fuaralach. 

Fuar-ghreann, f. a scowl, a cold look. 

Fuarlite, -ean, f. poultice, 

Fuar-lòrg, -ùirg, f. a cold scent, a cold tracing. 

Fuasgail, -te, -ladh, a. v. loose, liberate. 

Fuasgailteachd, f. looseness, freedom ; a. fuas- 
gail teach. 

Fuasgladh, -aidh, m. loosing, relief; a. fuasglach. 

Fuath, -a, m. hatred, aghost, a spectre ; a. fuathach. 

Fuathachd, or iuatbachadh ; detestation ; a. fuath- 

Fuathach, -aich, -aichean, m. a spectre, a monster. 

Fuathaiche, or fuathach, m. a hater, a spectre. 

Fuathas, -ais ; m. a fright, a ghost ; a. fuathasach. 

Fuath orachd, hatefulness ; a. fuathor. 

Fuathshlat, -ait, f. a hoop to keep a cogue from 
falling to staves. 

Fùeadair, -ean, m. a piler of cloth ; fùcadair- 
eachd, his trade. 

IUC — FUL. 183 

Fùc, -.te, -adh, a. v. press, full cloth. 

Fudagadud, -uid, m. a pitiful fellow, a wretch. 

Fudaidh, -e, a. vile, mean, low. 

Fùdar, -air, m. gunpowder; a. fùdrach. 

Fùdraich, -te, -radh, a. v. powder, pulverize. 

Fùidse, ra. a coward, as a cock. 

Fuigheag, -eig, -an, f. a thrumb ; a. fuigheag- 

Fuigheall, -ill, m. remainder; fuighleach. 
Fuil, fala, fola, f. blood ; a. fuilteach. 
Fuilich, -te. -eachadh, a.v. draw blood. 
Fuileachd, or falaebd, f. bloodshed ; a. fuileach. 
Fuilear, adv. too much. Cha'n fhuiler dha sin, 

that is not too much for him, he needs that. 
Fuilig, fuiling, or fulaing, a.v. bear, suffer. 
Fui'teachas, -ais, m. bloodshed ; a. fuilteachail. 
Fuiltein, -ean, m. a single hair; a. fuiiteineach. 
Fuin, -te, fuineadh, a.v. bake. 
Fuine, f. taking; fuineadh. 
Fuineadair, -ean, m. a baker; fuineadaireachd, his 

Fùrbi, -innean, m. a very big man ; also fùrbidh, 

and fùirbirneach, 
Fuirich, -each, fuireachd, n.v. stay, wait. 
Fuirm, -e, -ean, f form, fashion ; fuirmealachd. 
Fùirneis, rather ùirneis, -ean, f. a furnace. 
Fuith ! interj. fie! shame! 
Fuithein, -eannan, m. galling by riding. 
Fuluaisg, -te, -luasgadh, luaisgeadh, a.v. rock. 
Fulang, suffering, pres. part, of v. fulaing. 
Fulangachd, or fulangas, suffering, patience. 
Fulangach, a. patient, hardy. 
Fulangaiche, -ean, m. a sufferer. 
Fuluasgach, -aiche, a. rocking. 

184 FDL — GAB. 

Fuluasgadh, -aidh, m. rocking. 

Funntaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. chill, grow 

very cold. 
Funntachadh, -aidh, m. excessive cold ; funntainn. 
Furachail, or furachair, a. attentive, watchful. 
Furachas, -ais, m. watching, vigilance ; furachras. 
Furail, or furailteach, a. welcoming, hospitable. 
Furain, -te, -ranadh, -ran, a. v. welcome; furan- 
Furan, -ain, m. welcome. [aich. 

Furanach, -aiche, a. saluting kindly. 
Furas, -ais, m. patience. 
Furasdachd, f. facility ; a. furasda. 
Furban, -ain, m. disturbance of mind ; a. furban- 

Furailteachd, or furailteas, kindness, civility. 
Furm, -uirm, -an, -uirra, m. a stool ; a. furmach. 
Furmailt, -ean, f. a welcome reception ; a. furmail- 

Furtachd, or furtachadh, relief; a. furtachail. 
Furtach, a. comforting ; furtaiche, a comforter. 
Furtaich, -te, -achadh ; a. v. comfort. 


G, the seventh letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

'G, prep, for ag, sign of the pres. part. 

G* } prep, contr. for gu, to. 

Ga, or gha, prep, gu, conjoin with the pron. a. to 

Gabaire, -ean, m. a chatting fellow. 
Gabaireachdj f. chatting, prattling. 

GAB GAI. 185 

Gabh, ~te, -ail, a. v. and n.v. take, go, burn, con- 

Gabh again, engage with me. Gabh air, beat him. 
Gabh romhad, get you gone. Ghabh e air fheiu, 
he pretended. Gabh romham, go before me* 

Gàbhadh, -aidh, -ean, m. danger; a. gàbhach. 

Gàbhaidh, a. perilous, strange, odd, fearful. 

Gabhaii, -alach, -alaichean, f. a yoking, a lease, a 

Gabhaltachdj f. capacity; a. gabhaltach, gabhalach. 

Gabhaltas, -ais, a lease, a holding of land from 
a proprietor. 

Gabhd, -an, m. craft; gabhdachd, gabbdair, a 

Gabhdaireachd, f. artifice, low cunning. [cheat, 

Gabhlanaich, or gabhlanachd, idle roving ; a. gabh- 

Gach, pron. each, every ; gach aon, every one. 

Gad, or ged, conj. though, although. 

Gadachd, f. theft ; gadaiche, a thief. 

Gad, goid, gaid, pi. gold, m. a withe, a twisted rod. 

Gadan, -ain, -an, m. a little withe ; a. gadanach. 

Gafann, -ainn, m. henbane. 

Gàg, -àige, -an, f. a rent in the skin ; a. gàgach. 

Gàg, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. split, grow into splits. 

Gagaiche, or gagadh, stammering ; a, gagach. 

Gagaireachd, f. stammering; gagaire, a stammerer. 

Gagan, -ain, -an, m. a cluster, a bunch ; a. gagan- 

Gaibhneachd, or goibhneachd, smith's trade, [acb, 

Gàidheal, -eil, m. a Highlander ; a. gàidhealach. 

Gàidhlig, or gàilig, f. the gaelic language. 

Gail, -te, gail, a.v. boil ; goil. 

Gailbheach, -eiche, a. prodigious, vast. 

Gailbheinn, -e, -ean, f. a. huge hill. 

Gaile, -ean, f. the throat ; goile* 

186 GAI — GAI. 

Gaill, -e, -ean, f. a large cheek; a. gailleach. 

Gailleag, -eig, -an, f. a blow on the cheek. 

Gaillionn, -inn, f. a storm; a. gaillionnacb. 

Gaillseach, -ich, f. a large mouthful of any thing. 

Gaineamh, imh, f. sand, gravel, a sandy beach. 

Gainmheach, -eich, f. sand. 

Gainmhein, -e, ean, f. a grain of sand, a beach. 

Gainmheineacb, eiche, a. sandy. 

Gainne, -ean, f. a shaft, a dart, scarcity. 

Gainneanach, -ich, m. a scrub, a miser. 

Gainnteir, -ean, m. a prison ; a. gainnteireach. 

Gainnteirich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. imprison. 

Gainnteireachd, f. imprisonment. 

Gair, -e, f. nearness, proximity. 

Gair, gairsinn, n.v. crow, cry ; goir. 

Gair, gaireachduinn, n.v. laugh. 

Gair, or goir, f. noise, shouting, crying. 

Gairbh, -e f. the paunch, the stomach. 

Gàirdeachas, -ais, m. joy, gladness ; gàirdeachadh. 

Gairdean -an, m. an arm ; a. gairdeanach. 

Gàirdich, -eachadh, n.v. rejoice, be glad. 

Gàire, f. a laugh ; a. gàireaeh. 

Gàìreachdaich, m. laughing ; gàirichdich, gàireaclid- 

Gaireal, -eil, m. free-stone, gravel ; a. gairealach. 
Gairm, -e, -ean, f. a call ; a. gairmeach. 
Gairm, -te, gairm, a. v. call, invito, crow. 
Gairsinn, f. detestation, horror; a. gairsinneach. 
Gàirich, f. shouting, lowing of cattle. 
Gairgeineach, a. full of garlick. 
Gairgein, - ean, m. a sort of herb, garlick. 
Gairge, f. fierceness; gairgeachd, gairgead. 
Gaireas, -eis, m. convenience; a. gaireil, gaireasach. 
Gairidh, e- -ean, f. a fox or badger's den. 

GAI — GAM. 187 

Gairmeadair, -ean, m. a crier, a proclaimer. 

Gairmionnach, or gairmeach, m. the, vocative case. 

Gàirneal, -eil, m. a large chest for holding meal. 

Gàirnealair, -ean, m. a gardener ; gàirneileireachd, 
his trade. 

Gais, -eadh, n.v. blast, wither away. 

Gaiseadh, -idh, m. the spoiling or blasting of crop. 

Gaisge, or gaisgeachd, f. bravery ; a. gaisgeil, gais- 

Gaisgealachd, f. heroism, valour. 

Gaisreadh, -idh, m. warlike troops, attendants. 

Gaithein, -ean, m. a little dart; a. gaitheineach. 

Ga), or guil, gal, n.v, cry, weep. 

Gal, guil, m. crying ; a. galach, guileach, galanach. 

Galad, -aid, f. a term of affection to a little girl. 

Galar, -air, -an, m. a disease ; a. galarach. 

Gale, -te, -adh, a.v. thicken cloth by fulling. 

Galcadair, -ean, m. a fuller of cloth. 

Galcanta, a. thick, strong, stout. 

Gall, -ail] , m. a lowlander, a foreigner ; a. gallta. 

Galla, -achan, f. a bitch; dim. gallag, 

Gallan, -ain, -an, m. a straight young tree. 

Gallanach, -aiche, a. full of young trees. 

Gallachno, -omhan, f. a walnut. 

Gallachrann, -uinn, m. a low-country plough. 

Galltachd, f. the lowland country. 

Galldrum, -a, -achan, f, a kettle drum. 

Gall-sheilisteir, m. sedges. 

Galluran, -ain, m. wild angelica. 

Gàmag, -aig, -an ; f. a great stride or leap ; a. ga- 
in agach. 

Gamhainn, -amhna, pi. amhna, a stirk. 

Gàmhlas, -ais, m. hatred ; a. gàmhlasach. 

Gàmhnach, -aich, -ean, f. a farrow cow. 

188 GAN GAR. 

Gan, prep. ag, and pron. an, gan iarraidh, seeking 

Gàngaid, -e, -ean, f. deceit ; a. gangaideach. 
Gann, gainne, gainnead, a. scarce. 
Ganntachd, or ganntas, scarcity ; and ganntar. 
Gànra, -aidh, -ean, m. a gander. 
Gànraidh, -e, f. a harsh noise, as of geese, 
Gaog, -aoig, -ean, f. a defect in yarn; a. gaogach. 
Gaoid, -e, -ean, f. a stain, a blemish ; a. gaoideanta, 
Gaoiiein, -ean, m. a darling. 
Gaoir, =e, -ean, f. noise, sound; a. gaoireach. 
Gaoirein, -ean, m. a noisy fellow. 
Gaoiseach, -ich, f. a bolt that fixes the barrel of a 

Gaoisid, -e, f. horse hair ; a. gaoisideach. 
Gaoisnein, -ean, m. a single hair ; a. gaoisneach. 
Gaoithein, -ean, m. a talkative fellow. 
Gaol, gaoil, m. love, a lover; a. gaolach. 
Gaorr, -a, m, gore, filth ; a. gaorrach. 
Garracail, -e, a. rough, rugged, course. 
Gaorr, -adh, a.v. gore, pierce. 
Gaorran, -ain, -an, m. a little glutton. 
Gaorrsach, -aich, -ean, f. a bawd, a slut; gaorr- 

sachd, her trade. 
Gaort, -airt, -an, m. a saddle girth ; a. gaortach. 
Gaoth, gaoith, -an, f. the wind ; gaoth an ear, 

east wind, 
Gaothach, or gaothar, a. windy; also gaothanach. 
Gaothaire, -ean, m. a vent, an open reed, a prat- 

Gaothar, -air, m. a lurcher, a greyhound, a dog. 
Gaothorachd, f. windiness; a. gaothor. 
Gaothran, -ain, -an, f. a fan. 
Gar, -te, -adh., a.v, warm, beat. 

GAR — GAS. 189 

Gar, adv. near, nigh to. 

Gar, or ged, conj. though, although, 

Gàrradair, -ean, m. a gardener. 

Gàrradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a garden. 

Garbh, gairbhe, a. rough, large, harsh. 

Garbhachd, rather gairbheachd, roughness, great- 

Garbhan, -ain, m. the orts of ill-milled meal. 

Garbhanach, a. rugged, fail of orts. 

Garbh -chearbach, a. broad skirted. 

Garbh-chnamfaach, a. large boned. 

Garbhchriochan, m. rough hounds. 

Garbh-fhras, -ois, an, f. a boisterous shower. 

Garbhghucag, -aig, -an, f. the strongest part of 

Garbhlach, -aich, f. a rough or rugged place. 

Garbh-shian, -ine, m. rough weather. 

Garbhshlios, .a, -an, m. a rough side of a hill. 

Garbh-thonn, -uinn, -an, f. a huge wave. 

Gàrcan, -ain, m a the note of a ben; a. gàrcanacb. 

Garg, gairge, gairgead, a. fierce, wild, terrible. 

Gàrlach, -aich ; m. a screaming starving child, a 

Garman, -ain, -an, m. a weaver's beam, a post. 

Garrach, -aich, m. a little glutton, a wretch. 

Gàrraiceis, f. harsh noise, as of birds. 

Gart, -airt, m. gloom, a surly aspect, standing 

Gartan, -aio, -an, m, a garter ; a. gartanach. 

Gartlain, -te, -lanadh, -Ian, a. v. weed, clear of 

Gartlanny -ainn, -an, m. a corn yard. 

Gas, -ois, .an, f. a stalk, as of heath, a stem ; a, 

I 8 

190 GAS — GEA. 

Gasag, -aig, -an, f. a little stalk ; a. gasagach. 
Gasan, -ain, -an, m. a little stalk, a youth ; a. 

Gasdachd, f. excellency, beauty ; a. gasda. 
Gasg, -a, -an, m. a tail, an appendage, dim. gasgan. 
Gàt, -a, -aichean, m. an iron bar ; dim. gàtachan. 
Gath, -a, -an, -annan, m. a sting, a dart, a ray of 

Gathan, -ain, -an, a little sting ; a. gathanacb, 

Gathbholg, -uilg, m. a quiver. 
Gath-dubh, -uibhe, -dubha, m. beard of oats, a 

Gath-muinne, m. a mane; a. gath-muinneach. 
Ge, i.e. ge b'e, conj. whosoever, whatever. 
Ge, or ged, conj. though, as ge mòr, ge trom ; ge 

is thus always used before adjectives. 
Ge brith, i.e. ge b'e air bith, conj. whosoever. 
Gead, or geadag, f. a small spot of arable ground, 

or lock of hair. 
Gead, -te, -adh, a. v. clip off the hair. 
Geadach, geadagach, a. full of arable spots, or 

Geadag, -aig, -an, m. a small tuft of hair. 
Geadas, -ais, -an, m. a pike fish ; a. geadasach. 
Geadh, rather giadh, -eoidh, m. a goose ; giagh. 
Geadfaach, or giadhach, a. full of geese, s. a quill. 
Geal, gile, gilead, a. wheat. 
Gealach, -aich, f. the moon. 

Gealag, -aig, -an, f. a white trout; a. gealagach. 
Gealagan, -ain, -an, m. the white of an egg. 
Gealaich, -te ; -achadh, a. v. whiten, bleach, make 

Gealan, -ain, -an, m. a little linnet. 

GEA — GEA. 191 

Gealbhan, -ain, -an, a little fire. 

Gealbhonn, -uinn, -an, m. a sparrow. 

Geall, -ill, m. a bet, a wager, a pledge, a prize, 

Geall, -te, -adh, -tainn, a. v. promise. [love. 

Geallorachd, f. promising ;. a. gealltanach. 

Gealltanas, -ais, m. a promise. 

Gealshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a white eye ; a. geal- 

Gealtach, -aiche, -ead, a. cowardly, timerous. 

Gealtair, -ean, m. a coward ; gealtaireachd, cow- 

Geamblag, rather geimhleag, -eig, -an, f. a crow. 

Geamhradh, -aidh, -aichean, m. winter ; a. geamh- 

Geamhraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. winter, 

Geamhranta, or geamhrachail ; a. wintry. 

Gean, -a, m. good humour, favour ; a. geanail, 

Geanalachd, f. cheerfulness, good humour. 

Geangach, -aiche, a. parsimonious, narrow. 

Geanmchno, .an, f. chesnut. 

Geanmnaidh, -e, a. chaste. 

Geanmnachd, f. chastity. 

Geannair, -e, -ean, m. a kind of wedge. 

Gearan, -ain, -an, m. complaint, a moan or sigh. 

Gearain, gearan, n.v. complain, gearainich. 

Gearaineach, -aiche, a. complaining. 

Gearr, -te, -adh, a.v. cut, bite, satirize. 

Gearr, -a, -an, f. a hare, 

Gèarrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a flux. 

Gearr, giorra, giorrad, a. short, brief. 

Gearradair, -ean, m. a carver ; gearradaireachd, 
his trade. 
I 4 

192 GEA— GEI. 

Gearradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a cut, cutting, a satire. 
Gerra-breac, -brie, m. the bird guillemot. 
Gearra-gort, -ghoirt, -ean-goirta, m. a quail. 
Gearrag, -aig. -an, f. a young hare ; a. gearragach. 
Gearran, -ain, pi. gearrain, m. a gelding, a horse. 
Gearran, -ain, m. days from the 15th of March to 

the 11th of April. 
Gearrabhon, -uinn, -an, a piece on the fore-sole of 

a shoe. 
Gearrachasach, a. short-footed. 
Gearr-earblach, short-tailed. 
Gearra-gbath, -a, -an, m. a short spear. 
Gearrsh*allacb, a. short-sighted. 
Gearraphoca, -an, m, a sbort sack. 
Geas, -eis, -a, -an, a charm, sorcery. 
Geasadair, -ean, m. a wizard ; geasadaireachd, his 

Geata, .an, -achan, f. a gate. 
Geatha, -achan, m. a pole, a long staff. 
Ged or gad, conj. though, although. 
Gèill, -eadh, -eachduinn, n.v. yield, submit. 
Gèìll, -e, f. yielding, submission. 
Gèilleachduinn, f, yielding; gèilleadh. 
Geilt, -e, f. terror, fear ; a. geilteach, 
Gèimheal, -eil, -mhlean, m. a fetter, a chain. 
Gèimhlich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. bind, chain. 
Gèimhleadh, -eidh, m. chaining, binding. 
Gèinn, -e, -ean, m. a wedge ; a. geinneach. 
Gèinn, -te, -eadh, a. v. wedge. 
Geinneag, -eig, -an, f, a short thick woman* 
Geinneil, -e, a. stout, firm, compact. 
Gèintileach, -ich, m. a heathen ; gèintleach* 
Geir, -e, f. tallow ; a. geireach. 
Gèire, f. sharpness, acuteuess, (geur). 

GEI — GEU. 198 

Gèisg, -e, -ean, f. a creaking noise. 

Gèisgeach, or gèisgeil, a. creaking. 

Gèisg, -te, -eadh, n.v. creak, split. 

Geòb, -a, -an, m. a wry mouth, a creek; a. geòbaeh. 

Geòb, -adh, n.v. make a wry mouth. 

Geoic, -e, -ean, L a wry neck ; a. geoiceacn., 

Geò, -aich, m. a glutton ; a. gluttonous. 
Geòcaire, -ean, m. a glutton ; a. geòcaireach. 
Geòcaireachd, f. gluttony; geòcachd. 
Geòla, -achan, f. a ship's boat ; a. geòìach ; dim. 

Geobraich, f. idle talk. 

Geomhta, -an, m. a thick log of wood ; a. geomh- 

Geomhtan, -ain, -an, m. any thing short and thick. 

Geomhtanach, -aiche, a. short, thick, stout. 

Geotha, m. a hollow in a rock. 

Geug, or giag, -èige, -an, f. a branch, a miss ; a. 

* Geugag, -aig, -an, f. a little branch, or girl ; a. 

Geum, -èim, -a, -an, m. the lowing of a cow. 

Geum, -naich, n.v. low as a cow. 

Geumnaich, f. lowing; a. geumnach. 

Geur, or giar, gèire, gèiread, a. sharp, acute. 

Geuraich, or giaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sharpen. 

Geurad, rather gèiread, f. sharpness. 
! Geuranachd, subtility, repartees. 

Geurchluas, -uais, -an, f. quick hearing. 

Geurchluasach, a. quick of hearing. 

Geurchuiseach, a. shrewd, sharp. 

Geurfhaclach, a. witty, satirical. 

Geurlean, -mhuinn, a.v. persecute. 
I 5 

194 GEU — GIN. 

Geurleanmhuinn, m. persecution. 
Giaban, -ain, -an, m. a bird's gizzard ; a. giabanach. 
Gial, -a, -an, f. a jaw, gill of a fish ; a. gialach. 
Gibeach, -eiche, -ead, a. ragged, hairy, neat, tight. 
Gibein, -ean, m. a piece of flesh ; a. gibeineach. 
Gibeagach, -aiche, a. ragged, tattering ; s. giobag. 
Giblin, -e, m. the month of April ; giblean. 
Gigein, -ean, m. a dwarf. Gigeachaidig, Liliput- 

Gilb, -e, -ean, f. a chisel ; a. gilbeach. 
Gile, or gilead, f. whiteness. 
Gille, -ean, m. a boy, a lad ; a. gilleach. 
Gillebiide, -eanbride, m. a sort of sea fowl, an 

oyster eater. 
Gille-each, -eich, -ean-each, m. a groom, 
Gillefionn, m. a white periwinkle. 
Gillegreasaid, or gillegreasaidh, m. a cooper's 

Gillemàrtuinn, -eachamàrtuinn, m. a fox. 
Gillemirein, -eachamirean, m. a whirligig. 
Gilleruithe, -eanruithe, m. a runner. 
Gilleshàlm, -eansailm, m. a precentor, a leader of 

a choir. 
Gillsguain, -eansguaine, m. a train bearer. 
GillesLiirbhe, -eansùirbhe, m. a courtier's attendant. 
Gilmein, -ean, m. a flatterer, a sycophant. 
Gimleid, -e, .ean, f. a gimlet ; a. gimleideach. 
Gin, -te, -eadh, -eamhuinn, -tinn, a.v. beget. 
Gin, pron. any one, somebody ; gin sa bith, any 

Gineadair, -ean, m. a progenitor, a parent. 
Gineadb, -idh, m. begetting. 
Gineal, -eil, -an, m. an offspring, a race. 
Ginealach, -aicb, m. a generation, a race. 

GIN — GIU. 195 

Gineolachd, f. a genealogy, a pedigree. 
Gineamhuinn, -e, m. begetting. 
Gineamhuinneach, -ich, f. the genitive case. 
Giobag, -aig, -an, f. a rag, a besom ; a. giobagach. 
Giobull, -uill, m. a rag, cast clothes; a. giobullach. 
Giog, rather giùg, -adb, n.v. cringe, flatter. 
Giogach, rather giùgach, a. cringing. 
Giogan, -ain, -an, m. a thistle ; a. gioganach. 
Giolam, -aim, m, talking, prattling ; a. giolamach. 
Giolaman, -ain, -an, m. a prattling fellow ; giola- 

manachd, his habit. 
Giolcair, -ean, m. a flippant fellow ; giolcaireachd, 

Giomanacb, -aich, m, a hunter, a gun. 
Giomh, -a, m. a fault, a blemish. 
Gionach, or gionaiche, m. greed, gluttony; a. 
Gionair, -ean, m. a glutton. [gionaich. 

Giorag, -aig, -an, £ fear, dread ; a. gioragach. 
Giorraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. shorten, abreviate. 
Giorraiche, -ean, m. one who shortens. 
Giorradan, -ain, -an, m. an abbreviation. 
Giosgan, -ain, -an, m. a creaking noise; giosgan- 

Giort, -e, -ean, f. a skirt ; a. giortach. 
Githeileis, f. idle running to and fro. 
Giseag, -eig, -an, f. a charm, a spell ; gisreag. 
Gith, -e, f. a shower a blast. 
Giseagach, -aiche, a. full of charms ; gisreagach. 
*Giùd, -e, ean, m. a wile, deceit, a cheat ; a. giùd- 

Giùgach, -aiche, a. cringing, fawning, drooping 

the head. 
Giuig, -e, -ean, f. a drooping of the head to one 
Giùlain, -te, giùlan, a. v. carry, bear. [side, 


196 GIU — GLA. 

Giùlanta, a. well behaved. 

Giulla, -an , m. a lad ; a. giullach. 

Giullaich, -te, -achd, a. v. cherish, use well, dress. 

Giullan, -ain, -an, m. a little boy ; a. giull- 

Giumach, -aich, pi. giumaich, m. a lobster ; a giu- 

Giùran, -ain, -an, m. gills of fish ; a. giùranach. 
Giùsach, -aich, -achean, f. a fir forest. 
Giuthas, -ais, m. fir; giubhas. 
Glac, -te, -adh, -ail, a.v. catch, take, seize. 
Glac, -aic, -an, f, a valley, the hollow of the hand ; 

a. glacach. 
Glacach, -aich, ra. a swelling in the hollow of the 

Glacadair, or glacair, -ean, m. a catcher, a seizer. 
Glacadan, -ain, -an, m. a receptacle, a gin. 
Glacadh, -aidb, m. a seizing, a taking, a catching. 
Glacag, -aig, -an, f. a little valley ; a, glacagach ; 

Glacaireachd, or glacadaireachd, f. a seizure, a tak- 
Glacor, -oire, a. catching, seizing, fit to catch. 
Glag, -aig, -uig, the noise of any thing falling, as 

a man. 
Glagach, -aiche, a. noisy, clumsy; see gliogach. 
Glagadaich, -e, f. loud talk, vociferation. 
Glagaid, -e, -ean, f. a noisy woman. 
Glagaire, -ean, a talkative fellow; glagaireachd, 

his office. 
Glagais, -e, f. loquacity, babbling. 
Glagan, -ain, -an, m. the clapper of a mill, a door 
Glaganach, -aiche, a. noisy, rattling. [knocker. 
Glagarra, a. noisy, dull, slow. 

GLA — GLA, 197 

Glàib, -e, f. mire, a puddle , a glàibeil, glàibeach. 

Glàichd, rather glaoichd, -an, m. an idiot. 

Glaim, -e, -ean, f. a large mouthful. 

GJaimhein, -ean, ra, a glutton. 

Glamraicb, n.v. roar, howl. 

Glaimseach, -ich, f. a gluttonous woman. 

Glamaireachd, f. voraciousness. 

Glaine, f. cleanness, purity; glaineachd. 

Glais, -te, -adh, a. v. lock, secure. 

Glaisdidh, -e, a. pale, wan. 

Glaise, f. greyness ; glaiseachd. 

Glaisein, -ean, m. a grey-headed man ; a coal-fish 
in its 2d and 3d year. 

Glaiseun, -eoin, -eoinean, m. a sparrow. 

Glaiseun-coille, -an-coille, a sort of bird. 

Glaiseun-daraich, -an-daraicb, m. a grey-finch. 

Glaiseun-seilich; -an-seilich, m. a water wag-tail. 

Glaistig, rather glaiseag, f. a she-devil, a hag. 

Glam, -te, -adh, a. v. eat greedily, seize as a dog. 

Glamaire, -ean, m. a glutton ; glamaireachd, glut- 

Glamhadh, -aidh, m. a sudden bite, as of a dog. 

Glamasair, -ean, m. a voracious eater, a glutton. 

Glamhus, -uis, an, m. a gape, an opening. 

Glamhusach, -aiche, gaping, void. 

Glamair, -mradh, a.v. devour, eat greedily. 

Glan, -te, -adh^ a.v. wash, clean. 

Glanadair, -ean, m. a washer. 

Glanadh, -aidh, m. washing, cleansing ; a. glanail, 

Glang, -a, -an, m. a ringing sound ; a. glangach. 

Glan-ruisge, a. quite naked. 

Glaogh, -aoigh, m. glue, bird-lime ; a. glaoghach. 

Glaodh, -aoidh, m. a cry, a shout ; a, elaodhach, 

Glaogh, -te, -adh, a.v. glue, cement 

198 GLA — GLE. 

Glaodh, -aich, a.v. cry, shout. 

Glaodhaich, m. crying, shouting. 

Glaoghan, -ain, -an, m. the heart of potatoes, pith, 

Glas, -aise, -an, f. a lock, a fetter. [of wood. 

Glas, -aise, -aisead, a. grey, pale, wan; glasail. 

Glasag, -aig, -an, f. a small lock, a water wag-tail. 

Glas-chiabh, -an, f. a small grey lock; a. glas-chi- 

Glaschoirein, -ean, m. a little green valley. 
Glasfheur, m. grey grass; a. glasfheurach. 
Glasgheadh, -eoidh, a wild goose, rather glasghiadb. 
Glasghort, -oirt, -an ; m. ley ground; a. glasghort- 

Glasghuib, -e, -ean, f. a mouth lock, or gag. 
Glasiasg, or glaisiasg, -eisg, m. grey fish, as cod, 

ling, haddocks. 
GlaS'lamh, -laimhe, -an-lamh, f. a handcuff. 
Glas-liath, -èithe, a. greyish. 

Glasmhiar, .eoir, f. a certain tune for the bagpipe. 
Glasneulach, -aiche, a. pale, wan. 
Glasra, m. ley ground ; glasrach, glasradh. 
Glasraich, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v., turn into ley, 

grow pale. 
Glastalamh, -Imhuinn, ley ground. 
Gias-uaine, a. greyish, green. 

Gle, a prefix, intensative ; asgle-mhath, very good. 
Gleac, m. a fight, a wrestling ; a. gleacoil. 
Gleac, gleac, a.v. fight, wrestle, strive. 
Gleacair, -ean, m. a wrestler; gleacaireachd, his 
Gleadhar, -air, m. a blow, a stroke. [trade. 

Gleadhraich, -ean, f. noise, rattling ; a. gleadhrach. 
Gleadhran, -ain, m. a rattle; a. gleadhranach. 
Gleann, -inne, pi. glinn, m. a valley, a glen ; a. 


GLE— GLI. 199 

Gleannan,-ain, -an, m. a little glen; a. gleanna- 

Gleanntail, -e, a. full of vallies. [aach. 

GJèidh, -te, -eadh, a. v. keep, bold, preserve. 

'Glèidhteachd, f. frugality ; a. glèidbteach. 

Glèidhtiche, m. a provider, a keeper. 

Gl,£og, m. the noise of any thing falling, a blow. 

Gleogach, silly, dull, lazy, 

Gleogaire, -ean, m. a lazy fellow ; gleogaireackd, 

Gleoid, -ean, m. a sloven ; f. gleoisg, a slut. 

Gleoideil, or gleoisgeil, a. slovenly, silly. 

Gleòman, or gleòdhaman, ra. a silly or dull person. 

Gleòmanachd, or gleòdhamanachd, f. dullness, stu- 
pidity. . 

Gleòramas, -ais, m. foolish boasting, vain talk. 

Gleòisg, or gleòsgaid, f. a silly woman. 

Gleòsgaire, -ean, m. a silly man ; gleosgaireachd, 

Gleòsgach, -aiche, a. silly, stupid, foolish. 

Gleothaisg, -e, -ean, m. or f. a dull or silly person. 

Gleus, -eois, -a, -an, m. activity, lock of a gun, 
key in music. 

Gleu*, -te, -adh, a. v. trim, adjust, tune, 

Gleusadair, -ean, m. one who tunes.. 

Gleusadh, -aidh, m. tuning, trimming. 

Gleusta, a. active, tuned, trimmed. 

Gleustachd, f. activity, keenness, tidiness. 

Glib, .e, f. sleet, rather gliobhaid. 

Glic, -e, -ead, a. wise, prudent ; gliocas, wisdom. 

Glidich, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. impress upon, 

Gliobar, or gliobhaid, sleet. 

Gliocas, -ais, wisdom ; gliocasair, a wise man. 

Gliog, -a, -an, m. a clink, a tinkling. 

200 GLI — GLO. 

Gliogacb, -aiche, a. clinking', staggering. 
Gliogaid, -e, -ean, f. a sluggish woman. 
Gliogaideach, a. clumsy about the knees, staggering. 
Gliogar, -air, -an, m. a tinkling noise ; a. gliogar- 

Gliogradh, -aidb, m. a rattling; a. gliogadaich. 
Gliong, -a, an, m. a clink ; a. gliongach, clinking. 
Gliong, -adh., n.v. ring, clang, as metal. 
Giiougag, -aig, -an, f. a slight degree of drunkeness. 
Gliongarsaich, -e, f. ringing, tinkling. 
Gliuchd, m. a blubbering, a sobbing; a. gliuchdach. 
Gloc, -oic, m. a loud cry, clocking, as a hen ; a. 

Glocair, -ean, m. a bawling fellow; a. glocail. 
Glocaireachd, f. a cackling noise. 
Glocan, -ain, -an, m. the opening or angles where 

branches meet. 
Gloc-nid, -e, f. a morning dram taken in bed. 
Glochar, -air, a rattling in the throat. 
Glog, -oig, m. a soft lump ; a. glogach, soft, dull. 
Glogag, -aig, -an, f. a dull or stupid woman ; a. 

Glogaire, -ean, m. a dull or sottish man ; glogair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Glogan, -ain, -an, m. a little soft lump. 
Glogluinn, or glograich, f. noise of water. 
Glogshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a soft or inanimate eye. 
Gloichd, rather glaoichd, -e, -ean, m. an idiot. 
Gloidhcealachdj rather glaoicealacbd, f. idiotism. 
Gloiceil, rather glaoiceil, a. idiotical. 
Gloine, or glaine, f. cleanness, a glass. 
Glòir, or glòr, f. glory, praise; a. glòrmhor. 
Glòir-dhiomhain, f. Tain-glory. 
Glòirfhionn, a. whitish, grey, white-spotted. 

GLO — GLU. 201 

Glòireim, -e, m. pomp, pageantry ; a. glòireimeach. 
Glòmadh, -aidh, m. the twilight ; glòmanaich. 
Glomhar, -air, -an, in. a gag put in the mouth of 

a kid or lamb, 
Glomhraich, -te, -radh, a.v. gag. 
Glong, -a, -an, m. a slimy spittle, snot ; a. glon- 

Glongaire, -ean, m. a dull weak fellow. 
Glonn, -a, -an, m. an exploit, a feat; a. glonnach. 
Glòr, or glòir, f. glory, praise ; glòrmhor. 
Glòraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. glorify, praise. 
Glòramas, -ais, m. boasting; glòramachd 
Gluais, -te, gluasad, a.v. and n.v. move, walk, stir. 
Gluasad, -aid, m. moving, stirring ; a. gluasadach, 
Gluasachd, f. moving, mobility. 
G!ug, -uig, -an, m. the noise of a fluid in a vessel. 

Glugach, -aiche, a noisy, stammering. 
Glugaiche, or glugaireachd, f. stammering. 
Glugaire, -ean, m. a stammerer. 

Glugan, -ain, -an, m. a faint noise of a fluid; a. 

Glugraicb, f. the rumbling of a fluid in a vessel. 

Gluig, m. or f. a slut. 

Gluineag, -eig, -an, f. a blow with the knee. 

Glùinein, -ean, m. a coarse garter ; a. glùineineach. 

Glumadh, -aidh, m. a big mouthful of liquid, a 

Glumag, -aig, -an, f. a deep pool; a. glumagach. 

Glùn, -ùin, -e,-ean, m. a knee, a generation, a joint. 

GìùnbhleitheaGh, a. in-kneed. 

Glùnginealaich, -e, -ean, m. a pedigree. 

Glut, -te, -adh, a.v. drink with noise or greedily. 

Glutadb,-aidh, m. drinking greedily or with noise. 

Glutair, -ean^ m, a glutton ; glutaireachd, his habit. 

202 GNA — GNO. 

Gnà, or gnàth, m. and adv. custom, usual, al- 

Gnànda, a. ugly. [ways. 

Gnàthach, -aiche, a. customary. 

Gnàthaich ,-te, -achadh, a. v. and n. v. practise, use, 

Gnàthachadh, -aidh, m. habit, manner, custom. 

Gnàthaichear, -ean, m. a practitioner. 

Gnàth-eòlas, f. experience. 

Gnàfhacal, -ail, -an, m. a proverb. 

Gnàs, f. custom, habit. 

Gnè, f. a kind, a sort, nature. 

Gnèitheil, or gnèitheach, a. kind, generous. 

Gnèithealachd, f. kindness, generosity, 

Gniomh, -a, -an, -annan, m. an action, a word ; a. 

Gniomhaich, -achadh, a.v. act, work, perform. 

Gniomhachas, -ais, m. work, performance ; gniom- 

Gniomharrach, a. active ; gniomharra. 

Gnò, or gnù, a. surly, parsimonious, envious. 

Gnob, -oib, -an, m. a knoll ; a. gnobach. 

Gnoban, -ain, -an, m. a little hill, a knoll; a. gno- 

Gnòthan, -ain, m. a moan, a groan ; a. gnòthanach. 

Gnog, -oig, -an, f. a knock, a blow ; a. gnogach, 
pettish, shy. 

Gnoig, -e, f. a pet, a frown, a head ; a. gnogach, 

Gnogag, -aig, -an, f. a slight knock, a pettish fe- 

Gnogaiseachd, f. peevishness ; a. gnogaiseach. 

Gnoigeag, -eig, -an, f. a sulky female. 

Gnoigeis, f. surliness, pettishness; a. gnoigeiseach. 

Gnos, -ois, -an, m. a snout* a mouth ; a. gnosach. 

Gnosaireachd ; f. muttering, blubbering. 

GNO — GOB. 203 

Gnòsd, or gnòsad, m. the low lowing of a cow ; 

Gnosail, f. grunting of a sow, (gnos.) [gnòsdaich. 

Gnotbach,-aich,-aichean, m.a business, an errand. 

Gnù, or gnò, a. surly, worldly, parsimonious, en- 

Gnùigein, -ean, m. a sorry wretch ; f. gnùgag. 

Gnùis, -e, -ean, f. the face, the countenance. 

Gnùisfhiosacbd, f. pbisiognomy. 

Gnùìs-bhrat, -ait, -an, m. a veil for the face. 

Gnùis-mhàlta, a. a modest countenance. 

Guùsgul, f. grunting, grumbling; gnùsguil. 

Gnùthail, f. grunting, grumbling; gnùsgulaich. 

Gnùth, -uith, -e, f. a frown. 

Gò, m. malice, grudge, hatred. 

Go or gu, prep. to. 

Gob, guib, m. a bill, a beak ; a. gobach. 

Gobao, -aig, -an, f. a dog-fish, a kiss ; a. gobagach. 

Gobaire, -ean, m. a prattler; gobaireachd, his habit. 

Goban, -ain, -an, m. a little bill ; or guibein ; a. go- 

Gobhainn, or gobhann, or gobha, pi. goibhnean, 
m. a smith. 

Gobha-dubh, or gobh-uisge, m. a water-ousel. 

Gobhal, goibhle, goibhlean, f. a post, a forked sup- 

Gobhalroinn, -ailroinne, f. a pair of compasses. 

Gobhar, gaibhre, pi. ghobhair, f. a goat ; a. gobh- 

Gobhlacb, -aiche, a. stride-ways, forked, pronged. 

Gobhlachan, -ain, -an, m. a person sitting astride. 

Goblaehan-gaoith, or gobhlan-gaoith, m. a swallow. 

Gobhlag, -aig, -an, f. a dung wooden fork. 

Gobhlan, -ain, -an, m. a small prong; a. gobhlan- 

Gobhlan-gaimhnich, m. a sand-martin. [ach. 

204 GOC— GOI. 

Goc, -uic, -an, m. a pipe or faucet put into a cask 
Gocaman, -ain, pi. -main, m. an usher, an atten« 
Gocan, -ain, -an, m. a little attendant. [danti 

Gòdag, -aig, -an, f. a coquette. [gail; 

Gog, m. the note, or cackling of a hen ; also go-j ' 
Gogag, or gogaid, f. a giddy woman, a coquette. ' 
Gogaideach, -eicbe, a. giddy, airy, coquettish. 
Gogaideachd, f. light behaviour, coquetry. 
Gogan, -ain, -an, m. a small cogue. 
Goganach, -aiclie, a. full of wooden vessels. 
Gogcheannach, -aiche, a. light-headed. 
Gogshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a goggle-eye; a. gogshuil* 
Goibhneachd, f. a smith's trade. [each, 

Goic, -e, f. a tossing or turning of the head, a scoff. 
Goid, -e, f. theft, also gaid. 
Goid, -te, goid, a.v. steal, pilfer, slip ; also gaid. 
Goidein, or gaidein, -ean, m. a little withe ; a. 

Goil, or gail, -e, f. boiling ; a. goileach, or gaileach. 
Goil, or gail, -te, a.v. and n.v. boil. 
Goile, -eachan, m. the throat ; faic gaile. 
Goileam, -eim, m. prattling ; a. goileamach. 
Goileaman, m. a prattler ; f. goileamag. 
Goill, or gaill, -e, f. a hanging lip, large cheeks; 

a. goilleach. 
Goilleag, -eig, -an, f. a slap on the cheek. 
Goilleas, -eis, m. a hanging lip ; a, goilleasacb. 
Goilleir, -ean, m. a blubber lipped person. 
Goillire, -ean, m. a Lewis bird. 
Goimh, -e, f. spite, hatred ; a. goimheil, (gò). 
Goin, -e, f. a wound, fascination, blasting. 
Goinshuilteack, -iche, a. a fascinating eye ; rather 

gonshuileach. [crow. 

Goir, or gair, -te, goirsinn, or gairsinn* a.v. cry, 

GOI — GOR. 205 

jròirleis, f. foolishness, childishness. 

3oirid, giorra, giorrad, a. short. 

Groirsinn, -e, f. crying, crowing ; gairsinn. 

Groirt, -e, -ead, a. sore, painful, sour. acid. 

Goirtein, -ean, m. a little field ; a. goirteineach. 

Groirteas, -eis, m. pain, painfulness. 

Goirtich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. and n.v. hurt, sour, 

become sour. 
Goirtichte, a. soured, hurt. 
Gòisinii, or gòisne, -ean, m. a gin, a trap ; a. 

Gòisnein, -ean, m. a little gin ; a. gòisneineach. 
Goistidh, -ean, m. a gossip, a godfather. 
Goisteachd, f. the duty of a godfather, gossiping. 
Gòmag, -aig, -r.n, f. a nip, a pinch ; a. gòmagach. 
Gon, -ointe, -adh, a.v. bewitch, wound, blast. 
Gonach, -aiche, a. bewitching, wounding, sharp. 
Gonadh, -aidh, m. bewitching, stabbing. 
Gonag, -aig, -an, a witch, a miserly woman. 
Gòrach, -aiche, -ead, a. foolish, silly. 
Gòraiche, f. folly; gòraichead, gòrlais. 
Gorm, guirme, guirmead, a. blue, green. 
Gorm, guirm, m. blue colour. 
Gorm, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. make blue,. become 

Gormadh, -aidh, m, blue colour ; gormadh-a-là, 

Gormshuil, -uilean, a blue eye ; a. gormshuileach. 
Gormghlas, -aise, a. of an azure colour. 
Gòrsaid, -»e, -ean, f. a gorget ; a. gòrsaideach. 
Gort, or gorta, f. famine, scarcity ; a. gortach, 
Gort. or gart, m. standing corn, a field. 
Gortaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. starve. 
Gortachd, f. scarcity, starvation. 

206 GOK — GRA. 

Gortag* -aig, -an, f. a penurious or starving woman. 
Gortachadb, -aidb, m. starving, starvation. 
Gortan, -ain, -an, m. a penurious or starving man. 
Gors-sbeobhag, -aig, -an, m. a gos-hawk. 
Gòthanach, -aicbe, a. envious, malicious, (gò). 
Gothlam, -aim, m. tattling, rubbage ; a. goth- 

Grab, -te, -adh, a. v. hinder, obstruct, impede. 
Grabadb, -aidh, -aidbean, m. a hindrance or stop. 
Grabh, -a, -an, rather sgreamh, f. dislike, horror. 
Grabb, -te, *adh, a. v. engrave, carve; grabhail. 
Grabhadh, or grabhaladh, -aidh, m. engraving. 
Grabhalta, a. engraved, sculptured. 
Grabhaltaiche, m. an engraver. 
Gràc, -te, -adh, a.v. frighten, or silence a child by 

Gràcan, -ain, m. the note of a hen ; a. gràcanach. 
Grad, -aide, -ead, a. quick, hasty, nimble, 
Gradag, -aig, -an, f. a quick woman, a gun. 
Gradain, -te, -anadh, a.v. burn corn for the quern. 
Gradan, or gradanadh, m. burning corn. 
Gradbheirteach, -eiche, a, quick, clever. 
Gradcharach, -aiche, a. quick, nimble, sly. 
Gràdh, -àidh, m. love, a lover or dear. 
Gràdhach, a. lovely, also s. a dear. 
Gràdhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. love, esteem. * 
Gràdhadair, -ean, m. a lover; f. gràdhag. 
Gràdhan, -ain, -an, m. a little darling. 
Gràdharachd, f. loveliness ; a, gràdhor. 
Gràdhran, or gràdhranaich, m. the cackling of 

Gràg, -àig, -an, m. a croaking of crows, cawing of 

Gràg, n.v. croak, caw. 

GRA GRA. 207 

Graide, f. quickness, hastiness. 

Graigh, -e, -ean, f. a flock, a herd, a stud of horses, 

Gràidbein, -ean, m. a beloved person, f. gràidheag. 

Gràidhear, -ean, m. a lover. 

Graigheach, a. abounding, with flocks or horses. 

Graighear, -ean, m. a groom. 

Graim, -e, grama, gramannan, m. a bite, a hold ; 
a. gramach. 

Grain, -e, f. disgust, dislike; a. gràineil. 

Gràinne, or gràinnein, -ean, m. a single grain, as 
of corn. 

Gràinich, -te, -eaehadh, a. v. detest, abhor. 

Gràineag, -eig, -an, f. a hedge-hog ; a. gràineagach. 

Gràinealachd, f. detestation, abomination. 

Gràing, -e, f. disdain, a frown ; rather sgràing. 

Gràinnich, -te, -eaehadh, a.v. glanulate. 

Gràinnseach, -ich, -ean, f. a grange, corn, a farm. 

Gràinnsear, -ean, in. a farmer; grainnsearachd, 
his trade. 

Gràs, gràis, f. success, prosperity. 

Gràisg, -e, f. the rabble, low people ; a. gràisgeil. 

Gramaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. hold, keep, cling to. 

Gramaiche, -ean, m. a holder, a smith's vice, nip- 

Gramalas, or gramalachd, power, vigour ; a. 

Gran, grain, m. dried corn. 

Gràn-ubhal, -ubhlan, m. a pomegranate. 

Grànda, -àinde, graingead, a. ugly, unseemly. 

Gràinde, or gràndachd, f. ugliness. 

Gràp, or gràpa, -an. -achan, an iron dung fork. 

Gràsan, m. Divine grace ; a. gràsail, gràsor. 

Gràsalachd, f. grace, gracefulness ; gràsorachd. 

Grath, -a, m. fear ; a. grathail ; sgrath rather. 

208 GRA — GUI. 

Gratbunn, -uinn, -an, m. a while, a space of time. 

Gread, -adh, a. v. burn, scorge. 

Greadadh, -aidh, m. a burning, pain, beating ; a. 

Greadan, -ain, m. a burning, a beating ; a. gread- 

Greadhnas, -ais, m. joy, festivity, pomp ; a. greadh- 
Grealacb, -aicbe, f. entrails, intestines. [tiach. 

Greann, m. a surly look or grimace ; a. greannacb* 
Greannag, -aig, -an, f. a few straggling hairs. 
Greannuich, -uchadh, n.v. become bristly, frown. 
Greann-ghaoth, -aoith,-an, f. a cold piercing wind. 
Greannor, -oire, a. neat, comely, pretty, lovely. 
Greannorachd, or greanntachd, f. neatness. 
Greas, -te, -adh, -ad, -achd, a. v. and n.v. drive, 

Greidlein, -ean, m. an instrument for turning bread. 
Grèidb, -te, -eadh, a.v, dress victuals, whip, flog. 
Greidheadh, -idh, m. dressing, whipping. 
Greis, -e, -ean, m. a hero, a battle, virtue, efficacy. 
Grèis, -e, f. needle-work, embroidery. 
Greis, -e, -ean, m. a space of time, a while. 
Grèis, -te, -eadh, a.v. embroider. 
Greòs, -eois, f. expansion of the thighs ; dreòsach.. 
Griamaich, orgramaich, -te, -amachadh, a.v. hold, 
Grian, -èine, f. the sun ; a. grianach. [keep.. 

Grianachd, or grianadh, basking in the sun. 
Grianaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. dry or bask in the sun. 
Grianan, -ain, -an, m. a sunny spot, a green for 

Griananta, or griananach, a. full of sunny spots. 
Grianchrios, -an, m. the zodiac. 
Grian-dheathach, -aich, f. exhalations ; see drùis e 
Griangheal, -ile, a, sun-bright 

GUI — GRI. 209 

Grianloiste, a. sun-burnt. 
Griasaich, -e, -ean, m. a shoe-maker. 
Grid, -e, f. hue, colour, temper ; a. grideil. 
Gridealachd, f. good temper, kindness. 
Grimeach, or grimeasach, a. grim, sulky. 
Grinn, -e, -ead, a. neat, pretty, elegant. 
Grinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. make neat. 
Grinnead, m. neatness. 
Grinneal, -eil, m. the sandy bottom of the sea, or 

river, or well. 
Grinnealach, a. gravelly, sandy. 
Grinneas, -eis, m. neatness, elegance ; a. grinn- 

Grinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. make neat, polish. 
Griobhag, -aig, -an, f. hurry, haste; a. griobhagach. 
Grìoch, -ich, a decaying or lean young deer. 
Griochan, -ain, f. a consumption ; a. griochanach. 
Griochaire, -ean, m. a consumptive, or sickly per- 
Griogag, -aig, -an, f. a bead, a pebble ; a. griogag- 

*Grioglachan, -ain, m. a constalation, the seven 

Giiogsbuil, -ula, -ean, f. a little lively eye. 
Grios, -ad, -adh, a.v. beseech, intreat earnestly. 
Grios, -a. f. heat ; hence griosach, burning embers. 
Griosach, -aich, -aichean, f. burning embers, a 

Griosaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. stir up the fire, entreat. 
Gris, -e, f. horror, shuddering, pimples. 
Gris-dhearg, -eirge, a. red coloured, or red and 

Grisf hionn, -a, a. of a brindled colour, black and 


210 GRI — GRU. 

Griurach, -aich, f the measles; griulhaciu 
Griùrag, m. a small potatoe; a. griùragacb. 
Gròb, -te, -adh, a. v. groove, join, indent. 
Gròbach, a. serrated, indented. 
Giòbadh, -aidb, m. grooving, botching. 
Groc y rather gràc, a.v. and n.v. croak, frighten. 
Gròoadh, rather gràeadh, croaking, frowning. 
Grod, -oide, a. rotten. 

Grod, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. rot, cause to rot. 
Grodag, -aig, -an, f. a rotten or penurious woman. 
Gròig, -e, f. awkwardness, an awkward man. 
Gròigein, -ean, m, an awkward or unhandy man. 
Gròigeineachd, f. awkward work ; a. gi oigeil. 
Gròigeaìas, or gròigealachd, f. awkward work. 
Gròiseid, -e, -ean, f. a gooseberry ; a. gròiseideach. 
Gròta, -achan, m. a groat, fourpence sterling. 
Gruag, -aig, -an, f. a wig, hair; a. gruagach. 
Gruagach, -aich, -ean, f. a maid, a she devil. 
Gruagag, -aig, -an, a small wig, or small head of 

Gruagaire, -ean, m. a hair dresser. 
Gruaidh, -e, -ean, f. the cheek. 
Gruaigein, f. a sort of sea weed ; a. gruaigeineach. 
Gruaim, -e, f. gloom, surliness; a. gruamach. 
Gruamachd, f. sullenne^s. 
Gruamag, -aig, -an, f. a surly woman. 
Gruaman, -ain, m. gloom, sadness ; a. gruamanach 
Grùdaire, -ean, m. a brewer ; grùdaireachd, his 

Grùig, f. a grimace, lees, a frown ; a. grùgach. 
Grùgag, -aig, -an, a grim surly woman. 
Grùigein, -ean, m. a grim iuhospilable man. 
Grùigeineachd, f. grimness; a. grùigeineach. 
Gruilleumach, -aiche, a. prancing, leaping. 

GRU — GUC. 211 

Grunnaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sound, find the bot- 
Grunnan, -ain, -an, m. a cluster, a group ; a. grun- 

Grunnanaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. cluster, collect. 
Grunnasg, -aisg. f. groundsel ; a. grunnasgacb. 
Grunnd,-a,-an, m. the bottom, sense; a. grunndail. 
Grunndalachd, f. firmness, solidity, sense. 
Grunndas, -ais, m. lees, dregs. 
Grùnsgul, grunting; a. grùnsgulach. 
Gruitheim, m. a mixture of butter and curds. 
Gru, or gruth, m. curds ; a. gruthach. 
Grùthan, -ain, -an, m, the liver ; a. grùthanach. 
Gu, prep, to; also an adv. as gu fior, truly. 
Guailleach, -ieh, -ean, f. a shoulder belt, dim. 

Guaillein, -ean, m. a cinder; a. guailleineach. 
Guatllfhionn, -a, a. white shouldered. 
Guaimeas, f, comfort, quietness ; a. guaimeiseach. 
Guaineis, f. frisking, sporting ; a. guaineiseach. 
Guainealas, -ais, f. frisking, sporting ; a* guainea- 

Gual, -uail, m. coal; a. gualach. 
Gual, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. blacken with coal, 

burn to coal. 
Guala, or gualan, -ainn, -ainne, -uaillean, f. a 

Gualadh, -aidh, m. blacked with coal, burning. 
Guamacb, -aiche, a. comfortable, smirking. 
Guamag, -aig,. -an, f. a neat or tidy woman or girl. 
Guanag, -aig, -an, f. a light girl, a coquette. 
Gucag, -aig, -an, f. a bell, a corolla, a bumper. 
Gucagach -aiche, a. full of bells, or bubbles, or 



212 GU — GUN. 

Gu de, or gude, pron. impr. what. 

Guga, -an, -achan m. a solan goose, gugail, their 

Gugurlach, -aich, m. a lumpish fellow, [cackling. 

Guidh, -te, -e, a. v. pray, entreat. 

Guidhe, -eachan, m. a prayer, a curse. 

Guil, -te, -gal, n.v. weep, cry, lament. 

Guilbneach, -nich, m. a curlew. 

Guileag, -eig, -an, f. a swan's note, singing. 

Guin, -e, -ean, m. a sting, sharp pain, a wound. 

Guin, -te, -eadh, a.v. sting, wound, pierce. 

Guineach, a. sharp, pointed, keen, s. an arrow. 

Guineideach, -eiche, a. ready to gore as a bull. 

Guir, -te, gur, n.v. lie upon eggs, breed, fester. 

Gur, -uir, m. lying on eggs, festering. 

Guirein, -ean, m. a pimple ; a. guireineacb. 

Guirme, f. blueness ; guirmeachd, guirmead. 

Guirmein, m. indigo ; a. guirmeineach. 

Guiseid, -e, -ean, f. a gusset, as of a shirt; a 

Guit, -e, -eachan, f. a corn fan ; a. guiteach. 

Guitich, -te, -eadh, a.v. winnow, fan. 

Guiteir, -ean, m. a gutter, a sewer ; a. guiteireach. 

Gal, guil, m. weeping, crying ; a. guileach, galach. 

Gulm, guilm, m. gloom, a forbidding look ; a. 

Gum, conj. that, in order that; gum faigh e. 

Gum, or gam, (i.e. gu am) gam bualadh. 

Gun, prep, without ; gun fhios, without notice. 

Gun, conj. and art. (gu an) that, so that; air 
chor *s gu'n tig e. 

Gùn, gùin, gùintean, m. a gown ; a. gùinteach, 

Gunna, -achan, m. a gun ; gunachan-mòra, can- 

GUN — IAL. 213 

Gunnachan, -ain, m. a little gun ; a. gunnach. 

Gunnair, -ean, m. a gunner, or gunnadair. Dra- 
gunnair, -ean, m. a dragoon ; gunnaireachd, his 

Gur, guir, m. a brood of birds, a festering, its 

Gur, conj. that, and adv. till, until. [matter. 

Gurrach, -aich, -ean, m. one in a crouching pos- 

Gurraiceacb, -ich, m. a big awkward fellow, a fool 

Gurraban, -ain, m. a crouching attitude. 

Gurt, -a, m. sadness, pain ; a. gurtach. 

Gus, prep, to, unto, and adv. till, until. 

Gusgul, -uil, m. husks, refuse ; a. gusgulach, 

Guth, -a, pi. guthan, guthannan, m. a voice, a 

Guthach, -aiche, a. wordy, vociferous, noisy 

Guthaich, a. v. and n.v. call upon. 

Guth-àit, -eachan, m. an oraculum. 

Gathorachd, f. utterance; a, guthor. 


I, the eighth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 
I pers. pron. f. she, her, or it. 
I, f. island. 

lad, pron. pers. of e or i, they, them. 
Iadh, -te, -adh, a. v. encompass, inclose, hover. 
Iadh, -aidh, m. inclosing, hovering. 
Iadh-shlat, -ait, -an, f. woodbine, honeysuckle, 
Ial, -a, f. a gleam of sunshine, a short time ; 

K 3 

214 IAL — IAS. 

Iall, -èille, -an, f. a leathern thong ; a. iallach. 

lallag, -aig, -an, f. a small thong; a. iallagach. 

Ian, -eoin, pi. eoin, m. a bird ; a. ianach. 

Iar, f. the west ; and adv. westerly. 

Iardheas, -eis, m. the south-west. 

Iargalta, -gailte, a. surly, inhospitable, angry. 

Iargaltas, -ais, m. surliness; iargaltachd. 

Iargail,-e,-ean, f. strife, contest, bustle; a. iargalta. 

Iarguin, -e, -ean, f. a bewailing, grief; a. iarguin- 

Iarla, -an, m. an earl ; iarlachd, his post or situa- 

Iarmad, -aid, an, m. offspring, remnant ; a. iarma- 

Iarmailt, -e, f. the sky, the firmament; a. iarmail- 

Iarna, -achan, f. a hank of yarn ; a. iarnach. 

Iarnag, -aig, -an, f. a little hank ; a. iarnagach. 

Iarnachan, -ain, m. a little dressing iron. 

larnaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. make hanks, smooth 
with an iron. 

Iarnaidh, -e, a. of an iron colour, hard. 

Iarogha, -ochan, m. a great grandchild. 

larr, -te, -aidh, a. v. ask, seek, search. 

Iarraidh, -ean, m. a request, a petition, seeking, 

Iarradair, -ean, m. a seeker ; a. iarradach. 

Iarratas, -ais, -an, m. a petition ; a. iarratasach. 

Iarratus, -uis, -an, m. a petition; a. iarratach. 

Iar-thuath, adv. north-west. 

Iarunn, -uinn, -an, m. iron, a smoothing iron. 

lasad, -aid, -an, f. a loan ;.a. iasadach, iasadail. 

Iasadaiche, -ean, m. one who lends, a creditor. 

lasachd, f. borrowing; iasad. 

lasg, èisg, pi. èisg, m. fish ; a. iasgor. 

IAS — INI. 215 

Iasgach, -aich, m. fishing ; iasgachd. 

Iasgaicb, -te, -adh, a. v. flsh. 

Iasgair, -ean, m. a fisher j iasgaireachd, his trade. 

Ibh, -e, f. drink. 

Idir, adv. at all. 

Ighean, ighne, -an, f. a daughter, a girl. 

Ifrionn, -inn, f, hell ; a. ifrionnach ; s. a fiend, 

igh, -e, -ean, f. an island ; a. igheach. 

igh, -e, f. tallow ; a. igheil. 

ìleach, iliche, a. variegated, neat. 

Illsich, -te, -slicheadh, n.v. lower; see islich. 

Im, -e, ra. butter ; a. imeach. 

Im, or iom, a prefix signifying many, much. 

Imchèin, -e, a. far, remote, distant. 

Imcheist, -e, -ean, f. anxiety, perplexity, doubt. 

Imcheisteach, -eiche, a. anxious, perplexed. 

Imeachd, a. walking, going. 

Imir, fut. imiridh, cha 'n imir, a. v. and n.v. need, 

Imleag, -eig, -an, f. the navel ; a. imleagacb. 

Imlich, -te, imlich, a. v. lick with the tongue. 

Imlich, f licking. 

Impidh, -e, -ean, f. exhortation, persuasion, entreaty. 

Impidheach, -eiche, a. inciting, exhorting, beseech- 

Impich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. turn, concert, assent. 

Imrich, -e, -ean, f. a removal, a change of re*i- 

Imrich, -te, imrich, a.v. carry, bear. [deuce. 

Inbhe, -ean, f. state, rank, condition. 

Inbheach, -eiche, a. of high rank, ripe, mature. 

Inbheachd, f. maturity, rank, quality. 

Inbhir, -e, -ean, m. confluence of waters, mouth 

Inich, -e, a. neat, tidy. [of a river. 

Inichead, -id, m. neatness. 
K 4 

216 iNi — ioc. 

Inid, -e, f. shrove-tide, 

Inisg, -e, -ean, f. a reproach, a bad name ; a. inis- 

Inne, pi. dat. innibh, f. bowels, entrails; innidh. 
Inneach, -ich, m. the woof of cloth, 
lnneadh, -idh, m. want. 
Inneal, -il, -an, innil, 'm. an instrument, tools, 

Innealadh, -aidh, m. preparations, furnishing. 
Innealta, a. neat, fine. 
Innealtachd, f. neatness, elegance. 
Innein, -ean, m. an anvil; a. inneineach. 
Inneir, innearach, inneircan, f. dung. 
Innil, -te, -eadh, a. v. prepare, equip. 
Innis, innse, pi. iunsean, innseachan, f. an island, 

a valley, shelter for cattle. 
Innleachd, -an, f. art, invention, device; a-, inn- 
I?inlich, a.v. aim, project, devise. [leachdach. 

Innlinn, -e, f. forage, provender, ; a. innlinneach. 
Innseach, -eiche, a. abounding with islands. 
Innseadh, -idh, m. telling, relating ; innse. 
Innseag, -eig, -an, f. a little island; a. innseagacb. 
Innse-gall, pi. the Hebrides or western islands. 
Innseanach, -ich, m. an Indian. 
Inntinn, -e, -ean, f. the mind, intention ; a. inn- 

Inntreadh, -idh, m. a beginning ; inntreachduinn. 
Inntrig, or intrinn, a.v. begin, commence, 
ìobair, -te, -iobradh, a.v. sacrifice, offer sacrifice, 
lob, -a, -an, -achan, m. a lump, a cake; a. iobach. 
iobairt, -e, -ean, f. a sacrifice ; a. iobairteach. 
Ioc, ice, m. medicine, healing, payment. 
Ioc, -te, -adh, a.v. pay, cure, heal, suffer. 
Iocadh, -aidh, m, paying, healing ; a iocach. 

ioc — iom. 217 

Iocshlàint,-e, -ean,f. salve, balm; a. iocshlàinteacb. 

Iochd, f. clemency, mercy ; a. iochdar. 

iocbdar, -air, -an, m. the 'bottom; a. iochdrach, 

iochdaran, -ah), -an, -ain, m. an inferior ; a. ioch- 

Iochdorachd, f. compassion, mercy. [dranach. 

loclus, -uis, -an, m. a medical herb; a. ioclusach. 

Iodhol, -oil, -an, f, an idol ; a. iodholacb. 

lohol-aoradh, m. idolatry. 

lodhan, -ain, -an, m. the throes of child-birth. 

loghan, -ain, -an, m. deceit, fraud ; a. ioganach. 

Ioghnadh,-aidh,-aidhean,m. wonder, astonishment. 

lol, a prefix implying variety, many. 

Iolach, -aich, -aichean, a shout, a cry, a roar. 

Iolair, -e, -ean, f. an eagle; a. iolaireach. 

Iolar, adv. downwards. 

lolbheist, -e, -ean, f. a wild beast, a snake. 

lolbheusach, -aiche, a. fickle, changeable in man- 

Iol-cheard, -eird, -an, m. a jack of all trades ; a. 

lolcheardach, -aich, -an, a man of various trades. 

Iolchearnach, -aich, m. a polygon. 

Iolchasach, -aiche, a. having many feet. 

Iolchruthach, -aiche, a. multiform, various. 

loldhathach, -aiche, a. of various colours. 

Ioldhealbhacb, -aiche, a. of various forms. 

Iolghuthach, a. of various tongues. 

Iol-ghnèitheacb, a. heterogeneous. 

lolgniomhach, a. ingenious, fit for all business. 

Iolann, -ainn, -an, f. a corn-yard; a. iolannach. 

Iolmhodhacb, -aiche, a. various, fiickle. 

Ioma, a prefix signifying many. 

Iomachomhairleach, -eiche, a. in doubt, undecided. 
K 5 

218 IOM — IOM. 

lomachruthach, a. multiform, of many shapes. 

lomadaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. multiply, increase. 

Iomodaidh, -e, f. a multitude, too much. 

Iomadaidheachd, f. multiplicity, plurality. 

Tomadail, -e, a. multiplicable. 

Iomadalachd, f. multiplicity, a multitude. 

Iomadan, -ain, -an, moving, flitting, sadness. 

Iomadanach, -aiche, a. unsettled, sad. 

Iomadhathach, a. of various colours. 

Xomaguin, -e, -ean, f. anxiety ; a. iomaguineach. 

lomaghaoth, -aoith, -an, f. a whirlwind; a. 

Iomagnèitheach, a. heterogeneous, various. 

Xomaghonach, a. giving many wounds. 

Iomain, -te, iomain, -adh, a. v. drive cattle, urge. 

lomain, -e, -each, -ean, f. driving, playing at ball. 

Iomainiche, -ean, m. a cattle driver, a player, 

Iomair, -e, -ean, m. a ridge of land ; a. iomaireach. 

Iomair, iomradh, a.v. row, move, wield. 

lomairt, -e, -ean, f. stirring, gaming, bustle. 

lomairteach, -eiche, a. active, stirring, thrifty. 

lomall, -aill, -an, m. a border, an edge, a fringe. 

Iomallach, -aiche, a. remote, utter. 

Iomartas, -ais, m. sufficiency, competency; a. 
iomartach, thrifty. 

Iomchair, -te, -chair, a.v. bear, carry. 

Iomchair, -air, m. bearing, carrying, behaviour. 

Iomchoir, -ean, m. blame, censure; a. iomchoir- 

lomchoirich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. censure, blame. 

lomchòmhradb, -aidh, m. a dispute, a thesis. 

Iomchuidh, -e, a. fit, meet, proper, expedient. 

Iomachuidheachd ; or iomchuidhead, f. fitness, pro- 

IOM — IOM. 219 

Iomadhruid, -te, -eadh, a. v. inclose, shut up on all 

Ioradhorus, -uis, -orsan, m. a back door, a lintel 

of a door, 
lomfhilltich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. coil, fold often. 
Iomfhuasgladli, -aidh, -ean, m. relief, competency. 
Iomfhuasglach, -aiche, a. relieving, aiding. 
Iomaghabhail, m. erring, taking. 
Iomaghlan, -te, -adh, a.v. purify, clean often. 
Iomaghloir, -e, f. noise of a multitude ; a. ioma- 

Iomhaigh, -e, -ean, f. an image, likeness ; a. 

Iomlaid, -e, -ean, f. an exchange, a barter, 
Iomalaid !ach, -eiche, a. fickle, fluctuating. 
Iomalaidich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. exchange, barter. 
Iomalaine, f. perfection ; iomlanachd, iomalain- 

lomalan, -aine, -ainead, a. perfect, complete. 
Iomaluaisg, -te, luasgadh, a.v. toss to and fro. 
Iomluas, -ais, m. inconstancy, incontinence. 
Iom-oisneach, -eiche, a. polygonious. 
Iompaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. turn, convert; impich. 
Iomraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. bear, carry. 
Iomradh, -aidh, -ean, m. report, mention, rowing. 
Iomraideach. -eiche, a. famous, celebrated. 
Iomrall, -aill, -an, m. an error; a. iomrallach. 
Iomruag, ruagte, -uagadh, a.v. pursue, route. 
Iomsgaoil, -te, -eadb, a.v. disperse, scatter. 
Iomsgair, -te, -sgaradh, a. v. separate, scatter, 

Iomasthruth,-uith,-uithean, m. an eddying stream 

or tide. 
Iomtheangach, -aiche, a. of many tongues. 

220 I0 N ION. 

Ion, a. fit, meet; used also as a prefix, as ionm- 

Ionad, -aid, -an, m. a place ; ionad naomh, a 

lonaltradh, ~aidh, m. pasture, grazing ; ionaltair. 

lonaltair, -te, -tradh.a.v. feed, pasture. 

Ionatiu, a. equal, alike, the same ; s. ionannachd. 

lonanmis, -ais, m. mediocrity. 

Ionga, ìne, inean, f. a nail, a claw, a hoof; a. 
iongach, ineach. 

Iongatach, -aiche, a. wonderful, strange, surpris- 

longatas, -ais, -an, m. wonder, surprise. 

longar, -air, m. purulent matter, pus. a. iongarach. 

longrachadh, -aidh, m. suppuration ; a. iongrach. 

longraich, -te, iongraehadh, iongradh ; a. v. sup- 

Xonmhaithte, a. pardonable, see sola. 

I >mholta, a. laudable, praiseworthy. 

lonmhuthaichte, a. perceptible, sensible. 

Ionmhuinn,-e, a. dear, beloved; a. ionmhuinneach. 

lonmhuinneachd, f. love, affection, regard, 

Ionnas, or ionnus, conj, almost, nearly, so that. 

lonndraich, or ionndraiun, -raichinn, -rainn, n.v. 

lonnlad, -aid, m. washing, cleansing. 

Ionnlaid, -te, *-lad, a. v. wash, cleanse. 

Jonnsuich, -te, -ionnsuehadh, a. v. learn, teach, 
lonnsuidh, -ean, f. an attempt, an assault. 

Ionnsuidh, prep, to ; dh' ionnsuidh, do m' ionn- 
suidh, do t' ionnsuidh, do ionnsuidh, &c, to me, 
to you, to him. 
Ion-phòsda, a. marriageable, 
lonracan, -ain, -an, m. an innocent or just man. 

ioxv — rsL. 221 

Ionracas, -ais, m, innocence, righteousness; a. 

loras, adv. below ; iolar, a bhàin. 
Iorball, »aill, -an, in. a tail ; a. iorballach. 
Iorghuill, -e, -ean, f. an uproar, a fray; a, ioruill- 

Ioram, -aim, .an, f. a rowing song ; a. iorauaaeh. 
Ios, rather dh'ios, or a dh'ios, prep, to, dh'ios na 

Ios, or Iosa, Jesus, the Saviour, 
io&ban, iosbain, -an, m. a sausage ; a. iosbanach. 
iusal, isle, a. low, humble, fos iosal, or fos n-iosal, 

iosop, -oip, f. hyssop. 

iotadh, or iotas, m. thirst; a. iotach, iotar. 
ire, f. growth, progress, state, condition. 
Iris, -e, -ean, f. the handle of a creel, a hen roost ; 

a. iriseach. 
Irisleachd, f. humility, lowness; a. iriseal. 
Irislich, -te, -licheadh, a.v. humble. 
Is, conj. and. 

Is, pres, ind. of the def. and irreg. v. is_, thus con- 
Is mi, is tu, &c. I am, thou art, pret. bu mhi, bu 

tu, &c. I was, thou wast, &c. subj. pres. ma's, 

mi, ma 's tu. &c. if I be, if thou be, &c. 
Ise, pron. pers, emph. of i, she, she herself, 
iseal, isle, a. low, humble. 
Isein, -ean, f. a chicken, a term of contempt ; a. 

isleachd, or isle, f. lowness ; islead. 
islean, pi. the people, low or inferior persons, 
islich, -te, -eachadb, a.v. and n.v. humble, become 


222 isN — iur. 

Isneach, -ich, -ean, f. a rifle gun. 

1st ! interj. hush ! hist ! 

Ite, -ean, f. a feather, a quill, a fin of a fish ; a. 

iteach . 
Iteach, -ich, f. plumage, feathers. 
Iteach an, -ain, -an, m. a weaver's bobbin. 
Iteag, -eig, -an, f. a little feather ; a. iteagach. 
Iteagaich, or itealaich, n.v. fly low, or near the 

Iteagaich, or itealaich, f. flying low. 
Iteal, -il, f. a flight on wing, rather itil. 
Ith, -te, ithe, itbeadh, a.v. and n.v. eat ; ich. 
Ithinnich, f. eating, feeding ; itheannaich. 
Iuchair, -chrach, -chraichean, f. a key, spawn. 
Iuchaireach, -eiche, a. full of keys, or fish spawn. 
Iuchaireag, -eig, -ean, f. a small key, or spawn, 
luchar, -air, m. the dog days. 
Iuadasach, -aich, m. a traitor like Judas; a. 

iuadasach, treacherous. 
Iùl, iuil, iulan, m. guidance, a guide, a course, art. 
lùl-chairt, -e, -ean, f. a mariner's compass, or chart, 
lùlag, -aig, -an, f. a small compass, or chart, 
lullag, -aig, -ean. f. a tripping light girl ; a. iulla- 

lullagaiche, f. lightness, airiness, sprightliness. 
Iùlorachd, f. wisdom, art, sagacity ; a. iùlor. 
Iùnas, rather aonais, prep, want, deficiency. 
Iùnnrais, -e, -ean, f. a stormy sky, a storm, 
lùnnraiseach, a. stormy, tempestuous, 
lùntas, -ais, -an, f. a treasure, riches ; ionmhas. 
Iùntasach, -aiche, a. rich, opulent. 
Iùrach, -aich, -ean, f. a barge, a boat, a ship. 
Iurpais, -e, -ean, f. tripping, restlessness. 
Iurpaiseach, a. tripping, moving, restless. 

1UT — LAD. 223 

lutbaigh, -e, -ean, f. an arrow. 

Iutharn, -a, -airn, f. hell. 

Iutharnach, -aich, m. a devil, a fiend; a. hellish. 

Iuthar, -air, m. the yew tree ; a. iuthrach. 


L, the ninth letter of ihe Gaelic alphabet. 

Là, or latha, pi. làithean, lathachan, m. a day. 

Laban, -ain, m. mire, dirt; a. labanach, labanta. 

Labanach -aich, m. a slovenly fellow, a drudge, 

Labhair, labhairt, a. v. speak, utter. 

Labhairt, f. speech, speaking. 

Labhar, -aire, -abhra, a. loud, loquacious, 

Labhrach, -aiche, a. talkative, loquacious. 

Labhrad, -aid, m. loudness, loquacity. 

Labragan, -ain, -an, m. one wet with rain, or be- 
smeared with dirt. 

Labbras, -ais, -an, m. a bay tree. 

Lach, -a, -an, -aichean, f. a wild duck ; a. lachach. 

Lach, -a, -an, f. reckoning, expense. 

Lachag, -aig, -an, f. a little wild duck ; a. lach- 

Lachdunn, -uinne, a. dun. swarthy. 

Làd, -aid. -an, m. a load, a burden ; a. làdasach, 

Ladarnachd, f. audacity ; a. ladarna. 

Ladarnas, -ais, m. boldness, audacity, impudence ; 

Ladhar, -air, -dhra, -dhran, m. a hoof, a prong ; a. 

224 LAG — LAI. 

Lag, -uig, -an, -uig, m. a hollow, a cavity ; a. 

Lagach, -aich, m. a weak or feeble person. 
Lagaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n. v. weaken, become 

Lagachadh, -aidh,m. weakening, becoming weak. 
Lagan, -ain, -an, m. a little hollow ; a. laganach. 
Lagan, -ain, m. sowens ; a. làganach, làghan. 
Lagbheirt, -ean, f. a weak performance ; a. lag- 

Lagbheirteachd, f. feebleness, weakness. 
Lag-chridheach, or lagchuiseach, a. faint-hearted, 

Lag-chridheachd, or lagchuiseachd, f. faint-heart- 

Lagh, lagha, laghannan, m. a law ; a. laghail. 
Laghach, -aiche, -ead, a. tidy, neat, pretty. 
Laghadair, -ean. m. a mould for horn spoons. 
Laghalachd, or laghaileachd, f. legality, lawfulness. 
Laghdaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. lessen, diminish. 
Laghadh, -aidh, -ean, m. an indulgence. 
Laghdachadh, -aidh, m. a lessening, a diminution. 
Laglamhach, -aiche, -ead, a. weak handed, feeble. 
Laglamhachd, f. weakness of hand. 
Làib, -e, -ean, m. mire, clay ; a. làibeach, làibeil. 
Laidheagan, -ain, m. a lying down, or reclining. 
Laidionn, -inn, f. Latin ; a. laidionnach. 
Laidh, laidhe, n.v. lie, subside, luidh. 
Laidionnaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. turn into Latin, 

Làidir, -e, treasa, treise, -ead, a. strong, stout. 
Làidireachd, làidiread, or làidread, f. strength. 
Làidrich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v, strengthen, 

grow strong. 

LAI — LAM. 225 

Laigse, -ean, f. weakness ; laigsinn, laige. 

Laimhsich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. handle, feel, touch, 

Laimhseachadh, -aidh, m. handling", feeling. 

Laimh-theann, -einne, a. close fisted, gripping. 

Làine, làinead, f. fulness ; làineachd. 

Làinn, -e, a corn yard. 

Laipheid, -e, -ean, ;. a mould for horn spoons. 

Làir, làrach, làraichean, f. a mare; a. làireach. 

Làirig, -e, -ean, f. a slope or pass between hills. 

Làmh, làimh, -an, f. a hand, a handle ; a. làmhacb. 

Làmhach, -aich, m. firing, report of guns, an axe. 

Làmhachair, -e, a. ready handed, handy. 
Làmhchaireachd, f. ready handed, dexterity. 
Lamhachas, -ais, m. readiness to finger, snappish- 

Làmhachas, -ais, f. taking, seizure, capture. 
Lamhachd, f. snappishness ; a. lamhach. 
Làmhagan, -ain, -an, m. fingering, handling. 
Làmhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. finger, handle. 
Làmhainn, -e, -ean, f. a glove ; a. làmhainneach. 
Làmhainnear, -ean, m. a glover ; làmhainearachd, 

his trade. 
Làmheheardail, -e, a. mechanical. 
Làmh-chlag, -uig, m. a hand bell. 
Làmh-chlì, -an-clì, the left hand. 
Làmh-choille, -an-coille, f. a cubit. 
Làmhchleas, -e, -ean, f. slight of hand. 
Làmhchleasaiche, m. a juggler; làmbchleasachd, 

his trade. 
Làmhcheard, -eird, -ean, m. a handicraft, an arti- 
Làmh-dheanatas, -ais, m. handiwork, handicraft. 
Làmh-dheas, -eis, -an-deasa, f. the right hand. 
Làmh-dhraoith, -e, -ean, m. a chiromancer. 

226 LAM — LAN. 

Làmh-dhraoitheachd, f. chiromancy. 

Làmhfhail, -e, -ean, f.abracelet; a. làmhfhaileach. 

Làmghlais, -te, -ghlasadh, a. v. handcuff, manacle. 

Làmghlas, rather glas-làmh, f. handcuff. 

Làmh-làidir, -àimh-làidir, f. force, violence. 

Làmh-lèigh, -e, -ean, m. a surgeon. 

Làmhmhuileann, -inn, -uillnean, m. a hand mill. 

Lamh-oibre, m. a workman. 

Lamhraich, -te, -acuinn, a. v. handle. 

Lamarag, -aig, -an, m. an awkward or cowardly- 

Lamaraig, -e, -ean, f. a natural pier. 

Lamaragach, -aiche, a. cowardly, awkward. 

Lamraich, -te, -radh, a.v. handle awkwardly ; 

Lamhlorg, -uirg, -an, f. the handle of a flail. 

Lamh-sgriobhaidh, m. one's hand-writing. 

Lamhspeic, -e, -ean, f. a hand-spoke ; a. lamh- 

Làn, -ine, -ead, a. full, complete, perfect, satiated. 

Làn, lain, làine, m. full, fullness, repletion ; làn- 

Lànadair, -ean, m. a smith's wedge, a filler. 

L.ànan f -ain, -an, m. a couple, a married couple. 

Làn-aois,-e,m.full age, advanced age; a. làn-aosda 

Làn-aosdachd, f. fullness of age. 

Làn-bheachd, -an, m. a full view ; a. làn-bheachd- 

Làn-bhuidhean, -uidhne, -uidhnean, f. a full band. 

Làn-chothrom, -uim,-an, m. full justice, full weight. 

Lànchothromach, -aiche, a. affording full justice 
or weight. 

Làn-chothromaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. weigh tho- 

LAN — LAN. 227 

Làn.chriochnaich,-te, -achadh,a.v.complete,fini8h. 

Làn-chumhachd, -an, f. full power; a. làn-chumh- 

Làn-dhaingneachd, f. full hold, perfect security. 

Làndamh, -aimh, m. a full-grown stag. 

Làn-dearbhadh, -aidh, m. a full proof. 

Làn-dùbhlan, -ain, -an, m. an open defiance, or 

Làn-fhios, -a, -an, m. full knowledge ; a. làn-fhios- 

Làn-fhiosrach, -te, -adh, a.v. examine well, make 

Langan, -ain, -an, m. the bellowing of cattle or 

Langanaich, f. bellowing ; a. langanach. [deer. 

Làn-mara, -ain-mhara, m. a tide. 

Lànor, -oire, -ead, a. full, complete. 

Lann, -oinn, -ainn, an, f. a blade, a sword, a lan- 
cet, a scale. 

Lann, -ain, -an, f. an inclosure, a repository. 

Lannach, -aiche, full of blades or scales of fish. 

Lannadh, -aidh, m. a putting to the sword, a peel- 

Lannair, -e, f. a glitter, a gleam, scales of fish. 

Lannaireachd, f. gleaming ; a. lannaireach. 

Lannsaiche, -ean, m. a lancer, a pikeman. 

Lanntair, -ean, m. a lantern ; a. lanntaireach. 

Làn-phong, -uing, -an, f. a full point. 

Làn-shoilleir, -eire, a. full clear. 

Làn-shoilleireachd, f. complete light. 

Làn-shoilleirich, -te, -eachadh, a, v. make quite 

Làn-shoillse, f. clear light ; a. làn-shoillseach. 

Làn-shoill9Ìch, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. make 
quite clear, become quite clear, shine brightly. 

228 LAN — LAS. 

Làn-thoiìich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. give full satisfac- 

Làn-ughdaras, -ais, m. full power. [tion. 

Laoch, laoich, pi. laoich, m. a hero; a. laochail. 

Laochaileachd, laochalachd, or laochorachd, f. he- 

Laochan, -ain, -an, m. a little hero, a term of af- 
fection to a boy. 

Laochradh, -aidh, m. infantry, heroes. 

Laogh, -aoigh, pi. laoigh, laogban, m. a calf of a 
deer or cow, a term of affection for a child ; a. 

Laoghan, -ain, -an, m. a little calf; a. laghanach. 

Laoidh, -e, -ean, f. a hymn, a sacred poem. 

Laoireadh, -idh, (or loireadh) m. a rolling in the 

Laom, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. make to lodge, lodge 
as corn. 

Laom, -aoim, -an, f. a crowd, a multitude. 

Laosboc, -uic, -an, m. a castrated he-goat. 

Laomunn, -uinn, pi. laomuinn, m. a moth ; ho- 

Laoran, -ain, -an, m. a person too fond of the fire. 

Lapach, -aiche, a. weak, benumbed, stammering. 

Lapan, -ain, m. mire. 

Lapaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. benumb, be- 
come benumbed. 

Làr, àir, m. the ground, the floor. 

Làrach ; -aich ; -ean, f. a mark, a field of battle, ruins. 

Las, laiste, -adh, a.v. and n.v. kindle, get into a 

Lasadan, -ain, -an, m. a match for kindling, [rage. 

Lasag, -aig, -an, f. a little flame ; a. lasagach. 

Lasaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. slacken, loose, remit. 

Lasail, -e, a. inflammable, fiery. 

Lasair, -rach, -raichean, f. a flame. 

LAS — LEA. 229 

Lasan, -ain, -an, m. anger, passion ; a. lasanta. 

Lasantachd, f. fierceness, passionateness. 

Lasgaire, -ean, m. a spark, a young man, a fop. 

Lasgaireachd, f. foppishness ; a. lasgaireach. 

Lasgarra, a. fiery, active, brave. 

Lasrach, -aiche, a. flaming, burning. 

Lath, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. benumb, become be- 

Latha,-aithean,-achan, m. a day ; a. lathail, see là. 

Làthach, -aich, f. a clammy sort of clay on the sea 

Làthair, -e, f. presence, company ; làthaireachd. 

Làthair, adv. present, near, truly, indeed, alive. 

Le, prep, with, by means of, in favour of. 

Leaba, or leabaidh, -eapa, -eapach, pi. leapaichean, 
f. a bed. 

Leab, -òib, -an, f. slice, as of a skin ; leòb, liab, 
a. leabach, 

Leabag, -aig, -an, f. a little bed ; a. leabagach. 

Leabbar, -air, -bhraichean, m. a book ; a. leabhrach. 

Leabhar-cheangladair, -ean, m. a bookbinder 

Leabhar-lann, -ainn, -ann, m. a library; leabh- 

Leabhar-reiceadair, -ean, m. a bookseller. 

Leabhran, -ain, -an, m. a small book; a. leabhran- 

Leabhrach, -aiche, a. full of books. [ach. 

Leac, lice, -an, f. a flag, a tomb-stone, a cheek ; a. 

Leacag, -aig, -an, f. a little flag ; a. leacagach. 

Leacaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. pave, lay with flags. 

Leacann, -ainn, -an, f. the side of a hill. 

Leacanaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. flatten, make flat. 

Leacanta, a. laid with flags, stiff, punctilious. 

ILeacantachd, f. stiffness, punctiliousness. 

230 LEA — LEA* 

' r ■; • ■ - 

Leadan, -ain, -an m. the vMaxjg, a lock of hair, 

the herb teazle. 
Leadanach, -aiche, a. musical, having fine hair, full 

of teazles. 
Leadarrachd, f. harmoniousness; a. leadarra. 
Leag, -te, -adh, -ail, a. v. throw down, demolish. 
Leagh, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. melt, become liquid. 
Leaghadh, -aidh, m. melting; a. leaghach. 
Leaghadair, -ean, in. a melter ; leaghadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Learn, leat, leis, leatha, Jeinn; leibh, leo, comp. 

prep. (i.e. le mi, &c.) with me, with you, with 

her, &c. 
Leamh, a. saucy, impudent, importunate; a.leamh- 
Leamhachas, -ais, m. sauciness ; leamhadas. [ach. 
Leamhad, or leamhaichead, f. impudence. 
Leamhan, -ain, m. an elm tree; a. leamhanach. 
Lean, -te, -ail, -tuinn, -mhuinn, -ailt, a.v. and n.v. 

follow, adhere to. 
Leanabas, -ais, m. childishness, childhood ; a. leana- 

Leanabail, or leanabaidh, a. childish. 
Leanaban, -ain, -an, m. an infant; a. leanabanach. 
Leanabanachd, or leanabalachd, f. childishness ; a. 

Leanabh, leinibh, m. a child ; (lean.) 
Leanailteachd, f. adhesiveness; a. leanailteach. 
Leanmhuinneachd, f. adherence ; a. leanmhuin- 

Leannann, -ain, -an, m. or f. a lover, a sweetheart. 
Leannanachd, f. gallantry ; a. leannanach. 
Leapachan, ~ain, m. a bed-fellow ; coi-leapach. 
Lear, m. the sea. 
Learag, -aig -an, f. a larch tree ; a. learagach. 

LEA — LEI. 231 

Learg, -èirg, -an, f. a plain, a shore; a. leargach. 

Leargan, -ain, -an, m. side of a hill ; a. learganach. 

Leas, m. benefit, profit, advantage. 

Leasaich, -te, -achadh, augment, fill, amend. 

Leasachadh, -aidh, m. augmentation, reparation. 

Leasachail, -e, a. improveable, corrigible. 

Leasaiche, -ean, m. an improver, a reformer. 

Leas-athair, -thraichean, m. a step-father. 

Leisg, -e, a. slothful, dull, sluggish. 

Leas-nighean, -in, -an, f. a step-daughter. 

Leas-mhàthair, -thar,-thraichean, f. a step-mother, 

Leas-mhac, -ic, m. a step-son. 

Leas-phi uthar, -pheathar, f. a step-sister. 

Leasraidh, pi. the loins. 

Leathad, -aid, leòtbaid, leòthdean, m. a declivity, 

Leathan, leithne, leatha, a. broad. [a slope. 

Leathan, ri leathan, a rule in the Gaelic, by which 
one broad vowel requires another broad one after 
it in the next syllable, and the same rule called 
caol ri caol, is to be observed in the small 
vowels. The broad vowels are a, o, u ; the 
small, e, i, hence words are to be spelt generally 
as follows. 

Leathar, -air, -thrach, m. leather. 

Lèbhitbeach, -ich, m. a Levite. 

Le-chèile, adv. with one another, together. 

Lèibhidh, -e, -ean, f. a race, a swarm, a multitude. 

Leibid, -e, -ean, m. a dwarfish fellow, a trifle. 

Leibideachd, f. scantiness, meanness; a. leibideach. 

Leig, -te, -eadh, -eil, a.v. and n.v. permit, allow, 
milk, let go, rain. 

Leigh, -ean, m. a physician. 

Leigheas, -is, -an, m. a cure, medicine ; a. Jeigh- 

232 LEI — LE.O. 

Leighis, -te, -eas, a. v. cure, heal, remedy. 
Lèine, lèintean, f. a shirt, a smock; a. lèinteach. 
Lèinteag, -eig, -an, f. a little shirt ; a. lèinteagach. 
Lèir, m. sight, perception; also an adv. wholly, 

Lèirchreach, -ich, f. utter devastation. 
Lèir, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. hurt, pain, torment, 

Leithrist, -e, -ean, m. f. an awkward person ; a. 

Lèirsgrios, -an, m. utter destruction; a. lèirs- 

Lèirsgrios, -te, -adh, a.v. destroy utterly. 
Lèirsgriosail, lèirsgriosta. a. utterly ruinous. 
Lèirsinn, -e, f. vision, sight, intellect ; a. lèir- 

Lèirsinneachd, f. sight, understanding. 
Leis, -e, -ean, f. a thigh, and prep, see leam. 
Leisbheirt, -ean, f. an armour for the thigh. 
Leisdeir, -ean, m. an arrow maker. 
Leisg, -e, f. sloth, laziness ; a. leisg. 
Leisgein, -ean, m. a sluggard. 
Leisgeineachd, or leisgeinteachd, f slothfulness ; a. 

Leisgeul, -eil, -an, m. an excuse ; a. leisgeulach. 
Leisgeulachd, f. the making of excuses. 
Leisgeulach, -aich, -ean, m. an excuser, a mediator. 
Lethbhreac, -ic, -an, m. an equal, a match. 
Lèithe, f. greyness, greyishness ; lèithead. 
Letheach, -eiche, a. half, half full. 
Leithid, -e, -ean, an equal, the like. 
Leitir, -e, -treach, -ean, -trichean, a place ©n the 

sea shore. 
Leobhar, -aire, -ibhre, a. untidy, shapeless, large. 

LEO LES. 233 

Leogach, -aiche, a. broad, untidy, heavy, dull. 

Leogaire, m, a lazy feliovv ; leogaireachd, his habit. 

Leòm, -eoim, f. gaudiness, foppishness; a. leòmach. 

Leòmachas, -ais, m. foppery, vanity, pride. 

leòma^, -aig, -an, f. a prude; leòmaire, a fop. 

Leòmhann, -ainn, -an, m. a lion ; a. leòrnhanta, 

Leòaihantachd, f. strength, bravery. [brave. 

Leon, -eoirij -òntan, m. a wound, a hurt ; a. leointe. 

Leop, -adh, a. v. tear to pieces. 

Leointeaehd, f. hurtfulness ; a. leointeach. 

Leòr, f. a sufficiency, enough, as of food. 

LeV, or ler, (i.e. le ar or le ur) prep, and pron. 
by our, by your. 

Leth, m. a half; an leth-astigh, or an taobh-stigh, 
within ; an leth-amach, or an taobh-mach, with- 

Lethainm, -an, m. a nickname; a. lethainmeacb. 

Lethaon,-aoin,-an, m. a twin-child; a. lethaonach. 

Lethbhliadhna, f, half a year; a. lethbhiiahhnach. 

Lethbhodachi -aich, pi. -aich, m. a mutchkin. 

Lethbhreth, f. partiality; a. lethretheaeh. 

Letbbhruieh, a. parboiled, or half-boiled. 

Lethbhruich, -te, -ruich, a.v. parboil. 

Lethcheann, -iun, in. the side of the head. 

Lethcheannach, -aiche, a. awkward, sheepish, 

Lethchas, -ois ; f. one foot; a. lethchasach, of one 

Lethchearcall, -aill, m. a semicircle; a. lethchearc- 

Leth-chadal, -ail, m. a slumber, a doze ; a. leth- 

Lethchialach, -aich, m. half-witted. 

Leth chruinn, -e, a. half round. 

Leshchruinne, f. a hemisphere. 

234 LET — LEU. 

Lethchrunn, -uinn, m. a half-crown. [each, 

Leth-chuairt, -ean, f, a semicircle ; a. lethchuairt- 
Lethcbuid, -odach, -odaichean, f. a half share. 
Lethdheante, a. half formed, half performed. 
Leth-eòlach, -aiche, a. half acquainted. 
Lethfhacal, -ail, -an, m. a bye-word ; a.lethfhaclach. 
Leth-iomail, -aill, -an, m. a border; a. leth-iom- 

Lethlamh, -aimhe, f. one band; a. lethlambach. 
Lethmbas, -ais, -an, m. half buttock. 
Lethoir, -e, f. the one side, a side ; a. lethoireach, 

Lethphairt, -e, f. partiality ; a. lethphairteach. 
Lethphunrid, -uinnd, -an, m. a half pound weignt. 
Lethri, adv. towards", opposite. 
Leth-rathad, -aid, -an, m. a by-path ; a. leth-rad- 

Lethshuil, -ula, -ean, f. one eye ; a. lethshuileach. 
Lethsgoiltein, -ean, m. a half handkerchief, a half. 
Lethtaobb, -aoibh, m. one side; a. lethtaobhach. 
Lethtrom, -uim, m. a burden, pregnancy ; a. leth- 

Leth-uileann,-inn,f. one elbow; a.leth-uileannach. 
Leud, or liad, -eoid, -an, m. breadth. 
Leudaich, or liadaich, -te ; -achadh, a. v. and n.v. 

Leug, -èig, -an, f. a precious stone, a jewel ; a. 

Leugh, -te, -adh, a v. and n.v. read, peruse, think. 
Leughadair, -ean, a reader ; leughadaireachd, his 

Leughadh, -aidh, m. reading. 
Leugbair, -ean, in. a reader; leughadaireachd, his 


LEU LIN. 2e35 

Leum, -èim, -a, -an, -aniian, f. a leap ; a. leumn- 

Leumadair, -ean, m. a jumper; leumadaireaehd, 
his trade. 

Leumnaich, m. jumping. 

Leus, or lias, -eois, pi. leois, light, a torch,, a blis- 
ter; a. leusach. 

Leusaich, or liasaicb, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n,v. 

Leus-mara, or lias-mara, m. a beacon. 

Li, or Hth, -e, -ean, f. colour, tinge, hue ; a. li, lith. 

Liagh, -èigh, -an, lèigh, m. a ladle, blade of an oar, 
a. liaghach. 

Liaghag, -aig, -an, f. an eatable tangle. 

Lian, -a, an, m. a plain, a green ; a. lianach. 

Lianag, -aig, -an, f. a little plain ; a. lianagach. 

Liaragaich, f. a sort of green sea- weed. 

Liath, -èithe, -ead, a. grey. 

Liath, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. make grey, become 
grey ; liathaich. 

Liathag, -aig, -an, f, a salmon trout; a. liathagach. 

Liathanach, -aich, m. a grey-headed man. 

Liathchearc, -ic, -an, f. the female of the black cock. 

Liathghlas, -aise, a light grey. 

Liath-ghorm, -uirme, a. light blue. 

Liathlus, -uis, -an, m. the plant mugwort. 

Liathreothadh, -aidh* m. hoar-frost. 

Lide, or lideadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a syllable. 
Lighe, -ean, f. a flood ; a. ligheach. 

Lighiche, -ean, m. a physician. 

Linig, -e, -ean, f. lining ; lìnnig, linigir. 
Linig, -te -eadh, a.v. line clothes. 
Linn, -e, -tean, m. an age, a generation, a race. 
Linne, -eachan, -inntean, f. a gulf, a pool. 

236 LIN — LIO. 

Linntein, -ean ; m. a shoemaker's thread. 

Liob, rather liop, -a, -an ; f. a lip; liopach, thick- 

Liobaire, liopaire, -ean, m. a person with thick or 

Liobasta, -aiste, a. slovenly, awkward; liobarnacb, 
a sluggard. 

Liobartachd. f. slovenliness, awkwardness. 

Liobh, -te, -adh, a. v. smooth, polish. 

Liodair, -te, -airt ; a. v. torment, mangle, tear. 

Liobhaidh, -e, a. polished, sleek, shining. 

Liobharra, a. bright, whetted; liobhte ; liobhanach. 

Liodairt, m. tormenting, tearing. 

Liobh, f. colour, gloss. 

Liobhan, -ain, -an, m. a file ; liobhanachd, polish, 

Lion, in, m. lint, fiax ; a. lionach. 

Lion-te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. fill, satiate, become 

Lionachan, -ain, -an, m. a filler, a funnel ; lion- 

Lionor, -oire, a. numerous, plentiful. fadair. 

Lionorachd, f. plenty, abundance. 

Lionoraich, -te, -achadh, a v. and n.v. multiply, 

Lionn, leanna, m. ale, beer, liquor; a. leannach. 

Lionnaich, -te ; -achadh, n.v. suppurate, fester. 

Lionn-dubh, -uibh, m. melancholy, dejection, sad- 

Lionn-tàth, a. m. cement, the animal spirits in the 

Lion-obair, -oibre, f. net-work; lion-obriche, a 

Lionradh, -aidh, m. sharpening by grinding; a. 

lio— Loc. 237 

Liontachd, f. fulness, repletion ; a. liontacb. 
Liop, -a, -an, f. a lip ; a. liopach, thick-lipped. 
Lios, lis, -an, m. a garden ; a. liosach. 
Liosair, or liosadair, -ean, m. a gardener; lios- 

adaireach, his trade. 
Liosraig, -te, -eadb, a. v. smooth with an iron, as 

Liotacbd, or liotaiche, f. lisping, stammering ; a. 

Lipin, -e, -ean, m. a lippie, one fourth of a peck. 
Lit, or lite, f. porridge ; a. liteach. 
Litir, litreach, litrichean, f. a letter; a. litreach. 
Liubhair, -te, -bhradh, -airt, a. v. deliver, surrender. 
Liùg, rather Huig, -ean, f. a lame hand or foot, a 

twist in a shoe. 
Liubhairt, or liùbhradh, m. a delivery. 
Liùg, -adh, a.v. and n.v= creep, sneak, cripple, 

Liùgaire, -ean, m. a sneaking fellow; liùgaireachd 

his trade. 
Liùnastainn, f. Lammas, first of August. 
Liuth, liutha, liuthad, a. many, several. 
Lò, faic là ; lò is a poetic word for là. 
Lòban, -ain, -an, m. a hurdle, a creel for drying 

Lòbanachd, f. diverging, straggling, spreading. 
Lobh, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. rot, putrify. 
Lobhar, -air, m. a leper; dim. lobhran. 
Lobhrachd, rather luibhre, leprosy ; a. lobhrach. 
Lobhta, or lobht, -achan, f. a loft ; a. lobhtach. 
Locair, -rach, -e, -ean, raichean, a plane ; a. 

Loch, -a, -an, m. a lake, a loch ; a. lochach. 
Lochan, -ain, an, m. a small lake ; a. lochanach. 
L 3 

238 loc — loi. 

Loclilèin, f. the flank, the region below the short 

Lochd, -a. -an, in. a fault, a crime ; a. lochdach. 
Lochd, -a, -an, m. a short sleep, a wink of sleep. 
Lochdaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. hurt, harm, blame, 
Lòchran, -ain, -an, -ain, m. a lamp ; a. loch- 

Lod, -uid, -an, m. a pool ; a. lodanach. 
Lodan, -ain, -an, m. a small pool ; a. lodanach. 
Lòd, -òid, -an, m. a load, a cargo ; a. lòdail. 
Lòdaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. lade, burden. 
Lòdalachd, f. weightiness, bulkiness, unwieldiness. 
Lodragan, -ain, -an, m. a boy that can walk. 
Logaist, -e, -ean, m. a big clumsy man. 
Logais, -e, -ean, f. any thing, wide or unwieldy. 
Logaiseach, logaisteach, a. wide, unwieldy. 
Logb, rather lagh, -te, -adh, a.v. pardon. 
Loguid, -e, -ean, f. a varlet, a ghost; a. loguid- 

Loibheach, -eiche, a. dirty, fetid. 
Loibheachas, -ais, m. dirtiness, fetidness. 
Loibein, »ean, m. a wet or miry man. 

Loibeineachd, f. working in dirt or mire. 

Lòinneag, -eig, -ean, f. a lock of wool ; a. lòinn- 

Loingear, -an, m. a sailor, a mariner. 

Loingeas. -is, m. a fleet, a navy ; a. loingeasach. 

Lòinidh, f. rheumatism ; lòine. 

Loinid, -e, -ean, f. a froth-stick ; a. loinideach. 

Loinn, -e, f. beauty, order; a. loinneil, loinneach. 

Loinneas, -eis, f. art, skiil, dexterity. 

Loire, rather loir, -eadh, a.v. roll, wallow. 

Loir, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. roll, wallow. 

Loire, -e, -ean, f. a deformed foot ; a. loirceach. 

LOI — LON. 239 

Loirceag, -eig, -ean, f, a woman with deformed legs. 

Loircein, -ean, m. a man with deformed legs. 

Loirceineach, a person with deformed legs. 

Loireag, -eig, -an, f. a little thick girl. 

Lòiseam, -eim, m. show, pomp ; a. lòiseamach. 

Loisg, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. burn, siiald, con- 

Loisid, -e, -ean, f. a kneading trough; a. loisideach. 

Lorn, -uime, -ead, a. bare, naked ; s. a plain. 

Lorn, -adh, a. v. make bare, shave, unhusk. 

Lomadair, -ean, m. a shaver, a shearer ; lomaire. 

Lomadh, -aidh, m. making bare, shaving. 

Lomair, -airt, -radh, a.v. fleece, shear sheep. 

Loman, or lomanach, m. a miser. 

Lomartach, -aiche, a. bare, naked. 

Lomhainn, -e, -ean, f. a cord to lead a dog, &c. 

Lomhar, -aire, a. shining, bright. 

Lomlan, a. quite full. 

Lomnochd, -aiche, a. naked, bare. 

Lompar, -an, m. a bare plain. 

Lompas, -ais, m. niggardness, penury. 

Lomsgriob, -an, f. a bare sweep, devastation. 

Lomsgriob, -te, -adh, a.v. destroy utterly. 

Lòn, -òin, m. food, provision, a marsh. 

Lon, -oin, m. an elk, greed, a rope of raw hides. 

Londubh, -uibh, m. an ouzle, a blackbird. 

Lonach, a. greedy, voracious. 

Lonachd, or lonas, f. greed, voracity ; lonaiche. 

Lonan, -ain, -an, m. a greedy person. 

Long, -uing, -an, f. a ship. 

Longphort, -uirt, -an, m. an harbour; a. long- 

Long-shaor, -aoir, m. a ship carpenter. 

Lonndraichy -te, achadh, a.v. and n.v. shine. 

240 LOR — LUA. 

Lorcach. -aiche, a. lame, crawling. 

Lòrg, -ùirg, -an, f. a staff, haft of a spear ; a. 

Lòrg, -ùirg, -an, a footstep, a print, a mark. 
Lòrgaieh, -te, -achadh, a.v. trace, track ; lòrg. 
Lòrgai reach d, f. tracing, 
Lòrgaire, -ean, m. one that traces, 
Lòrg-iomain, -e, f. a goad, a rod. 
Los, conj. to, los ar murt, to kill us. 
Losgadh, -aidb, m. burning. 
Losgann, -ainn, -an, m. a frog, a sledge ; a. los- 

Losgadair, -ean, m. one that burns. 
Lot, -oit, -an, m. a wound ; a. lotach. 
Lot, -te, -adh, lot, a.v. wound, pierce. 
Loth, -a, -an, f. a filly ; a. lothach. 
Lothag, -aig, -an, f. a little filiy ; a. lothagach. 
Luach, f. value, worth; a. luachor. 
Luachair, -rach, f. rushes, (luath-char.) 
Lunchaireachd, f. valuableness, 
Luach rach, a. full of rushes. 
Luacha-pèighinn, f. a bargain, a pennyworth. 
Luach-saoraidh, m. a ransom, payment. 
Luachsaoitbreachd, m. hire, wages. 
Luadh, -uaidh, m. fulling of cloth, mention. 
Luadhadair, -ean, m. a fuller of cloth. 
Luadhadaireachd, f. fulling of cloth. 
Luaidh, -te, luadh, a.v. mention, praise, full cloth. 
Luaidh, -e, m. mentioning, praising. 
Luaidh, -e, -ean, m. and f. a beloved person. 
Luaidhe, f. lead; a. luaidhe, luaidheach. 
Luaidheachd, f. mention, praise, a reward. 
Luaireach, -eiche, a. swift, fleet, fickle. 
Luaineachd, f. volatility; luaineis. 

LCA — LUC. 241 

Luaireagan, -ain, m. one that loves the fire. 

Luaisg, -te, luasgadh, a. v. and n.v. shake, rock. 

Luaithre, f. ashes ; a. luaithreach ; see luath. 

Luan, -uain, f. Monday, the moon. 

Luas, -uais, m. swiftness, speed. 

Luasaicb, -te, -achadh, a. v. quicken your step, 

move faster. 
Luasgadair, -ean, m. one who moves, or rocks. 
Luasgan, -ain, m. moving, tossing ; luasgadh. 
Luasganacbd, f. tossing, moving , a. luasganach. 
Luasganaich, f, tossing, rocking. 
Luath, -a, f. ashes ; a. luathach. 
Luath, -aithe, -ead, a. swift, fleet, quick. 
Luathaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. hasten, accelerate. 
Luatharan, -ain, -an, f. a sea-lark. 
Luathbheulach, a, talkative. 
Luathcheumach, a. swift, nimble. 
Luathghoir, -e, -pan, m. joy, a shout of joy. 
Luathlamhachd, f. ready-handedness ; a. iuath- 

Luathraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. hasten, accelerate. 
Luathshiubhlach, a. swift, fleet; s. luathshiubh- 

Lùb, -ùib, -an, f. a bend, a loop, a snare, a youth. 
Lùb, -te, -adh, a.v, and n.v, bend, stoop, yield. 
Lùbach, -aich, -aichean, f. a loop, a hinge. 
Lùbag,-aig, -an. a little bend or loop ; a. lùbagach. 
Lùbair, -ean, m. a cunning fellow. 
Lùban, -ain, -an, m. a bow, a hoop. 
Lùbruith, -iiibrithe, f. a running noose. 
Luch, -a, or -ain, -an, -aichean, f. a mouse ; a. 

Lùchairt, -e, -ean, a palace, a castle ; a. luchairt- 


L 5 



Lucharmtuin, -uinn, -an, m. a pigmy, a dwarf. 
Lucbd, a, -an, m. a ship's cargo. 
Luchd, pi. people, folks. 

Luchd-aideachaidh, pi. professors, as of religion. 
Luchd-àiteachaidh, or luchd-àitich, pi. inhabitants. 
Luchd-an-fhuar-chràbhaidh, pi. tepid persons. 
Luchd-aithris, or lucbd-aithris sgeoil, pi. tale- 
Luchd-a-chridhe-cheirt, pi. the upright of heart. 
Luchd-ainneart, or luchd-ainneirt, pi. oppressors. 
Luehd-amharc, pi. spectators, watchmen. 
Luchd-anacainnt, pi. evil-speakers. 
Luchd-bleith, pi. grinders. 
Luchd-brath, pi. informers, betrayers, spies. 
Lnchd-càinidh, pi. slanderers. 
Luchd-casaid, pi. accusers. 
Luch-comhaideachd, pi. attendants. 
Lucbd-coimhead, pi. watchmen, 
Luchd-eòlaìs, pi. acquaintances. 
Luehd-ealaidb, pi. musicians. 
Luchd-èisdeachd, pi. hearers. 
Luchd-faire, pi. watchmen. 
Luchd-fiach, pl« debtors. 

Luchd-foireigin, pi. oppressors, extortioners. 
Luchd-frithealaidh, pi. waiters, attendants. 
Luchd-iodhol-aoraidh, pi. iflolaters. 
Liuchd-iomain, pi. drivers of cattle. 
Luchd-leanmhuinn, pi. followers. 
Luchd»malairt, pi. barterers, dealers. 
Luchd-millidh, pi. spoilers, destroyers. 
Luchd-miruin, pi. malicious people. 
Luchd-cèirde, pi. artificers. 
Luchd-reubuinn, pi. robbers. 
Luchd-rialaidb, pi. rulers, directors. 

LUC — LUI. 243 

Luehd-sainis, pi. informers, spies. 

Luehd-saobh-chreidimh, pi. heretics. 

Luchd-sgeoil, pi. tale-tellers. 

Luchd-seinn, pi. singers. 

Luchd-stiùraidh, pi. directors, guides. 

Luehd-tagraidh, pi. pleaders, accusers. 

Luchd-tarcuis, pi. despisers. 

Luchd-taigheadais, pi. householders. 

Luchd-tuaileis, pi. slanderers. 

Luchd-turais, pi. travellers, &c. 

Luchdaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. load a ship or boat. 

Luchdail, or luchdor, a. heavy laden, capacious. 

Lùdag, -aig, -an, f. the little finger; a. lùdagach. 

Lùdan, -ain, -an, in. a hinge; also lùdnan. 

Ludar-air, -airean, in. a heavy slovenly person. 

Ludaireachd, f. indolence, laziness. 

Ludragan, -ain, -an, m. a heavy dull person. 

Lugh, -te, -adb, a. v. and n.v. swear. 

Luibh, -e, -ean, f. an herb, a weed; a. luibheach. 

Luibhein, -ean, m. a foot, a leg, as of deer, &c. 

Luibheanachd, f. botany. 

Luibh-eòlas, -ais, in. skill in botany. 

Luidh ; see laidh. 

Luibhre, f. leprosy. 

Luid, -e, -ean, f. a rag; a. luideach, slovenly. 

Luideag, -eig, -an, f. a small rag; a. luideagach. 

Luidealach, -aich, m. a big slovenly fellow. 

Luidir, -readh, a.v. and n.v. roll in foul water or 

Lùidse, -ean, in. a coward; a. lùidseach. [mire. 

Luidsear, -an, m. a coward ; lùidsearachd, his 

Luim, -e, -ean, a shift, art; a. luimeil. 
Luimein, -ean, m. a barren place, a miser ; a. 



244 lui — lus. 

Luimneachd, f. barrenness, shift; a. luimneach. 

Luingearachd, f. sailing, seamanship. 

Luingeag, -eig, -an, f. a song, a ditty ; a. luingeag- 

Luinnse, or luinnseach, in. a lazy man, a sluggard. 
Luinnsear, -ean, m. a sluggard, a lounger. 
Lui reach, -ich, f. a coat of mail, a patched rag. 
Luirgnean, pi. of lurgann, f, a shank, a shin. 
Luirgneach, -eiche, a. having long legs. 
Luirist, -ean, m. a slovenly person. 
Luirist: achd, f. slovenliness ; a, luiristeaeh. 
Lunn, -uinn, or -a, -an, m. an handle of an oar, 

sticks for launching a boat ; a. lunnach. 
Lunndaire, -ean, m. a sluggard; a. lunndach. 
Lunndaireachd, f. sluggishness, laziness. 
Lunndraig, -eadh, a. v. beat, thump. 
Lur, luir ; m. delight, pleasure. 
Lurach, -aiche, a. lovely, neat, pretty. 
Lurachan ; -ain, -an, m. the flower of ramps. 
Lurachas, -ais, f prettiness, loveliness. 
Lurag, -aig, -an, f. a pretty little girl. 
Luran, -ain, -an, m. a pretty little boy ; a. luran- 

Lurcaiche, f. lameness ; a. lurcach. 
Lùrdan, -ain, -an, m. a knave ; a. lùrdanach. 
Lùrdanachd, f. shyness; a. lùrdanta, 
Lurgann, -ainn, luirgnean, f. a shin, an ascent. 
Lùs, -ùis, m. vigour, strength. 
Lus, -uis, -an, m. a flower, an herb ; a. lusach. 
Lus-mòr, spearwort, &c. 

Lusan, -ain, -an, m. a little herb; a. lusanach. 
Luspardan, -ain, -an, m. a dwarf; a. luspardan- 

Lusrach, -aich, f. herbage ; lusradh. 

LUS — MAC. 24$ 

Lusragan, -ain, -an, m. a botanist. 
Lùth, -a, m. strength, vigour ; a. lùthor. 
Luthaig, -te, -eadh, a. v. allow, permit, wish. 
Luthasaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, permit, ordain. 
Luthasachadh, -aidh, m. allowance, fate. 
Lùth-chleas, -a, -an, m. agility, valour ; a. lùth- 

Lùth-chleasachd, f. bravery, activity of the hand. 


M, the tenth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

M frequently loses the letter before or after it, as 

na 'in laimh ; for na mo laimh. 
Ma, conj. if, as, ma thig e ; if he comes. 
Mabach, -aiche, a. stammering; s. mabadh, ma- 

Mac, -ic, dat. pi. macaibh, a son ; a. macail. 
Macabh, m. a promising youth, a hero. 
Macan, -ain, -an, m. a little son ; a* macanta, 

Macan-dògha, m. a burdock. 
Macantachd, or macantas, f. meekness, mildness. 
Mac-an-luinn, m. name of Fingal's sword. 
Mac-bràthar, m. a nephew, a brother's son. 
Mac-bràthar-athar, m. acousin-german, or father's 

brother's son. 
Mac-bràthar-màthar, m. a mother's brother's son, 

a cousin-german. 
Mac-bràthar-seanar, m. a paternal grand uncle's 


246 MAC MAO. 

]>(Jac-bràthar-sean-mhathar, m. a maternal grand 

uncle's sod. 
Mac-cèile, -ic-cèile, m. a step son. 
Mach, or a mach, adv. out, without, 
Machair, -arach, -rach, -raichean, f. a level or low 

Machaireacb, a. full of fields ; s. a lowlander. 
Machlag, -aig, -an, f. matrix. 
Mac-làmhaich, m. a fish called a sea devil. 
Mae-meanmna, m. fancy, imagination. 
Mac-meaumnach, -aiche, a. fanciful. 
Mac-na-bràcha, m. whisky, son of malt. 
Maenus, -uis, m. wantonness, mirth. 
Macnusachd, f. wantonness; a. macnusach. 
Mac-peathar, m. a sister's son. 
Mac-peathar-athar, m. a father's sister's son. 
Mac-peathar-seanar, m. a grandfather's sister's son. 
Mac-peathar-sean-mhathar, m. a grand-mother's 

sister's son. 
Mac-ratha, m. a promising son, son of prosperity. 
Macraidh, pi. youths, a band of male children. 
Mac-samhuil, m. likeness, similitude. 
Mac-talla, m. the echo, son of the rock. 
Madadh, -aidb, -ean, m. a dog; a. madachail. 
Madadh-alluidh, -aidh-alluidh, m. a wolf. 
Madadh-clonn, -aidh-dhuinn, m. an otter. 
Madadh-ruadh, -aidh-ruaidh, m. a fox. 
Màdar, -air, m. madder, a dye-stutf. 
Madraidh, pi. dogs ; a. madrach. 
Maduinn, maidne, -nean, f. the morning. 
Maduinneach, a. of or belonging to morning. 
Maduinneag, -eig, f. the morning star. 
Maduinnean, pi. matins, morning devotion. 
Màg, -àig, -an, f. a paw, a hand ; a. màgach. 

MAG — MAI. 247 

Màg, -adh, a. v. creep, crawl; màgail. 

Mag, -adh, a.v. mock, deride. 

Magadh, -aidh, m. scoffing ; a. magail. 

Magair, -ean, m. a scoffer ; magaireaehd, liis habit 

Magarlan, pi. testicles. 

Màgan, -ain, pi. màgain, m. a toad, a little paw. 

Màgran, -ain, m. crawling ; a. màgranach. 

Màgranachd, f. creeping, crawling. 

Magh, -a, -aigh, -an, m. a plane, a level ; a. magh- 

Maghar, -air, pi. -air, m. a fly made like herring 

spawn to catch fish ; a. magharach. 
Maibein, -ean, m. a bunch or cluster. 
Maibeineach, a. full of clusters. 
Maide, -ean, -eachan, a stick. 
Maide-leigidh, m. a weaver's turning stick. 
Maide-milis, m. liquorice. 
Maide-stiùraidh, m. a pot stick. 
Màidsear, -ean, m. a major in the army. 
Màigein, -ean, m. a short little man ; a. màigein- 
Màigeineachd, f. crawling, creeping. [each. 

Màigh, -e, f. the month of May. 
Maighdeag, -eig, -an, f. a small spotted shell. 
Maighdean, -ein, -an, f. a maid ; a. maighdeanail. 
Maighgeanas, -ais, m. virginity. 
Maighdean-mhara, f. a mermaid. 
Maigheach, or moigheach, -ich, -ean, f. hare. 
Maighistir, -e, -ean. m. a master; maighstir. 
Maighistireachd, f. mastery ; a. maighistireil. 
Maighistirealachd, f. mastery, authority. 
Maigbistii'-sgoil, -ean-sgoil, m. a schoolmaster. 
Màileid, -e, -ean, f. a wallet ; a. màileideach. 
Maille, f. delay, stoppage, hindrance. 
Màille, -ean, -eachan, f. a coat of mail. 

248 MAI — MAL. 

Maille, prep, with, together with. 

Màilleach, -eich, f. a coat of mail ; a. màilleach. 

Maillead, -eid ; f. slowness, tardiness. 

Maillich, a.v. and n.v. retard, procrastinate. 

Mainnir,mànrach, mànraichean, f. a fold for sheep. 

Mainnireach, a. full of folds of sheep or goats. 

Mair, maireachduinn, mairsinn, n.v, last, live, 

Mairbhe, or mairhhead, f. deadness. 
Màireach, m. to-morrow. 
Maireachduinn, f. lasting, remaining. 
Mairg, f. pity, a pity, a subject of pity. 
Mairg, a. pitiable, deplorable. 
Mairionn, a. lasting, alive ; a. mairionnach. 
ÌMairiste, -ean, m. cohabition, marriage. 
Màirneal, -eil, -an, delay; a. màimealach. 
Màirnealaehd, f. delay, procrastination. 
Màirnealaich, a.v. and n v. delay, linger. 
Martair, -ean, m. a martyr ; a. martaireach. 
Martaireachd, f. martyrdom. 
Maise, f. beauty, comeliness ; a. maiseach. 
Maiseachd, f. beauty ; maisealachd. 
Maiseil, or maiseachail, a. beautiful, pretty. 
Maiseag, -eig, f. a pretty woman. 
Maistir, -e, m. urine. 
Maistrich, -te, -eadh, a.v. mix, churn. 
Maiteachas -ais, m. forgivness ; a. maiteach. 
Maithean, pi. nobles, chieftains. 
Màl, -àil, m. rent, tax, duty. 
Mala, -an, f. a bag, bag of a bag-pipe. 
Mala, pi. mailghean, malaichean, f. an eye-brow. 
Màladair, -ean, m. one that pays rent ; màlanach. 
Malairt, -ean, f. a barter or exchange ; a. malairt- 


MAL — MAO. 249 

Malairtich, -te, malairt, a.v. barter, exchange. 

Malairteachd, f. exchanging. 

Male, -te, -adb, a.v. and n.v. rot, cause to rot, pu- 

Malcadh, -aidh, m. rottenness; a. malcach, mal- 

Màlda, a. mild, calm, gentle. 
Màldachd, f. mildness, modesty. 
Màldag, -aig, f. a modest or quiet woman. 
Mall, -aille, -«ad, a. slow, lazy, tardy. 
Mall-cheumach, a. of slow motion. 
Màm, -aim, -an, m. a round steep hill. 
Màm, -aim, -an, m. the full of both hands. 
M'an, contr. for ma an, or mu an. m' an tig e. 
Manacb, -aich, pi. aich, m, a monk or friar. 
Manachas, -ais, m. state of a monk ; manachd. 
Manachuinn, -e, -ean, f. a convent, a monastery, 
Manadh, -aidh, -ean, m. an omen, luck, a sign. 
Manas, -ais, • an, m. a proprietor's portion of land 

in his own hands. 
Mang, -aing, pi. -aing, f. a fawn, a year old deer; 

a. mangach. 
Manntachd, f. stammering ; a. manntach. 
Manntair, -ean, a stutterer ; manntaireachd, his 

Mànran, -ain, -an, m. a hnmming song. 
Mànranachd, f. humming tunes; a. mànranaeh. 
Maodal, ail, -an, f. the stomach, or maw ; a. maod- 

Maodalach, -aich, m. a voracious or big bellied man. 
Maoidhean, faic mèidhein. 
Maoile, f. baldness ; maoilean, a bald man. 
Maoileanach, -aich, m. a bald or bare headed man. 
Maoim, -e, -ean, f. terror, flight, ruption. 

250 MAO — MAO. 

Maoim, -eadb, n.v. fear, be afraid. 
Maoimeadh,-eidh,m. terror, alarm ; a. maoimeach. 
Maoin, -e, -ean, f. goods, gear ; a. maoineach. 
Maoirnein, -ean, a kind of cockle. 
Maois, -e, -ean, f. a large creel ; a. maoiseach. 
Maoiseag, -eig, -ean, f. a small creel ; a. maoiseag- 

Maoiseach, or maoisleach, f. a roe, a doe ; a. ma- 

Maoitb, -eadh, a. v. threaten, terrify, 
Maoitheadh, -eidh,m. threatening; a. maoitheach. 
Maoitheachd, f. threatening. 
Maol, -aoile, maoilead, a. bald, bare, blunt. 
Maol, -aoil, f. a cape or promontory. 
Maol, -adh, a. v. and n.v. make blunt, become so. 
Maolag, -aig, an, f. a bald woman, a hummil cow. 
Maolaich, -te, -achadh, a v. and n.v. blunt, become 
Maol-aigneach, a. dull, stupid. ["so. 

Maolan, maolanach, maoilein, m. a bald or dull man. 
Maol-bhathaiseach, a. bald in the forehead. 
Maolchluasach, a. dull of hearing. 
Maol-ciaran, -ain, m. a forlorn person. 
Maol-oisinn, -e, -ean, f. an obtuse angle. ; a. maol- 
Maom, -adh, faic maoim. [oisinneach. 

Maor, -aoir, pi. aoir, m. a constable. 
Maorach -aich, m. shell fish ; a. maorach. 
Maorsachd, or maorsainneachd, f. constable's trade. 
Maoth, -aoithe, -ead, a. soft, tender, delicate. 
Maothach, -aiche, a. softening, tender. 
Maothachd, f. softness ; a. maothar. 
Maothag, -aig, -an, f. a premature egg. 
Maothaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. soften, be soft. 
Maothalachd, f. softness ; a. maothalach. 
Maothan, -ain, -ean, m. the chest, a twig, a bud. 

MAO — MAR. 251 

Maothanachd, f. softness; a. maothanach. 

Maoth-bhlathan., or maoth-blàth, m. a tender twig. 

Maoth-chloimh, f. soft down. 

Maoth-lus, m. a tender flower or herb. 

Maothran, -an, -ain, m. a tender twig or child. 

Maothranach, -aiche, a. soft, tender. 

Maoth-rosg, m. a soft eye-lid or look. 

Maothshuil, f. a soft eye f a. maothshuileach. 

Mar, conj. as, in this or that manner. 

Martha, adv. already. 

Marag, -aig, -an, f. a pudding; a. maragach. 

Maraich, -e, -ean, m. a sailor. 

Mar-an-ciadna, adv. in like manner. 

Marannan, pi. seas, large billows. 

Maraon, adv. as one, together. 

Marbh, -airbhe, -ead, a. dead, dull, torpid. 

Marbh, -te, -adh, a.v. kill, slay, murder. 

Marbhach, or mairbhteach 5 a. deadly, murderous. 

Marbhadair, or marbhaiche, m. a slayer. 

Marbhachd, f, slaughter, havock. 

Marbhan, -ain, -an, m. a dead body, a corpse. 

Marbhanta, a. dull, inactive. 

Marbhantachd, or marbhantas, f. m. dullness. 

Marbh-dhraoi, m. a necromancer; marbh-draoith- 

eachd, his trade. 
Mar bhith, conj. if, of the same import with mur. 
Marbhphaisg, -ean, f. a death shroud, a term of 

imprecation ; i.e. a death shroud on thee. 
Marbh-rann, -ainn, -an, f. an elegy; a. marbh- 

Marbh-sthruth, -a, -an. m. a dead stream ; a. 

Marc, mairc, -an, m. a horse. 
Marcach, -aiche, m. a rider ; marcair, marcaiche. 

252 MAR — MAS. 

Marcachd, f. riding; roarcaireachd. 
Marcaich, marcachd, a, v. ride. 
Marcshluagh, -uaigh, pi. horsemen, cavalry. 
Màrg, -èirg, -an, -èirg, pi. a merk ; marg fhear- 
uinn, a portion of land. A merk = 13^d., 18 
=■ 20s. sterling. 
Margadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a market; a. margail. 
Margalachd, f. saleableness ; a. margadail. 
Marmor, -oir, m. marble ; a. marmorach. 
Mar-ri, rather mari, prep, with, together with. 
Màrsadh, -aidh, m. march of troops. 
Maria, f. a sort of fat clay. 
Marsann, or marsannta, m. a merchant. 
Marsannachd, or marsanntachd, f. merchandise. 
Mar so, adv. this way ; mar sud, that way. 
Mart, -àirt, m. the month of March. 
Mart, -airt, pi. -airt, f. a cow ; a. martach. 
Mart-bainne, f. a milk cow. 
Mairtfheoil, -cola, f. beef; a. mairtfeolacb. 
Ma's conj. if, (ma and is) ma's mi, if it is I. 
Màs, -àis, -an, m. the hip, bottom of a vessel. 
Màsach, -aich, a. big bottomed. 
Màsag, -aig, -an, f. a small red berry; a. màsagach. 
Ma seagh, rather ma seadh, conj. if, if so. 
Ma ses. conj. provided that; ma ses gu'n d'thig e, 

(ma's e is.) 
Masg, -te -adh, a. v. mix, put together. 
Masgair, -ean, m. a mixer ; masgaireachd, his trade. 
Masgull, -uill, m. foolish talk, flattery; a. masgul- 

Masgullaiche, -ean, m. a flatterer; masgullachd, 

his trade. 
Masladb, -aidh, m. shame, disgrace ; a. maslach. 
Maslaich, -te, -lachadh, -ladh ; a. v. disgrace, affront. 

MAT — ME A. 


Mata, adv. if so, then, but if, &c. 

Màtag, -aig, -an, f. a pick-axe, a mattock. 

Math, fèarr, fèirrde, a. good, fit, just, fine, excel- 
lent. Is math learn, I wish. Is fhèarr learn, 
I would rather. Is math a geobhear thu, thou 
dost well. Is math an airidh, deservedly. 

Math, -te, -adh, a.v. forgive, pardon. 

Mathaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. manure land. 

Mathachadh, -aidh, m. manure, dung. 

Màtbair, -ar, -raicbean, f. a mother, a source. 

Màthaireachd, or màthairealachd, f. motherliness. 

Màthralachd ; f. motherliness; a. màthrail, mà- 

Mathanas, -ais, m. forgiveness, pardon. 

Matbas, -ais, m. goodness ; a. mathasach. 

Mathan, -ain, -an, m. a bear ; a. mathanach. 

Mea-bhlàth, -aithe, a. tepid, look warm ; meablath. 

Meacan, -ain, -an, m a root, a twig ; a. meacanach. 

Meachar, -aire, a. soft, tender, kind, mild. 

Meachar, -achd, f. softness, tenderness. 

Meacanachd, f. softness, kindness. 

Meadhar, -air, m. mirth, jollity. 

Meachuinn, -e, f. softness, kindness. 

Meadhrachas, -ais, or meadhradh, m. mirth. 

Meadhrach, -aiche, a. merry, cheerful. 

Meadhlachd, or meadhradh, f. m. sport, mirth. 

Meag, -èìg, m, whey ; a. meagach, rather meòg. 

Meag, life, voice. 

Meaghal, -ail, m. the barking of a dog; a. meagh- 

Meal, -adh, -tuinn, a v. enjoy, possess. 

Mealbhucan, -ain, f. a melon; a. mealbhucanach. 

Mealg-mèilg, -an, f. the milt of fish; a. mealg- 

254 MEA — MEA. 

Meall, -ill, -an, -ill, m. a lump, a hill ; a. meallach. 
Meall, -te, -adb, a. v. deceive, cheat, beguile. 
Mealladh, -aidh, m. deceiving; a. meallta, meallt- 

Meallan, -ain, -an, m. a small lump ; a. meallan- 

Meallshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a round full eye ; a, 

Mealltair, -ean, m. a cheat ; mealltaireachd, his 

Mealltachd, f. deceit, fraud, imposition. 
Meamhraich, -achadh, n.v. reflect, meditate. 
Meamhair, f. memory. 

Meanmna, m. spirit, activity ; a. meanmnach. 
Meanmnachd, mettle, spirit, liveliness, fancy. 
Mean, a. little, small, minute. 
Meanan, -ain, -an, any thing quite small, as a 

Meanbh, -a, meanbhad, a. small, minute. 
Meanbhchrodh, -uidh, pi. small cattle, as sheep, 
Meanbhchuileag, -eig, -an, f. a midge. [goats. 

Meanbhchuileagach, a. full of midges. 
Meanbhchuis, -e, -ean, f. a small matter, or case. 
Meanbbcbuiseach, a. trifling, small. 
Meanbhlach, -aich, m. little articles, a herd of 

small beasts. 
Meang, -a, -ing, -an f. a knob, deceit; a. meang- 

Meang, -te, -adh, a.v. lop off branches, prune. 
Meangadh, -aidh, m. lopping off branches. 
Meangach, -aich, m. branches lopped off. 
Meangan, -ain, -an, m. a twig ; a. meanganach. 
Meanglan, -ain, -an, m. a small twig; a. meang- 

MEA — MEA. 255 

Meann, -inn, pi. -inn, m. a kid, a young roe ; a. 

Meannan, or minnean, m. a little kid ; meannan- 
ach, &c. 

Meannt, -a, m. the plant mint; see miùnn. 

Mear, -a, or -ire, miread, a. merry, wanton. 

Mearachd, f. an error or fault; a. mearachdach. 

Mearachdaich, -te, -achdachadh, a. v. and n. v. 
mistake, err. 

Mearachas, -ais, m. mirth ; a. mearanta. 

Mearaicb,-te, -achadh, a.v and n.v. faic mearachd- 

Mearagan, -ain, -an, m. a puppet, or automaton. 

Mearaiche, -ean, m. a merry andrew, a droll. 

Mearal, -ail, -an, m. a mistake, an error, 

Mearan, -aiu, -an, m. a delirium; mearachinn. 

Mearanach, -aiche, a. mad, delirious. 

Mearcachas, -ais, m. rashness, wantonness. 

Mearcach, or mearcasach, a. rash, wanton. 

Mearchunntas, or mearchunntadh, m. miscount- 

Meargantachd, f. briskness; a. mearganta. 

Mearsuinn, -e, f. vigour, strength ; a. mearsuinn- 

Meas, -a, -an, m. faic, mios, &c. 

Meat, -a. a. faint-hearted, cowardly ; meatach. 

Meatachd, f. timidity, cowardice. 

Meartaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, and n.v. enfeeble, be 

Meatag,-aig,-an, f. a mitten, a glove ; meatagach. 

Meath, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. make timid, decay, 

Meath, -a, m. a decay, a fading ; a. meath. 

Meatheach, a. causing decay or languor. 

258 MEA — MET. 

Meathachan, -ain, -an, m. a decaying or fading 

Meathaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. intimidate, 

Meath-chaltuinn, m. southern wood. 

Meath-chridhe, m. faint-heartedness ; a. meath- 

Meath-chridheachd, f. f. timidity, cowardice. 

Meath-ghàire, -ean, f. a smile. 

Meath-ionnsuidh, f. a feeble attack, or attempt. 

Meathlaieh, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. chill or be- 
numb with cold, become benumbed; faic meilich. 

Meathshuil, f. a blear-eye; a. meathshuileach. 

Meidb, -e, -ean, f. a balance ; a, meidheach. 

Meidheadair, -ean, m. one who weighs. 

Mèidhein. m. favour, influence. 

Meidhich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. weigh with a steel- 

Meigead, rather meagad, m. cry of a kid or goat. 

Meigeadaich, rather meagadaich, f. cry of a goat. 

Mèii, -ich, a.v. bleat as a sheep. 

Mèilich, f. bleating. 

Mèiìl, -e, -ean, f. a blubber lip, rather brèill. 

Meil, rather beil, -te, bleith, a.v. grind. 

Meilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. chill with 
cold, become chill, or benumbed, faic meath- 

Mèinn, -e, -ean, a mine, a vein of metal ; a. 

Mèinneil, -e, a. soft, pliable, flexible, [mèinneach. 

Meinnealachd, f. flexibility, softness, as of leather. 

Mè inn, -e, f. will, desire. 

Mèinneadair, -ean, m. a miner. 

Mèinneadaireachd, f. office of a miner, miner- 

MEI — MIA, 257 

Mèirg, -e, f. rust ; a. mèirgeach. 

Mèirg, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. rust, become rusty, 

Mèirgich, -te, -eachadh, n.v. grow rusty. 

Mèirle, f. theft, the thing stolen. 

Mèirleach, -ich, pi. -ich, m. a thief. 

Mèirleachd, f. theft ; raèirleachas. 

Membràna, pi. parchments. 

Meud, or miad, m. greatness, size, bulk. 

Meudaich, or miadaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. aad n.v. 

increase, multiply, enlarge, become larger. 
Meudachd, or miadachd, f. bulk, size. 
Meud-bhronn, f. the dropsy. 
Meur, or miar, -eoir, pi. -eoir, f. a finger. 
Meurach, or miarach, a. fingered, branchy. 
Meurag, or miarag, f. a little finger, clew of yarn. 
Meuragach, or miaragach, a. full of clews. 
Meuragan, or miaragan, a little thimble. 
Meuraich, or miaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. finger. 
Meuran, or miaran, m. a thimble. 
Meuran-nan-cailleacha-roharbha/m. fox-gloves. 
Meuranacb, or miaranacb, a. full of thimbles. 
Mhàin, or a mhàin, adv. only. 
Mhoire ! interj. swearing by Mary. 
Mi, a negative prepositive, as mirun, hatred. 
Mi, personal pron. I, me. Emp. mise. 
Miad, faic, meud, &c. 

Miadan, -ain, -an, m. a meadow; a. miadanach. 
Mi-àgh, -àigh, m. bad luck, mishap; a. mi-àghor, 
Miagh, m. esteem, honour ; a. miaghail. 
Miaghalachd, f. respect, esteem. 
Mi-agbartachd, f, backwardness; a. mi-aghartach. 
Mial, -ile, -an, f. a louse; a. mialach, mial-mhara, 

a whale. 
Mialag, -aig, -an, a little louse ; a. mialagach/ 

258 MIA — MIC. 

Mialcliu, -oin, pi. -oin, m. a greyhound. 

Miamhail, -e, f. mewing as a cat. 

Miann, -an, m. desire, wish ; a. miannach, mian- 

Mianan, or miananaich, m. a yawn, yawning. 
Miannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. wish, desire, covet. 
Miannachas, -ais, m. a wish, a longing for. 
Miarailt, -e, -can, m. a miracle ; a. miarailteach, 
Miannasachd, f. a longing for ; a. miannasach. 
Miapachd, or mi-thapachd, f. uncleverness, in- 
Mias, -èise, -an, f. a plate, a dish ; a. miasach. 
Miath, a. tender, delicate. 
Mi-bhanalas, -ais, m. immodesty of women. 
Mi-bheus, -a, -an, m. immorality; a. mi-bheusach. 
Mi-bheusachd, f. immorality, immodesty. 
Mi-bhreithnicb, -te, -eachadh, a.v. misinterpret. 
Mi-bhuaidh, -e, -ean, f. bad luck ; a. mi-bhuadh- 

Mi-bhuil, -e, f. misapplication, abuse. 
Mi-bhuilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. misapply, abuse. 
Mi-bhuileachadh, -aidh, m, misapplication. 
Mi-bhunailteachd, f. unsteadiness; a. mi-bhun- 

Mi-chaidrearnh, m. unfrankness; a. mi-chaid- 

Mi-chàirdealachd, f. uufriendliness ; a. mi-chàird- 

Mi-chaoimhneas, -eis, f. unkind ness. 
Mi-chaoimhnealas, -ais, m. unfriendliness. 
Mi-chaoimhnealachd, f. unkindness. 
Mi-cheanalta, or mi-cheanail, a. surly, sulky 
Micheadach, -aiche, a. unlawful, unseemly. 
Michiatach, or micheutach, a. unseemly, ugly. 

MIC — MIG. 259 

Mi-chliù, m. infamy, disgrace ; a. mi-chliuiteach. 
Mi-ehneasta, a. uncharitable, unkind. 
Mi-chneastachd, f, uncbaritableness. 
Mi-choingheallacb, -aiche, a. disobliging. 
Mi-chòrdadh, -aidh, m. disagreement, dissent. 
Mi-chreideas, -eis, m. distrust ; a. mi-chreideasacb„ 
Mi-chridhealas, -ais,m. dejection; a. mi-chridheil. 
Mi-dhealbb, -a, m. unseemliness; a. mi-dhealbh- 

Mi-dhiadhachd, f. ungodliness; a. mi-dhiadhaidh. 
Mi-dhilseachd, f. unfaithfulness ; a. mi-dhileas. 
Mi-dbleasnas, -ais, m. undutifulness ; a. mi- 

Mi-dhòchas, -ais, m. despair; a. mi-dhòchasach. 
Mi-dbòigh, -e, f. awkwardness ; a. mi-dhòigheil. 
Mi-dhreach, -a, -an, m. deformity ; a. mi-gbre- 

Mi-dhùrachd, f. ill-will, negligence ; a. mi-dhùr- 
Mi-earbsa, f. distrust ; a. mi-earbsach. [aclidacb. 
Mi-eireacbdas, -ais, m. unseemliness ; a. mi-eir- 

Mi-fbaicill, -e, f. inattention ; a. mi-fbaicleach. 
Mi-fballaineachd, f. unbealthiness ; a. mi-fhallain. 
Mi-fbearalas, -ais, m. unmanliness ; a. mi-fhear&il. 
Mi-fhialachd, f. inhospitality; a.mi-fhialaidh. 
Mi-fhaighidin, f. impatience ; mi-fhaighidneach. 
Mi-fhortan, -avn, m. misfortune ; mi-fbortanach. 
Mi-fbreagracbd, f. unfitness; a. mi~fhreagrach. 
Mi-fhreasdalachd, f. unattendance ; a. mi-fhreasd- 

Mi-fhuran, -ain, m. unsociableness; a. mi-fhu- 

Mi-ghean, m. discontent, bad humour ; a. mi- 
M 2 

260 MIG — MIN. 

Mi-gheanmnachd, f. lust ; a. mi-gheanmnaidh. 

Mi-gnàthaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. misapply, abuse. 

Mi-iomchuidheachd, f. unfitness; a. mi-iomchuidb. 

Mi-laghalachd, f. unlawfulness ; a. mi-lagbail. 

Mile, itean, a. a tbousand ; s. a mile. 

Mileag, -eig, -an, f. melon ; a. mileagacb. 

Milidh, -ean, m. a hero ; mileanta. 

Mileantachd, f. heroism. 

Milis, misle, -ead, a. sweet. 

Misle, or milseachd, f. sweetness ; mllsead, 

Mill, -te, -eadh, a.v. spoil, mar, destroy. 

Millteach, -eiche, a. hurtful, ruinous. 

Millteach, m. mountain grass, rough grass. 

Millteachd, destructiveness. 

Milltfhear, -ean, m. a destroyer, a spoiler. 

Mi-loinn, f. untidiness ; a. mi-loinneil. 

Milsean, -an, m. any thing sweet ; a. milseanach. 

Milsich, -te, -eachadb, a.v. sweeten. 

Mi-mbacanta, a. disobedient, not meek. 

Mi-mhacantachd, or mi-mbacantas, want of meek- 

Mi-mhios, -a, m. disrespect ; a. mi-mhiosail. 

Mi-mhiosarrachd, f. intemperance; a. mi-mhiosarra 

Mi-mhisnicb, »te, -eachadb, a.v. discourage. 

Mi-mhodh, -a, -an, m. bad manners ; a. rai-mhod- 

Mimhodh, -oidh, m. fatigue, hardship T 

Mi-mhodhalachd, f. impolitenesi. 

Min, -e, -ead, a. soft, small ground, meek,- 

Min, -e, a. minute, e&act, 

Min, -e, f. meal ; a. mineach, mineil. 

Mi-nàdura, or mi-nadurach ; a. unnatural. 

Mi-nàrach, -aiche, a. shameless. 

Minaois, -e, f. minority; a. minaoiseach. 

MIN — MIO. 261 

Mi-naomb, -aoimhe, a, unholy; s. mi-naomhachd. 
Mi-naomhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. profane. 
Minbheulacbd, f. soft words ; a. minbheulach. 
Min-bhriathar, m. a soft expression; a. min- 

Minchunntas, -ais, m. accurate reckoning. 
Mine, f. smoothness, softness ; mineachd. 
Mineag, -eig, -an, f. a mild woman. 
Min-eòlach, -aiche, a. thoroughly acquainted. 
Min-eòlas, -ais, m. intimate acquaintance. 
Minf heur, -eoir, m. soft grass ; a. minfheurach. 
Mingheal, -ile, a, soft and fair. 
Miniasg, -eisg, -an, m. small fish. 
Minich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. explain, smooth. 
Minidh, -ean, m. a shoemaker's awl. 
Minig, a. often, frequent. 
Minig, i.e. gu minig, adv. often, frequently. 
Ministeir, -ean, m. a minister, a clergyman. 
Ministeireachd, or ministearalachd, f. function of 

a minister. 
Minnein, -ean, m. a little kid, or fawn ; a. minn- 

Minicionn, -inn, m. a kid's skin. 
Minnseag, -eig, -an, f. a year old she goat ; a. 

Mi-nòs. -òis, -an, m. bad manners, a. mi-nòsacb. 
Mìn-rosg, -oisg, -an, m. a soft eye lid, or eyes ; a. 

IVlln-shuil, -ula, -an, f. a mild eye ; a. min-shuil- 

Miobhail, -e, a. impolite ; faic mi-mhodhail. 
Miodal, -ail, m. flattery ; a. miodalach. 
Miodar, -air, -an, m. a wooden dish with a handle, 
Miodarach, -aiche ; a. full of wooden dishes. 
M 8 

262 MIO — MIR. 

Miodhon, -oin, m. middle, centre, 
Miog, -a, -an, f. a smile ; a. miogach. 
Miogshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a smiling eye, or look. 
Miolaran, -ain, m. low barking of a dog. 
Miolaranaich, f. low barking. 
Mion, -a, a. faic min, is mean. 
Mionach, -aich, -ean, in. bowels, entrails. 
Mionaid, -e, -ean, f. a minute of time ; a. mionaid- 

Mionnt, or mionn, m. the plant mint. 
Mionn, -a, -an, m. an oath, or curse. 
Mionnaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. swear, vow, curse. 
Miortal, -ail, -an, m. the myrtle tree. 
Mios, -a, -an ; f. a month ; a. miosach. 
Mios, or miosa, comp. of olc, worse. 
Miosachan, -ain, -an, m. an almanac. 
Mios, m. esteem, respect ; a. miosail. 
Miosar, -air, -an, m. a measure, as of meal, or 

Miosgan, -ain, -an, m. a lump of butter, or butter 

Miosganach, -aiche, a. full of lumps of butter, or 

Miosguinn, -e, -ean, f. spite, slander ; a. mios- 

Miosguinneachd, f. malice, slander. 
Miothar, -aire, a. mean, low, scrubbish ; s. mioth- 

Mir -e, -ean s -eannan, a bit, a piece, as of bread. 
Miothlaehd, f. anger, rage; a. miothlachdar. 
Mire, f. play, sport, mire-chatha, rage of battle. 
Mireag, -eig, -an, f. play, frisking ; a. mireagach. 
Mireagachd^ f. sporting, playing, frisking. 
Mireanach, -aiche, a. playful, merry. 

MIR — MIS. 263 

Mir, -ire, a.v. play. 

Mireanach, -aiche, a. full of small bits, or pieces. 

Mireanachd, f. sportiveness, playfulness. 

Mi-reusonta, a. unreasonable, irrational. 

Mi-reusonachd, f. unreasonableness. 

&li-riaghailt, -e, -ean, f. disorder, misrule ; a. mi- 

Mi-riaghailteachd, f. irregularity, confusion. 

Mi-riaghailtich, -te, -eacbadh, a.v. confuse, dis- 

Mi-riaghladh, -aidh, m. anarchy, disorder. 

Mi-rian, -a, -an, m. misrule, disorder ; a. mi- 

Mi-rianalas, -ais, m. confusion, disorder. 

Mi-riogbalacbd, f. disloyalty ; a. mi-rioghail. 

Mirr, -e, m. myrrh. 

Mirun, -uin, m. ill will, spite ; a. rmrunach. 

Misd, or misde, compr. of olc. worse. 

Mise, pers. pron. emph. I, me, myself. 

Misg, -e, f. drunkenness ; a. misgeach. 

Misgeireachd, or misgealachd, f. drunkenness. 

Misgeir, -ean, m. a drunkard ; a. misgeil. 

Mi-sgoinn, -e, f. heedlessness ; a. mi-sgoinneil. 

Mishealbh, -a, -an, unluckiness ; a. mishealbhach. 

Mi-shonas, -ais, m. mishap ; a. mi-shona. 

Mi-shùrd, f. inactivity; a. mi-shùrdail. 

Mi-shùrdalachd, f. indolence, laziness. 

Mislein, m. a sort of grass; a. misleineach. 

Misneach, -ich, f. courage, fortitude ; a. misneach- 

Misneachd, f. fortitude. [ail. 

Misnich, -te, -neachadh, a.v. and n.v. encourage, 
take courage. 

Mi-sta, m. hurt, harm ; rather miosta or miostadh. 
Mi-stuamachd, a. intemperance; a. mi-stuama. 
M 4 

264 MIT — MOI. 

Mi-thàbhachd, f. inability, feebleness. 
Mi-thaicealachd, f. unfirmness ; a. mi-thaiceil. 
Mi-thàingealachd, f. unthankfulness ; a.mi-thàing- 

Mi-thàing, -e, f. ingratitude, unthankfulness. 
Mi-thaitinn, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. displease, of- 
Mi-thapacbd, rather miopachd, f. uncleverness. 
Mi-thapaidh, rather miopaidh, a. weak, feeble. 
Mi-theist, -e, -ean, f. of bad fame ; a. mi-theisteil. 
Mithich, f. proper or fit time, as of rising. 
Mi-thlachd, f. anger ; rather miothlachd. 
Mithlein, m. a trick, greed, bad manners ; a. mith- 

Mi-thoilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. displease. 
Mi-urram, -aim, m. dishonour; a. mi-urramach. 
Mo, poss. pron. my, or mine. 
Mo, rather mua, comp, of mòr, greater. 
Mòd, -òid, -an, m. a court, a meeting; a. mòdach. 
Modh, -a, -an, -annan, m. manners, a mode; a. 

Modh, -te, -adh, a.v. break or tame, as a horse. 
Modhadh, -aidh, m. taming, training. 
Modhalachd, f. politeness, good manners. 
Mòg, -òig, »an, f. a clumsy hand, faic màg. 
Mogan, -ain, -an, m. a hose without a foot ; a. 

Moglaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. unhusk, knit. 
Mogul, -uil, -an, m. a husk, interstice of a net ; 

a. moglach. 
Moibein, -ean, m. a mop; a. moibeineach. 
Moibeinich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. rub or wash with 

a mop. 
Moiblich, -te, -leadh, a.v. gnaw, half chew. 

MOI — MOR. 265 

Moid, rather, bòid, a vow. 

Moigein, faic mogan. 

Moighre, m. a stout or brave man. 

Moilein, -ean, m. a thick fat child ; a. moileineach. 

Mòine, f. peats; a. mòineach, mòineachail. 

Moineis, -e, m. slowness, laziness; a. moineiseach. 

Mòinteacb, -eich, f, morass, moss ; a. mòintidh. 

Moire, f. the Virgin Mary. 

Moirear, -e?.n, m. a lord, an earl, a peer. 

Moirearachd, f. lordship. 

Moisein, or muisein, -ean, m, a sordid fellow. 

Moiseineachd, or muiseineachd, sordidness. 

Moiseineach, or muiseineach, a. sordid, dirty. 

Moit, -e, f. sauciness, moroseness; a. moiteil. 

Moitealachd,f. sauciness, sullenness; a. moitealach. 

Mol, -te 5 -adh, a. v. praise, extol, recommend. 

Moladh, -aidh, m. praise, applause; a. moltacb. 

Mollaich, -te ; -achadb, a. v. curse. 

Moll, -uill, m. chaff; a. mollor. 

Molltair, -e, -ean, f. a mould or frame. 

Molltair, -e, -ean, f. multure, mill dues. 

Moltach, or molta, a. praised, extolled. 

Monadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a hill, a mountain. 

Monar, -air, -an, m. a trifling thing or person. 

Monmhur, -ain, -an, m. murmur, uproar. 

Monmhurach, -aiche, a, murmuring. 

Mòr mua, mo, miad, great, large, big. 

Mòrachd, f. greatness, majesty, dignity. 

Mòraith, -te, -achadh, a.y. enlarge, dignify. 

Mòralachd, f. greatness, majesty ; a. mòraij, mò- 

Mòran, -ain, f. much, many, a multitude. 
Mòrchuis, -e, f. pride, splendour, a. mòrchuiseach. 
Mòrchuisle, -ean, an artery ; a. mòrchuisleach. 
M 5 

266 MOR — MUC. 

Morgha, -an, m. a fishing spear ; a. morghach. 
Mòrghaisge, f. heroism ; a. mòrgaisgeil. 
Mòrlanachd, f. labour done by tenants to their 

Mòr-leth-tromach, a. far advanced in pregnancy. 
Mòr-mhaor, -aoir, m. a lord mayor. 
Mòrnaich, f. a considerable quantity or number. 
Mòrroinn, -e, -ean, f. a great division, a province. 
Mòrroinneach, -eiche, a. provincial. 
Mòrsheisear, a. seven persons. 
Mòr-shluagh, -uaigh, m. an host, a multitude. 
Mort, faic murt. 

Mòrthir, -e, -ean, f. the main-land, a continent. 
Mòrthireach, a. a native of the continent. 
Mor-thorrach, -aiche, a. far advanced in pregnancy. 
Mòr-thriath, m. a great chief. 
Mosach, -aiche, a. nasty, filthy ; musach. 
Mosag, or musag, -aig, -an, a dirty or scrubbish 

Mosaiche, f. dirtiness, scrubbishness. 
Mosgaid, rather mobhsgaid, f. sloth, negligence. 
Mosgaideach, rather mobhsgaideach, a. slow, dull. 
Mosgan, -ain, m. a rotten tree ; a mosganach. 
Mosgail, -te, -gladh, a.v. and n.v. rouse, awake. 
Mosgalachd, f. vigilance, alertness ; a. mosgalach. 
Mosgladh, -aidh,m. awakening, arising from sleep. 
Mothar, -air, m. a loud noise, as of a dog. 
Mòthar, -aire, a. soft, calm, gentle ; mòtharach. 
Mu, prep, about, concerning; as, mu'n cuairt, 

Mua, comp. of mòr, greater. 
Muc, -uice, -an, f. a sow, a pig; a. mucach. 
Mucag, -aig, -an, f. a little sow; a. mucagach. 
Mucair, -ean, m. a dealer in swine. 

muc — mui. 267 

Mucaireachd, f. swinishness, dealing in swine. 
Muc-bhiorach, or muc-sgideil, a porpoise. 
Much, -te, -adh, a. v. suffocate, smother, quench. 
Mùchadh, -aidh, m. quenching; a. mùchach, 
Mùchadair, -ean, m. an extinguisher. [mùchte. 
Much, -uiche, -ead, a. early ; moch, 
Mucheirigh, f. early rising. 
Mu choinneamh, prep. impr. opposite to, over 

Muchthrath, -a, f. the morning or dawn. 
Muc-mhara, -uic-mhara, -an-mara, f. a whale. 
Mucraidh, pi. a herd of swine. 
Muc-shneachda, -uic-shneachda, f. a snow-ball. 
Mùdan, -ain, -an, m, a cover, as of leather, for a 

Mu dhèidhinn, prep. impr. about, concerning. 
Mu dheireadh, adv. at length, at last. 
Mùgach, -aiche, a. snuffling voice, surly. 
Mùgaire, or mùgan, m. gloomy or surly man. 
Muicfheoil, -eola, f. pork. 
Muighe, -eachan, m. a churn ; a. muigheach. 
Muigheachan, -ain, -an, in. a small churn. 
Muidse, -eachan, f. a woman's linen cap. 
Mùig, -e, -ean, f. gloom, mist, surliness. 
Muig, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. smother, become 

Mùigeachd, f. gloominess ; a. mùigeach. 
Mùigein, -ean, m. faic mùgaire. 
Mùigeineachd, f c gloominess ; a. mùigeineach. 
Mùigeis, -ean, surliness ; a. mùigeiseach. 
Muigh, or a inuigh, adv. out, without. 
Muileach, -ich, m. a native of the isle of Mull. 
Muilionn, -inn, pi. -uillean, m. a mill; a. muill- 


M 6 

268 mui — Mci. 

Mùileid, -e, -ean, f. a mule; a. mùileideach. 
Muilichinn, -e, -ean, in. a sleeve; a. muilichinn- 

Muillein, -ean, m. a wisp of straw ; a. muillean- 

Muillear, -an, m. a miller ; muillearachd, bis trade. 
Muiltnin, -ean, m. a little ram ; a. muilteineach. 
Muiltfheoil, -eola, f. mutton ; a. multfheolach. 
Muime, -eachan, f. a step-mother, a nurse. 
Muin, -te, -eadh, a v. teach, instruct. 
Muin, f. the back. 
Mùin, -te, mùn, a. v. make water. 
Muineadh, -eidh, m. education; a. muineach. 
Muineal, -eil, -an, m. the breast, the neck. 
Muinealach, -aiche, a. long necked. 
Muinear, -an, m. a teacher. 
Muing, -e, -ean, f. the mane of ahorse; a. muing- 

Muinghinn, -e, -ean, f. hope, trust; a. muinginn- 
Muinmhear, -ir, m. hemlock. [each. 

Muinntearach, -aich, m. a servant. 
Muinntearas, -ais, f. service. 
Muinntir, -e, -treach, pi. servants, people. 
Mùir, -e, f. the leprosy ; a. mùireach. 
Muir, mara, marannan, f. the sea, the ocean. 
Muireach, -ich, m. a man's name, Murdoch. 
Muirichinn, pi. children, a family ; a. muirichinn- 

Mùirn, -e, f. politeness, grandeur, pomp ; a. mùirn- 
Mùirneag, -eig, -an, f. civil or polite woman, ["each, 
Mùirnein, -ean, m. a polite or pompous man. 
Muirsgein, -ean, m. a spout fish, or razor-shell ; 

a. muirsgeineach. 
Muir-tiachd, m. sea-blubber. 

MUI — MUR. 269 

Muir-thachdar, or tachdar-mara, m, sea-spoil. 
Mùiseag, -eig, -an, f. fear, terror ; a. mùiseagach. 
Muiseal, -eil, -an, m. a muzzle ; a. muisealach. 
Muisein, m. faic moisein. 

Muisginn, -e, -ean, m. a mutchkin, an english pint. 
Mùiteacb, -eiche, a. changeable, fickle. 
Mul, -nil, -an, m. a bank or heap of sand. 
Mulachag, -aig, -an, f. a cheese ; a. mulachagach. 
Mulad, -aid, -an, m. sadness, sorrow; a. muladach. 
Mulan, -ain, -an, m. a stack of corn ; a. mulanach. 
Mullach, -aich, -ean, m. the top or summit. 
Mult, -uilt, pi. uilt, m. a wedder. 
Mu'n, or mu'm, prep, conjoined with the article or 

pron, about me, their,]my ; as, mu'm thimchioll, 

mu'n cuairt daibh. 
Mum, conj. and adv. before, ere; mum buail mi. 
Mun, adv. and conj. before, ere ; mun tig mi. 
Mùn, -ùin, m. urine. 
Mu'n cuairt, prep, about ; faic mu'n. 
Mur, conj. if not. 

Mùr, ùir, pi. -ùir, m. a wall, a bulwark. 
Muran, -ain, m. sea-bent; a. muranach. 
Murcach. -aiche, a. sad, dark, muddy. 
Murcan, -ain, -an, m. a lump-fish. 
Murrach, a. able, fit. 
Murcas, -ais, m. sadness, muddiness. 
Murlach, -aich, -ean, m. the king-fisher. 
Mùrla, -an, f. a coat of mail, a conical creel. 
Mùrlag, -aig, -an, f. a small creel, conical at both 

Murt, -adh, -urt, a.v. kill, murder, smother. 
Murt, -uirt, m. murder; murtachd ; a. murtaidh. 
Murtair -ean, m. a murderer; murtaireachd, hte 


270 MUS NA. 

Mus, or mum or mun, conj. before, before that. 
Musaiche, f. dirtiness ; faic mosaiche. 
Mu seach, impr. prep, alternately, by turns. 
Mùsg, -ùisg, -an, m. hardened rheum about the 

Mùsgan, -ain, -an, m. a sort of shell-fish ; a. mùs- 

Musg, or musgaid, f. a musket. 
Musgan, -ain, -an, m. a rotten tree. 
Musganach, -aiche, a. full of rotten trees. 
Mùtan, -ain, an, m. a muff, any short thing. 
Mùth, -te, -adh, a.v. change, alter. 
Mùthadh, -aidh, m. a change or alteration ; a. 

Mu thimchioll, impr. prep, about, around. 


N, the eleventh letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

'N, n', contractions for an and na, are very com- 

Na, gen. sing, of the art. an, as na mnà. 

Na, the nom. and dat. pi. of the art. an, na suinn, 
do na suinn. 

Na, a relative pron. used without an antecedent ; 
as èisd ris na thuirt mi 'sa rinn mi, i.e. ris an 
ni a thuirt mi. 

Na, or 'na, contr. for ann a ; i.e. relat. and poss. 
pron., as fanadh gach duine na àite fein. 

Stoj before the poss. pron., for ann, as na d' shlà- 

NAM — NAM. 271 

Nam, nad, na, nar, nur, nan, or nam, are contrac. 

for ann mo, &c, as tha mi nam fhianais ad 

t'aghaidh ; i.e. tha mi ann mo fhianais ad agh- 

aidh, &c. 
Na, adv. not, let not ; as na d' thig, na faiceam 

Na, used for aim do ; so far na thiodhlaic sinn an 

triuir, here we buried the three. 
Na, adv, since, (i.e. o na) o na thàine tu. 
Nàbachd, f, neighbourhood, neighbourliness. 
Nàbachas, -ais, m. faic nàbachd ; a. nàbachail. 
Nàbaidh, -e, -ean, m. a neighbour. 
Nach, rel. pron. is it not, who not, that not; 

nach e, is it not he, or it. 
Nach, conj. not ; nach d' ihig e ? will he not come ? 
Nach, particle inter, nach èil fhios agad. 
Nad, or 'nad, contr. for ann ad ; nad laimh. 
Nàdar, or nàdur, -air, -an, m. nature. 
Nàdura, nàturach, or nàturail, a. natural. 
Nàile, adv. and interj. indeed, truly. 
Naidheachd, news. (Naidh.) 
Nairohdeas, -eis, m. enmity ; naimhdealas. 
Naimhdealachd, f. enmity, malice, hostility. 
Nàird, or a nàrd, adv. up, upwards. 
Nàire, f. shame, modesty, basbfulness. 
Naisg, -te, -eadh, a.v. vow, bind. 
Naisneachdjf. modesty, shamefacedness; a. nàisne- 

Naistinn, -e, f. care_, attention ; a. naistinneach. 
Nail, or a nail, adv. over, to this side. 
Nam, conj. if, nam bithinn. 

Nam, gen. pi. of an the art. used before, b, f, m, p. 
Nam, or 'nam, for ann mo ; nam laimh. 
Nàmh, -àimh, naimhdean, m. (poet) an enemy. 

272 NAM — NAS. 

Nàmhachas, -ais, m. malice, hostility; a. nàmhach. 

Nàmhaid, nàimhdean, m. an enemy; a. nàimhdeil. 

Nàimhdeas, -eis, m. hatred, spite ; a. namhadacb. 

Naimhdealachd, f. malice, a. nàimhdealach. 

Nan, gen. pi. of the art. an, 

Nan, conj. if, nan d' thige 'tu, nan èirigh tu. 

Nan, or 'nan, for ann an, prep, and poss. pron. 

Nan ceann, in their head. 

Nann, or 'nann, conj. and prep., cha nann mar 

sin a bhios a' chins. 
Naoi, a. nine, an naoitheamh, the ninth. 
Naoidheachan, -ain, -an, m. an infant; naoidhean. 
Naoidheanachd, naoidheantas, f. m. childhood. 
Naoidheanach, naoidheanta, a. childish. 
Naomh, -aoimh, pi. aoimh, m. a saint. 
Naomhachd, f. holiness, sanctity. 
Naomhaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. sanctify, consecrate. 
Naomh-aithis, -e, -ean, f. blasphemy. 
JVaomh-cheannacJid, f. simony. 
Naomh-dhèirc, -e, -ean, f. a pious gift. 
Naomh-ghoid, -e, f. sacrilege. 
Naomh-reachd, -an, m. a divine law, or ordinance. 
Naonar, pi. nine persons. 
Naomhamh-diag, a. the nineteenth. 
Nar, adv. not, let not'; nar leige' Dia, God forbid. 
Nar, for ann ar, the prep, ann and ar, pos. pron. 

in our. 
Nàr, -aire, a. shameful, disgraceful ; nàrach. 
Naraich, -te, -achadh, a, v. shame, affront. 
Nasg, or naisg, -te, *adh, a.v. tie as cattle, vow, 

Nasg, -aisg, -an, m. a seal or tie for a cow ; a. 

Nasgaidb, or a nasgaidb, adv. gratis, freely. 

NAT — NEO. 273 

Natar, -air, m. nitre. 

Nathair, -nrach, -thraichean, f. a viper, a. narach. 

Ne, an emph. particle after a noun, ar n-athair-ne. 

Ne, contr. for an e, conj. and pers. pron. ne, is it. 

Neach, pron. a person, any person. 

Nead, nid, m. a nest; a. neadach. 

Neadaich, -te, achadh, a. v. and n.v., nestle, lie on 

Neadan, -ain, -an, m. a small nest ; a. neadanach. 
Neamh, -eimh, -an, m heaven, rather neomh. 
Neapacin, -ean, f. a napkin. 
Near, or 'near, contr. for an ear, the east. 
Nearar, f. the day after to-morrow. 
Neart, -eirt, m. strength ; a. neartor. 
Neartaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v., strengthen, 

Neartorachd, strength, might. 
Nèip, -e, -ean, m. a turnip ; a. nèipeach. 
Neo, a privative prefix, as neo-mhathach, cruel. 
Neo, adv. otherwise ; air neo buailidh mi thu, or 

neo buailidh mi thu. 
Neo-aithreachas, -ais, m. impenitence ; a. neo- 

Neo-amharus, m. want of suspicion ; a. neo-amb- 

Neo-amhluidb, a. unlike, s. neo-amhluchd. 
Neo-aoidhealachd, f. churlishness ; a. neo-aoidheil. 
Neo-bhàighealachd, f. cruelty ; a. neo-bhàigheil. 
Neo-bhàsorachd, f. immortality ; a. neo-bhàsor. 
Neo-bhuairte, a. untroubled. 
Neo-bhunailteachd, f. unsteadiness; a. neo-bhun- 

Xeo-chàirdealachd. f. unfriendliness ; a. neo-chàird- 


274 NEO — NEO. 

Neo-chaochlaideachd, f. unchangeableness. 
Neo-chaochlaideach, a. unchangeable. 
Neo-charrannachd, uncharitableness. 
Neo-charrannach, a. uneharitable. 
Neo-cheadaichte, a. unlawful, illicit. 
Neo-chealgach, a. unfeigned, sincere. 
Neo-chealgachd, f. sincerity, uprightness. 
Neo-cheanaltachdj f. unfrankness. 
iS'eo-chearbbachd, f. tidiness; a. neo-cbearbach. 
Neo-chinnteachd, f uncertainty; a. neo-chinn- 

Neo-chiontacbd, f. innocence ; a. neochiontach. 
Neo-chlaon, -aoine, a. not awry, straight. 
Neo-chli, a. expert, not awkward. 
Neo-choiinheach, -eiche, a. not surlj, kind. 
Neochoireach, -eicbe, a. innocent, 
Neo-cbomas, m, inability ; a. neo-chomasach. 
Neochoniraicli, f. freedom from obligation. 
Neo-chompanta, a. unsocial. 
Neo-chudtromach, a. light, vain. 
Neo-chreidmheach, m. an unbeliever. 
Neo-chriochnaichte, a. unlimited, infinite. 
Neo-chriochnachd, f. infinitude. 
Neo-chrion, -ine, not scrubbish, liberal, 
Neo-chuimseach, -eiche, a. not aiming well. 
Neo-chumanta, a. uncommon. 
Neo-chùram, -aim, m. negligence ; a. neo-chù- 

Neo-dhiadhaidh, a. ungodly; s. neo-dhiadhachd. 
Neodhuine, -aoine, m. an insignificant man. 
Neo-dhùrachdach, a. inactive, careless. 
Neo-ealanta, a. unskilful, unlearned. 
Neo-eaglach, a. unfearful, bold. 
Neo-eagnaidb, a. inaccurate, inexact. 

NEO — NEO. 275 

Neo.eifeachdach, a. inefficatious, ineffectual. 
Neo-èisleanacb, a. healthy, ready, unslow, 
Neo-fhàbharach, a. unfavourable, unkind. 
Neo-fhasanta, a. unfashionable. 
Neo-fhaieinneach, a. invisible. 
Neo-fhirinneach, a. untrue, false. 
Neo-fhogainteach, a. not stout, weak. 
Neo-fhaghlumaichte, a. unlearned. 
Neo-fhoirfidb, a. imperfect. 
Neo-fhoisneach, a. unsettled, restless. 
Neo-fhreasdalach, a. unattending. 
Neo-fhurasach, a. impatient. 
Neo-fhurasda, a. not easy, difficult. 
Neo-ghealtach, a. not timid, bold. 
Neo-ghealtachd, f. intrepidity, boldness. 
Neo-gheur, or neo-ghiar, a. not sharp, blunt. 
Neo-ghlaine, f. uncleanness ; a. neo-glan. 
Neo-ghlic, -e, a. unwise. 
Neo-ghluaiste, a. immoveable. 
Neo-ghluasadach, a. not stirring, quiet. 
Neo-gnàthaichte, a. unpractised, unusual. 
Neo-ghaireasacb, a. inconvenient, 
Neo-ghrad, -aide, a. net quick, slow. 
Neo-ghràsor, -oire, a. graceless. 
Neo-ghràsorachd, f. gracelesness. 
Neo-ghrinneas, -eis, m. untidiness ; a. neo-ghrinn. 
Neo-inbheach, -eiche, a. abortive, not ripe. 
Neoinein, -ean, m. a daisy; a. neoineineach. 
Neo-innleachdach, a. not ingenious, artless. 
Neo-iomchuidh, -e, a. unmeet, ucfit. 
Neo-iomlan, -aine, a. incomplete, imperfect. 
Neo-iompaichte, a. unconverted. 
Neo-ionannachd, f. not the same, unlike : a. neo- 

276 NEO — NEO. 

Neo-ionmhuinneachd, f. unloveliness ; a. neo- 

Neo-ionnsuichte, a. unlearned. 
Neo-laghalachd, f. unlawfulness ; a. neo-laghail. 
Neo-lamhcharachd, f. awkwardness; a. neo-latnh- 

Neo-làthaireachd, f. absence ; a. neo-làthaireacb. 
Neo-leanabachd, f. manliness; a. neo-leanabaidh. 
Neo-leasaichte, a. not mendable, uncorrected. 
Neo-lochdach, -aiche, a. blameless, harmless. 
Neo-loisgidh, or neo-loisgeach, a. not burning, not 

Neo-luaineachd, f. not moving ; a. neo-luaineach. 
Neo-mhearachdach, -aiche, a. unerring, infallible. 
Neo-mhios, -a, m. disrespect ; a. neo-mhiosail. 
Neo-mhiosarrachd, f. intemperance; a. neo- 

Neo-mheatachd, f. boldness ; a. neo-mheat. 
Neo-mhuthachadh, m. insensibility; a. neo-mhuth- 

Neònach, -aiche, a. curious, droll. 
Neònachas, -ais, m. curiousness, drollness. 
Neo-neartor, -oire ; a. not strong, weak. 
Neoni, m. nothing, a trifle ; a. neoneach, trifling. 
Neoneachd, f. nothingness, nothing. 
Neopris, -e, f. disrespect, contempt. 
Neo-sgairteil, a. spiritless, inactive. 
Neo-sgàthach, -aiche, a. fearless. 
Neo-sgeadaichte, a. undressed 
Neo-shàillte, a. unsalted. 
Neoshann, m. want of desire, indifference. 
Neoshanntach, -aiche, a. indifferent. 
Neo-sheasmhachd ? f. instability ; a. neo-sbeasmh- 


NE0 — neo. 277 

Neo-sbocrachd, f. uneasiness; a. neo-shocracb. 
Neo-shnasoracbd, f. untidiness ; a. neo-shnasor. 
Neo-shoillearachd, f. gloominess ; a. neo-shoilleir. 
Neo-sbuimealacbd, f. carelessness ; a. neo-sbuimeil. 
Neo-shunntacbd, f. dulness; a. neo-shunntacb. 
Neo-smearalachd, f, dulness ; a. neo-smearail. 
Neo-spèisealachd, f. unloveliness ; a. neo-spèiseil. 
Neo-spòrsalachd, f. not diverting ; a. neo-spòrsail. 
Neo-stràiceil, -e, a. not proud or assuming. 
Neo-struidheil, -e, a. not extravagant, frugal. 
Neo-thàbhachd, f. uncleverness; a. neo-tbàbbachd- 


Neo*tbaitneacb, -eicbe, a. disagreeable. 
Neo-tharbbaicbe, f. unprofitableness, a. neo-thar- 

Neo-tbiaruinteaebd, f. insecurity; a. neo-tbiar- 

Neo-tbeomacbd, f. uncleverness ; a. neo-theoma. 
Neo-tbimchioll-gearradh,-aidb, m. incircumcision. 
Neo-thimchioll-gearrte ; a. uncircumcised. 
Neo-thogracb, -aicbe, a. disinclined. 
Neo-tboileacb, -eicbe ,a. unwilling. 
Neo-thoilicb, -te, -eacbadh, a v. displease. 
Neo-thoillteannas, m. undeserving ; a. neo-tboill- 

Neo-thoinisgeil, -e, a. senseless. 
Neo-tboirt, -e, f. indifference ; a. neo-tboirteil. 
Neo-thoracb, -aicbe, -ead, a unfruitful, barren. 
Neo-tbràighteacb, or neothraoigbteacb, a. unex- 
Neo-tbròcrach, -aicbe, a. unmerciful. [hausted. 
Neo-thruacantacbd ; f. unfeelingness. 
Neo-tbruacanta, a. unfeeling, pitiless. 
Neo-tbruailleacbd, f. corruption ; a. neo-thru- 


278 NEO — NIO. 

Neo-thuisleach, -eiche, a. unstumbling, stable. 

Noo-thuiteaniacb, -aicbe, a. infallible. 

Neo-thuiteamaehd, f. infallibility. 

Neo-uallach, -aicbe, a. not proud or elevated. 

Neo-uasal, -uaisle, a. ignoble, low, mean. 

Neo-uidheam, -eim, f. unpreparedness. 

Neo-mdhmichte, a. unprepared. 

Neo-uireasabh, m. easiness of circumstances; ratber 

Neo-ullamb, »aimhe ; a. unprepared, unready. 

Neo-umhailcach, -eiche, heedless; neo-ombaileach. 

Neui, or nial, -eoil, pi. -eoil, m. a cloud, a trance. 

Neuladair, -ean, m. an astrologer, nialadair. 

Neulaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. darken be- 
come cloudy. 

Neulacb, or nialach, -aicbe, -ead, a. cloudy. 

Neuladaireacbd, or nialadaireachd, f. astrology. 

Neular, or nialar, -aire, a. well coloured. 

Ni, adv. not ; ni faicear learn, I will not see. 

Ni, pi. nitheaa, or nichean, m. a thing. 

Ni, pi. cattle. 

Ni, fut. aff. of the v. dian, shall or will do. 

Niar, or 'niar, f. the west, west. 

Niata, a. courageous, brave, fierce. 

Nic, iontr. of nighean, f. a daughter. 

Nigh, -te, nighe', a.v. wash, cleanse, purify. 

Nigbe, or nigheadaireachd, f. a washing. 

Nigbeadair, -earn, m. a washer. 

Nighean, -inn, -an, f. a daughter or damsel. 

Nigheag. nigheanag, nionag, f. a little daughter or 

Nimh, or neimh, -e, f. poison ; a. nimheil, or 

Nior, adv. not; nior chualas, I have not heard. 

NIO— NUA. 279 

Nios, adv. up, from below ; a weasaL 

Niosgaid, -e, -ean, f. a boil, an ulcer ; a. niosgaid- 

Nis, or a iris, adv. now, at this time. 
Ni's, rather lias, contr. for ni a is (i.e. the thing 
that is) being the sign of the comp, as nas treasa, 
stronger, nas gile, whiter, nas giice, more pru- 

No, conj. or, nor ; mart no each, a cow or horse. 

Niùc, -e, -an, f. a corner, a nook ; a. niùcach. 

Nochd, a. bare, naked ; nan arm nochd. 

Nochd, or an nochd, adv. to night. 

Nochd, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. shew, revel, dis- 

Nochdadh, -aidh, m. shewing ; a. nochdaidh. 

Nochdaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. shew, ma- 

Nochta, a. shown, disclosed ; nochdaichte. [nifest. 

Nodadh, -aidh; -eon, m. a nod, a wink. 

Nodha, a. new fresh, recent; nuadh. 

Noig, -oige, -ean, f. the anus, bottom. 

Noigein, -ean, m. a small wooden dish. 

Nòin, m. noon, nrid-day ; trà-nòin. 

Noir, m. the east ; faic ear. 

Nollaig, -e, -ean, f, Christmas. 

Nòs, òis, -an, m. custom, manners; a. nòsach. 

Nòsachd, f. customary ; a. nòsail, nòsar. 

Nothaist, -e, -ean, m. f. an idiot; a. nothaisteach. 

Nuadarrachd, f. surliness; a. nuadarra. 

Nuadhaich, -te, -achadh, n.v. renew, renovate. 

Nuatharra, a. surly, gloomy, fierce. 

Nuadh-bhreith, -e, m. new birth, regeneration. 

Nuadh-bhrigh, -e, m. transubstantiation. 

Nuadh-bhrighich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. 

280 NUA — OCH. 

Nuair, or 'nuair, adv. when, till the hour ; Dar. 

Nuallan, -ain, -an, noise, roaring. 

Nuallaich, or nuallanaich, f. sounding, roaring. 

Nuallaich, n.v. howl, roar. 

Nuarrantacbd, f. wildness; a. nuarranta. 

Nuas, adv. down, downward. 

Null, or nunn, adv. over, thither. 

Nur, or 'nur, contr. for ann, and ur, in our. 

Nuraidb, adv. last year. 


O, the twelfth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

O ! interj. O ! oh ! alas! 

O, prep, from, since ; rather hho. 

O, conj. because, seeing that, for; bho. 

òb, -a, -an, m. a creek, a bay; dim. òban. 

Ob, -abadh, a*.v. and n.v. refuse, deny, shun. 

Obadh, -aidh. m. a refusal, a denial, shunning. 

Obainne, f. suddenness, rashness, (obann.) 

Obair, -oibre, oibrichean, f. work, labour. 

Obann, -ainne, a. sudden, rash, unexpected. 

Obannachd, f. suddenness ; obainneachd. 

Ocar, -air, m. interest, usury ; faic riadh. 

Och ! interj. alas! ah ! also ochanl ochòin 

Ochanaicb, f. a sighing, a sobbing. 

Ochd, a. eight; ochdamh, the eighth. 

Ochd-diag, a. eighteen. 

Ochdnar, pi. a. eighc persons. 

Ochd-oisneach, or ochd-shlisneach, a. octagonal. 

Ochd-ablisneach, -ich, m. a rifle gun. 

ODH OIG. 281 

Odhar, -idhre, a. dun, of a pale colour. 
Odhraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. make dun, 

become dun. 
Ofrail, -e, -ean, f. an offering, a sacrifice. 
Ofrail, -te, -aladh, a. v. offer, sacrifice, 
òg, òig, m. a youth ; dim. ògan, òigfhear. 
òg, òige, a. young; a. ògail. 
ògan ; -ain ? -an, m. a youth ; òganach. 
ògalachd, ògacbd, or òganachd, f. youthfulness, 

Ogha, -achan, -aichean, m. a grandchild, 
òglach, -aich, m. a youth, a servant. 
Ogluidheachd, f. dreadfulness, wildness; a. ogluidh. 
cg-mhaduinn, f. early morn, the dawn, 
ògmhios, -a, m. the month of June. 
Oibrieh, -te, -eachadh, a. v. and n.v. work, labour. 
Oich ! interj. expressive of pain. 
Oide, -ean, m. a foster-father, a step-father. 
Oidhche, -eachan, f. night. 
Oidheam, -eim, -an, m. sensation, feeling; a. oidh- 

Oidhirp, -e, -ean, f. an attempt ; a. oidhirpeach. 
Oidhirpich, -eachadh, a. v. attempt, endeavour. 
Ofi&, -e, -ean, f. an office, an employment. 
Ofigeach, -ich, m. an officer, 
òige, f. youth, also compr. of òg. 
òigfhear, -ir, -ean, m. a youth, 
òigh, -e, -ean, f, a virgin, a maid ; a. òigheil. 
òigheachd, f. virginity. 
Oighionnach, -aich, f. a thistle, 
òigh-nighean, -inn, -an, f. a virgin daughter. 
Oighre, -eachean, m. an heir. 
Oighreachd, f. an inheritance, 
òi^ridh, pi. f. youths, young folks. 

282 oil — oir. 

Oil, a.v. rear, educate, nurse. 

Oil, f. pain, grief, spite ; ge b' oil learn, leat, &c, 
in spite of me. 

Oilbheum, -eim, -an, m. blasphemy, scandal, of- 

Oilbheumachd, f. blasphemy ; a. oilbheumach. 

Oilean, rather eilein, m. education, manners. 

Oileanaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. instruct, teach, re- 

Oillt, -e, -can, f. terror, fear ; a. oillteil. 

Oillt-chrith, -e, f. trembling for fear; a. oillt- 
chrith each. 

Oilltich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. frighten, be 

Oilltealachd, f. terribleness, dreadfulness. [afraid. 

Oil-thigh, -thaighe, m. a school, a college. 

òinid. -e, -ean, f. a foolish woman ; a. òinideach ; 
s. òinideachd. 

òinseach, -ich, -ean, f. a foolish woman. 

òinseachail, -e, a. foolish, idiotical. 

Oir, conj. for, because. 

Oir, -e. -ean, f. an edge, a border. 

Oir, m. the east. 

oil bheirt, -ean, m. a great deed or action ; òrbheirt. 

òirbheirteach, -eiche, a. glorious, famous; òr- 

Oircheas, -eis, -an, m. pity, charity ; a. oircheaa- 

Oircheasachd, f. compassion, poverty, need. 

òirdheirc, -e, a. noble, famous, illustrious. 

òirdheirceas, -eis, m. splendour, renown. 

òirleach, -ich, pi. -ich, f. an inch. 

Oirre, prep, (air and pers. pron.) on her. 

Oirthir, or eirthir, -e, -ean, f. a coast, a shore; a. 

ois — onr. £83 

Oisinneach, -eicbe, a. having corners, or angles, 

Oisinneag, -eig, -an, f. a little corner ; a. oisinneag- 

Oistric, -e, -ean, f. an ostrich. [ach. 

Oit ! oit ! interj. expressive of heat. 

Oiteag, -eig, -an, f. a blast of wind; a. oiteagach. 

oitir, -e, -ean, f. a shoal, a bank of sand. 

òl, òilte, òl, a.v. and n.v. drink. 

©1, oil, m. drinking; òlarachd ; a. òlar. 

Ola, f. oil, ointment; a. olach. 

òlach, -aich, m. an hospitable man, a term of con- 

òlacbas, -ais, m. hospitality, kindness; òlachd. 

Olaim, f. wool ; a, olla, ollach. 

Olc, uilc, miosa, miosad, a. bad, wicked, eTil. 

Olc, uilc, m. evil, wickedness, mischief. 

Olcas, -ais, m. badness ; olcad. 

Olla, -aichean, m. a doctor, a learned man. 

Ollanaich, -te, achadh, a.v. teach, cure. 

Ollauachd, f. teaching, curing. 

òlorachd, f. drinking; a. òlor. 

Omhan, -ain, m. froth of milk. 

òmar, -air, m. amber ; a. òmarach. 

On, or bhon, prep, (for o'n, i.e. o orbho prep, and 
an art.) since. 

Onair, -e, -ean, f. honour ; a. onarach. 

Omhail, -e, f. care, attention, feeling; umhail. 

ònar, a. alone, solitary; aonar. 

Onaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. honour, respect. 

Onfhadb, -aidh, m. noise of the waves; a. onfh- 

ònrachd, f. loneliness, a person alone ; a. ònrachd- 

ònrachdan, -ain, -an, nw a lonely or forlorn per- 


284 ONR — ORM. 

ònracbdanach, a. solitary, alone, deserted. 

or, -adh, a.v. gild. 

òr, òir, m. gold ; a. òracb, òrail. 

òrachan, -ain, -an, -raichean, m. a jewel, enchant- 

Oragan, -ain, -an, m. an organ, the herb wild 

Organach, a. full of organs or marjoram. 

braid, -e, -ean, f. a speech, or harangue; a. òraid- 

òran, -ain, -an, m. a song; a. òranacb. 

òranaiche, m. and f. a singer, a songster. 

òrbheirt, -ean, f. a feat, a noble deed ; a. orbbeirt- 

òrbhuidh, a. yellow, of a golden colour. [each. 

òrcheard, -eird, a goldsmith. 

òrchiabh, -a, -an, m. a golden lock ; a. òrchiabh- 

òrchui, -uil, -an, m. yellow or golden locks. 

òrd, ùird, -an, m. a round steep mountain. 

òrd, ùird, ùird, a hammer, what holds the flint 
in a gun. 

òrd, òird, òirdean, m. a log of wood, a piece. 

òrdag, -aig, -an, f. the thumb or big toe ; a. òrdag- 

òrdan, -ain, -an, m. a small hammer. 

òr-dhuilleag, -eig, -an, f. a gold leaf. 

òrdugh, -uigh, -uighean, m. an order ; a. òrdail. 

òrduich, -te, -uchadh, a.v. order, decree, appoint. 

òrghruag, -uaig, -an, f. a golden lock. 

òr-mhèinn, -e, -ean, f. a gold mine. 

Orradh, -aidh, m. shift, exertion, endeavour. 

òrsheud, -a, -an, m. a golden jewel. 

Orm, ort, air, oirre, oirnn, oirbh, orra, prep, and 
pers. pron. upon, me, you, &c. 

os — otr. 285 

Os, rather fos, prep, above, fos do chionn, above 

Os, osa, osan, m. and f. a deer, a stag, an elk. 
Os, def. v. quoth, said ; os esan, quoth he, see ars. 
Osag. -aig, -an, f. a blast, a breeze ; a. osagach. 
Os-àird, rather fos-nàird, prep, and àrd, openly. 
Osan, -ain, -an, m. a hose ; a. osanach. 
Os-barr, prep, os and barr, moreover. 
Osanaiche, -ean, m. a hosier. 
Oscarrachd, f. boldness, intrepidity; a. oscarrach, 

see fosgavraehd. 
Os-cionn, or fos-cionn, (prep, os and cion, or 

ceann) above, 
òsda, m. an inn, drinking ; a. also, 
òsd-thigh, -thaighe, -ean, in. an inn ; tigh-òsda 

òsdair, -ean, m. an innkeeper, 
òsdaireachd, f. the office of an innkeeper. 
Os-iosal, or fos n-iosal, (prep, os and iosal) secretly, 

Osnach, osnaich, -aichean, f. a sigh. 
Osnachail, -e, a. sighing, groaning. 
Osna, -an, f. a sob, a sigh ; a. osnach. 
Osnaich, osnaich, n.v. sigh, moan. 
Ospag, -aig, -an, f. a sigh, a sob ; a. ospagach. 
Ospagaich, -e, f. sighing, sobbing. 
Ospairn, -e, -ean, f. sobbing; ospairnich. 
Ostal, -ail, pi. -ail, m. an apostle. 
Osunn, -uinn, -an, f. a blast of wind, 
òtrach, -aich, -raichean, m. a dunghill. 
Otrach, -aich, m. a term of contempt, a wretch, 
òtrachail, -e, a. full of dung hills. 

286 p—PAi. 


P, the thirteenth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

Pà or papa, m. papa, father. 

Pab, -aib, m. shag, rough hair, flax; a. pabach. 

Pab, -te, -adh, a. v. and n v. twist, become shaggy. 

Pabadh, -aidh, m. shagginess. 

Pabcheann, -inn, m. a shaggy head; a. pab- 

Pac, -te, -adh, a.v. pack up. 
Pac, -a, -annan, m. a pack ; a. pacach. 
Pacaich, -te, -adh, a.v. pack up. 
Pacaid, -e, -ean, f. a packet, a packet boat; a. 

Pacair, -ean, m. a pedlar, a packer ; pacaireachd, 

his trade, 
Pàganach, -aich, m. a heathen, a pagan ; a. pagan- 

Pàganachd, f. heathenism, paganism ; a. pàgauta. 
Pàidh, -te, -eadh, a.v. pay, remunerate. 
Pàidheadh, -idh, m. payment, pay. 
Pàidhear, -dhreach, -dhrichean, f. a pair, a couple. 
Paidhueachas, -ais, m. penalty, bail, security. 
Paidhrich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. pair, couple. 
Paidir, -drichean, f. the Lord's prayer. 
Paidirein, -ean, m. a rosary, a string of beads. 
Paidreioeach, -eiche, a. wearing beads. 
Paidreag, -eig, -an, f. a patch, a clout. 
Pailleart, -eirt, -an, m. a box on the ear, a blow, 
Pailleartacb, -aiche, a. striking with the hand. 

pai— pai. 287 

Paillionn, -inn, -an, f. a pavilion, a tent ; a. 

Pailm, -e, -ean, f. the palm tree; a. pailmeach. 

Pailt, -e, -ead, a. plentiful, abundant. 

Pailteas, -eis, m. plenty, abundance ; pailteachd. 

Paindeal, -il, -ean, m. a panther. 

Painneal, -il, m. a panel, pieces of wood. 

Painnse, -eachean, f. a tripe, a paunch. 

Pai'nntear, -ir, -ean, m. a gin, a snare; a. painn- 

Painntearacb, -ich, m. an ensnarer; painntearachd 
his trade. 

Painntearaich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. ensnare, 

Paipeir, -ean, m. paper ; a. paipeireach. 

Paipeireachd, f. papering. 

Paipeirich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. paper, cover with 

Pàirc, -te, -eadh, a. v. park, enclose ; pàircich. 

Pàirc, -e, -ean, f. a park ; a. pàirceach. 

Pairilis, f. the palsy. 

Pàirt, -e, -ean, f. a part, a share, a portion ; a. 

Pàirtich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. share, divide, impart. 

Pàirteachas, -ais, m. participation ; a. pàirteil. 

Pàirteachail, -e, a. divisible, sharing, communica- 

Pàirtfhear, -ir, -ean, m. a partner, a sharer. 

Pàirtiche, -ean, m. a sharer, a partner. 

Pàirtidh, -e, ean, f. a party, a faction. 

Pàisd, -e, -ean, f. a child; a. pàisdeil, childish. 

Pàisdealachd, f. childishness, puerility. 

Pàisdein, -ean, m. a little child ; a. pàisdeineach. 

Paiseanadh, -aidh, m. fainting ; paisein. 

Paiseineach, -eiche, a. given to swooning. 
N 4 

288 PAI — PEA. 

Paisg, -te, -eadh, a.v. wrap up, fold ; pasg, -te, 

Pait, -e, -ean, f. a hump, a lump ; a. paiteacb. 
Pannal, -ail, -an, m. a band of women* 
Pàp, -a, -an, a pope ; a. pàpach. 
Pàpanachd, f. popery ; a. pàpanach. 
Paradh, -aidh, m. pushing, brandishing. 
Pàrlamaid, -e, -ean, f. parliament ; a. pàrlam- 

Parraist, -e ; -ean, m. a parish -, a. paraisteach. 
Pàrtach, -aiche, a. sharing, communicative. 
Partan, -ain, -an, -ain, m. a crab ; a. partanach. 
Pasgadh, -aidh, m. wrapping up, folding. 
Pasgan, -ain, -an, m. a bundle ; a. pasganach. 
Pathadh, -aidh, m. thirst ; a. pàiteacb. 
Peabar, -brach, -aichean, m. pepper ; a. peabrach. 
Peabraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. season with pepper. 
Peac, rather peacadh, -aidh, -annan, m. sin. 
Peacach, or peacair, -aich, m. a sinner; a. peacach. 
Peacadh-bàis, m. a mortal sin, a deadly sin. 
Peacadh-sola, m. a venial sin. 
Peacadh-gniomha, m. actual sin. 
Peacadh-gine, m. original sin. 
Peacaireachd, f. sinning ; a. peacail. 
Peacaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, sin, transgress. 
Peall, pill, -ean, f. a hairy skin, a mat; a. peall- 

Peallag, -aig, -an, f. a little skin, or mat, or rug. 
Peallach or piullach, a. hairy, shaggy. 
Peallagaeh, a. full of little rugs, shaggy, matted 
Peanachas, -ais, -an, m. penance, punishment ; 

Peanas, -ais, -an, m. penance ; a. peanasach. 
Peanasaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. punish, torture. 

PEA — PEU. 289 

Peann, -a, -inn, -tan, f. a pen ; a. peanntach. 
Pearsa, -a, -achan, -annan, m. and f. a person. 
Pearsaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. personify, 
Pearsantachd, f. a good person, handsomness. 
Pears-eaglais, -achan-eaglais, m. a clergyman. 
Peasair,-rach,-raichean,f. pease, pulse; a. peasrach. 
Peasan, -ain, -an, m. a petulant fellow ; a. peasan- 

Peasanachd, f. petulance, impudence, pertness. 
Peasg, -eisg, -an, f. a gash, a cranny ; a. peasgacb. 
Peasg, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. notch, gash. 
Peata, -an, -achan, m. a pet ; a. peatach. 
Peathrachas, -ais, f. sisterhood. 
Peic, -e, -eannan, -eachan, m. a peck, two gallons. 
Peicein, or peiceag, f. a little peck. 
Pèighinn, -e, -ean, f. a penny; a. pèighinneacb. 
Pèighinneach, -iche, a. spotted, speckled. 
Peileir, -ean, m. a ball, or bullet; a. peilleireach. 
Peilisteir, -ean, m. the game of quoits, a small flag. 
Pèin, -e, f. pain, torment; a. pèineil. 
Pèinnealtachd, f. tyranny, pain ; a. pèinnealt- 

Peirceall, -ill, -cle, -ean, m. a jaw, a jaw-bone; a. 

Perigill, -e, -ean, f. danger, strait ; peirigleadh. 
Pèirlinn, -e, -ean, f. fine linen, gauze. 
Peiteag, -eig, an, f. a waistcoat ; a. peiteagach. 
Peitein, -ean, m. faic peiteag ; a. peiteineach. 
Peitseag, -eig, -an, f. a peach ; a. peitseagach. 
Pèacag, -aig, -an, f. a pea-hen, a pretty woman. 
Pèacagach, a. beautiful, full of pea-hens. 
Peur, -èire, -a, -an, f. a pear ; a. peurach. 
Peurda, -an, m. a tuft of wool taken off the cards. 
Peursdag, -aig, -an, f. a partridge ; a. peursdagach, 
N 5 

290 PHA — PIO. 

Phàriseach, -ich, pi. -ich, m. a Pharisee ; a. phà- 

Pian, -ein, -tan, f. pain, torment ; a. pianail, piant- 

Pian, -te, -adh, a. v. torment, torture ; piantaich. 
Pianadair, -ean, m. a tormentor; pianadh, his of- 
Pianalachd, f. painfulness ; a. piantachail. [fice. 
Piantair, -ean, m. a tormentor ; faic pianadair. 
Pic, -e, -ean, f. a pike, a weapon, a pick-axe. 
Picear, -ean, m. a rogue ; picearachd, his office. 
Pic, -te, -eadh, a, v. pitch, bedaub with pitch. 
Picil, -te, -eadh, a. v. pickle; piclig, 
Picil, -e, -ean, f. pickle, brine ; a. picleach. 
Picear, -ean, m. a pick-axe man. 
Picearachd, f. working with a pick-axe. 
Pige, -eachan, m. an earthen jar; a. pigeach. 
Pigeadair, -ean, m. a potter; pigeadaireachd, his 

Pigein, -ean, m. a small jar; a. pigeineach. 
Pighean, -ean, f. pye ; pighe. 
Pill, -e, -ean, f. a cloth on which corn is winnowed. 
PiU, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. turn, cause to turn ; 

rather till. 
Pillein, -ean, f. a cloth under a saddle; a. pillein- 

Pinne, -eachean, m. a pin, a peg ; a. pinneach. 
Pinn, -te, -eadh, a. v. fasten with pins, pierce ; a. 

Pinnt, -e, -ean, f. a pint ; 17 J gills, or 16 or 18. 
Piob, -a, -an, f. a pipe, a bagpipe, a tube ; a. piob- 
Piobabadair, -ean, m. a pipe-maker. [ach. 

Piobag, -aig, -an, f. a small pipe ; a. piobagach. 
Piobaire, -ean, m. a piper; piobaireachd, his office. 
Pioban, -ain, -an, m. a small pipe or tube, a throat. 

pio — pio. 291 

Pìobanacli, or piobanta, a. tubular. 

Piob-leigidh, f. the cock of a barrel, 

Pìob-mhàlaidh, f. a bag-pipe. 

Piob-shionnaich, -an-sionnaich, f. a bellows pipe. 

Piob-thaosgaidh, -an-taosgaidh, f. a pump. 

Piob-uisge, -an-uisge, a conduit pipe. 

Piobull, -nil, -an, m. a bible; faic biobull. 

Pioc, -te, -adh, a, v. pick, nibble, nip. 

Pioc, -e, -an, m. a bit, a crumb ; a. piocach. 

Piocach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a coal fish in its 3d 
or 4th year. 

Piocadair, or piocair, -ean, m. one that works with 
a pick. 

Piocadh, -aidh, m. picking, nibbling. 

Piocag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit or crumb ; a. pioc- 

Piocaich> -te, -adh, a. v. work with a pick or mat- 

Piocaid, -e, -ean, f. a pick or mattock; a. piocaid- 

Piocaireachd, f. working with a pick, nibbling. 

Pioghaid, -e, -ean, f. a magpie ; a. pioghaideach. 

Piochan, -ain, m. a wheezing in the throat. 

Piochanach, -aiche, a. wheezing ; s. piochanaich. 

Piolaid, -e, -ean, f. a pillory. 

Piolaiste,-ean,m. trouble, vexation; a.piolaisteach. 

Pioraruig, -ean, f. a wig ; biorabhuig. 

Pioraruigeach, a. wearingawig;a.piorabhuigeach. 

Piorr, -te, -adh, a.v. pierce, dig, scrape. 

Piorradh, -aidh. m. piercing, digging, scraping. 

Pios, -a, -an, m. a piece, a morsel, a silver cup. 

Piosach, -aiche, a. full of pieces, or silver cups. 

Piosan, -ain, -an, m. a small piece; a. piosanach. 

Piosag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit; a. piosagach. 
N 6 

292 no— pla. 

Piostal, -ail, -an, m. a pistol ; a. piostalach. 
Piseag, -eig, -an, f. a kitten, a young cat ; a. pis- 

Piseach, -ich, m. success, prosperity, 
Piseachail, -e, a. prosperous, fortunate. 
Pit, ~e, -ean, f. a pit, a hollow, &c. 
Piùg, -iùig, -an, f. a plaintive note ; a. piùgach. 
Piuthar, peathar, peathraichean, f. a sister. 
Piuthrag, -aig, -an, f. a little sister. 
Piutharalachd, f. sisterliness ; a. piutharail. 
Piuthar-altrum, f. a foster sister. 
Piuthar-athar, f. a father's sister, a paternal aunt. 
Piuthar-chèile, f. a sister-in-law. 
Piuthar-màthar, f. a mother's sister. 
Piuthar-seanar, f. a grandfather's sister, a grand 

Piuthar-seanna-mhathar, f. a grand aunt. 
Plab, -adh, n.v. make a soft noise, as water. 
Plabadaich, orplabartaich, f. soft noise, as the wing 

of a bird. 
Plabraich, faic plabadaich. 

Plabair, -ean, m. a babbler; plabaireachd, his habit. 
Plaide, -eachan, f. a blanket ; a. plaideach 
Plaideag, -eig, -an, f. a little blanket; a. plaideag- 
Plaid-laidhe, f. an ambuscade. [ach. 

Plàigh, -e, -ean, f. a plague ; a. plàigheach. 
Plàighealachd, f. plaguyness ; a. plàigheil. 
Plais, -te, -eadh, a. v. plash, bedaub with dirt. 
Plàm, -aim, -an, m any thing curled or clotted ; 

a. plamach. 
Plamraich, a. v. make a soft noise, curdle milk. 
Plàng, àing, m. a plack, ^d. 
Plàngaid, -e, -ean, f. a blanket; a. plàngaideach. 
Planntaich, -te. -achadh, a. v. plant; plannt. 

PLA — PLI. 293 

Planntair, -ean, m. a planter; planntaireachd, his 

Plaosg, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. peel, open, awake; 

Plaosg, plaoisg, pi. plaoisg, m. the shell of an egg } 

a husk, a skin. 
Plaosgach, -aiche, a. full of shells or husks. 
Plaosgadh, -aidh, m. the opening of the eyes, 

Plàsda, -an, m. a plaster ; a. plàsdach. 
Plàsd, -te, adh, a.v. plaster; plàstaich. 
Plàsdadh, -aidh, m. plastering; plàsdachadh. 
Plàsdair, -ean, m. a plasterer ; plàsdaireachd, his 

Plàsdraich, -te, -achadh, faic plàsd. 
Plata, -achan, f. a sort of cloth made of straw, &c. 
Plathadh, -aidh, m. a glimpse, a flash, a swoon. 
Plath, -a, -an, m. a volume of flame, wind or 

Plathach, a. shining, flaming, smoking. 
Pleadhag, -aig, -an, f. a dibble, a paddle; a.pleadh- 

Pleadhagaieh, -te, -achadh, a.v. dig with a dibble 

or paddle. 
Pleadhan, -ain, -an, m. a little oar, a small leg. 
Pleadhanachd, f. paddling; a. pleadhanach. 
Pleadhart, -airt, an, m. a blow, a buffet ; a. pleadh- 

Pliadh, -a, -an, f. a splay foot ; a. pliadhach. 
Pliadhaiche, f. splayfootedness. 
Pliut, -a, -an, m. a clumsy foot or hand; a. pllut- 

Pliutair, -ean, m. a clumsy footed man ; pliutair- 

eachd, his fault. 

294} plo — plu. 

Ploc, -uic, -an, m. a clod, a turf; a. plocach. 
Pioc, -te, adh, a.v. clod, strike with clods. 
Plocadh, -aidh, m. striking with clods, 
riocag, -aig, -an, f. a thick woman; a. plocagaeh. 
Plocan, -ain, -an, m. a little clod ; a. plocanach. 
Plocantachd, f. stoutness, large cheeks; a. plocanta. 
Plod, -te, -adh, a.v. parboil ; plodaich. 
Plodaich, -aiche, a. lukewarm, parboiled. 
Plodadh, -aidh, m. parboiling. 
Plodaiche, f. lukewarmness. 
Plòic, -e, -ean, f. the mumps. 
Plòiceag, -eig, -an, a big cheeked woman ; m. plòic- 

Piòiceanach, -aiche, a. plump-cheeked. 
Plosg, -adh, n.v. palpitate, throb, start, gasp. 
Plosg, -oisg, m. life, breath, palpitation; plosgadh. 
Plub, -adh, n.v. plump, plunge into water. 
Plub, -uib, -an, m. the noise of a thing falling in 

Plubadh, -aidh, m. a plunge; a. plubach. 
Plubadaich, f. making a noise in water. 
Plubaireachd, f. speaking indistinctly. 
Plubairneach, -icb, m. one who speaks indistinctly. 
Plubcheann, m. a lumpish head. 
Plubraich, f. faic plubadaich. 
Pluc, -uic, -a, -an, m. a lump, head of a pin. 
Pluc, -te, -adh, a.v. beat, thump, pluck. 
Plucadh, -aidh, m. beating, a knot; a. plucach. 
Plucaiche, f. knottiness, lumpishness. 
Plucair, -ean, m. a beater, a thumper. 
Plucan, ~ain, -an, m. a little knot or lump. 
Plucanach, -aiehe, full of little knots. 
Pluc, -te, -adh, a.v. press, squeeze, smother. 
Plucadh, -aidh, m. squeezing, smothering. 

plu — po.i 295 

Pluic, -e, -ean, f. the cheek ; a. pluiceach. 
Pluiceia, -ean, m. a little cheek ; a. pluiceineacb. 
Pluiceineach, -ich, m. a bluff-cheeked person. 
Plum, -uim, m. or f. any thing that stands stock 
Plum, -te, plumadh ; n.v. plunge, sink. [still. 

Pluma, or plumag, m, f. a plumet. 
Plumadh, -aidh, m. a plunge. 
Plumanaich, f. noise of waves. 
Plumbais, -e, -ean, f. a plum ; a. plumbaiseach. 
Plundrainn, -e, -ean, f. plundering, booty. 
Plundrainn, a. v. plunder, rob. 
Pobull, •uill, -an, m, a people. 
Poca, -an, -annan, m. a bag, sack ; a. pocach. 
Pòca, -an, -annan, m. a pocket ; a. pòcach. 
Poc, -te, adh, a. v. put up in a sack ; pocaich. 
Pòc, -te, -adh, a.v, pocket, put in your pocket; 

Pocan, -ain, -an, m. a small sack ; a. pocanach. 
Pòcan, -ain, -an, m. a small pocket ; a. pocanach. 
Pòcaid, -e, -ean, f. faic pòca ; a. pòcaideach. 
Pòg, -òig, -an, f. a kiss; a. pògach. 
Pòg, -te, -adh, a.v. kiss. 
Pògadh, -m. kissing ; pògaireachd. 
Pògair, -ean, m. a kisser. 
Poibleach, -ich, m. a people. 
Poiblidh, -e, a. public, manifest. 
Poicein or pocan, m. a short 6quat fellow. 
Poiceineach, -iche, a. short, thick, squat. 
Pòigein, -ean, m. a little kiss ; a. pòigeineach. 
Poit, -e, -ean, -eachean, f. a pot ; a. poiteach. 
Pòit, -e, f. drinking to excess ; a. pòiteach. 
Poiteag, -eig, -an, f. a small pot; a. poiteagach. 
Pòiteir, -ean, m. a drunkard ; pòiteireachd, his 


296 por — pra. 

Pòiteireach, -eiche, a. addicted to drinking. 
Poll, -uiJl, -an, m. a pit, a hole, mire ; a. polltach. 
Poll, -puill, -an, m. a nostril; pollar, -an, rather. 
Pollar, -an, m. a nostril ; a. pollarach. 
Pollcheannach, a. lump-headed. 
Pollachas, -ais, m. lumpishness ; a. pollach. 
Pollag, -aig, -an ; f. a little hole or pit ; a. pollag- 

Ponaidh, -e, -ean, m. a little horse ; rather ponn- 

Pònar, -air, m. a bean or beans ; a. pònarach. 
Pong, -uing, -an, f. a point, a topic, a stop ; a. pong- 

Pongalachd, f. accuracy, exactness ; a. pongail. 
Pòr, pòir, -an, m. seed, any vegetable ; a. pòrach. 
Pòrsan, -ain, -an, m. a portion ; a. pòrsanach, 
Port, puirt, -an, m. a port, a tune, a ferry; a. pòrt- 

Portair, -ean, m. a porter, a ferryman, the drink 

Portaireachd, f. the office of a ferryman or porter. 
Pòs, -te, -adh, a. v. marry. 
Pòsadh, -aidh, aidhean, m. marriage. 
Pòsachail, -e, a. marriageable ; pòsda, a. married. 
Post, -te, -adh, a.v. tramp with the feet. 
Post, -uirt, an, -achan, a pillar, a beam, a post. 
Post, puist, -achan, m, a letter carrier, a post. 
Postachd, f. the business of a post. 
Postan, -ain, -an, m. a little beam ; a. postanach. 
Prab, -te, -adh, a.v. disorder, discompose, spoil. 
Prab, -aib, -an, rheum in the eyes; a, prabach. 
Prabadh, -aidh, m. disordering ; a. prabach. 
Pràbair, -ean, m. an ignoble or low fellow. 
Pràbar, -air, -an, m. the rabble ; a. pràbarach. 

PKA — PRI. 297 

Prabshuil, f. a blear eye ; a. prabshuileach. 
Pracas, -ais, m. idle talk. 
Pràib, -e, f. filth, nastiness, mire, rabble. 
Praidseacb, rather proidseach, -ich, m. a boy. 
Pràis, -e, brass or pot-metal ; a. praiseach. 
Praiseach, -icb, -ean, f. a pot; a. praiseach. 
Praiseach, -ich, f. a bold or impudent woman. 
Pràisiche, -ean, m. brazier. 

Pràmh, àimh, m. a slumber, grief; a. pramhacb. 
Pràmhachd, f. somnolency, grief; pràmhalachd. ^ 
Pràmhan, -ain, m. dim. of pràmh, slumber, grief. 
Prap, -a, a. clever, quick, s. prapadh. 
Prasgan, -ain, -an, m. a little bunch or group. 
Prasganach, -aiche, a. full of bundles or groups. 
Preas, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. plait, fold, wrinkle. 
Preas, -is, -an, m. a bush ; a. preasach. 
Preas, -a, -an, m. a wrinkle, rather preasadh. 
Preas, pris, -an, m. a press, a case ; a. preasach. 
Preasach, -aiche, a. wrinkled, stripped. 
Preasadh, -aidh, m. a plait, a wrinkle. 
Preasag, -aig, -an, f. a little wrinkle ; a. preasag- 

Preasan, -ain, -an, m. a little bush or press. 
Preasarnach, -aich, f. a shrubbery. 
Preathal, -ail, m. a dizziness, a fit, a swoon. 
Prine, rather frine, -eachau, m. a pin ; a. prineach. 
Prineachan, or frineachan, -ain, -an, m. a small 
Prinich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. pin ; frinich. [pi n « 

Priob, -adh, n.v. wink, twinkle. 
Priobadh, -aidh, m. a wink; priobadh oadail, a 

wink of sleep. 
Priobaid, -e, -ean, a trifle, as of money. 
Priomh, a. prime, chief, principal. 
Priomh-bhaile, m, a chief town. 

298 PRi — pro. 

Priomh-chlachair, m. chief architect. 

Priomh-chrann, m. the main-mast. 

Priomh-easbuid, m. an archbishop. 

Priomh-sheòl, m. the main-sail. 

Priomh-shonas. -ais, m. chief happiness. 

Priomh-uachdian, -ain, m. chief ruler. 

Pi ionns, or prionnsa, -an, -achan. m, a prince. 

Prionnsach, -aiche, a. princely; prionnsail. 

Prionnsachd, f. principality; prionnsalachd. 

Prionnsalach, -aiche, a. authoratative, princely. 

Piiosan, -ain, -an, m. a prison. 

Priosanach, -aich, m. a prisoner. 

Priosanaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. imprison. 

Priosanachd, f. imprisonment. 

Pris, -e, -ean, f. price, value ; a. priseil. 

Piisealachd, f. preciousness. 

Pri&ich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. estimate, fix the price. 

Probhaid, -e, -ean, f. profit; a. probhaideach. 

Procadair, -ean, m. a procurator or advocate. 

Procadaireachd, f. pleading, procuratorship. 

Pròis, -e, f. pride, haughtiness ; a. pròiseih 

Pi òisealachd, f. haughtiness. 

Pròiseag, -eig, -ean, f. a prude ; m. piòisein. 

Pronn, -uinn, m. seeds, pron. Scot. 

Pionn, -te, or proinnte, -adh, a.v. pound, mash. 

Pronn, -uinne, a. pounded, mashed. 

Pronnadair, -ean, m. a masher, a mortar; pronn- 

Pronnadh, -aidh, m. pounding ; pronnadaireachd. 
Pronnag, -aig, an, f. crumbs ; a. pronnagach. 
Pronnasg, -aisg, m. brimstone ; pronastal. 
Pronndal, -ail, m. murmuring, muttering. 
Pronndalach, -aiche, a. muttering, murmuring. 
Pronnta, a. mashed ; proinnte* 

pro — pur. 299 

Prop, -uip, -an, -uip, m. a prop, a post; a. propach. 

Prop, -te, -adh, a.v. prop, support. 

Propadh, -aidh, m. supporting. 

Propairneach, -ich, m. a stripling, a stout boy. 

Prosnuieh, -te, -uchadh, a.v. excite, exhort, en- 

Prosnuchadh, -aidh, m. an exhortation, or excite- 

Prothaist, -e, -ean, m. a provost, a corpulent man. 

Prothaisteach, a. of or belonging to a provost, cor- 

Pubull, -uill, -an, m. a teat, a booth; a. pubullach. 

Pùic, -e, -ean, f. a bribe ; a. pùiceach. 

Pùicear, -ean, m. a briber; pùicearachd, his office. 

Puidse, -ean, m. a pouch, or pocket; a. pùidseach. 

Puing, -e, -ean, f. a point ; faic poug. 

Puinneag, -eig, -an, f. sorrel; a. puinneagach. 

Puinnse, -ean, m. a punch ; a. puinnseach. 

Puinsein, -ean, m. poison ; a. poiseineach. 

Puinseinicb, -te, -eachadh, a.v. poison. 

Puinseanta, a. poisonous. 

Puirteia, -ean, m. dim. of port, a small port, a tune. 

Puis, -e, -ean, m. a cat, a kitten. 

Pulag, -aig, -an, f. a round stone ; a. pulagach. 

Pung, -a, -an, f. a point; faic pong. 

Pungail, -e, a accurate, faic pongail. 

Punnd, puiund, pi. puinnd, a pound, a pinfold. 

Punndair, -ean, m. one that pins cattle ; punn- 
daireachd, his trade. 

Punnd, -te, -adh, a.v. pin cattle. 

Purgadair, -ean, m." a purifier, purgatory. 

Purgataireachd, f. purification, state of purgatory. 

Purpur, -uir, m. purple colour, purple ; a. pur- 

300 PUR RAC. 

Purr, -te, -adb, a.v. push, but with the head. 
Pùs, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. marry; faic pos. 
Pusag, -aig, -an, f. a little cat, or blow on the 

Put, -te, -adh, a.v. push, thrust. 
Putag, -aig, -an, a thowl ; a. putagach. 
Pùta, -an, m. a young bird ; see bùta. 
Putair, -ean, in. a pusher; putaireachd, his office. 
Putan, -aiu, -an, m. a button; a. putanach. 
Puth, f. a puff ; dim. puthag, a little puff. 
Puthar, -air, an, m. harm, hurt. 


R, the fourteenth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 
'R, contr. for ar and ur, poss. pron. na'r in our. 
R', contr. for ri, prep, r'ar linn, in our time; or ri'r. 
Ra', contr. for radh, saying ; I tha mi ra', or, tha 

mi 'g rà, or, tha mi 'g radh, I am saying. 
Ràbaohas, -ais, m. litigiousness ; a. ràbacb, ràbair- 

Ràbair, -ean, m. a litigious man ; ràbaireachd, his 

Rabhadh, rather reobhadh, -aidh, m. a warning. 
Rabhagach, -aich,f. weeds in the bottom of waters. 
Rabhd, f. lies, idle talk ; a. rabhdach. 
Rabhdair, -ean, m. a fabulist ; rabhdaireachd, his 

Rabhdal, -ail, m. idle or coarse talk; a. rabhdalach. 
Ràc, -àic, -an, m. a rake ; a. ràcach. 
Ràc, -àic, -an, m. a drake ; a* ràcach. 

RAC — RAI. 301 

Ràc, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. rake, make a noise 
like geese. 

Ràcadh, -aidh, m. raking. 

Ràcadal, -ail, m. horse radish ; a. ràcadalach. 
I Racaid, -e, -ean, f. a bustle, noise; a. racaideacb. 
I Ràcair, -ean, m. a vociferous fabulist or liar. 
I Ràcaireachd, f. loud lying talk. 
I Ràcan, -ain, -an, m. a small rake; a. ràcanach. 
! Rachd, or reachd, a heavy loud sigh or moan. 

Ràcair, -ean, m. one that rakes ; ràeaireachd, his 

Radan, or rodan, -ain, pi. -ain, or -an, a rat ; a. 

Ràdh, m. a saying, noise. 

Rag, -aide, -ead, a. stiff, rigid, stubborn. 

Rag, -adh, n.v. grow stiff, be benumbed. 

Rag, -aig, -an, f. a rag ; cha 'n 'eìl rag air, he has 
not a stitch on. 

Ragach, -aiche, a. ragged. 

Ragaich, -achadh, n.v. stiffen. 

Ragaire, -ean, m. a rogue ; ragaireachd, his trade. 

Ragbheirt, -ean, f. forced work ; a. ragbheirteach. 

Ragbheirteachd, f. force or violence. 

Rag-mhèirleach, -ich, m. an arrant thief. 

Rag-mhuinealachd,f. stiff-neckedness; a. ragmhuin- 

Ràic, -e, f. loud idle prattling; a. ràiceil. 

Ràicealachd, f. loud prattling. 

Ràideil, -e. a. inventive, cunning. 

Ràidh, -e, -ean, a quarter of a year, 3 months. 

Raghuinn, -e, -ean, m. a choice. 

Ràidheil, a. quarterly. 

Raige, or raigead, f. stiffness, obstinacy. 

Raineach, -ich, m. fern ; a. raineachail. 

302 RAT —RAO. 

Raip, or roip -e, f. filth, a foul mouth ; a. raipeach. 
Raipleach, -icb, -an, f. a filthy or slovenly woman. 
Raipleachag, -aig, -an, f. a little squalid woman. 
Itàite, -ean, f. a saying, an adage. 
Ràiteachas, -ais, m. pride, boasting ; a. ràiteachail. 
llamachdair -ean, m. a vulgar fellow ; ramachdair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Ràmh, -àimh, -an, -ibh, m. an oar; a. ràmhach. 
Ràmbach, -aich, f. a boat ; sia-ràmhach, a six oared 

Ràmhachd, f. rowing. 
Ràmhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. row. 
Ràmhair, -ean, m. a rower. 
Ràmhadair, -ean, m. a maker of oars. 
Ràmh-long, -uing, f. a galley. 
Ramlair, -ean, m. a rambler; ramlaireachd, his 

Ran, -àin, m. a shriek. 
Ran, -ail, -aich, n.v. shriek, cry. 
Rànaich, or rànail, f. crying, shrieking. 
Rànan, -ain, -an, m. a little cry, roar of a stag. 
Rann, -ainn, -oinn, -aim, -anntachan, f. a part, a 

song; a. ranntach. 
Ranntach, -aich, m. a songster; ranntachd, bis 

Rannaich, -achadh, n.v. compose verses. 
Ranntair, -ean, m. a poet or songster. 
Rann-phàirt, f. a share, a participle. 
Rannsacbair, -ean, m. a searcher. 
Rannsaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. examine, search. 
Rannsaiche, -ean, m. an examiner, a searcher. 
Ranntachd, f. versification. 
Raoir, adv. last night. 
Raoit, -e, -ean, f. drunkenness, indecent mirtb, 

RAO — REO. 303 

Raoitear, -ean, m. a drunkard ; raoitearachd, his 

vice j a. raoiteach. 
Raon, -ain, m. a plain. 
Ràpair, or repair, -ean, m. a rapsodist. 
Ràpaireachd, or ròpaireachd, f. foolish or idle 

Rapais, -e, f. filth, nastiness ; rapas, a. rapach. 
Ràpal, -ail, m. noise, bustle; a. ràpalach. 
Ràsan, -ain, -an, m. logomachy ; a. ràsanach. 
Rastail, rather riostal, a plough that cuts before 

Rasdal, or riostal, -ail, m. a light ploughing. 
Rasdaladh, or riostaladh, -ais, m. ploughing. 
Rath, -a, m. prosperity, success, luck; a. rathail. 
Rathachas, -ais, m. success, fortune; a. rathor. 
Ràthad, -aid, -àidean, m. a road. 
Ràtban, -ain, -an, m. surety; ràthanas. 
Ra-soluis, m. time of moon light at night. 
Rà-dorcha, m. time of the moon in the wane ; 

Rè, m. or f. space, time, life time, the moon. 
Re, impr. prep, during ; re latha, during the day. 
Reabhai reach d, f. craftiness ; reabhair, a crafty 

Reachd, f. a loud sob, or sigh ; a. reachdach. 
Reachd, f. a law, or ordinance; a. reachdach. 
Reachdach, or reachdor, a. stout, strong. 
Reachdaich, -te, -achadh,a.v. enact, legislate. 
Reacbdadair, -ean, m. a lawgiver ; reachdadair- 

eachd, his office. 
Reachdor, -oire, a. robust, strong. 
Reamhar, -mhra, -ad. fat, plump. 
Reamhrachd, f. fatness; a. reamhrach, reamh- 


304 REA — REI. 

Reamhraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. fatten, be- 
come fat. 

Reamhrad, -aid, f. fatness, a degree of fatness. 

Reang, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. starve, become lean. 

Reang, -eing, -an, a boat rib ; a. reangach. 

Reang, -a, -an, m. a rank or series ; a. reangach. 

Reangacb, -aiche, a. lean, starved, ribbed, ranged. 

Reangaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. starve, faic 

Reangair, -ean, m. a loiterer ; reangaireachd, his 

Reasgach. -aiche, a. rough, restive, irrascible ; s. 

Reasgshuil, f. a blear-eye ; a. reasgshuileach. 

Reic, -te, reic, a.v. sell, vend. 

Reic, -e, m. a sale, selling ; a. reiceach. 

Reiceadair, -ean, m. a seller, a salesman. 

Reiceada'reachd, f. selling. 

Rèic, -eil, n.v. roar, howl. 

Rèidh, -e, -ean, m. a plain ; rèidhlean. 

Rèidh, -e, a. plain, level, ready, smooth. 

Rèidheachd, f. smoothness, plainness, polish. 

Rèidh-labhairt, m. eloquence ; a. rèidh-labhrach. 

Rèidhlean, -ein, m. a green, a plain. 

Rèidhleanach, -aiche, a. plain, level. 

Rèidhlig, -e, -ean, f. a burying place. (Rèidh-lic.) 

Rèilteag. »eig, -an, f. a little star; a. rèilteagach. 

Rèir, or air rèir, do rèir, prep. impr. according to. 

Rèis, -e, -ean, f. a race ; a. rèiseach. 

Rèis, or rèisin, -e, -ean, f. a span. 

Rèisimeid, -e, -ean, f. a regiment. 

Rèit, or rèite, f. concord, peace, harmony. 

Rèiteach, -ich, -an, m. espousals. 

Rèiteacbd, f. peace, concord ; a. rèiteach. 

REI — RIA. 305 

Reithe, -eachan, m. a ram ; a. reitheach. 

Reithich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. ram, employ a ram. 

Reitheachas, -ais, m. ramishness, 

Reithein, -ean, m. a little ram ; a. reitheineacb. 

Rèitich, -te, -eachadh, a v. adjust, reconcile, clear. 

Reòth -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. freeze, become frozen. 

Reòthadh, -aidh, m, frost ; a. reòta. 

Reòthairt, -ean, f. a spring tide. 

Reub, or riab, -te, -adh, a v. wound, tear, rend. 

Reubadh, -aidh, m. a wound, a rent; a. reubach. 

Reubunn, -uinn, f. rapine, robbery; a. rcubunnach. 

Reubunnachd, f. robbery, plundering. 

Reubair, or riabair, -ean, m. one who wounds or 

Reubal, -ail, -an, m. a rebel ; a. reubalach. 
Reubaltachd, f. rebellion ; a. reubaltach. 
Reudan, -ain, -an, m. a moth, a timber moth ; a. 

Reul, -eil, -tan, f. a star; a. reultach, (rè.) 
Reuladair, -ean, m. an astronomer; reuladaireachd, 

his office. 
Reultag, -aig, -an, f. a little star ; a. reultagach 

Reul-dhraoith, -ean, m. an astrologer ; reul-dhra- 

oitheachd, his office. 
Reul-eòlas -ais, -an, m. astronomy. 
Reultair, -ean, m. an astronomer ; reutaireachd, 

his trade. 
Reuson, -oin, -an, m. reason ; a. reusonta. 
Reusonaich, -te, -aehadh, a.v. reason, argue. 
Ri, prep, to, at, near ; ri laimh, at his hand. 
Riab, -te, -adh, a v. wound, tear ; faic reub. 
Riabhach, -aiche, -ead, a. brindJed, greyish; «. the 


306 RIA — RIB. 

Riabhag, -aig, an, f. a lark ; a. riabhagach. 
Riach, -te, -adh, a. v. cut in the form of a line, 

Riachadb, -aidh, aa. a slight cut, a scratch ; a. 

Riadh, -rèidh, m. the interest of money; a. riadh- 

Riaghail,-te, -ghladh, a.v. rule, direct; riaghailtich. 
Riaghailt, -e, -ean, f. a rule, a regulation. 
Riaghailteachd, f. orderliness ; a. riaghailteacb. 
Riaghan, -ain, -an, m. a drill, a stem; a. riaghan- 

Riaghlatair, -ean, m. a ruler ; a. riaghlataireachd, 

his trade. 
Riaghlair, -ean, m. a ruler ; faic riaghlatair. 
Riaghlaireachd, f. ruling ; faic riaghlataireachd. 
Riamh, adv. never, ever, always. 
Riamhadh, -aidh, m. gaudiness ; rather riomhadh. 
Riamhag, -aig, -an, f. a small root ; a. r iamhag- 

Rian, -an, m. order, regularity ; a. rianail. 
Rianaich, -te, -achadh, a. arrange, adjust, 
Rianalachd, f. regurality, order, method. 
Riapail, -te, pladh, a.v. tear, mangle. 
Riapladb, -aidh, m. tearing, mangling. 
Riar, rèir, m. pleasure, will, inclination 
Riarachas, -ais, m s sharing, distribution. 
Riaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. divide, distribute. 
Riaraiche, -ean, m. a distributor of food. 
Riasail, -sailte, -ladh, a. v. tear, mangle. 
Riasg, rèisg, m. rough grass; a. riasgach, 
Riaspshuil, f. a blear-eye; a. riaspshuileach. 
Riatanas, -ais, m. need, necessity ; a. riatanach. 
Rib ; -te ; -eadh, a.v. entangle, ensnare. 

RIB — RIO. 307 

Rib, -e> -eachan, m. a rag, a gin ; a. ribeach. 
Ribeachas, -ais, m. ensnaring; a. ribeachail. 
Ribeachd, f. roughness, ruggishness. 
Ribeag, -eig, -an, a small rag ; a. ribeagach. 
Ribein, -ean, m. a ribband; a. ribeineach. 
Ribheid, »e, -ean, f. a reed, music ; a. ribheideach. 
Ribleach, -ich, -an, f. any thing in tatters. 
Rideal, -il, an, m. a riddle; a. ridleach. 
Ridil, -te, -eadh, a.v. riddle, sift; ridlich. 
Ridire, -ean, m. a knight; ridireachd, his office. 
Righ, righrean, m. a king; a. rioghail. 
Righ-cholbh, -uilbh, m. a sceptre. 
Righ-choron, -oin, m. a crown. 
Rioghachd, f. a kingdom ; (righ-achd.) 
Righinn, righne, -ead, a. tough, slow. 
High-latin, -ainn, -an, f. a palace. 
Righich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. reign, rule, 

Righle, -eachan, m. a yarn-reel. 
Righl, -te, -eadh, a.v. reel, dance. 
Righleadh, m. reeling, dancing. 
Righ-nathair, -thrach, -thraichean, f. a cockatrice. 
Righneachas, -ais, m. laziness, sluggishness ; righ- 

Righnich, -te, -eachadh. a.v. and n.v. make tough, 

Righ-phaillionn, -inn, -an, f. a king's tent ; righ- 

Righ-shlat, -ait, -an, f. a sceptre. 
Righ-theach, -an, m. a palace. 
Righ-theachdaire, -ean, m. an ambassador. 
Riochd, -a, -an, m. likeness, form 5 a. riochdail, 

real, true. 
Riochdaich, -te, »achadb ; a,v. personate, represent. 

808 RIO — ROC. 

Riochdainm, -e, -carman, m. a pronoun ; a. riochd- 

Riochdalaehd, f. reality, shape, dress ; riocbdail. 

Riochdfhaca], -ail, -an, m. a pronoun, 

Riof, a, -an, .achan, m. the reef of a sail. 

Rioghalachd, f. loyalty ; a. rìoghail, rioghalach. 

Rioluinn, -e, -ean, f. a cloud; a. rioluinneach. 

Riomhachas, -ais, m. gaudiness, finery a. riomhach. 

Riomhainn, -e, -ean, f. a pretty maid, a miss ; a. 

Hionnag, -aig, -an, f. a star ; a. rionnagach, rather 

Rireadh, rather rireamh, adv. indeed, truly. 

Beil thu ga rireamh, or beil thu do rireadh, are 
you in earnest. 

Ris prep, to ; Labhair e ris, he spoke to him. 

Ris, adv. signifying exposure; leig ris dhomh mo 
ghaol, expose to me my love. 

Ris, risd, or rithist, adv. again. 

Risan, prep, and pers. pron. (ri esan) to him. 

Rium, nut, ris, rithe, ruinn, ribh, riutha, or riu, 
prep, ri, conjoin with the pers. pron. mi, thu, 
&c. to me, to thee, &c. èighidh mi riut, I will 
cry to you. 

Ro, adv. used as an intensive prefix before adjec- 
tives, as ro- math, very good. 

Ro, prep, contr. for roimh or troimh. 

Ro-aire, f. great care or attention. 

Robach, -aiche, a. shaggy, clouty. 

Robag, -aig, -an, f. a sluttish woman. 

Robair, -ean, m. a robber ; robaireachd, his trade. 

Robunn, -uin, m. robbery. 

Roc, -a. -an, m. a hoarse cry or Toicc ; a. rocach. 

Roc, -adh, n.v. cry hoarsely. 

ROC — ROI. 309 

Koc, m. a kind of sea-tangle; a. rocach, course. 

Ròcail, -te, -ladh, a. v. and n.v. tear, mangle. 

Ròcail, -ladh, n.v. croak, roar hoarsely. 

Ròcair, -ean, m. one of a hoarse voice; ròcaireachd. 

Ròcan, -ain, -an, m. a wooden clip for sea weeds. 

Rocuis, -e, -ean, f. a rook. 

Ro-chùrum, -uim, m. anxiety; a. ro-chùrumach. 

Rod, -òid, -ean, in. a road, sea weeds cast on shore. 

Ro-dhèidb, -ean, f. great desire; a. ro-dbèidheil. 

Ròg, -òig, -an, m. a rogue, rògaire. (Eng. word.) 

Roghuinn, -e, -ean, m. a choice, rather raghuinn. 

Roghuinnich, rather raghuinnich, -te, -eachadh, 
a.v. choose. 

Roi, prep, contr. for roimhe and troimhe, before 
him, through him. 

Ròibein, -ean, m. a little squalid beard; a. ròibein- 

Ròib, -e, -ean, f. long squalid beard. 

Ròic, -e, -ean, f. luxury of table, feasting ; a. 

Ròicealachd, f. luxuriousness ; a. ròiceach. 

Roid, -e, f. Dutch myrtle. 

Roid, -e, -ean, f. a short race, as before a leap. 

Roileasg, roileas, -eisg, -an, m. confused joy, con- 
fused haste. 

Roileasgach, -aiche, a. confused, hasty, frisky. 

Roi, prep, contr. for roimhe and troimhe. 

Roimh, roimhe, prep, before, before him, or it. 

Imich roimh 'n t-shlaugh, go before the people. 

Imich roimhe, go before him. 

Roi-bheachd, -an, m. presentiment. 

Roi-bheachdaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. pre-conccive, 

Roi-bblas, -ais, m. a foretaste. 

Jtoi-bhriathar, -air, -an, m. an adverb* 

310 ROI — ROL. 

Roi-chraicionn, -inn, -ean, m. the fore-skin. 

Roi-dhilinneach, a. an antediluvian. 

Roimhe, prep. i.e. roirahe, before him. 

Roi-eadradh, -aidh, -ean, m. before milking time, 

Roi-chèile, adv. jumbled ; faic troi-chèile. 

Roi-eòlas, -ais, m. foreknowledge. 

Roi-òrduich, -te, -uchadh, a. v. fore-ordain, pre- 

Roi-ràdh, -àidh, -an, m. a preface. 

Roi-smaoin, -e, -tean, f. m. a fore-thought. 

Roi-smaoinich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. pre-consider. 

Roi-thagh, -te, -adh, a.v. pre-elect. 

Roi-theachdaire, -ean, m. a fore-runner. 

Roimpe, prep. conj. with the pers. pron. before 

Ròin, -e, -ean, f. a hair ; dim. ròineag. 

Ròineach, or ròineagach, a. hairy. 

Roinn, -e, -ean, f. a share, a portion. 

Roinn, -te, -rionn, a.v. divide, share ; roinnich. 

Roinneadair, -ean, m. a divider. 

Roinn-phàrtaich A 'te, -eachadh, a.v. divide. 

Rois, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. shake off the grain, 

Roiseadb, -eidh, m. a shaking off the seed. 

Ròiseal, -eil, -an, m. an attack or assault. 

Ròisealach, -aiche, a. attacking. 

Ròiseid, -e, f. rosin ; a. ròiseideach. 

Ròist, -te, ròstadh, a.v. roast, rather ròst. 

Ròiste, a. roasted. 

Roithlein, -ean, m, a little wheel ; a. roithleineach. 

Roileas, -eis, m. faic roileasg. 

Rol, or rola, m. a volume, a roll ; a. rolach. 

Rol, -te, -adh, a.v. roll, make into rolls. 



Roladh, -aidh, ni. rolling, dim. rolag, a small roll. 
Rolagach, -aiche, a. rolled as carded wool. 
Rolair, -ean, m. a roller. 

Ròlaist, -e, -ean, m. a romance ; a. rolaisteach. 
Ròmaiche, f. hairyness ; a. ròmach. 
Romham, romhad, roimbe, roimpe, romhainn, 
rombaibh, rompa, prep, ro conjoin with the pers. 
pron. mi, thu, &c, before, mi &c. 
Ròmhan, -ain, -an, m. a groan ; also ròmhanaich. 

Ro-mhiad, m. excessive greatness. 

Ro-mhiann, -a, -an, m. a great desire; a. ro-mhian- 

Ròn, -òin, pi. ròin, a seal or sea-calf ; a. ronach. 

Rong, -a, -an, (or rongas,-ais, -aichean,) f. a stick, 
a staff, a spar. 

Rong, m. a languishing spark of life. 

Rongach, a. languishing, full of sticks or spars. 

Rongaich, -achadh, n.v. languish, linger. 

Rongaire, -ean, m. a languishing fellow. 

Rongaireachd, f. lingering, laziness. 

Ronn, -an, m. a slaver; a. ronnach. 

Ronnaich, -achadh, n.v. slaver, spit. 

Ronnaire, -ean, m. a slavering person. 

Ronnaireachd, f. slavering, spitting. 

Ronnchraos, -aois, m. a slavery mouth ; a. ronn- 

Ròp, -te, -adh, a.v. tie with ropes, entangle, rivet. 

Ròp, -a, -ùip, -an, -ùip, m. a rope ; a. ròpach. 

Ròpadair, -ean, m. a rope-maker. 

Ròpag, -aig, -an, f. a slut, a slovenly woman. 

Ròpaiche, f. sluttishness. 

Ròpaireachd, f. nonsensical tales ; ròpair, a fabulist. 

Ròpal, -ail, -an, m. a rhapsody ; a. ròpalach. 
Ròpan, -ain, -an, m. a little cord ; a. ròpanach. 
O 4 

312 ROS— RCA, 

Ròs, .a, -an, m. a rose, a certain disease • a. ròs- 

Ros, -ois, -an, f. a seed, a promontory, a peninsula. 
Ros, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. strip off the seed, bo 

stripped of grain. 
Rosad, -aid, -an, m. or f. mischief, a worthless 

Rosadach, -aiche, a. mischievous, untoward. 
Ròsarnach, -aich, -ean, f. a place where roses grow. 
Ròsbheul, -oil, -an, m. a rosy mouth ; a. ròsbheul- 

Ros-chrann, -ainn, -an, m. a rose bush or tree. 
Ròst, -a, -achan, m. a roast, a piece of roast meat. 
Ròst, -te, -adh, a.v. roast ; faic i òist. 
Rosg, -uisg, -an, m. an eye-lid, an eye, faic rasg. 
Rot, -oit, -an, m. a fart ; a. rotach. 
Rotach, -aich, -ean, f. a hand rattle ; rather clach- 

Ròtair, -ean, m. a lazy fellow ; rotaireachd, bis 

Roth, -a, -an, m. a wheel ; a. rothach. 
Roth ad air, -ean, m. a wheel wright ; rothadaireachd 

his trade. 
Rothaig, -te, -eadh, a.v. swathe, roll, wrap up. 
Iiothan, -ain, -an, m. a little wheel ; a. rothanacb. 
Ro-thoil, -e, f. great desire ; a. ro-thoileach. 
Ruadh, -uaidhe, -ead, a. red, reddish colour. 
Ruadh, -uaidh, f. a deer or a roe ; dim. ruadhag. 
Ruadhaich, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. make red, red- 
Huadhan, -ain, m. red scum on water. 
Ruadhbhoc, -uic, -an, -uic, m. a roe buck. 
Ruadhbhuidhe, a. of a reddish yellow colour. 
Ruadh- chriath, a, f. red clay 5 a. ruadh-chreathach 

RUA — RUI. 313 

Ruaig, -te, -adh, a.v. pursue, put to flight, rather 

Ruagadh, -aidh, m. a pursuing ; a. ruagach. 
Ruagair, -ean, m. a pursuer ; ruagaireachd, his 
Ruaidhe, f. redness, as in timber. [business. 

Ruaig, -e, -an, f. a pursuit, a flight, a defeat. 
Ruaim, -e, -ean, f. a flush of anger, red scum. 
Ruaimleach, -ich, f. red muddy water, or mire, 
Ruaimlich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. make muddy. 
Ruaineachd, f. strength, vigour ; a. ruaineach. 
Ruamhair, -te, -mhar, a.v. delve, dig. 
Rumhar, -air, m. delving, digging. 
Ruathar, -air, -an, m. an excursion; a. ruatharach. 
Rub, -te, -adh, a.v. rub ; suath. 
JRubair, -ean, m. a rubber; suathadair. 
Rùc, -ùic, -annan, m. a rick of hay or corn; dim. 

Rucas, -ais, m. foolish fondness ; a. rucasach. 
Rucasachd, f. foolish mirth or fondness. 
Rùcan, -ain, -an, m. the throat. 
Rùchd, f. a belch ; a. rùchdach. 
Ruchd, -ail, n.v. belch, rumble, roar. 
Rud, -uid, -an, m. a thing. 
Ruadan, -ain, -an, m. a small thing, a trifle ; a. 

Rùdan, -ain, -an, m. a knuckle; a. rùdanach. 
Rùdhan, -ain, -an, m. a small rick of hay or corn. 
Rug, -a, -annan, f. a wrinkle ; a- rùgach. 
Rugaid, -e, -an, f. a long neck ; a. rugaideach. 
Rugaire, -ean, m. a drunkard ; rugaireachd, his 

Ruideis,f. frisking, capering; a. ruideiseach, (roid.) 
Ruig, ruighinn, ruigsinn, ruigheachd, a.v. and n.v, 

reach ; fut. ruigidh, pret. ràinig. 
o 5 

314 RUI — RUN. 

Ruig, i.e. gu ruig, impr. prep, until, to ; gu ruig 

am bàs. 
Ruigb, or ruighe, -ean, m. the arm, a summer re- 
Ruigheach, a. having strong arms, or summer huts. 
Ruigheachas, -ais, m. wrestling at the length of 

the arms. 
Rùinein, -ean, m. a darling. 

Ruinn, -e, -ean, f. a point, a promontory ; a. ruinn- 
m each. 

Ruinnich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. point, sharpen. 
Ruinngheur, -eire, a. sharp pointed, 
Ruinnse, -ean, m. a long tail or stick ; a. ruinnseach. 
Ruinnseach, -ich, f. a tall vulgar woman. 
Ruinnseir, -ean, m. a scourer, a gauger. 
Muinnsich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. rinse, scour. 
Ruisg, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. strip, fleece, reveal. 
Ruisgte, a. naked, bare. 
Ruiteachan, -ain, -an, m. a ruby. 
Ruiteachas, -ais, m. ruddyness ; a. ruiteach. 
Ruith, ruith, n.v. run, Row* 
Ruith, -e, f. running, flowing ; a. ruitheach. 
Ruithlean, -ein, -ean, m. a wheel ; faic roithlean. 
Ruith-fheòla, f. hemorhoids. 
Ruithleumach, -aiche, running and leaping. 
Rùm, -ùim, -an, -annan, m. a chamber, space ; a. 

Rumach, -aich, -aichean, f. a bog, a marsh ; a. ru- 

Rùmaich, -achadh, n.v. enlarge, make room. 
Rùmpull, -uill, -an, m. the tail, the rump. 
Run, -uìn, -ùntan, -iùntean, a secret, a wish, love, 

Rùnach| -aiche, a. beloved, lovely. 

RUN — SA. 315 

Rùnag, -aig, -an, f. a little sweetheart. 

Rùnaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. desire, propose. 

Rùnair, -ean, m. a secretary ; a. rùnaireachd, his 

Run- chèir each, -aich, m. a secretary. 
Kùn-dìomhair, -ùin, -ùintean, m. a secret, a mystery. 
Mùn-phàirteach, -eiche, a. communicative. 
JRùn-phàirtkh, -te, -eachadh, a.v. disclose secrets. 
Rùraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. search diligently. 
Rùraehadh. -aidh, m. searching ; a. rùrach. 
Rug, -a, -an, -annan, m. a wrinkle ; a. rugach. 
Rugaid, -e, -ean, f. a long neck ; a. rugaideach. 
Rugaire, -ean, m. a drunkard, a scrub ; rugair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Rùsg, -uisg, -an, a fleece, bark ; a. rùsgach. 
Runnag, -aig, an, f. a star ; a. runnagach. 
Rùsail, -te, -ladh, a.v. search, turn over things. 
Rùta, -an, m. a ram ; a. rùtach. 
Rutha, -achan, m. a promontory ; a. ruthach. 


S, the fifteenth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

'S or s, contr. for agus, is, anns; *s mi, 's an tùs, 

san tùs. 
'S or s, contr. before e, a, and i ; se, sa, si ; se tV 

ann, sa thàinig. 
Sa or se, an emphatic adjection subjoined to pers. 

and poss. pron., according to the adage, caol ri 

caol ; as, thusa, ise. 
Sa, 'sa, contr. for anns a'; sa chàrn. 

316 SAB — SAG. 

Sàbaid, -e, -ean, f. the Sabbath ; a. sàbaideach. 

Sabaid, -e, -ean, f. a fight; a. sàbaideach. 

Sàbh, -àibh, -an, m. ointment, salve; a. sàbhach. 

Sàbh, -àibh, -an, m, a saw; a. sàbhach. 

Sàbh, -te, -adh, a.v. saw. 

Sàbhadair, -ean, m. a sawyer ; sàbhadaireachd, his 

Sàbhail, -te, -bhaladh, a.v, save ; sàbhalaich. 
Sàbhailteaehd, f. safety ; a. sàbhailteach, sàbhailte. 
Sabhal, -ail, saibhlean, m. a barn ; a. saibhleach, 
Sàbhaladb, -aidh, m. salvation. 
Sàbhan, -ain, -an, m. a little saw ; a. sàbhanach. 
Sabhd, -a, -an, m. a lie, a fable ; a. sabhdach. 
Sabhdag, -aig, -an, f. a little lie ; a. sabhdagach. 
Sabhdair, -ean, m. a liar or fabulist. 
Sabhdaireachd, f. a habit of lying. 
Sabhs, saibhse, m. sauce 9 a. sàbhsach. 
Sabhsaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sauce, season with 

Sac, -aic, -an, -aic, a horse load, a load, a bag ; a. 

Sacaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. load, burden. 
Sacail, -e, a. burdensome, heavy ; sacanta. 
Sacan, -ain, -an, m. a little load or burden. 
Sacaodach, -aich, m. sackcloth. 
Sacraidh, f. luggage, baggage. 
Sàcramaid, -e, -ean, f. a sacrament. 
Sad, -aid, -an, m. a blow, small dust ; a. sadach. 
Sad, -te, -adh, a.v. thump, strike out dust. 
Sadach, -aich, mill-dust. 
Sagart, -airt, -an, m. a priest ; a. sagartach. 
Sagartachd, f. priesthood ; a. sagartail. 
Saghach, -aich, -aichean, m, a dish ; a. saghach- 


SAI — SAI. 317 

Saidealtachd, f. silliness, bashfulness ; a, saidealta. 
Saidealtas, -ais, m. faic. saidealtachd ; a. saidealt- 

Saidh, -e, -ean, f. a beam, a prow of a ship, a blade. 
Saidhe, f. hay ; fiar-saidhe. 
Saidse, -ean, f. sound of a falling body ; a. said- 

Sàigean, -ein, -ean, m. a little thick man ; a. sàig- 

Sàigeantachd, f. shortness, corpulency; a. sàigeanta, 
Saighdeadh, -eidh, m. a darting, as an arrow. 
Saighdear, -ean, m. an archer, a soldier. 
Saighdearachd, f. bravery ; a. saighdeireil. 
Saighead, saighde, saighdean, f. an arrow. 
Saighd, -eadh, n.v. dart forward. 
Sail, -e, -salach, sailthean, f. a beam ; a. sailth- 

Sail, -e, -àlach, -ean, -ltean, f. a heel ; a. sàileach. 
Sàileach, -ich, m. a Kintail man. 
Sail-chuach, -aich, -an, f. a violet ; a. sail-chuach- 

Sàileag, -eig, -an, f. a little heel ; saileag, a little 

Sàilein, -ein, -an, m. a little bay ; a. sàileaaach. 
Sàill, -te, -eadh, a.v. pickle with salt. 
Sail], -e, f. fat, blubber ; a. sàilleach. 
Sailleachan, -ain, -an, m. a beef-stand ; sailleir. 
Sailleadair, -ean, m. a salter ; sailleadaireachd, his 

Saillear, -ean, m. a salter, faic sailleadair. 
Sàillte, a. salted ; sàilleir, sàillteach, fat, fed. 
Sàillteachd, f. saltness. 
Sailtichean, pi. hatches, as of a ship. 
SainiS; -e, -ean, f. a whisper, a hint ; a. sainiseach. 

318 SAI — SAM. 

Sàinnseal, -eil, -an, m. a handsel ; a. sàinnsealach 
Sàinnsealaich, -te, -eadh, a v. give a new year's gift. 
Sàinnsealaiche, -ean, m. a giver of a new year's 


Saith, -e, -ean, f. the back-bone ; saithean, stakes. 
Sàile, m. salt water, the sea. 
Sal, -ail, m. filth, dross, ; a. salach, nasty, dirty. 
Salach, sailche, a. dirty. 
Salaich, -te, -achadh, -lchadh, a.v. sully, defile, 

Salachar, -air, -an, m. dirt, filth ; a. salach. 
Salanaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. salt, cure with salt. 
Salann, -ainn, m. salt ; a. salannach. 
Salannan, -ain, -an, m. a salt-pit, a vault. 
Salldair, -draichean, f. a chalder, 16 bolls. 
Salm, -ailm, pi. -ailm, f. a psalm ; a. salmach. 
Salamadair, -ean, m. a psalmist. 
Salamadaireachd, or salmaireachd, psalm singing. 
Saltair, -tairt, -rachadh, -radh, a.v. and n.v. tread, 

Samh, -aimh, -an, m. a clown, a stout man. 
Sàmh, -àimh, f. quietness, stillness ; sàimh. 
Samh, -aimh, -an, m. bad savour or smell; a. 

Sàmhach, -aiche, -ead, a. quiet, calm ; a. sàmh ail. 
Samhaltan, -ain, -an, m. an emblem ; a, samhalt- 

Sàmhchair, -e, f. quiet, ease ; a. samhchaireach. 
Sàmhchaireachd, f. quietness ; faic sàmhchair. 
Sàmhlachas, m. a comparison, a simile ; a. sàmh- 

Sàmhla, -aichean, m. a spectre, a ghost, a form, a 

Sàmhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. compare, liken. 


SAM — SAO. 319 

Sàmhnag, -aig, -an, f. a hallow even's fire or torch. 
Sàmhnagach, -aiche, a. abounding with hallow even 

Sàmhnachan, -ain, -an, m. a large trout. 
Samhradh, -aidh, m. summer; a. samhrachail, 

samhrail, samhrach. 
Samhuil, a. similar, alike. 

Samhailt, -e, -ean, f. resemblance ; mac-samhailt s 
Samhuinn, sàmhna, f. Hallow-tide, 1st of Nov. 
Sàmplair, -e, -ean, m. a pattern ; sàmpull. 
San, 'contr. *of anns an, prep, and art. in ; san 

toiseach annsan, in him. 
Sannt, -a, -ainnt, m. greed, avarice; a. sanntach. 
Sanntachd, f. covetousness. 
Sanntaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. covet, lust after. 
Saobh, saoibh, m. dissimulation ; a. saobhach. 
Saobh, -aoibhe, a. silly, wrong, erroneous. 
Saobh, -te, -adh, a.v. turn aside, mislead. 
Saobhadh, -aidh, m. turning aside, misleading. 
Saobhaidh, -e, -ean, f. a den of a wild beast, as a 

Saobhchainnt, -e, -ean, f. impertinent or foolish 
Saobh-chràbhach, -aich, m. a hypocrite. [talk. 
Saobh-chràbhadhj -aidh, m. hypocrisy ; a. saobh- 

Saobh-ehreidmheach, m. a heretic. 
Saobh-ghlòir, f. vain-glory ; a. saobh-ghlòrach. 
Saobh-mhiànn, a wicked desire; a. saobh-mhiànn- 

Saobh-nòs, -ois, -an, m. a bad habit ; a. saobh- 

Saobhsgeul, -eoil, m. a fiction ; a. saobhsgeulach. 
Saobh-sheagh, -e, -ean, m. equivocation ; a, saobh- 


320 SAO — SAO. 

Saobhsthruth, -a, -an, m. an eddy ; a. saobhstruth- 

Saobh-smaoin, -e, -tean, m. a distraction, a whim. 
Saod, -aoid, m. activity, condition, care; a. saodail. 
Saodaich, -te, -achadh, a. drive cattle to a place of 

Saodar, -aire, a, well, healthy, in good condition. 
Saoghal, -ail, -an, m. the world, an age, life. 
Saoghlach, -aiche, a. worldly, long-lived. 
Saoghaltachd, f. longevity ; a. saoghalta, covetous. 
Saoghaltachd, f. worldliness. 
Saoi, -ean, m. a worthy man, a hero. 
Saoibhir, -e, a. wealthy, rich ; saoibhreach. 
Saoibhreas, -eis, m. wealth ; a. saoibhreasach. 
Saoibhrich, -te, -reachadh, a. v. enrich. 
Saoidhein, -ein, m. a coal fish ; a. saoidheanach. 
Saoil, -sinn,-tinn, -eachdainn, a.v. think, suppose. 
Saoiltinneas, -eis, m. opinion, supposition. 
Saonas, -ais, f. vexation. 

Saor, -aoire, -ead, a. cheap, free, frank, exempt. 
Saor, -te, -adh, a.v. free, deliver, save, cheapen. 
Saor, saoir, pi. saoir, m. a carpenter. 
Saoradh, -aidh ; m. freeing, cheapening. 
Saorachd, f. cheapness, freedom ; a. saor. 
Saoranach, -aich, m. a freeman, a burgess. 
Saor-ehomas, -ais, m. liberty; saor-thoil. 
Saor-chridheachd, f. candour ; a. saor-chridheach. 
Saorsa, or saorsuinn, f. freedom, liberty. 
Saor-inntinneachd, f. liberty of conscience. 
Saor-inntinneach, -eiche, a. having liberty of mind. 
Saorsanach, -aich, m. a free man, a free labourer. 
Saor-sheilbheadair, -ean ; m. a freeholder; saor- 

Saor-sheilbh, -e, -ean, f. a freehold possession. 

SAO — SEA. 321 

Saor-thobhairtear, -an, m. one who gives freely. 

Saorthnbhartas, -ais, -an, m. a free gift. 

Saor-thoil, -e, f. free will ; saor-chomas. 

Saor-th oi tbh cartas, -ais, m. a free gift. 

Saothair, -tbracli, -thraichean, f. labour, pains. 

Saothrachail, -e, a. laborious ; saothaireach. 

Saoraicb, -te, -eacbadb, a.v. and n.v. work, labour. 

Saoraiche, -ean, m. a labourer, one who takes pains. 

Saphir, -e, -ean, f. a sapphire, a precious stone. 

Sar, an augmentative prefix, as sàr-mhath, fine. 

Sàr, -àir, -a, pi. sàir, in. a hero, violence. 

Sàr, a. excellent. Sàr-phrìs, excellent price. 

Sàraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. tire, vex, oppress. 

Sàrachail, -e, a. harassing, tiresome. 

Sàradh, -aidh, -ean, m. an arrestment; consump- 

Sàrriche, -ean, m. an oppressor. 

Sar-dhochair, f. great hurt. 

Sàr-dhuine, or sàr-fhear, m. a big bodied man. 

Sàr-mhath, a. excellent, fine, 

Sàs, -ais, -an, m. a hold, a grasp, straits, difficulty. 

Sàsaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. fix in; (sàs.) 

Sàsachd, f. bonds, fetters, restraint. 

Seacaich, -te, -adh, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. wither, 
dry up. 

Seacachd, or seacantachd, f. withering, parching. 

Seabhrach, -aich, f. a prim-rose. 

Seacach, or seacanta, a. withered, parched. 

Stacachadh, -aidh, m. withering, parching. 

Seach, adv. past, gone by, away, rather thao Q 

Seachad, adv. by, along, aside. 

Seachad, -adh, a.v. hoard, lay by. 

Seachadachd, f. hoarding ; a. seachadach. 

Seachad adh, -aidh, m, hoarding, laying by. 

322 SEA — SEA* 

Seachainn, -te, -nadh, a.v. avoid, dispense with. 
Seachantachd, f. shunning ; a. seachnach, seachan- 
Seaehd, a. seven ; seachdamh, the seventh, [tach. 
Seachd-diag, a. seventeen ; seachdamh-diag, 17th. 
Seachdmhiosach, -aich, a child born in the 7th 

Seachdnar, seven persons. 
Seachd-fillte, or seachd-fillteach, seven fold. 
Seachdran, -ain, m. the seven stars, the pleiades. 
Seachd-shlisneach, -ich, f. an heptagon, a. also. 
Seachduin, -e, -ean, f. a week ; a. seaohduineach. 
Seachlabhairt, -e, f. an allegory; a. seachlabhrach. 
Seachlach, or seachlaoghach, f. a barren heifer. 
Seachlaimh, m. savings, any thing laid by. 
Seachnadh, -aidh, m. shunning; a. seachnach. 
Seachrain, n.v. err, go astray, wander. 
Seachran, -ain, -an, m. going astray ; a. seachran- 

Seachranach, -aich, m. a wanderer ; seachranachd, 

his error. 
Seadh, adv. is it so, yea, indeed. 
Seagal, -ail, m.rye; a. seagalach. 
Seagh, -e, -an, m. sense, meaning; a. seaghail. 
Seaghaich, -achadh, n.v. signify, import. 
Seaghas, -ais, m. sense, meaning ; seaghachas. 
Seaghach, a. sagacious, sensible. 
Seal, -a, -an, m. a while, a space of time ; a. 

Sealan, -ain, m. a little while; a. sealanach. 
Sealbh, m. good fortune, luck ; a. sealbhach. 
Sealbhachas, -ais, m. luckiness, stock. 
Sealbhadair, -ean, m. a possessor, sealbhadaireachd. 

Sealbhag, -aig, -an, f. sorrel ; a. sealbhagach. 

SEA — SEA. 323 

Sealbhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. possess, gain, win. 

Sealbhan, -ain, -an, m. the throat. 

Sealbhanaich, -te, -achadh, seize by the throat, 

Sealbhorachd, f. luck, riches ; a. sealbhor. 
Sealg, sealg, a.v. and n.v. hunt, lie in wait. 
Sealg, -èilg, -an, f. hunt, the chase ; a. sealgach. 
Sealgair, -ean, m. a hunter ; sealgaireachd, his of» 

Seall, -tuinn, a.v. see, look, behold. 
Seall ! interj. look ! see ! behold ! 
Sealladh, -aidh, m. sight, view ; a. seallach. 
Seallagan, -ain, -an, a peep, a glance, a view. 
Seallam ! interj. let me see ! 
Sealltuinn, m. looking ; a. sealltuineach, careful. 
Seam, -adh, a.v. forbid, warn. 
Seaman, -ain, -an, m. a little stout man ; a. seam- 

Seamanachd, f. jollity, unattentiveness ; a. seaman- 

Seanns, -a, -an, m. chance luck ; a. seannsach. 
Seamsan, -ain, m. hesitation, delay ; a. seamsan- 

Sean, or seann, sine, a. old, aged ; o shean, of old. 
Seanachaidh, -e, -ean, m. a reciter of stories. 
Seanaich, -achadh, n.v. grow old. 
Seanachd, f. oldness ; seanndachd. 
Seanachas, -ais, -an, m. conversation ; a. seanach- 

Seanadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a senate, a synod. 
Seanagarrachd, f. sagacity ; a. seanagarra. 
Seanair, -ean, m. a grandfather, an elder. 
Seanaois, -e, f. old age. 
Seanndachd, f. age, antiquity, seniority. 

324» SEA — SEA. 

Seanf hacal, -ail, -an, m. a proverb ; a. seanfhac* 

Seangachd, f. slenderness; a. 6eang. 
Seangaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. make, or 

grow slender. 
Seangan, -ain, -an, -ain, m. an ant; a. seanganach. 
Seana-ghille, -ean, m. a youth grown to puberty. 
Seanamhair, f. a grandmother. 
Seannda, a. oldish. 

Seanntur, -uir, -an, m. an old frequenter. 
Seann-ràdh,-aidb,-an, m. an old saying, a proverb. 
Seann-ràite, f. an old saying, the book of Proverbs. 
Seannsgeul, -a, -eoil, m. an old tale ; a. seann- 

Seannsgeulachd, f. old stories. 
Seann-talamb, -ainah, -lmhainn, m. fallow ground. 
Seann-tiomnadh, -aidh, m. the Old Testament, 
Sear, m. the east, faic soir and ear. 
Searbeadair, -ean, m. a towel ; a. searbhadaireach. 
Searbh, -èirbhe, -ead, a. bitter, sour, acrid. 
Searbhachd, f. bitterness ; searbhad ; a. searbhach. 
Searbhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. make, or 

become bitter. 
Searbhadas, -ais, m. bitterness, displeasure. 
Scarbhag, -aig, -an, f. bitter draught. 
Searbhghloir, -e, f. vain boasting; a* searbhgloir- 

Searbhgloireachd, f. boasting. 
Searg, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. dry, fade, wither. 
Seargaire, ean, a withered or puny person. 
Seargaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. fade, faic 

Seargacb, -aiche, a. withered; searganta, seargan* 


SEA — SEI. 325 

Searmon, -oin, -an, m. a sermon ; a. searmonach. 

Searmonaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. preach. 

Searmonaicbe, -ean, m. a preacher. 

Searrach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a foal ; a. searrachail. 

Searrt -te, -adh, a.v. cut, reap, mow. 

Searrag, -aig, -an, f. a bottle, a stoup; a. searragach. 

Seas, -amh, a.v. and n.v. stand, cause to stand, 

Seasg, -eisge, a. barren ; seasgach. 

Seasgach, -aich, m. yeld cattle. 

Seasgaiche, f. barrenness; seasgad. 

Seasgalr, -e, a. sheltered, snug. 

Seasgaireachd, f. snugness, ease. 

Seasg, -ain, -an, m. a handful of corn; a. seasgan- 

Seasganach, -aich, m. a bachelor. [ach. 

Seasghrian, -èine, m. the solstice. 

Seasmhachd, f. firmness ; a. seasmhach. 

Seic, -e, -ean, m. a rack. 

Seiceal, -eil, -cle, clean, m. a hackle for flax. 

Seiche, -eachan, -eannan, f. a hide ; a. seicheacb. 

Seicheadair, -ean, m. a skinner ; seicheadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Seicil, -te, -eadh, a.v. hackle flax. 
Seicleadh, -eidh, m. hackling. 
Seiclear, -an, m. a hackler ; seiclearachd, his trade. 
Seid, -e, -ean, f. a full meal, a coarse bed ; a. 6eid- 

Sèid, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. blow, pant, puff. 
Sèideadh, -eidh, m. blowing; a. sèideach. 
Seideag, -eig, an, f. a little bed on the floor; a, 

Sèideag, -eig, -an, f. a gentle blowing; a. sèideagach. 
Seilbh, -e, -ean, f. cattle, possession. 
Seilbhich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. possess; faic sealbh- 


326 sei — sei. 

Seilcheag, -eig, an, f. a snail ; a. seilcheagach. 
Seile, -ean, m. spittle. 
Seileach, -ich, -ean, m. willow. 
Seileir, -ean, m. a cellar ; a. seilearach. 
Seilisdeir, (rather sealasdar) -ean, m. the herb 

Seilisdeireach, or sealasdaireach ; full of yellow- 
Seillein, -ein, -an, m. a bee; a. eeilleanach. 
Sèimh, -e, *ead, a. quiet, gentle, calm; sèimh- 

Sèimheachd, f. quietness, calmness; a. sèimheach. 
Sèimhich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. and n.v. calm, be 

Seinn, -e, f. singing, ringing, reporting. 
Seipein, -e, -ean, a choppin. 
Seirbheis, -e, -ean, f. service ; a. seirbheiseach. 
Seirbheiseach, -ich, pi. ich, m. a servant. 
Seirbheisich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. serve. 
Seirc, -e, f. beauty, love ; a. seirceil, seirceach. 
Seircealachd, f. loveliness, charitableness*. 
Seircein, -ean, m. a beloved man; f. seirceag. 
Seirge, f. witheredness, dryness ; seirgeachd. 
Seirgein, -ean, m. a withered person; seirgleach. 
Seirgne, seirgneach, or seirgniche, m. a withered 1 

Seirrn, -e, f. music, noise, melody; a. seirmeil, 

Seis, or seise, ean, m. a match or equal. 
Sèisd, -te, -eadh, besiege, invest; from sèisd, a seige. 
Selsein, -ean, m. a session, a court ; a. seiseineach. 
Seisear, six persons. 
Seisich, -te, -eachadh ; a.v. and n.v. satisfy with 

food, match. 

SEX— SEU* 327 

Seisreach, -icb, -ichean, f. a plough, a plough of 

six horses. 
Sèist, -e, -ean, the melody of a tune, a tune. 
SMsteach, -eiche, a. melodious, sweet. 
Sèitricb, -e, f. blowing, puffing. 
Seòcan, -ain, -an, m. the plume of a helmet ; a 

Seochlan, -ain, -an, m. a feeble staggering person. 
Seochlanach, -aiche, a. feeble, staggering. 
Seochlanachd, f. feebleness, staggering. 
Seòd, -òid, pi. -òid, m. a hero, a brave man, 
Sehg, -te, -adb ? a.v swing to and fro. 
Seòl, -oil, -an, m. a mode or way ; a. seòlta. 
Seòl -oil, -iuil, pi. -iuil, m. a sail ; a. seòlach. 
Seòl, seòilte, -adb, a.v. and n.v. guide, direct, 
Seòladair, -ean, m. a sailor; seòladaireachd, his 

Seòladh, -aidh, m. sailing, guiding. 
Seòl-mara, -eoil-mara, -an-mara, m. a tide. 
Seòltachd, f. art, skill, method ; a. seòlta* 
Seòmar, -air, -mhrach, -mhraichean, m. a room. 
Seòmrach, -aiche, a. full of chambers or rooms. 
Seòmadair, -ean, m. a chamberlain, a rake. 
Seòmaireachd, or seòmadaireachd, the office of 

a chamberlain, rakishness. 
Seòrsa, -achan, m. a sort or kind; a. seòrsach. 
Seòrsaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. sort, classify, arrange. 
Sect, -a, -achan, m. a short tail, a stump, refuse of 

Seotaiche, f. indolence, laziness, sloth. 
Seotair, -ean, m. a lazy fellow ; sheotaireachd, his 

Seotach, -aiche, a. dull, lazy, indolent. 
Seud, -an,m. a jewel, or precious stone; a. seudach. 

328 SEU — SGA. 

Seudag, -aig, -an, f. a little jewel ; a. seudagach. 

Seudaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. adorn with jewels. 

Seudachan, -ain, -an, in. a jewel-box. 

Seudair, -ean, m. a jeweller; seudaireacbd, his 

Seudraidh, f. jewels; a. seudail. 

Seul, -te, -adh, a.v. seal; seulaich. 

Seul, or seula, -an, m. a. seal ; a. seulach. 

Seun, or sian, -te, -adh, a.v. defend by enchant- 
ments, shun. 

Seunachd, or sionachd, f. charms; a. seunach. 

Seunadair, -ain, m. a charmer ; sionadair. 

Seunadaireachd, or sianadaireachd, f. incantations. 

Seunadh, or sianaidh, -aidh, m. defending by 

Seunorachd, or sianorachd, f. magical powers. 

Seuthar, -air, -richean, m. a chair; a. seuthrach. 

Seuntas, or siantas, -nis, m. a magical power. 
\S fhudar, imp. and def. v. it behoveth. 
Sgab, -aib, f. the scab or itch ; a. sgabach. 

Sgabaistich, -te -eachadh, a.v. pound, mash. 
Sgaball, -aill, -an, m. a hood, a helmet ; a. sgab- 

Sgàbard, -airt, -an, m. a sheath ; a. sgàbartach. 
Sgabh, -aibh, m. saw-dust; a. sgabhaeh. 
Sgadan, -ain, pi. -ain, a herring ; a. sgadanach. 
Sgag, te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. split, cause to split, 

Sgagadh, -aidh, m. a split, a chink ; a. sgagach. 
Sgàile, or sgàilein, -eachan, f. a shade, a veil, a 

Sgaileacb, -eiche, full of shadows, veils, ghosts. 
Sgail, -te, -eadh, a.v. shade, darken, cover. 
Sgàii-orèige, -ean-bièige, f. a mask or visor. 

SGA SGA. 329 

Sgailc, -e, -ean, f. a blow, a bumper, baldness. 
Sgailceach, -eiche, a. giving blows, or bumpers. 
Sgailceag, -eig, -an, f. a little knock, or bumper. 
Sgailceantachd, f. smartness, elasticity, agility. 
Sgailceanta, or sgailcerra, a. smart, elastic. 
Sgàileadair, -ean, m. one that shades ; sgàileadair- 

eachd, his office. 
Sgàilein, -ean, m. a shade, an umbrella ; sgaileag, 
Sgàileagan, -ain, -an, m. a fan, an umbrella. 
Sgàileineach, a. full of shades, fans, or umbrellas. 
Sgàileir, -ean, m. one who shades, faic sgàileadair. 
Sgailleag, -eig, -an, f. music made by two fingers. 
Sgailleagach, -aiche, a sharp sounding of fingers. 
Sgailleas, -eis, m. disdain ; a. sgailleasach. 
.Sgàin, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. rend, burst. 
Sgàineadh, -idh, m. a rent ; a. sgàineach, sgàin- 

Sgàine, m. a rent, faic sgàineadh. 
Sgainneal, -eil, -an, m. scandal; a. sgainnealach. 
Sgainnealaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. scandalize. 
Sgainnir, -te, -innearadh, a.v. scatter, disperse. 
Sgainneart, -eirt, -an, f. dispersion; a. sgainnear- 

Sgàird, -e, f. a flux, looseness; a. sgàirdeach. 
Sgàirdein, -ean, m. a trifling fellow; sgàirdeachd, 

Sgàirn, -e, -ean, f. rumbling of stones. 
Sgàirneach, -ich, -ichean, f. a large heap of stones. 
Sgàirneach, -ich, -ichean, f. a rumbling sound. 
Sgairneil, -e, f. a rumbling noise; a. faic sgàirn- 

Sgairt, -e, -ean, f. the lungs, a cry, vigour; a. 

Sgairtich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. cry aloud; sgairt. 

330 SGA — SGA. 

Sgairteachd, f. crying aloud ; a. sgairteach. 

Sgairtealachd, f. vigour ; a. sgairteil. 

Sgairtear, -ean, m. a crier; sgairtearacbd, his trade. 

Sgaiteachd, f. sharpness, a. sgaiteach. 

Sgal, -a, -an, m. a shriek, a yell; a. sgalach, gga- 

Sgal, -adh, n.v. give a shrill cry, howl. 
Sgalag, -aig, -an, m. a workman ; a. sgalagach. 
Sgalagachas, -ais, f. the work of a male servant. 
Sgàlann, -ain, -an, m. a hut, a scaffold; a. sgàl- 

Sgalartaich, -aichean, f. howling ; sgalart. 
Sgald, -te, -adh, a.v. scald, burn, pain, torture. 
Sgalda, a. scalded. 

Sgall, -a, -an, f. baldness; a. sgallach. 
Sgallachan, -ain, -an, m. a bald-headed man ; 

sgallachd, his fault. 
Sgallaist -e, -ean, f. insult, mockery. 
Sgamhan, -ain, -an, m. the liver ; a. sgamhanach. 
Sgamh-ghalar, -air, -an, f. consumption in the 

Sgann, -ainn, f. a swarm, a multitude. 
Sgannan, -ain, -an, m. a thin membrane. 
Sgannraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. scatter, scare. 
Sgaog, -aoig, -an, f. a silly woman. 
Sgaoil, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. spread, expand. 
Sgaoileadh, -idh, m. spreading ; a. sgaoilteach. 
Sgaoilte, pret. part, of v. sgaoil, spread. 
Sgaoilteachd, f. diffuseness, spreading. 
Sgaoilteachd, -ich, -ean, f. ground for spreading. 
Sgaoim, -e, -ean, -eannan, fright; a. sgaoimeach. 
Sgaomaiche, or sgaomachd, f. aptness to fright. 
Sgaomair, -ean, m. a restless fellow ; a. sgaomach. 
Sgaomaireachd, f. restlessness. 

SGA — SGE. 331 

Sgaoth, -a, -an, f. a swarm ; a. sgaothach. 

Sgap, -te, -adh, a. v. scatter. 

Sgapair, or sgapadair, -ean, m. a scatterer. 

Sgar, -irte, -adh, -aeuinn, a. v. separate, sever, dis- 

Sgar, -air, -an, m. a fissure, or knot in wood. 

Sgarach, -aiche, a. full of chinks or knobs. 

Sgaradh, -aidh, m. a separation ; a. sgarach. 

Sgaradh ! interj. of ill will, an imprecation. 

Sgarbh, -airbh, m. the cormorant ; a. sgarbhach. 

Sgarlaid, -e, f. scarlet ; a. sgarlaideach. 

Sgarthanaich, -e, f. the dawn, the twilight. 

Sgat, -ait, m. a skate ; dim. sgaitein ; a. sgatach. 

Sgàth, or sgà, -a, -an, m. a shade, fear; a. sgàth- 

Sgath, -aite, -adh, a.v. lop off, cut off, prune. 

Sgath, -a, -an, m. waste, havock; a. sgathach. 

Sgathadair, -ean, m. a cutter, a lopper off. 

Sgathadh, -aidh, m. a lopping off. 

Sgathach, -aich, -aichean, m. branches lopped off. 

Sgàthan, -ain, -an, m. a looking glass ; a. sgàthan- 

Sgàthaireachd, f. timidity, fear. 

Sgath ai re achd, f. lopping off; a. sgatharra. 

Sgath-bhàrd, -àird, -an, m. a satirist. 

Sgath-bhàrdachd, f. satire. 

Sgàth-lann, -ainn, -an, f. a shade, a booth. 

Sgàth-thigh, m. a porch. 

Sgath or, -oire, a. timid, sheltering. 

Sgeach, or sgeachag, -aig, -an, f. a hawthorn berry. 

Sgeachagach, -aiche, a. full of hawthorn berries. 

Sgeadaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. dress, clothe; sgeud- 

Sgeadas, -ais, -an, m, dress ; a, sgeadasach. 

332 SGE — SGE. 

Sgeadasachd, f. dress, gaudiness of dress. 
Sgealb, -eilb, -an,f. a splinter, a piece ; a. sgealbach. 
Sgealb, -te, -adh, a. v. cut into splinters. 
Sgealbag, -aig, -an, f. a small splinter ; a. sgealb- 

Sgealbair, -ean, m. one who splits ; sgealbaireachd, 

his trade, 
Sgeallan, -ain, ra. wild mustard ; a. sgeallanach. 
Sgealparachd, f. a shrill sound, activity, elasticity. 
Sgealparra, a. shrill, agile^ elastic. 
Sgean, -a, m. cleanliness, neatness; a. sgeanail. 
Sgeanalachd, f. neatness, cleanliness. 
Sgeap, -ip, -an, m. a bee hive ; a. sgeapach. 
Sgeig, -e, f. mockery, derision ; sgeigeil, sgeigeach. 
Sgeig, a.v. mock, deride. 
Sgeigear, -an, m. a scoffer. 
Sgeigeis, f. buffoonery ; a. sgeigeiseach. 
Sgeilcearrachd, f. liveliness, elasticity; a. sgeilcearra. 
Sgeileid, or sgileid, -e, -ean, f. sgillet, a small 

Sgeilm, f boasting, vain glory; a. sgeilmeil. 
Sgeilmear, -ean, m. a boaster; sgeilmearachd, his 

Sgeilmse, f. a surprise, unawares ; a. sgeilmseach. 
Sgeilp, -e, -ean, -eachan, f. a shelf, or cliff in a 

rock ; a, sgeilpeach. 
Sgèimh, -e, f. beauty, comeliness; sgèimhail. 
Sgèimheachd, or sgèimhealachd, f. beauty, comeli- 
Sgèimhealach, -aiche, a. beautiful, handsome. 
Sgèimhich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. beautify, adorn. 
Sgèinnidb, or sginn, -e, f. small twine, fishers' 

Sgeir, -e, -eau, f. a rock in the sea ; a. sgeireach. 

SGE SGI. 333 

Sgeireag, -eig, -an, f. a small sea rock ; a. sgeir- 

Sgeith, -e, m. vomit, or matter vomited ; a. 

Sgeith, -te, -sgeith, a. v. and n.v. vomit. 
Sgèith, sgèite, -eadh, a.v. fit, suit. 
Sgèitheadh, -idh, m. fitting ; a. sgèite. 
Sgeòc, -eoic, -an, m. a long neck, tallness ; a. 

Sgeòcan, -ain, -an, m. a tall or long necked boy; 
Sgeop, -oip, m. loud tattling. [f. sgeòcag. 

Sgeopair, -can, m. a tattler; sgeopaireachd, his 

Sgeul, or sgial, -eoil, -an, m. a tale or story. 
Sgeulachd, -an, a fable, a story ; sgialachd. 
Sgeulaiche, -ean, m. a fabulist, a reciter of tales. 
Sgeun, or sgian, m. dread, terror; a. sgianach. 
Sgeunaich or sgianaich, a.v. terrify. 
Sgeunacbas, or sgianachas, -ais, m. a fright. 
Sgiab, -a, -an, f. a quick motion, a snatch. 
Sgiab, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. start, move quickly. 
Sgiabadh, -aidh, m. sudden motion or flight. 
Sgiabair, -ean, m. one that moves quickly, a 

Sgiamh, -a, f. a shriek as of a cat; a. sgiamhail. 
Sgiamh, or sgiamhaich, sgiamhail, a.v. shriek. 
Sgiamhadh, -aidh, m. a shriek ; a. sgiamhach. 
Sgian, ine, -eine, pi. sgionan, sgeanan, f. a knife. 
Sgeanach, -aiche, a. full of knives ; sgianach. 
Sgianag, or sgeanag, -eig, -an, f. a little knife. 
Sgianagach, or sgeanagach, full of small knives. 
Sgianadh, -aidh, m. a fright ; a. sgianach. 
Sgiansgar, -air, m. a start, a fright; a. sgian- 



334 SGI — sal. 

Sgiath, -èithe, -an, f. a wing, a shield ; a. 

sgiath ach. 
Sgiathag, -aig, -an, f. a little wing ; a. sgiathagach. 
Sgiathair, -ean, m. a flutterer; sgiath aireachd, his 

Sgiathalaich, -lachadb, n.v. go on wing, flutter. 
Sgiathan, -ain, -an, m. a wing, a portion, a parti- 
Sgiatbanach, a. winged, the Isle of Sky. 
Sgibeachas, -ais, m. tidiness, neatness; a. sgibeach. 
Sgigeal, -eil, -an, m. a plash of water ; a. sgigeal- 

Sgil, -te, -eadh, a. v. unhusk, sfiell. 
Sgil, -e, f. skill, art ; a. sgileil. 
Sgileadh, -idh, m. shelling. 
Sgillinn, -e. -ean, f. a penny ; sgillinn, shasunach, 

a shilling. 
Sginn, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. protrude, push 

Sginnich, -te, -eachadh, faic sginn. 
Sginneadh, -idh, m. protruding. 
Sgioba, -an, m. or f. a ship's crew, a party. 
Sgiobag, -aig, -an, f. a slap given in play. 
Sgiobair, -ean, m. a skipper, a shipmaster. 
Sgiobaireachd, f. the office of a shipmaster. 
Sgioball, -aill, -an, m. a skirt; a. sgioballach. 
Sgioballtachd, f. tidiness, tightness; a. sgioballta. 
Sgioblaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. tuck up, adjust your 

Sgioblachadh, -aidh, m. adjusting dress. 
Sgiol, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. unhusk; sgil. 
Sgiolan, -ain, -an, m. oats with the husks taken off. 
Sgiolc, -te, -adh, a.v, and n.v. push off, slip off 


SGI — SGL. 335 

Sgiolcadh, -aidh, m. a quick motion or jerk ; a. 

Sgiolcarrachd, or sgiolcantachd, f. quick motion, 

Sgioltachd, f. tidiness, neatness; a. sgiolta. 
Sgionnshuil, f. a squint eye; a. sgionnshuileach. 
Sgiord) -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. squirt. 
Sgiorr, -adh, n.v. slip, run a risk, stumble. 
Sgiorradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a slip, an accident ; a. 

Sgiorradh-facail, m. a slip of a word. 
Sgiorr-fhacal, -ail, -an, m. a mistake in words. 
Sgiorr-fhaelach, -aiche, a. committing errors in 

Sgiort, -a, -an, m. a skirt; a. sgiortach. 
Sgiortaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. furnish with skirts. 
Sgios, or sgis, m. weariness, fatigue ; a. sgith. 
Sgiosaicb, -te, -achadh, a.v. tire, fatigue. 
Sgiot, -te, -adh, a. v. disperse, scatter. 
Sgir, -e, -ean, f. a parish ; also sgireachd. 
Sgith, -e, -ead, a. weary, fatigued ; sgitheach. 
Sgitheach, -ich, m. a hawthorn ; a. sgitheach. 
Sgithich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. tire, weary. 
Sgiùcan, -ain, m. the note of a moor hen. 
Sgiùrs, -te, -adh, a.v. scourge, whip. 
Sgiùrsag, -aig, -an, f. a scourge or whip, a. sgiùr- 

Sgiùrsadh, -aidh, m. whipping; a. sgiùrsach. 
Sgiùrsair, -ean, m. a whipper; sgiùrsaireachd, his 

Sgiuthadb, -aidh, -ean, a nourish with a whip, a 

Sglabhart, -airt, -an, m. a blow ; a. sgabhartach. 
Sglamadh, -aidh, m. a snapping, a seizing quickly. 

336 SGL — SGO. 

Sglàmhair, -ean, m. a harsh scolder. 

Sglamhair, -ean, in. a snapper, sglamhaireachd, 

his office. 
Sglàmhruinn, -e, -ean, f. a scold ; a. sglàmhruinn- 

Sglàmhruinneachd, f. scolding, a habit of scolding. 
Sglèap or sgliap, -èip, f. ostentation. 
Sgleapair, or sgliapair, -ean, m. an ostentatious 

Sglèapaireaehd, or Sgliapaireachd, f. show, vanity. 
Sgleòbach, -aiche, a. sluttish, slovenly. 
Sgleòbag, or sgleòbaid, f. a sluttish woman. 
Sgleòchdaire, a starer, sgleòchdaireachd, his habit. 
Sgleog, -oid, -an, f. a sound ; a. sgleogach. 
Sgleogaire, m. a lazy prattler ; sgleogaireachd, his 

Sgleoid, -e, -ean, m. or f. a slovenly man or wo- 
Sgleoideil, or sgleoideach, a. silly, nasty. 
Sgliat, -a, -an, f. slate ; a. sgliatach. 
Sglaitair, -ean, m. a slater; sgliataireachd, his 

Sglimsear, -ean, m. a parasite ; sglimsearachd, his 

Sgliùrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a slut. 
Sgliurachd, f. sluttishness. 
Sglongaid, -e, -ean, f. snut, saliva; a. sgongaid- 

Sglongaire, m. a snutty fellow ; sglongaireachd, 

his fault. 
Sgob, -te, -adh, a. v. snatch, pull, sting. 
Sgobadh, -aidh, -aichean, m. a snatch ; a. sgobach. 
Sgobag, -aig, -an, f. a little draught, or dram. 
Sgobantachd, f. snatching ; a. sgobanta. 

sgo — sgo. «337 

Sgòd, -òid, -an, f. a corner, as of cloth or a sail, 

a blemish or fault; a. sgòdach ; dim. sgòdag. 
Sgoideis, f. pomp, pageantry ; a. sgoideiseach. 
Sgoil, -e, -ean, f. a school ; a. sgoileach. 
Sgoileag, -eig, -an, f. a little school ; a. sgoileagach. 
Sgoileam, -eim, m. prattle; a. sgoileamach. 
Sgoileamachd, f. loquacity or prattle. 
Sgoileir, -^ean, m. a scholar ; a. sgoileireach. 
Sgoileireachd, f. education, scholarship. 
Sgoilt, -te, -adb, a.v. and n.v. split, burst, cleave. 
Sgoilteach, -eiche, a. apt to split; sgoltach. 
Sgoiltein, -ean, m. a splinter ; a. sgoilteineach. 
Sgoinn, -e, f, efficacy, effect, care ; a. sgoinneil. 
Sgol, -te, -adh, a.v. rinse, wash, row with one 

Sgoladh, -aidh, id. rinsing, rowing with one oar. 
Sgolb, -ùilb, -an, -ùilb, m, a prickle, a wattle for 

Sgolbach, -aiche, a. prickly, wattly ; a. sgolbanta. 
Sgolbanach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a stripling. 
Sgolbantachd, f. tallness, slenderness. 
Sgoltadh, -aidh, m. a split, a chink, a cleft. 
Sgonn, -uinn, -an, m. a short log of wood, a dunce. 
Sgonnair, -ean, m. a lumpish fellow ; a. sgonnach. 
Sgonnaireachd, f. boorishness, rusticity. 
Sgonnan, -ain, -an, in. a short log of wood ; a. 

Sgonna-bhalach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a lumpish 

Sgonnachu, -oin, m. a surly dog. 
Sgor, -oir, -an, m. a cut or notch ; a. sgorach. 
Sgor, -te, -adh, a.v. cut, pierce, hack. 
Sgoradh, -aidh, m. cutting, piercing, hacking. 
Sgorag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit of stone or turf. 

338 sgo — sen. 

Sgoragach, -aiche, a. full of small bits of stone or 

Sgoran, -ain, -an, m. shell fish roasted out. 
Sgòrnan, -ain, -an, m. the throat; a. sgòrnanach. 
Sgòrrfhiacail, f. a buck-tooth ; a. sgorrfhiaclach. 
Sgòrr, or sgùrr, a sharp rock or hill ; a. sgòrrach. 
Sgòrrshuil, f. a blink-eye; a. sgorrshuileach. 
Sgoth, -a, -an, f. a boat, a skiff; dim. sgothag. 
Sgràill, -te, -eadh, a.v. scold harshly, satirize. 
Sgràilìeadh, -idh, m. railing, satirizing. 
Sgràing, -e, -ean, f. gloom, niggardliness; a. 

Sgràingealachd, f. niggardliness ; a. sgràingeach. 
Sgràingein, -ean, m. a niggard ; f. sgràingeag. 
Sgraoid, -ean, f. a rugged scrubbish woman. 
Sgrath, -a, -an, f. an outer rind, a divet. (Scot.) 
Sgrathach, -aiche, a. full of rinds, or divets. 
Sgrath, -te, -adh, a.v. peel, thatch with divots, 
Sgrathag, -aig, -an, f. a little rind or peeling. 
Sgratbaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. peel ; faic sgrath. 
Sgrathagaeh, -aiche, a. full of small peelings. 
Sgrath, -a, in. horror, dread ; a. sgratbail. 
Sgreab, -a, -an, f. a scab, a blotch ; a. sgreabach. 
Sgread, -a, -an, m. a shriek ; a. sgreadach. 
Sgread. -adh, n.v. shriek, screech, cry. 
Sgreadair, -ean, m. a shrieker, sgreadail, his office. 
Sgreadan, -ain, -an, m. a harsh sound ; a. sgread- 

Sgreagi -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. dry up, parch. 
Sgreagach, or sgreaganta, parched, dry, miserly. 
Sgreagag, -aig, -an, f. a stingy woman; m. sgreag- 

Sgreagan, -ain, -an, m. any thing dry ; a. sgreag- 


SGR — SGR. 339 

Sgreamh,-eimhe,-a,f. disgust, loathing; a. sgreimh- 

Sgreimhicb, -te, -eachadh ; a.v. and n.v. loathe, 

Sgreamhalachd, f. disgustfulness ; a. sgeamhalach. 

Sgreataich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. loathe, ab- 

Sgreatachd, f. abhorrence ; a. sgreataidh. 

Sgreubh, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. dry up, crack by- 

Sgreubhadh, -aidh, m. drying up; a. sgreubbach. 

Sgreueh, or sgriacb, -a, -an, f. a shriek ; a. sgriach- 

Sgreuchag, or sgriachag, -aig, -an, f. a shrieking 
woman j sgriacban, -ain, -an, m. a shrieking 

Sgrid, -e, -ean, f. life, breath ; a. sgrideil ; lively. 

Sgridealachd, f. liveliness. 

Sgriob, -te, -adh, a.v. scrape, scratch. 

Sgriob, -a, -an, a scratch, atrip, a hurt, an itching, 

Sgriobacb, -aich, f. the itch; a. sgriobach. 

Sgriobadair, -ean, rn. a scraper ; sgriobadaireachd, 
his office. 

Sgriobadh, -aidh, m. scraping; a. sgriobach. 

Scriobag, -aig, -an, f. a little scratch ; a. sgriobag- 

Sgriobair, -ean, m. a graving tool. 

Sgrioban, -ain, -an, m. a rake; a. sgriobanach. 

Sgriobh, -te, -adh, a.v. write. 

Sgriobhach, -aich, -aichean, m. a writer, a scribe. 

Sgriobhadair, -ean, rn. a writer ; a. sgriobhach. 

Sgriobhadh, -aidh, -ean, m. writing ; sgriobhadair- 

Sgriobhte, a. written, 

p 6 

340 SGR — SGR. 1 

Sgriobtur, -uir, -an, m. Scripture ; a. sgriobturach. 
Sgriodan, -ain, -an, m. the track of a mountain 

Sgriodanach, -aiche, a. full of tracks. 
Sgrios, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. destroy, ruin. 
Sgriosadair, -ean, m. a destroyer; sgriosadaireachd, 

bis office. 
Sgriosadh, -aidh, -ean, m. ruin ; a. sgriosach. 
Sgriosag, -aig, -an, f . a wreath of yarn on a clew. 
Sgriosail, -e, a. destructive, ruinous ; sgriosta. 
Sgròb, -te, -adh, a.v. scratch with the nails. 
Sgròb, -a, an, f. a scratch ; a. sgròbach. 
Sgròbadair, -ean, m. a scratcher; sgròbadaireachd, 

his office. 
Sgròbadh, -aidh, m. scratching. 
Sgròbag, -aig, -an, f. a little scratch ; a. sgròbag- 

Sgròbair, -ean, m. a scratcher, faic sgròbadair. 
Sgròban, -ain, -an, m. scratching, the crop of a 

Sgròbanach, -aiche, a. full of scratches or crops. 
Sgrog, -aig, -an, f. the head, or a hat in ridicule. 
Sgrogadh, -aich, m. the drawing down of a hat or 

Sgrogach, -aiche, a. mean, contemptible. 
Sgrogag, -aig, -an, f. any thing mean, a little horn. 
Sgrogair, -ean, m. an old shrivelled fellow. 
Sgroig, -e, -ean, f. the head, the neck of a bottle. 
Sgròill, -e, -ean, f. a peeling or rind ; a. sgròille- 

Sgròilleag, -eig, -an, f. a little peeling; a. sgròilleag- 

Sgròill, -te, -eadh, a.v. peel, excoriate. 
Sgroth, -oitb, -an, f. a rind; a. sgrothach. 

SGR SGU. 341 

Sgrub,-te,-adh, a, v. and n. v. hesitate, act niggardly. 
Sgrubadh, -aidh, m. hesitation, scrubbishness. 
sgrubal, -ail, -an, m. a scruple; a. sgrubalach. 
Sgrubair, -ean, m. a niggard ; sgrubaireachd, his 

Sgrud, -te, -adh, a.v. scrutinize ; sgrudaich. 
Sgrudadh, or sgrudachadh, -aidh, m, searching. 
Sgrudaichte, a. tried, examined; sgrudte. 
Sgrudair, -ean, m. a searcher ; sgrudaireachd, his 

Sgruit, or sgraoid, -ean, m. or f. an old thin person ; 

a. sgruiteach. 
Sguab, -uaib, -an, f. a besom; a sheaf of corn. 
Sguab, -te, -adh, a.v. clean with a broom, or be- 
Sguabair, -ean, m. a sweeper ; sgnabaireachd, his 

Sguabadh, -aidh, m. sweeping ; a. sguabach. 
Sguabag, -aig, -an, f. a little broom or sheaf, 
Sguab-lion, -in, m. a sweep-net, a trawl. 
Sguch, -te, -adh, a.v. cut, sprain. 
Sgùd, -a, -an, m. dirty water, foul drops; a. sgùd- 

Sgud, -te, -adh, a.v. cut off quickly, as with one 

Sgudadh, -aidh, m. cutting quickly ; a. sgudach. 
Sgudal, -ail, -an, m. offal, fish guts ; a. sgudalach. 
Sguain, -e, f. a train, a tail. 

Sgug, -a, -an, m. a person in a crouching posture. 
Sguidileir, -ean, a foul or dirty person. 
Sguidilearachd, f. foul drudgery. 
Sguids, -te, -eadh, a.v. switch, dress flax. 
Sguidseadh, -idh, m. switching, beating. 
Sguidseach, or sguidseineach, -ich, m. a stripling. 

342 sgu — sia. 

Sguir, -te, -sgur, a.v. and n.v. cease ; stop, cause to 

Sguird, -e, -ean, the lap, a lapful; a. sgùirdeach. 
Sgùlan, or sgùilein, -ain, -an, m. a wicker basket. 
Sgùr, -te, -adh, a v. scour, rub up, clean. 
Sgurachd, f. ceasing, desisting; sguradh. 
Sgùrainn, f. washing- water. 

Sgùrr, -a, -an, f. a pointed rock or hill, faic sgorr. 
Shios, adv. down, downward ; faic sios. 
Si, pers. pron f. contr. for is i, she, written also 'si. 
Siab, -te, -adh, a.v and n.v. wipe, sweep along, 

Siabadh, -aidh, m. sweeping ; a. siabach. 
Sia, a. six ; siathamh, the sixth, sè. 
Siabair, -ean, m. a wiper ; siabaireachd, his trade. 
Siabh, -a, -an, the broth of grouse; a. siabhach. 
Siabunn, -uinn, -an, m. soap ; a. siabunnach. 
Siach, ~te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. sprain a joint, strain. 
Siachadh, -aidh, -aichean, m. a sprain ; a. siach- 

Siachaire, -ean, m. a pithless wretch ; siachair- 

eachd, his fault. 
Siachaireach, -eiche, a. pithless, wretched. 
Siachasach, a. six footed. 
Siachearnach, a. an hexagon. 
Siad, or 'siad, pers. pron. and v. is. they, them. 
Siad, -a, -an, f. a fuist, a. siadach. 
Siadair, -ean, m. a lazy or stinking fellow ; siad~ 

aireachd, his fault. 
Sia-diag, a. sixteen ; siathamh-diag, sixteenth. 
Sian, f. a shriek, a scream ; a. sianail. 
Sian, -ail, n.v. shriek, scream, cry. 
$ian, -ine, -tan, f. a storm of wind and rain^ 


sia — sin. 343 

Sian, -te, -adh, faic seun, &c. 

Siantaidh, -aidhean, m. a hardy man, a hero, 

JSianail -e, f. shrieking, screaming. 

Sianar, a. six persons. 

Siar, adv. the west, westward ; a. oblique. 

Siar, -adh, n.v. move obliquely, waste. 

Siaradh, -aidh, m. an oblique line, wasting. 

Siar, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. west, decay; siaraicb. 

Siarshuil, f. a squint-eye ; a. siarshuileach. 

Siashlisneach, -ich, a. a hexagon. 

Sic, -e, -ean, f. the prominence of the belly. 

Sichd, -e, -ean, f. the inside of the skull, firmness, 

Sichdir, -e, a. firm, sagacious, shrewd. 

Side, f. weather, season. 

Sigein, -ean, m. a dwarfish creature. 

Sigeinteachd, f. dwarfishncss ; a. sigeanta. 

Sil, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. drop, rain. 

Sile, -ean, f. spittle, saliva ; a. sileach, silteach. 

Sileadan, -ain, -an, m. a spit-box. 

Sileadh, -idh, m. raining, dropping. 

Sileag, ~eig, -an, f. a small drop ; a. sileagach. 

Silich, -eachadh, n.v. spit, slaver. 

Silein, -ean, m. a small grain ; a. sileineach. 

Siliche, -ean, m. a meagre, pithless creature. 

Silshuil, f. a watery eye; a. silshuileach. 

Silt, -e, -ean, f. a drop ; a. silteach. 

Silteach, -ich, -ichean, an issue ; silteachd. 

Similear, -eir, -ean, m. a chimney ; a. similearach, 

Simileach, -ich, -ichean, m. a coward ; simileachd, 

his fault. 
Similidh, -e, a. cowardly, dastardly, feeble, silly. 
Simplidh, -e, a. simple, silly; simijleachd, sillyness. 
Sin, pron. demons, that, those. 
Sin, -te, <-eadb, a. v. stretch, extend, reach. 

344 sin — sio. 

Sin, -eadb, a. v. begin, commence. 
Sine, -ean, m. a teat, a dug ; a. sineach. 
Sinnsear, -ir, -ean, m. ancestors, fathers. 
Sinn-seanair, -e, -ean, m. a great-grand-father. 
Sinn-sean-mhathair, -ar, -thraichean, f. a great- 

Sinnsir, -sre, -srean, m. ancestors, fathers. 
Sinnsireachd, f. ancestry, genealogy. 
Sinnsre, (or sinnsreadh, -idh, -ean) m. ancestors; 

faic sinnsir. 
Sinteag, -eag, f. a skip, a long pace ; a. sinteagach. 
Siobhag, -aig, -an, f. a straw, a weed. 
Siobhalta, -ailte, a, civil, courteous, affable, mild. 
Siobhaltas, -ais, m. civility, courtesy; siobhaltachd. 
Siochainnt, -e, f. peace, quietness ; a. siochainnt- 

Sioda, -achan, m. silk ; a. sìodacb 5 siodail. 
Sìod-chnè, -ean, f. a silk-worm ; a sìod-chnèimh- 

Siogach, -aiche, a. weak, feeble, wan, fading. 
Siogaid, -e, -ean, f. a weak famishing woman. 
Siogaideach, -eiche, a feeble, starving. 
Siol, si!, m. seed, progeny, descendants. 
Siolag, -aig, -an, f. a small seed, or potatoe; a. 

Siola, -achan, m. a gill, a wooden collar for horses. 
Siolachan, -ain, -an, m. a filter, a strainer. 
Siolaich,-te,-adh,a.v. and n.v. propagate, multiply. 
Siolaidh, -te, -ladh, a.v. and n.v. subside, settle, 

Siolc, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. slip, bound, snatch. 
Siolcadh, -aidh, m. a quick motion, abound, a skip. 
Siolcair, -ean, m. a light fingered fellow, one that 

skips off. 

sio — sit. 345 

Siolgaire,-ean,m.a mean lazy fellow, siolgaireachd, 

his habit. 
Siolor, -oire, a. prolific ; s. siolorachd, fertility. 
Sioman, -ain, m. a straw rope ; a. siomanach. 
Sion, m. something, any thing. 
Sionnach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a fox, a reed of a bag- 
Sionnsar, -air, -ean, m. a bag-pipe chanter; a. 

Sior, a. perpetual, constant, persevering. 
Sior-bhualadh, -aidh, m. constant beating. 
Sior-ghnà, m. constant habit ; a. sior-gnàthach. 
Sior-iarraidh, f. importunity ; a. sior-iarratach. 
Siorra, -aidhean, m. a sheriff. 
Siorramachd, f. sheriffdom, a county. 
Siorruidh, a. eternal, (sior-ruith.) 
Siorruchd, f. eternity. 
Sios, adv. down, downwards. 
Siosar, -air, -an, m. a pair of scissors, shears. 
Siosarach, -aiche, a. abounding with shears. 
Sir, -te, -eadh, -eachd, a. v. ask, seek, search, 

Sireadh, -idh, m. seeking, asking. 
Siris, -ean, f. a cherry ; sirist ; a. siriseach. 
Sitin, -ean, f. a dunghill ; a. sitineach. 
Sith, -e, -ean, f. peace, quietness ; a. sìtheil, sith- 

Sith, -e, -ean, m. impetuosity, a quick pace; a. 

si th each. 
Sithbhrutb, -a, -an, m. a fairy hill ; a. sithbruth- 

Sitheadh, -eidh, m. impetuosity, force ; a. sitheach. 
Sithein, -ean, m. a fairy hill, a little hill. ; a. sith« 


346 sit — slo. 

Sìthich, -te, -eachadh, a v. pacify, reconcile, quiet. 

Sithiche, -ean, m. a fairy; a. sithicheach. 

Sithionn, -inn, -ithne, f. venison; a. sithionnach. 

Sith-mhaor, -air, -an, m. a herald, a constable. 

Sìth-thàimh, -e, f. tranquility ; a. sith-thàimheach. 

Sitir, -e, f. the neighing of a horse ; a. sitreach. 

Sitrich, f. neighing. 

Siubhail, -te, -bhal, a. v. and n.v. go, set off, die. 

Siubhal, -ail, -bhlaichean, m. going, travelling, 

Siubhlach, -aiche, a. speedy, fleeting, fluent. 

Siubhlachan, -ain, -an, m. a traveller. 

Siubhlachas, -ais, m. swiftness; siubhlachd. 

Siùcar, -air, -an, m. sugar ; a. siùcarach. 

Siùd, -te, -adh, a. v. swing, rock ; siùdain. 

Siùdan, -ain, m. rocking, swinging. 

Sliomair, or sliomadair, -ean, m. a low mean flat- 

Sliomaireachd, or sliomadaireachd, f. low mean 

Sliop, -a, -an, f. a lip, a blubber lip ; a. sliopach. 

Sliopair, -ean, m. a blubber lipped person ; sliop- 
aireachd, his fault. 

Slios, -a, -an, m. a side, a declivity ; a. sliosach. 

Slis, -e, -ean, f. a chip, a slice ; a. slisneach. 

Sliseag, -eig, -an, f. a small chip; a. sliseagach. 

Sliseagaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. chip, cut into slices. 

Slisneach, -eiche, a. having many sides, chips. 

Sloe, -uic, -an, -uic, m. a hole, a pit ; a. slocach. 

Slocaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. follow out, excavate. 

Slocan, -ain, -an, m. a little hole or pit ; a. slo- 

Sloinn, -te, -eadh ; a.v. surname, trace one's pedi- 

SLA — SMA. 347 

Slionntear, -an, m. a genealogist ; sloinnearachd, 

his office. 
Sloinneadh, -idb, -idhean, m« a surname ; a. 

Sloisir, -readh, n.v. dash, beat as the sea against 

the shore. 
Sloisreadh, -idh, m. a dashing as waves ; a. slois- 

Sluagh, slòigh ; sluaigh, m. people, an host ; a. 

Sluasaid, -e, -ean, f. a shovel ; a. sluasaideach. 
Slugan, -ain, -an, m. the throat or gullet, a pit ; a. 

Slugaire, -ean, m. a glutton; slugaireachd, his vice. 
Slugadh, -aidh, m. swallowing ; a. slugach. 
Slugaideachd, f. voracity ; a. slugaideach. 
Sluig, -te, slugadh, a. v. swallow, absorb ; slug. 
Smacd, m. authority, command; a. smachdail. 
Smachdaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. command, correct. 
Smachdalachd, f. authority ; a. smachdach. 
Smàd, -te, -adh, a.v. scold, abuse with words. 
Smad, m- a particle, a grain ; smod. 
Smàdadh, -aidh, m. scolding ; a. smàdail. 
Smàg, -àig, -an, f. a paw ; faic màg. 
Smàg, -adh, m. crawl ; faic, màg. 
Smàgaich, -te, -achadh, a.v, and n.v. creep, crawl. 
Smàgair, -ean, m. one who creeps ; smàgaireachd, 

his trade. 
Smàgail, -e, a. creeping, crawling. 
Smàil, or smàl, .te, -adh, a.v. snuff, put out, put 

Smal, -ail, m. dust, stain, spot ; a. smalach. 
Smàl, -ail, m. the snuff of a candle, vapour, 
Smàladair, -eau, m, a pair of snuffers. 

348 SMA — SMI. 

Smalan, -ain, m. gloom, sadness; smalanachd. 
Smàl-shoitheach, -ich, -ean, m. an extinguisher. 
Smaoin, -e. -ntean, m. a thought; also a. v. 
Smaoinich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. think, con- 
Smarag, -aig, -an, f. an emerald ; a. smaragach. 
Smeachan, -ain, -an, m. the chin; a. smeachan- 

Smealacb, -aich, -aichean, m. trash, as of wood. 
Smear, -a, f. marrow, strength ; a. smearach. 
Smearalachd, or smearalas, f. vigour, pith; a. 

Smèid, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. beckon, wink, nod. 
Smèideadh, -idh, m. beckoning; a. smèideach. 
Smèideag, -eig, -an, f. a slight beckoning ; a. 

Smeig, -e, -ean, f. the chin ; a. smeigeach, smig. 
Smeòirn, -e, -ean, m. the end of an arrow, next 

the bow string. 
Smeòracb, -aich, -aichean, f. the thrush, mavis, 

Smiar, -te, -adh, a.v. smear sheep, finger ; smeur. 
Smiaradh, -aidh, m. smearing ; a. smiarte. 
Smiaradair, -ean, m. a smearer ; smiaradaireachd, 

his office. 
Smiaraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. smear, grope ; faic 

Smiar, -a, -an, f. a bramble berry; a. smiarach. 
Smid, -e, -ean, f. a syllable, a word. 
Smigeadh, -idh, m. a smile ; a. smigeach. 
Smigein, -ean, m. a little chin ; a. smigeineach. 
Smiur, -te, -adh, a.v. smear ; faic, smiar 
Smod, or smad, m. a particle, a grain, dust. 
Smiotach, rather smeatach, a. short-eared. 

SMO — SNA. 349 

Smodail, -ail -an, m. sweeping, trash ; a. smodal- 

Smodan, -ain, -an, m. small dust; a. smodanach. 
Smòg, -òig, -an, a paw, faic smàg ; a. smògach. 
Smògairneach, -ich, m. any creature with large 

Smùc, -ùic, m. a nasal sound, a snivel; a. smilcach. 
Smuaich, -te, -eadh, a. v. break into bits; smaisrich. 
Smùcaiche, f. snivelling ; a. smùcail, smùcach. 
Smùcair, -ean, m. a sniveller ; smùcaireachd, his 

Smudal, -ail, -an, m. sweepings ; faic smodal. 
Smùdan, -ain, -an, m. a smoky fire, smoke. 
Smùdan, -ain, -an, m. a ring-dove, note of a bird. 
Smug, -uig, -an, f. a snot, spittle ; a. smugach. 
Smugaid, e, -ean, f. spittle ; a. smugaideach. 
Smugshuileach, -tiche, a. rheum-eyed. 
Smùid, -e, -ean, f. smoke, vapour ; a. smùideach, 

Smùid, smùidir or smùidrich, -readh, n.v. smoke. 
Smuidrich, f. smoke, also smùidreadh ; a. smùid- 

Smuig, -e, -ean, f. a snout, a nose ; a. smuigeach. 
Smùirein, -ean, m. a mote, sadness ; a. smùirein- 
Smùis, -e, -ean, f. marrow ; a. smùiseach. [each. 
Smùrach, -aich, m. dross, dust, alsosmùr, -ùir, in. 
Smut, -uit, -an, m. a short beak, a short log. 
Sna, for is na, otherwise written 'sna, in. 
Snàg, -te, -adh, n,v. creep, faic snàig. 
Snag, -aig, -an, f. an audible knock, a wood-pecker. 
Snàgail, -e, f. creeping ; a. snàgach. 
Snàgair, -ean, m. a creeper ; enàgaireachd, his 

Snagair, -aireachd, a. v. whet with a kaife, carve. 

350 SNA — SNA. 

Snagaireachd, f. whetting, carving. 

Snagan, -ain, -an, m. a creeking noise; a. snagan- 

Snagardaich, -e, f. a gnashing of teeth. 
Snagarrachd, f. alertness, activity ; a. snagarra. 
Snaigh, -te, -eadh, a. v. and n.v. whet, frame, 

Snaigheadh, -idh, m. whetting, wasting; a. snaigh- 

Suaigheadair, -ean, m. one that whets ; snaighead- 

aireachd, his trade. 
Snàig, -te, -adh, n.v. creep, crawl ; snàg. 
Snàigeadh, -idh, m. creeping; a. snàigeacb. 
Snaim, -e, -ean, -eannan, a knot, difficulty ; a. 

Snaim, -te, -eadh, -aim, a.v. tie, knot. 
Snaimein, -ean, m. a little knot; a. snaimeineach. 
Snaimeineachd, f. knotting, tying ; a. snaimte, 

Snàmh, -te, snàmh, a.v. and. n.v. swim, float. 
Snàmh, àimh ; m. swimming ; a. snàmhach. 
Snàmhachan, -ain, -an, m. any thing that swims, 

a raft. 
Snàmhaich, snàmhair, or snàmhadair, m. a swim- 
Snaoisein, -ean, m. snuff; a. snaoiseineach. 
Snaoiseineachd, f. snuffing. 
Snaomanach, -aich, m. a robust fellow ; a. also. 
Snap, -te, -adh, a.v. pull the trigger, miss fire. 
Snap, -aip, -an, m. trigger of a gun ; a. snapach. 
Snapadh, -aidh, m. pulling the trigger, missing lire. 
Snas, -ais, m. perfectness, regularity; a. snasta. 
Snasaich, -te, -sadh, a.v. perfect, order, ornament. 
Snasarachd, f. perfectness, neatness ; a. snasor. 

SNA — SO. 351 

Snàth, -a, -àith, -an, m. yarn, thread ; a. snàthach. 
Snàthad, -aid, -an, f. a needle ; a. snàthdach. 
Snàthdan, -ain, -an, m. a needle-case ; snàthadan. 
Snàithnein,-ein, m. a small thread ; a. snàithnein- 

Sneachd, or sneachda, m. snow; a. sneachdach, 

Sneadh, rather snigh, -ean, f. a nit ; a. snigheach. 
Snidhe, no. drops in a house, sadness; a. snidheach. 
Snigh, -e, -ean, f, a nit. 

Sniomh, -te, sniomh, a.v. and n.v. twist, spin. 
Sniomh, -a, m. sadness, great pain, spinning ; a. 

Sniomhachas, -ais, m. spinning; sniomhachd. 
Sniomhaiche, or sniomhair, -ean, m. a spinner. 
Sniomhanach, or sniomhain, a. winding, spiral, 
Sniomhte, a. twisted, span. 
Snòd, -te, -adh, a.v. affix a fishing hook to a line, 

dress a hook. 
Snòd, -a, -an, -aichean, m. a tippet, what ties the 

Snòdadh, -aidh, m. preparing a hook; a. snòdach. 
Snòdan, -ain, -an, m. a little tippet, (Scot.) a. 

Snodha, -an, m. snodh-gàire, a smile. 
Snodhach, rather snothach, -aich, m. sap of trees. 
£ \oigeis, -ean, f. testiness, peevishness ; a. snaoig- 
t c _iot, -te, -adh, a.v. snuff, smell. [eiseach. 

Snuagh, -aigh, -an, m. hue, appearance; a. snuaghor, 
Snuaghaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. colour, 

So, demons, pron. this, these; also adv. here, thus, 

hither ; as co so, who is here ; mar so, thus ; thig 

an so, come hither; dian so, do this; iad so, these. 

352 so — soi. 

So, interj. as so ! take it; so ! so ! come come ! 
So, a prefix implying facility, ease, aptness. 
Sobhrach, rather seabrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a 

Soc, -uic, pi. -uic, m. sock of a plough, a snout ; a. 

Socair, -e, f. ease, rest ; a. socrach. 
Socan, -ain, -an, m. a little snout or Bock ; a. soc- 

Sòchair, -ean, f. a gift, a benefit ; a. sòchaireach. 
Sochair, -e, f. sillyness, weakness; a. socharach. 
So-chomhairleach, -eiche, a. easily advised. 
So-chràimhte, a. digestible. 
Socrach, -aiche, a. easy, quiet. 
Socraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. settle, establish, 

Sod, -a. m. the noise of water; sodraich. 
Sodag, -aig, -an, f. a turf; a. sodagach. 
Sodal, -ail, m. flattery; a. sodalach. 
Sodarnach, -aich, m. a stout man ; soideirneach. 
Sodalach, -aich, m. a flatterer ; sodalaich, f. flattery. 
Sodan, -ain, m. joy, caressing; a. sodanach. 
So-dhiante, a. practicable, easily done. 
Sodradh, -aidh, m. trotting, gallopping. 
Sog, m. mirth, merriness; a. sogail, sogach. 
Sogan, -ain, m. mirth, hilarity ; a. soganacb. 
Sògh, -òigh, m. pleasure, joy, riot; a. sòghail, 

Sòghalachd, f. enjoyment, luxury. 
Soidealy -eil, m. rudeness, vulgarity; a. soidealach. 
Soidein, -ean, m. a little round stout fellow; soid- 

Soighneas, -eis, m. pleasure, joy ; a. sòighneasach. 
Soileas, -eis, m. officiousness, flattery; a. soiieasach. 

soi — soi. 353 

iSoilìeir, -e, -ead, a. clear, bright; (so-lèir.) 

Soilleireachd, f. clearness, brightness. 

Soilleirich, -te, -eachadb, a. v. and n.v. explain, 

Soillse, or soillseachd, f. brightness; a. soillseach. 
Soillseaehadh, -aidh, m. enlightening ; soillseadh. 
Soillsich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. enlighten, 
Soimeach, a. quiet, easy, idle, lazy. [clear. 

Soimeachd, or soimeacbas, f. good-nature, idleness. 
Soin, rather son, f. esteem. 
Soinnionn, -inn, f. good weather; (so-shian.) 
Soinnionntachd, f. calm weather; a. soinnionnta. 
So-innse, a. easily told. 
So-iomchair, -e, a. easily borne, tolerable. 
Soipein, sopan, or suipein, m. a small quantity of 

straw, a straw. 
Soir, a. or adv. the east, eastward. 
Soire, -eacban, m. a sack ; a. soireach. 
Soirbh, -e, -ead, a. quiet calm, gentle ; soirbheach. 
Soirbheachd, f. quietness, calmness ; soirbhe. 
Soirbheas, -eis, m. a fair wind, prosperity ; a. soirbh- 

Soirbhich, -eachadh, n.v. prosper, succeed, 
Soireag, -eig, an, f, a little bag or sack ; a. soireag- 

Soirionn, -inn, f. calm weather, serenity; a. soir- 

Soireit, -e, f. easiness of temper; a. soireiteach, 

Soisgeul, -eil, -an, m. the Gospel ; a. soisgeulacb, 

Soisgeulach, -aich, -aichean, m. an Evangelist; 

Soitheamh, -eimhe, a. peaceable, gentle, mild. 


354 sol — sop. 

Sola, a. venial, easily pardoned. 

Solair, -te, -laradh, -ar, a. v. provide, procure; 

Solaradh, -aidh, m. providing; a. solarach. 
Solas, -ais, m. joy, consolation ; a. sòlasach. 
Sòlasaicb, -te, -achadh, a. v. comfort, make glad. 
So-leughte, a. legible, easy to read. 
Solus, -uis, -an, m. light; a. solusach. 
So-lughadh, rather sola, a. venial. 
So-lughachd, f. pardonableness, slightness. 
Solusachd, f. luminousness, brightness. 
Somalta, a. dull, heavy, lazy; s. somaltachd, f. 

Somhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. condense, 

make room. 
Somhlaehadh, -aidh, m. condensation ; a. somhail, 

Somhiachd, f. taking up little room ; somhlachas. 
Son, -oin, m. esteem, regard, love. 
Son, prep. impr. and adv. sake, for, because, why; 

air do shon, for your sake ; carson, why ; airson 

gu na bhuail e mi, because he struck me. 
Sonas, -ais, -an ; m. happiness, prosperity, good 

Sonasach, or sona, a. happy, prosperous, lucky. 
Sonn, -uinn, pi. -uinn, m. a hero, a stout man. 
Sònraich, -te, achadh, a.v, and n.v. mark, specify, 

Sònrachadh, -aidh, m. marking, appointing, order- 
Sònraichte, a. special, particular, notable. [iug. 

Sop, -uip, pi. uip, m. a straw, a wisp ; a. sopach. 
Soplach, -aicb, m. m. the refuse of straw or hay. 
Sopan, -ain, -an, m. a little straw or wisp; a. sop- 


sop — spa. 355 

Sopcheaun, m. a bushy head ; a. sopcheannach. 

3op-seilbhe, m. an enfeoffment by delivering a straw 

Sòr, -adh, a. v. grudge, hesitate, pause, 

Sòradh, -aidh, m. hesitating, grudging. 

Soraidh, f. farewell, compliments. 

Sorchan, -ain, m. a place of rest, a support; a. 

So-rèiteach, or so-rèitichte, a. easily settled. 
So-riaghluichte, a. manageable. 
Sòrn, sùirn, m» the flue of a kiln, a snout; a. sòrn- 

Soman, -ain, -an, m. a little flue or skate. 
So-roinnte, a. easily divided, divisible. 
Sos, -ois, m. a large belly-full of food. 
Spad,-te,-adh, a.v. kill, knock down with one blow. 
Spadadh, -aidh, m. killing, knocking dead. 
Spadag, -aig, -an, f. a light blow; a. spadagach. 
Spadaire, -ean, m. a killer, a dull person ; spadair- 

eachd, his fault. 
Spadal, -ail, an, m. a paddle ; a. spadalach. 
Spadanta, a. dull, heavy, benumbed. 
Spadchluas, f . a dull ear; a. spadchluasacb. 
Spadhadb, -aidh, m. a quick pull, elasticity, pith. 
Spàg, -àig, -an, f. a paw, faic spòg ; a. spàgach. 
Spàgaire, -ean, m. a clumsy footed fellow. 
Spaigealachd, f. foppishness; a. spaigeil. 
Spaig, -e, -ean, f. a long chin. 
Spailpeachd, f. ostentation; a. spailpeach. 
Spailp. -e, -ean, m. pride, a foppish young man. 
Spailpeis, -e, f. self-conceit; a. spailpeil. 
Spailpeadh, -eidh, m. strutting; a. spailpeach. 
Spailpein, -ean, m, a little fop ; a. spailpeineach. 
Spailpeineachd, f. foppishness. 
Spain, -e, -ean, f, a spoon ; spàineach. 

356 spa — spe. 

Spàineag, -eig, -an, f, a little spoon ; a. spàineag- 

Spàirn, -e, f. an effort, a struggle, agony; a. 

Spairiseachd, f. gaudiness, foppishness ; a. spairis- 

Spaisdear, -ean, m. one who walks backward and 

Spaisdearachd, f. walking backward and forward. 
Spaisdearaich, spaisdearachd, n.v. walk to and fro. 
Spàl, -àil, -an, m. a weaver's shuttle; a. spàlach. 
Spàladair, -ean, m. a maker of shuttles. 
Spàng, -àing, -an, f. a shining plate of metal ; a. 

Spann, -te, -adh, a.v, withdraw from milk, spend, 

Spaoil, -te, -eadh, a.v. wrap up, swathe, swaddle. 
Spàrdan, -ain, -an, m. a hen roost; a. spàrdanach. 
Spàrr, -te, -adh, a.v. drive, thrust. 
Spàrr, -a, -an, m. a beam, a joist, a hen roost. 
Sparradh, -aidh, m. driving, thrusting, forcing. 
Sparrag, -aig, -an, f. a bridle-bit, a difficulty ; a. 

Spart, -airt, -an, f. a drop, a small drop ; spairt. 
Spart or spairt, -te, -adh, -eadh, a.v. plaster, dab 

Speach, -a, -an, f. a wasp, a stitch or pain ; a. 

Speach, -a, -an, -annan, f. a blow, a thrust. 
Speachantas, -ais, m. peevishness ; speachantachd. 
Speachanta, speacharra, a. waspish, peevish. 
Speal, -a, -an., f. scythe; a. spealach. 
Spealadair, -ean, m. a mower; spealadaireachd, 

his trade. 

SPE — SPE. 357 

Speal, -te, -adh, a.v. mow, cut down with asythe. 
Spealg, -te, -adh, a.v. splinter, cut into small bits. 
Spealg, -eilg, -an, f. a splinter ; a. spealgach. 
Spealgair, -ean, m. one who splinters ; spealgair- 

eachd, his office. 
Spealgadh, -aidh, m. splintering; a. spealgte. 
Spealt, -a, -an, f. a splinter ; a. spealtach. 
Spealt, -te, -adh, a.v. splinter, faic spealg. 
Spealtag, -aig, -an, f. a small splinter ; a. spealtag- 

Spealtair, -ean, m. one who splinters, spealtair- 

eachd, his office. 
Spearrach, -aich, -ean, m. a cow fetter, a fetter 

for goats. 
Spèic, -e, -ean, f. a spike, a bar, a blow ; a. speic- 

Spèic, -te, -eadh, a.v. spike, prop, strike. 
Spèiceadh, -idh, m. spiking, striking ; a. speiceacb. 
Spèilearaich, spèilearachd, n.v. slide, skait. 
Spèilleag, -eig, -an, f. curled bark; a. spèilleagach. 
Spèill, -te, -eadh, a.v, wrap up, swathe. 
Speir, -e, -ean, f. the hoof or ham of a beast ; a. 

Speireag, -eig, -an, f. a sparrow hawk ; a. speir- 

Spèis, -e, f. love, esteem, regard ; also spèisealachd. 
Speisealtachd, f. cleanness, neatness ; a. speisealta. 
Spèiseil, -e, a. fond, beloved, esteemed. 
Speuc, or spiac, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. tear, di- 
Speuoadh, or spiacadh, -aidh, m. tearing, diverging. 
Speuclair, -ean, m. a pair of spectacles. 
Speur, -a, -an, m. the heavens, the skies; a. 

Q 3 

358 spe — spi. 

Speuradair, -ean, m. an astronomer, or astrolo- 
Speiradaireacbd, f. astronomy, or astrology. 
Spid, -e, f. infamy, haste, speed; a. spideil. 
Spideag, -eig, -an, t. the nightingale, a taunt ; a 

little blow ; a. spideageach. 
Spideal, -eil, -an, in. a spital or hospital ; a. 6pid- 

Spilgein, -ean, m. a small grain ; a. spilgeiueach. 
Spioc, -a, f. dastardliness, meanness ; a. spiocach. 
Spiocaicbe, f. niggardliness, stinginess. 
Spiocaid, -e, -ean, a 6pigot, a cock. 
Spiocaire, -ean, m. a niggard, a dastardly fellow. 
Spiocaireachd, f. niggardliness, pusillanimity. 
Spiol, -te, -adh, a. v. snatch quickly, pluck, pull. 
Spioladair, -ean, m. a snatcher ; spioladaireachd, 

his office. 
Spioladh, -aidh, m. a snatching ; a. spiolach. 
Spiolag, -aig, -an, f. a crumb, a bit, as of bread ; 

a. spiolagach. 
Spiolg, -te, -adh, a.v. unhusk, shell. 
Spiolgair, -ean, m. one that unhusks ; spiolgair- 

eachd, his office. 
Spion, -te, -adh, a. v. pluck, eradicate. 
Spionadair, -ean, m. one who plucks ; a. spionach. 
Spionnadh, -aidh, m. strength, might, force. 
Spionnadach, or spionndar, a. strong, robust. 
Spiorad, -aid, -an, m. a spirit, spirit, vigour; a. 

Spioradalachd, f. spirituality, vigour, liveliness. 
Spioradan, -ain, -an, m. a little spirit, a ghost. 
Spis, rather spisreadh, spice ; a. spisreach. 
Spisrich, -te, -eadh, a.v. spice, season with spices. 
Spins, -e, -ean, f. a hen roost ; a. spiriseach. 



Spitbeag, -eig, -an, f. a small stone ; a. spitheag- 

Spleadh, -a, -an, m. a romance, a lie ; a. spleadh- 

Spleadhaireachd, f. a fiction, a lie; spleadhachas. 
Spleadhnas, -ais, m. a fiction ; a. spleadhnasach. 
Spleadhadair, -ean, m. a teller of tales and fictions. 
Spleadhan, -ain, -an, a paddle, a piece of stick. 
Spleuehd, rather spliachd, -adh, n.v. gaze, spread. 
Spleuchdair, m. a starer, a squinter ; spliachdair. 
Spleuchdaireachd, or spliachdaireachd, f. staring. 
Spleuchdach, or spliachdach, a. staring, squinting. 
Spleuchdag, or spliachdag, a squint-eyed woman. 
Spliùcan, -ain, -an, m. a tobacco pouch ; a. spliùc- 

Spliug, -a ; -an, m. snot; a. spliugach. 
Spliùgach, -aiche, a. splay-footed. 
Spliugaire, -ean, m. a snotty or slovenly fellow. 
Spliuig, -e, -ean, f. a discontented grimace. 
Spliugaire, -ean, m. one with a discouraged look. 

Spliut, -a, -an, a lame hand ; a. spliutach. 

Spòg, -òig, -an, f. a talon, claw or paw ; a. spògach. 

Spòg, -te, -adh, a. v. seize or tease with the talons. 

Spòlt, or spàlt, -te, -adh, a.v. tear, mangle, quarter. 

Spòltadh, or spàltadh, -aidh, m. tearing ; a. spòl- 

Spong, -uing, -an, f. tinder, pith ; a. spongach. 

Spor, -uir, -an, -uir, m. a claw, a spur, a gun 

Sporach, -aiche, a. full of talons, or riding spurs. 

Spor, -te, -adh, a.v. spur, push, execute. 

Sporadh, -aidh, m. spurring, exciting. 

Sporan, -ain, -an, m. a purse ;^ a. sporanach. 

Spòrs, -a, f. sport, fun ; a. spòrsail. 

360 spo — spu. 

Spòrsalachd, f. sportfulness. 
Spot, -an, m. a spot or stain; a. spotach. 
Spoth, -te, -spoth, a.v. geld, castrate. 
Spothadair, -ean, m. a gelder; spothadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Spraic, -e, -ean, f. a frown, a mandate, a reproof. 
Spraicealachd, f. imperiousness, frowning. 
Spraiceil. -e, a. imperious, harsh, severe. 
Sprèadh, or spriadh, n.v. burst, sound. 
Spreadhadh, -aidh, m. bursting, activity, life, noise. 
Spreangan, -ain, -an, m. a stick pat in wounds of 

bled cattle. 
Sprèidh, -e, f. cattle of all kinds ; a. sprèidheach. 
Spreig, -te, -eadh, a.v. enforce with words, speak 

Spreigealachd, f. boldness in words; a. spreigeil. 
Spreòchan, -ain, f. weak exertions, pithlessness. 
Spreòchantachd, f. weak efforts ; a. spreòchanta, 
Spreòd, -te, -adh, a.v. goad on, excite. 
Spreòdadh, -aidh, m. exciting ; a. spreòdach. 
Spreòd, -eoid, -an, m. a bow-sprit of a ship. 
Sprochd, m. sadness ; a. sprochdail, sprochdach. 
Sprochdalachd. f. dejection of mind. 
Sprogan, -ain, m. a dewlap, a crop of a bird. 
Sproganach, a. having dewlaps or crops. 
Sprutban, rather sprothan, -ain, -an, m. brush- 
Sprùilleacb, -ich, m. offals, fragments. [wood. 

Spruiseaiachd, f. spruceness ; a. spruiseil. 
Spuao, -te, -adh, a.v. strike, thump; spuaic. 
Spuaic, -e, -ean, f. the crown of the head, a wound 

or pustule. 
Spùill, -te, -eadh, a.v. rob, plunder. 
Spùilleadb, idh, m. robbing, plundering; a. spùill- 


SPU — STA. 361 

Spùinn, -te, -eadh, a.v. rob ; faic spùill. 
Spùinneadair, -eaD, m. a robber; spuineadaireachd, 

bis habit. 
Spùinneadb, -eidh, m. plundering; a. spùinneach. 
Spùt, -a, -an, m. a spout, a flux ; a. spùtach. 
Spùtachan, -ain, -an, m. a syringe, a squirt. 
Spùt, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v, spout, squirt. 
Spùtan, -ain, -an, m. a small spout or squirt ; a. 

Stà, or stàtb, m. good, profit ; a. stàthail. 
Stàbull, -Hill, -an, m. a stable ; a. stàbullach. 
Stac, -aic, -a, pi. -an, -annan, a steep bill, a preci- 
pice ; a. stacacb. 
Stacan, -ain, -an, m. a little steep hill ; a. hinder- 

Stad, -a, -an, m. a stop, a delay, a pause ; a. stad- 

Stad, -te, stad, a.v. and n.v. stop, cease, cause to 

Stadachd, f. stopping, hesitation, delay, hindrance 
Stadh, -a, -an, -annan, a stay, a certain rope of a 

Stadb, -adh, n.v. stretch, rax, extend. 
Stadhadh, -aidh, m. raxing ; a. stadbach. 
Staid, -e, -ean, f. state, condition, situation. 
Stàdalachd, f. stateliness ; a. stàdail. 
Staidbre, -dhreach, -dhrichean, f. a stair ; a. 

Stail, -e, -ean, f. a still, a whisky pot ; a, staileach 
Stailc, -eadb, a.v. and n.v. stamp, trample, knock 
Stailc, -e, -ean, f. pride, a thump'; a. stailceach. 
Stailceadh, -idh, m. stamping. 
Stàilinn, f. steel ; a. stàilinneacb. 
Stàng, -àing, -an, -àingean, f. a ditcb, a prickle. 

362 STA — STA. 

Stàngach, or stàingeach, a. fall of ditches, or 

Stàngaicb, -te, -achadh, a. v. make ditches, prickle. 
Staire, -ean, m. stepping stones ; a. staireach, 
Stàirn, or stàirneach, f. rumbling, as of stones. 
Stairsneacb, -ich, -ean, f. a threshold, an obstacle. 
Stalan, -ain, -an, m. a stallion; a. stalanach. 
Stalcair, -ean, m. a dresser of hooks, a stiff walker. 
Stalcaireachd, f. dressing hooks; a hobbling walking. 
Stalcantachd, f. firmness ; a. stalcanta. 
Stalla, -achan, m. a sea rock ; a, stallach. 
Stamag, -aig, -an, f. stomach ; a. stamagach. 
Stamh, -aimh, pi. staimh, a large sea tangle. 
Stàmhnaich, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. tame, settle. 
Stamhoadbj -aidb, m. taming, breaking a horse. 
Stamp, -te, -adb, a. v. stamp, trample. 
Stann, -a, -an, f. a large vat ; a. stannach. 
Stannart, -airt, -an, a standard, a gage ; a. stann- 

Staoig, -e, -ean, f. a piece of flesh ; a. staoigeach. 
Staoin, -e, f. pewter ; a. staoineaeb. 
JStaon, -te, -adb, a, v. make awry, bend. 
Stapag, -aig, -an, f. a coarse mixture of meal and 

Stàplaich, -e, f. harsh noise ; a. sfàpìaineach- 
Stapull, -uill, -an, m. a stable, a bolt. 
Starbhanacb, -aich, m. a robust fellow ; a. also. 
Starrf hiacail, a tusk, a gag-tooth ; a. starrf hiaclacb. 
Starradh, -aidh, m. a sudden motion, a start, a 

Starrsbuileach, a. having distorted eyes. 
jStàta, -an, m. a nobleman; stàtai, statàlachd, his 

Stàthor j -oire, a. useful ; stàtbail. 

STE — STI. 363 

Steacb, or a steach, adv. in, within. (Teach.) 
Steafag, -aig, -an, f. a cane, a small staff; a. steaf- 

Steall, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. spout, pour out. 
Steall, still, m. a spout, a cataract, heavy rain. 
Stealladair, -ean, m. a squirt or syringe, a squirter. 
Stealladadaireachd, f. squirting. 
Steall ag, -aig, -an, f. a little spout ; a. steallagach. 
Steallair, -ean, ra. one that squirts, a squirt. 
Steic-bràghad, -aid, f. the wind-pipe, weasend. 
Stèidh, -e, -ean, f. a basis, a foundation ; a. stèidheil. 
Stèidhealachd, f. solidity ; a. stèidheach. 
Stèidhieh, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. found, settle. 
Stèidhichte, a. founded, settled, steady. 
Steòc, -a, m. one standing upright, an idler. 
Steocach, -aiche, a. upright, standing. 
Steòrn, -te, -adh, a.v. guide, direct. 
Steud, -a, -an, f. a race, a steed, a wave ; a. steud- 

Steud, -adh, n.v. run a race, run. 
Steudsthruth, -a, -an, m. a rapid stream ; a. steud- 

Steudag, -aig, -an, f. a tidy girl ; a. steudagach. 
Stiall, -te, -adh, a.v. streak, tear, mark with stripes. 
Stiall, -eil, -an, f. a streak ; a. stiallach. 
Stiallag, -aig, -an, f. a small streak ; a. stiallagach. 
Stiallaire, -ean, m. any large thing, a big man. 
Stic, -e, -ean, m. pain, a stich, (Scot.) a. sticeach. 
Sticil, -te, -eadh, a.v. cram, stuff. 
Stidein, m. a cat, the word by which a cat is called, 
Stig, -e, -ean, m. a sneaking feeble fellow ; a. stig« 

Stigearachd, f. sneaking, skulking. 
Stigh, or a stigh, adv. in, within. 

364 sTi — sto. 

Stìnleag, -eig, -ean, f. a hinge of a lock ; stèileag. 
Stìopull, -uill, -an, m. a steeple; a. stiopullacb. 
Stiocacb, -aiche, a. crippled, limping, weak. 
Stiocaire, -ean, a cripple, a feeble man ; stiocair- 

eacbd, his fault. 
Stiog, -adh, n.v. crouch, lie close to the ground. 
Stiom, -a, -an, -annan, f. a hair lace, a coarse rib- 
bon ; a. stiomach. 
Stiomag, -aig, -an, f. a small head band ; a. stioin- 

Stiorap, -aip, -an, m. a stirrup ; a. stiorabach. 
Sfiorlag, -aig, -an, a thin worn rag ; a. stiorlagach. 
Stiorlan, -ain, -an, m. a slender tall person ; f. 

Stipein, -ean, m. a stipend ; a. stipeineaeh, 
Stiùbhart, -airt, an, m. a steward, an overseer. 
Stiup, -a, -an, m. a long tail or train ; a. stiupach. 
Stiùr, -te, -adh, a. v. steer, guide, direct. 
Stiuir, stùiracb, -e, -ean, -ichean, f. a rudder; a. 

Stiùradair, -ean, m. a steersman, stiùradaireachd, 

his office. 
Stiuradh, -aidh, m. steering, guiding ; a. stiùrach. 
Stob, -ta, -adh, a. v. thrust, stab, drive into the 

Stob, -uib, -an, -uib, m. a prickle, a stake ; a. stob- 

Stobadh, -aidh, m. thrusting, stabbing. 
Stoban, -ain, -an, a little prickle ; a. stobanach, 
Stobanach, -aich, m. a little tall boy. 
Stòbh, -òibh, -an, m. a stove ; a. stòbhach. 
Stòbh, -te, -adh, a.v. stove or stew. 
Stoc, -uic, -an, -uic, m. a stock, a trumpet, a race, 


STO — STR. 365 

Stocach, -aiche, a. full of trunks, rich, sounding. 
Stocaicb, -te, adh, a. v. stock a farm, become rich. 
Stocain, -e, -ean, m. a stocking, a hose ; a. stocain- 

Stocair, -ean, m. a trumpeter ; stocaireachd, his 

Stòirm, -e, -ean, -eannan, f. a storm ; a. stòirmeil. 
Stòirmealachd, f. storminess. 
Stòl, -te, -adb, a. v. and n.v. calm, settle. 
Stòladh, -aidh, m. settling ; a. stolta. 
StòltacbdV f. sedateness, quietness. 
Stop, -ùib, -òib, -on, m. a stoup, or bucket ; a. 

Stop, -te, -adh, a. v. stop, close up. 
Stòpan, -ain, -an, m. a small stoup ; a. stòpanach. 
Stòr, -òir, m. store ; stòras ; a. storach, stòrasach. 
Storrfhiacail, m. a gag tooth ; a. storrfhiaclach. 
Stoth, -te, -adh, a. v. strike off short stalks of corn, 

lop off. 
Stràbh, -àibh, -an, f. a straw ; a, stràbhach, srabh, 

StràbhagjOr stràbhan,a little straw; a. stràbhagach. 
Strac, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. tear, rend. 
Stracadh, -aidh, -aichean, m. a rent; a. stracach. 
Stracair, or stracadair, -ean, m. a tearer ; stracad- 

aireachd, his office. 
Strad, -adh, n.v. sparkle, emit sparks. 
Strad, -aid, -an, a spark of fire; a. stradach. 
Stradag, -aig, -an, f. a little spark; a. etradag- 

Straibhlean, -ein, -ean, m. a small straw; a. straibh- 

1 ean ach. 
Stràid, -e, -ean, f. a street ; stràideach. 
Stràideag, -eig, -an, a little street ; a. stràideagach. 

366 STR — STR. 

Stràideachd, f. walking, or sauntering; stràideis. 

Stràidear, -ean, m. a saunterer, a lounger. 

Strann, -a, -ainn, -an, f. a snore, a sound ; a. 

Strann, -adh, n.v. snore, snort, sound. 

Strannadh, -aidh, m. snoring ; a. strannail, strann- 

Strannan, -ain, -an, m. a rattle; dim. strannachan. 

Strannraicb, f. snorting, rattling. 

Straon, -adh, n.v. slip, stumble. 

Straonadh, -aidh, m. a slip, a digression, a long 

Strath, -a, -an, an inhabited valley ; a. strathach. 

Strathan, -ain, -an, m, a little glen ; a. strathan- 

Stràbhaig, -te, -eadh, a.v. lay straw on a kiln to 
dry corn. 

Stràc, -te, -adh, a.v. strike, strike off to the brim 
of a vessel. 

Stràc, -àic, -an, a ruler for measuring, as corn or 
meal, a blow, a mower's whetting stone. 

Stràic, or stràicealachd, f. pride ; a. stràiceil. 

Straoighleacb, -ich, f. fit of intoxication. 

Straoighlich, -e, f. great noise or bustle. 

Strailleadh, -idh, -ean, m. a loud knock or blow. 

Streap, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. climb, strive against. 

Stream, -adh, n.v. become wrinkled. 

Streang, -eing, -an, f. a string, a cord; a. strreang- 

"Streangag, -aig, -an, f. a small string ; a. streang- 

Streangaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. tie, string. 

Streathaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. put in rows, ar- 

STR — STR. 367 

Streatb, -a, -an, f. a row, a series; a. streathach. 
Streothart, -airt, -an, m. sneeze ; a. streothart- 

Streotbartaich, -e, f. sneezing. 
Streup, -èip, m. strife, contention ; a. streupach. 
Streupag, -aig, -an, f. a squabble ; streupaid. 
Stri, m. great exertion or struggle. 
Strìan, strèine, -an, strèinean, f. a bridle, a strip. 
Strian, -te, -adh, a. v. bridle, curb, govern, 
Strianacb, a. having bridles, or streaks. 
Strideag, -eig, -an, f. a plash of water ; a. strideag- 

Striocb, -te, -adh, a.v. draw lines, delineate. 
Strioch, -a, -an, f. a streak, a line ; a. striochach. 
Striochd, -te, adh, a.v. and n.v. cause to yield, yield. 
Strioehdadb, -aidh, f. yielding, submitting; a. 

Striopach, -aich, -ean, f. a strumpet; a. striopachail. 
Striopacbas, -ais, -an, f. fornication, whoredom. 
Stritheil, -e, a. contentious, quarrelsome. 
Striut, -iuit, m. a torrent of words ; dim. striutan. 
Stròdh, -òìdh, -ùidh, m. prodigality; a. stròdhail, 

Striutaiche, -ean, m. a quick rehearser; a. striut- 

Stròic, -te, -eadh, a.v. tear, tear asunder. 
Stròiueis, -e, f. smelling, snorting; a. stròineiseach. 
Stròl, -oil, -an, silk, gauze ; a. stròlach. 
Stròn, -òine, -òintean, f. a nose; a. strònach. 
Strònagaich, -e, f. smelling, scenting, as a dog. 
Strùb, or strùbail, -adh, -ladb, n.v. drink with 

Strub, -uib, -an, m. a spout, as of a kettle. 
Strùbadh, -aidh, m. drinking with a noise. 

368 . STR — STU. 

Strùbag, -aig, -an, a small draught, a mouthful. 

Strubair, -ean, m. a sucker ; strùbaireachd, his of- 

Strùban, -ain, pi. -ain, m. a sort of cock, a spout. 

Strùbladh, -aidh, m. faic strùbadh. 

Struidh, -te, -eadb, a. v. squander; rather straoidb, 
' -te, straoidheadh. 

Struidh,m. squandering, rather straoidb; a. straoidh- 

Struidhear, rather straoidhear, -ean, m. a prodigal. 

Struidhealachd, rather 6traoidhealachd, f. prodi- 

Struidheasach, rather straoidheasach, a. prodigal. 

Strulach, -aich, m. a small brook. 

Struth, -a, -uith, pi. -an, -uithean, m. a stream. 

Struthach, struthail, a. full of streams or rivers. 

Struthan ; -ain, -an, m. a small stream ; a. struath- 

Struthchlais, -e, -ean, f. a channel. 

Struth, -adh, n.v. flow, run. 

Struthail, struithlte, -ladh, a.v. rinse with water. 

Struthlag, -aig, -an, f. a small brook. 

Struth, -a, -an, f. an ostrich. 

Stuadh, -uaidh, -an, -annan, f. a wave, a gable ; a. 

Stuaim, -e, f. temperance, modesty ; a. stuama. 

Stuamachd, f. temperance, modesty. 

Stuamag, -aig, -en, f. a modest woman. 

Stùc, or stiiic, -an, -annan, a projecting little hill. 

Stùcach, -aiche, a. jutting, looking sideways. 

Stùcair, -ean, m. a surly man; stùcaireachd, sur- 

Stùcan, -ain, an ; m. a little jutting hill ; a. stùcan- 

stu— sua. 369 

Stùiceag, -eig, -an, f. a surly woman. 

Stuig, -te, -eadh, a. v. incite, spur on, as dogs. 

Stùird, or stùirdean, m. a vertigo, a disease in 

Stuirt, e, f. anger, sulkiness ; a. stuirteil. 
Stùr, -ùir, m. dust; a. stùracb. 
Stùrr, -a, -an, f. a rock, a hill, a pinnacle, a. stùrr- 

Stùrrag, -aig, -an, f. a little hill or turret ; a. stùrr- 

Sturraic, -e, ean, f. a head or cap turned to one side. 
Stuth, -uith, -ean > an, m. matter, stuff, a sort of 

Stuthaig, -te, -eadh, a.v. stiffen, dress with starch. 
JSuaieheantas, -ais, -an, m. a standard; a. suaich- 

Suaimhneas, -eis, or soighneas, m. repose, rest ; a. 

Suain, -e, profound sleep, Sweden ; a. suaineach. 
Suain, -te, -adh, a.v. wreathe, twist. 
Suaineadh, -idh, m. wrapping, twisting. 
Suainein, -ean, m. an envelope; a. suaineineach. 
Suaip, -e, -ean, f. a resemblance, a barter ; a. suaip- 

Suairc, -e,-ead,a. polite, affable, kind ; s. suairceas. 
Suanach, -aich, -ean, f. a covering, a fleece, a hide, 

a skin. 
Suarach, -aiche, -ead, a. trifling, mean, insignifi- 
Suarachas, -ais, m. contempt, indifference; suair 
Suas, shuas, adv. up, upward. [aiche, 

p Suath, -te, -adh, a.v. rub, wipe, mix. 
Suathadair, -ean, m. a rubber; suathadaireachd 3 


370 sua — sui, 

Suatbadb,-aidh, m. rubbing, affliction; a. suathach. 

Sùbailteachd, f. suppleness; a. sùbailte. 

Subh, -uibh, -an, m. a berry; a. suibheach. 

Subhachas, -ais, m. mirth, joy ; a. subhach. 

Subhailc, -e, -ean, f. virtue ; a. subhailceach. 

Subhailcead, f. virtuousness. 

Sùblaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. grow or make 

Suchte, a. absorbed, filled, saturated, overset. 
Sud, or an sud, pron. demons, yon, that there. 
Sùdh, -ùidh, -an, m. the seams of planks in a boat. 
Sùg,-a, -an, m. mirth, hilarity; a. sùgach, sùgaiche. 
Sùg, -te, -adh, a. v. suck, imbibe. 
Sùgag, -aig, -an, f. a little suck or drink. 
Sùgaire, -ean, m. a merry fellow; sùgaireachd, his 

Sùgan, -ain, -an, m. a straw rope ; a. sùganach. 
Sùgh, ùigh, m. juice, sap, a billow ; a. sùghail. 
Sùgadh, -aidh, -ean, sucking; a. sùgacb. 
Sùghan, -ain, -an, m. sowens. 
Sùghorachd, f. juiciness; a. sùghor. 
Sùghadh, -aidh, m. sucking, suction ; a. sùgbach. 
Sùgradh, -aidh, m ; diversion, play ; a. sùgrach. 
Suibheag, -eig, -an, f. a raspberry ; a. suibheagach. 
Suicein, -ean, m. a gag to prevent calves from 

Suidh, -te, -e, a.v. sit, sit upon eggs. 
Suidhe, m. sitting. 
Suidhe, -eachan, in. a couple of a house ; maide- 

Suidheachan, -ain, -an, m. a seat; suidheagan. 
Suidhich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. settle, set, plan, plant. 
Suidhichdeachd, f. steadiness; suidheachas. 
Suigeart, -eirt ; -an, m. a fit of joy; a. suigeartaeh. 


sui — sum. 371 

Sùil, -ùil, -ùla, -ùilean, f. an eye; a. sùileach, 

Sùilbheum, -a, -an, m. hurt of an evil eye; beumsùl. 

Suilbhireaehd, f. civility, frankness ; a. suilbhir- 
each, suilbhir. 

Suil-chruthaich, -e, f. a quagmire. 

Sùileag, -eig, -an, f. a little eye ; a. sùileagach. 

Sùìlmhala-rìgh, m. a cockatrice. 

Suim, -e, -eannan, f. care, regard, a sum ; a. suim- 

Suimealachd, f. care, attention, regard. 

Suipeir, -rach, -e, -an, supper ; a. suipeireach. 

Suirdhe, f, courting, courtship ; a. suirdheach. 

Suirdheach, -ich, -ean, m. one that courts, a lover. 

Sùist, -e, -ean, f. a flail ; a. sùisteach. 

Sùist, -te, -eadh, a.v. thrash, beat, thump. 

Sùistear, -ean, m. a thrasher ; a. sùìstearachd, his 

Suith, -e, m. soot ; a. suitheach. 

Sùlaire, -ean, m. a gannet ; a. sùlaireach, sharp- 

Suit, -uilt, m. fat, blubber ; a. 6ultor. 

Sultorachd, f. fatness. 

Sumag, -aig, -an, f. the cloth or rag under pack- 

Sumaid, (or sumag) -e, -ean, f. a billow ; a. eum- 

Sumain, -te, -anadh, a.v. summon, prosecute. 

Sumainn, -e, -ean, f. a surge ; a. sumainneach. 

Sùtnhail, or sòmhail, -e, a. close packed, tidy. 

Sùmlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. condensate ; sòmh- 

Sumhlachd, f. condensation, packiDg close ; sòmh- 

372 SUN TAC. 

Sunnt, m. good humour, joy, cheerfulness ; a. 

Sùrdag, -aig, -an, f. a leap, a hound ; a. sùrdagach. 
Sùrdalachd, f. activity, fervour ; a. sùrdail. 
Susbun, -uin, -an, m. substance ; a. susbunach. 
Suthainneachdy f. eternity ; a. suthainn. 


T, the sixteenth letter of the Gaelic alphabet. 

T, euphonic, is placed before a vowel and s, as fol- 
lows. An t-uan, the lamb ; an t-àite, the place. 
An t-shlighe, the road ; an t-sluaigh, of the 
people. An t-saighead, the arrow ; airson an 
t-soisgeil, for the gospel. 

T, contra, for the possess, pron. do ; t'-athair, your 

Ta, or tlia, pies. ind. v. irreg. is ; ta mi so, I am 

Tàbar, -air, -ean, m. a tabour or timbrel ; a. tà- 

Tabh, -aibh, m. the ocean ; tàbh, -àibh, a spoon- 

Tàbhachd, f. solidity, firmness ; a. tàbhachdach. 

Tabhair, rather thoir, irreg. v. give ; faic thoir. 

Tabhull, -uill, -an, m. a sling to cast stones. 

Tabhunn, -uinn, m. constant barking ; a. tabhun- 

Tabhunnuich, -e, f. barking, or baying of dogs. 

Tacaid, -e, -ean, f. a tack or peg, pain ; a. tacaid- 

TAC— TAI, 373 

Tacar, -air, -an, m. provision, produce ; a. taca- 

Tacan, -ain, -an, m. a little while. 
Tachair, tachairt, n.v. meet, happen. 
Tachais, -te, tacbas, a.v. scratch, scrape. 
Tàchran, -ain, -an, m. a sprite, a ghost ; a. tàch- 

Tachas, -ais, -an, m. the itch ; a. tachasaeh. 
Tachd, -te, -adh, a.v. choke, strangle. 
Tachdadh, -aidh, m. choking ; a. tachd ach. 
Tachrais, -te, -ras, a.v. wind yarn. 
Tagair, -te, -radh, a.v. and n.v. crave, plead, 

Tacsa, m. support, solidity, substance. 
Tagartas, -ais, -an, m. a claim ; a. tagartach. 
Tagarach, -aich, -aichean, m. a pleader, tagarachd, 

his office. 
Tagh. -te, -adh, a.v. choose, elect, pick, select. 
Taghadair, -ean, m. a chooser; taghadaireachd, 

his office. 
Taghadh, -aidh, m. choosing ; a. taghach. 
Taghaire, -ean, m. an augur ; taghaireachd, his 

Taghan, -ain, -an, m. a martin ; a. taghanach, 

Taibhs, or taibhse, -e. -ean, f. a shade of a departed 

Taibhsear, -ean, m. one that hath the second 
Taibhsearachd, f. the second sight. [sight. 

Taibse, f. propriety of speech; taibseachd, eloquence. 
Taic, -e, f. a prop, vigour ; taiceachd ; a, taiceil. 
Taicealachd, f. solidity ; taiceadh. 
Taic, -te, -eadh, a.v. support. 
Taid, contr. for ta iad. 

374 TAI — TAI. 

Taighe or toighe, f. care, attention ; a. toigheacb, 

Taimheam, -eim, f. meaning, import. 
Taididh, interj. father, an expression of children. 
Taifeid. -e, -ean, f. a bow string, an arrow ; a. 

Taigeis, -e, -ean, f. a haggis, a big bellied man ; a. 

Tailc. -e, -ean, f. firmness, substance ; a. tailceach, 

Tailceanaeb, -aich, m. a stout man ; a. stout. 
Tailceis, m. contempt, scorn ; a. tailceiseach. 
Taileabart, -airt, -an,m. a balbert; a. taileabartacb. 
Tàileasg, -eisg, -an, m. backgammon, or chess. 
Tàillear, -ean, m. a tailor ; tàilearachd, his trade. 
Tailm, or tailmrich, f. noise, bustle. 
Tailp, -e, -ean, f. a piece, a bunch ; a. tailpeach. 
Taim, contr. for ta mi. 
Tàineul, -oil, -an, m. a swoon, a trance; a. 

Tàin, -e, f. cattle, goods ; a. tàineach. 
Tàing, -e, f. thanks ; a. tàingeil. 
Tàingealas, -ais, f. thankfulness ; tàinealachrl. 
Taip, -e, -eau, f. a piece, a lump ; a. taipeach, 
Tàir, -e, f. contempt, disgrace ; a. tàireil. 
Tairbeart, -eirt, -an, f. a peninsula; a. tairbeart- 

Tairbhe, f. profit, advantage ; a. tarbhacb. 
Tàirealachd, f. contemptibility. 
Tairg, -te, -se, -sinn, -eadli, a. v. offer, propose. 
Tairgse, -eachan, f. an offer ; a. tairgseach. 
Tairis, -e, -ead, a. soft, tender, kind; a. tairiseacb. 
Tairiseachd, f. tenderness, kindness. 
Tairisgein, rather toirsgein, f. a peat-spade. 

TAI — TAM. 375 

Tàirneanacb, -aicb, m. thunder; tàirneacb. 
Tàirng, -te, -eadh, a. v. nail, fasten with nails. 
Tais, -e, -ead, a. soft, blunt, timid. 
Taisbein, -te, -adh, show, manifest, reveal. 
Taisbeanadh, -aidh, m. a revelation, a vision. 
Taisbeanach, a. showing, revealing ; taisbeanta. 
Taisdeal, -eil, -an, a journey, a pilgrimage. 
Taisdealach, -aich ; m. a pilgrim ; taisgealachd, pil- 
Taisich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. soften, grow 

Taise, f. softness, moisture; taiseachd, taisealachd. 
Taisg, -te, -eadh, a.v. lay by, deposit. 
Taisg, -e, -ean, f. any thing laid up ; tigh-taisg, a 

Taisgealach, -aich, m. a reporter, a discoverer. 
Taisgealadb, -aidh, m. a report, a discovery. 
Taite, or taiteadh, m. a glimpse, a peep. 
Taitinn, -te, -eadh, -neachduinn, -inn, a.v. and n.v. 

Taitneachdoinn, -e, f. pleasing. 
Taitneas, -eis, -an, m. pleasure, delight ; a. tait- 

Tàl, -àil, -an, m. a cooper's adze; a. tàlach. 
Talaich, talacb, a.v and n.v. complain, murmur. 
Talachair, -ean, m. a complainer; talach, his office, 
Tàlaidh, -te, -adh, a.v. entice, allure. 
Talamh, -mhuinn, -uinnean, m. the earth ; a. tal- 

Tàlann, -ain, -an, -ainnean, m. a talent, a gift. 
Tàlfuinn, -e, -ean, m. a hoe. 
Talla, -achan, m. a hall ; a. tallach. 
Tàmailt, -e, -ean, m. an insult, an offence ; a. tà- 


376 TAM — TAO. 

Tàmh, tàmh, n.v. stay, dwell, rest, give over. 

Tàmhach, or tàmhaiche, m. a dweller. 

Tàmhachadh, -aidh, m. dwelling; tàmh, tàmhachd. 

Tàmhaich, -achadh, n.v, rest, dwell. 

Tàmhanachd, f. idleness, slugishness. 

Tamhasg, -aisg, -an, m. a blockhead ; a. tamhasg- 

Tamull, -lull, -an, m, a while, a space of time. 

Tana, -aine, -ead, a. thin, slender ; s. tanachd. 

Tanaicb, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v make thin, be- 
come thin. 

Tanalach, -aich, m. a shallow. 

Tancard, m. a tankard. (Eng. word.) 

Tannas, -ais, m. a ghost ; tannasg ; a. tannasgach. 

Taobhj -aoibh, -an, m. a side, a way, a liking. 

Taobh, -adh, n.v. side with, join, be partial, come 

Taobhaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. secure an- 
other's kindness or favour. 

Taobhachd, or taobhadh, -aidh, m. siding with, 

Taobhan, -ain, -an, m. a rafter; a. taobhanach. 

Taobhretb, -e, -ean, in. partiality ; a. taobhreth- 

Taobhcheum, -eim, -an, m. a digression. 

Taod, -aoid, -an, m. a halter, a rope ; a. taodach. 

Taodan, -ain, -an, m. a little halter ; a. taodanach. 

Taoghail, -al, a.v. and n.v. visit, frequent, touch 

Taoghal, -ail, an, m. visiting, a goal; a. taoghlach. 

Taoim, -e, f. bilge water in a ship ; a. taoimeach. 

Taois, -e, taosa, f. dough, or leaven ; taoisnich. 

Taoiseadair, -ean ; m. a baker; taoiseadaireachd, 
his trade. 

TAO — TAR. 377 

Taosinn, -te, -neadh, a. v. knead, leaven; taoisnich. 
Taoisueadh, or taoisneachadh, in. kneading. 
Tàinistear, -ean, m. an heir ; tàinistearachd, his 

Taoitear, -ean, m. a tutor; taoitearachd, his office. 
Taom, -a, -annan, f. a plash of water, a fit ; a 

Taom, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. pour out, empty ; 

Taomadh, -aidh, m. pouring out, emptying ; a. 

Taomair, -ean, m. a pump; taomaireachd, pumping. 
Taoman, -ain, -an, m. a vessel for putting out bilge 

Taosg, -a, -an, a good quantity of water in a vessel. 
Taosg, -te, -adh, a.v. pour out, pump, drain. 
Taosgadh, -aidh, m. pouring out; a. taosgach. 
Taosgair, -ean, m. one who pumps; taosgaireachd, 

his office. 
Tapan, -ain, -an, m. tow or wool on the distaff; 

a. tabanach. 
Tapadh, -aidh, m. cleverness ; tapachd. 
Tapag, -aig, a slip of a word. 
Tapaidh, or tapanta, a. clever, quick, active. 
Tàr, -te, -adh, get to, gain, obtain. 
Tarbh, -airbh, pi. -airbh, m. a bull ; a. tarbhach, 

Tarbhachd, f. profit, gain, advantage ; a. tarbhach. 
Tarbhaich, -te, -achadh y a.v. and n.v. profit, increase. 
Tarbh -nathrach, m. a dragon fly. 
Tarbhan, -ain, -an, m. a. little bull ; a. tarbhanach. 
Tarcuis, -e, -ean, f. contempt, reproach; a. tarcuis- 

each. [each. 

Targaid, -e, -ean, f. a target, a shield ; a. targaid- 

378 TAR — TE. 

Tàrladh, 3d pers. sing, and pi. of the imper. and 
pret. subj. of v. def. ; tàrladh, let him, her, it, 01 
them happen ; fut tàrlaidh, will happen. 

Tàrmachan, -ain, -an, m. the bird ptarmigan. 

Tàrmaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. originate, 

Tàrmus, -uis, m. dislike, as of food ; a. tarmusacb, 

Tàrr, -a, -ann, f. the lower part of the belly. 

Tarraeh, -aich, f. the girth of a pack saddle. 

Tàrrgheal, -ile, a. white-bellied ; tàrrf hionn. 

Tarruing, -àrngte, -uing, a.v. and n.v. draw, pull, 

Tarruing, -àirnge, -àirngean, f. drawing, haul- 

Tàirngeacb, -eiche, a. drawing, pulling. 

Tarsnan, -ain, -an, m. a cross beam or stick. 

Tarsuinn, -e, a. transverse, cross, oblique, adv. also, 

Tarsunnanachd, or tarsuinneachd, f. crossness. 

Tart, -airt, m. thirst, drought ; a. tartach. 

Tartorachd, f. thirst, drought; a. tartor. 

Tartar, -air, -an, m. noise, bustle; a. tartarach. 

Tartarachd, f. noisiness, bustle. 

Tarung, -ainge, -àirngean, f. a nail; a. tàirngeacb. 

Tàsan, -ain, -an, m. wrangling ; a. tàsanach. 

Tàsanachd, or tàsanich, f. wrangling. 

Tasdan, -ain, -an, f. a shilling; a. tasdanach. 

Tàsg, -àisg, -an, m. a ghost, an apparition. 

Tasgaidh, -e, -ean, f. a deposit, any thing laid up. 

Tàth, -te, -adh, a.v. cement, glue, solder. 

Tàthadh,-aidb, m. cementing, soldering; a. tàthacb, 

Tà, or tàth, m. pith, strength ; lionn-tà, energy. 

Tathach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a guest, a visitor. 

Tathaich, -te, tathaich, a.v. visit often, frequent. 

Tathaiche, -ean, m. a frequent visitor. 

Tè, f. a woman. 

TEA — TEA. 379 

Teach, m. a house. 

Teachd, rather tiochd, m. coming, arrival. 

Teachd-amach, rather tiochd-araach, m, product. 

Teachd-astigh, rather tiochd-astigh, f. income. 

Teachd-antir, rather tiochd-antir, livelihood. 

Teachdaire, -ean, m. a messenger; teachdaireachd, 
his office. 

Teachdaireachd, f. a message, an embassy. 

Teadalachd, f. sickliness, craziness ; a, teadalach. 

Teadhair, -dhrach, -dhraichean, f. a tether, a rope. 

Teadhraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. tether, tie. 

Teagaisg, »te, -asg, a.v. preach, teach, instruct. 

Teagamh, -aimh, -an, m. doubt ; a. teagamhach. 

Teagasg, -aisg, -an, m. preaching, instructing. 

Teagasgair, -ean, m. a preacher, an instructor. 

Teaghlach, -aich, -aichean, m. a family or house- 

Teallach, -aich, -aichean, m. a hearth, a smith's 

Teamachd, f, expertness, skillfulness ; a. teama. 

Teampull, -uill, -an, m. a temple; a. teambullach. 

Teanchar, -air, -ean, m. smith's tongs. 

Teanga, -an, -annan, f. a tongue ; teanga, -aidh. 

Teangair, -ean, m. a linguist; teangaireachd, his 

Teann, -einne, a. strait, tense, rigid. 

Teann, -adh, a.v. and n.v. begin, fall to, go, come. 

Teann ! teann ! interj. hold ! hold I 

Teannaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. straiten, squeeze. 

Teannair, -e, -ean, m. an instrument for squeezing. 

Teannas, -ais, -an, m. austerity; a. teannasach^ 

Teannshath, -aith, -an, f. a full meal. 

Tearb, -te, -adh, a,v. separate, sever, divide, 

380 TEA — TEI. 

Tearbadh, -aidh, m. separating, as sheep. 

Tearc, teirce, teircead, a. bare, scarce, few. 

Tearcad, or teircead, -id, m. fewness. 

Tearc-eun, -eoin, f. a phenix. 

Tearmunn, or tiarmunn, -uinn, m. refuge, proteo- 

Tearmuinnte, or tiarmuinnte, a. protecting, [tion. 

Tearuinn, or tiaruinn, -te, -nadh, a.v. save, protect. 

Tearnadh, or tiarnadh, -aidh, m. escape, safety. 

Tearr, -a, f. tar. 

Tèarr, -te, -adh, a.v. tar, cover with tar. 

Tearuinnteachd, or tiaruinnteachd, f. safety, §e« 

Tearuinnte, or tiaruinnte, a. save, secure. 
Teas, m. heat ; a. teth. 
Teasach, »aich, -aichean, f. a fever. 
Teasaich,-te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. heat, grow hot. 
Teasairg, rather teasraig, -te, -raiginn, save, deliver. 
Teich, -eadh, n.v. flee, run off. 
Teine, -tean, m. a fire; a. teintidh. 
Teineachan, -ain, -an, m. a small fire. 
Teine-dè, m. a scorbutic appearance on the skin. 
Teinn, f. strait, distress. 
Teintein, -ean, m. a hearth; a. teinteineach. 
Teirce, f. fewness, rareness ; a. tearc, -eirce, -ead* 
Teirig, -eachduinn, n.v. fail, be exhausted or done. 
Teirinn, tearnadh, n.v. come down, descend. 
Teiris, interj. a dairymaid's cry to an unruly cow, 
Teirmeasg, -aisg, m. a mishap. 
Teirmeasgach, a. unfortunate. 
Tèis, -e, -ean, f. a musical air, a sound. 
Teismeid, -e, -ean, m. a last will, a testament. 
Teis-miadhon, -oin, f. the exact middle. 
Teist, -e, -ean, f. testimony, esteem ; a. teisteil. 
Teistealachd, f. character, reputation; teisteas. 

TEI — THO. 381 

Teisteanas, -ais, m. a certificate. 

Teò, -te, -teòthadh, a,v. and n.v. warm, grow 

warm; teothaicb. 
Teòthadh. -aidh, m. warming ; a. teòthaichte. 
Teo-chridheach, a. warm-hearted. 
Teth, teotha, teothad, a. hot, scalding. 
Teuchd, or tiachd, -adh, n.v. wither, dry up. 
Teuchdadh, -aidh, m, parching, withering ; tiachd- 

Teud, -èid, -an, m. a string of a fiddle, a rope ; a. 

Teugbhoil, -e, -ean, f. a battle ; a. teugbhoileach, 
Teum, -te, -adh, a. v. snatch quickly, bite, sting. 
Teum, -a, -an, f. a snatch, a bite ; a. teumach. 
Tha, pret. ind. of v. bi, am, art, is, are; faic bi. 
Thairis, prep. impr. over ; chaidh e tharis, he went 

Thall, or thallad, adv. on the other side, yonder. 
Thar, prep, over, across. 
Tharam, tharad ; thairis air, thairte, tharainn, thar- 

aibh, tharta. prep, thar, conjoined with the pers. 

pron. mi, over me, over thee, &c» 
Theab, -adh, -as, def. v. had almost, or had nearly. 
Theab mi do mharbhadh, I had almost killed you ; 

theabadh, or theabas do mharbhadh, thou wert 

nearly killed. 
Theagamh, adv. perhaps. 
Thig, tighinn, irreg. v. come; pret. thàinig, cha d' 

thàinig ; fut. thig, cha d'thig ; pret. interog. an 

d' thàinig, nach d' thàinig. 
Thoir, toirt, irreg. v. give ; pret. thug, cha d'thug, 

fut. bheir, cha toir. ; pret. neg. cha d'thug, in- 

terrog. an doir, nach d'thug ; neg. and interrog. 

nach toir, nach d'thug. Thoir, conjoined with 

382 THO — TIO. 

air, compel, or take away; thoir air, compel him, 

thoir uaitbe, take from him. 
Thu, 2d pers. sing. pron. thou ; emph. thusa. 
Thud ! thud ! interj. expressive of dislike. 
Ti, m. any rational being, he, him. 
Ti, m. intention, design ; a. titheach. 
Tigh, taighe, taighean, m. a house. 
Taigheadas, -ais, -an, m, house keeping. 
Tighearn, or tighearna, -an, m. a lord ; a. tighcar- 

Tighearnas, -ais, -an, m. lordship; tighearnalachd, 

Tilg, -te, -eadh, a. v. throw, cast, shoot, vomit. 
Tilgeadh, -idh, m. casting, vomiting, shooting. 
Tim, -e, -an, -annan, f. time; a. timeil. 
Timchioll, -oill, -an, m. a circuit; a. timcbiollach. 
Timchioll, prep, and adv. about, around. 
Timcbioll-ghearr, -te, -adh, a.v. circumcise, 
Timchioll-ghearradh, -aidh, m. circumcision. 
Timealachd, f. timeliness, time. 
Tinn, -e, -ead, a. sick, infirm ; s. tinneas; m. sick- 
Tinne, -ean, -eachan, f. a link of a chain, [ness. 
Tiodal, -ail, -an, m. a title. 
Tiodhlac, -aic, -aicean, m. a gift, a present. 
Tiodhlaic, -te, -lacadh, a.v. bestow a gift, bury. 
Tiolam, -aim, -an, m. a snatch to bite ; a. tiolam- 
Tiolp, -te, -adh, a. v. snatch, seize suddenly, [ach. 
Tiolpadh, -aidh, m. a snatch jtiolpadair, asnatcher. 
Tiom, -a, -ad, a. soft, tender, feeling; s. tiomachd. 
Tiomaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. soften, melt 

into tears. 
Tiomhachd, f. melancholy, gloom ; a. tiomhaidh. 
Tiomain, -te, -nadh, a.v. make a will, leave by will. 
Tiomnach, or tiomnadair, m. or f, a testator. 

TIO — TLA. 383 

Tiomnadh, -aidh, m. a will, a testament. 

An Seann-Tiomnadh, the Old Testament. 

An Tiomnadh-Nuadh, the New Testament. 

Tiompan, -ain, -an, m. a timbrel; a. tiompanach. 

Tionail, or teanail, -te, ~al, -adh, a. v. and n.v. 
gather, glean. 

Tional, or teanal,-ail,-an, m. a gathering, a glean- 

Tionndaidb, -te, -adh, a. v. and n.v. turn, convert, 

Tionnsgainn. -te, -gnadh, a. v. begin, invent, turn. 

Tionnsgainn, -e, f. a beginning, an element. 

Tionnsgal, -ail, -an, m. ingenuity, art; a. tionn- 

Tionnsgnadh, -aidh, m. a project, a device, a 

Tior, -te, -adh, a.v. dry, as corn, dry for the mill. 

Tioradh, -aidh, m. kiln-dried. 

Tioralachd, f. warmth, shelter; a. tiorail. 

Tioram, tiorma, tiormad, a. dry; s« tiormachd. 

Tiorc, rather teanac, -te, -adh, a.v. save from danger. 

Tiomraich, -te, -aehadh, a.v. dry, make dry. 

Tiomralachd, f. drought. 

Tiotadh, -aidh, -annan, m. a little while; also tiota, 
tiotan, tiot, 

Tir, -e, -ean, f. land, the land. 

Tirich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. colonize. 

Tiugainn, def. v. come, let us go, come away. 

Tiugh, tiutha, tighe, tiughad, tighead, a. thick. 

Tiughaich, -te, -aehadh, a. v. and n.v. thicken, grow 

Tlachd, f. pleasure, delight ; a. tlachdor. [thick. 

Tlachdorachd, f. pleasantness, handsomeness. 

Tlàm, -aim, -amannan, f. a handful of wool or flax. 

Tlàg, -ais, m. warmth, kindness; tlàitheachd. 

384 TLA. — TOI. 

Tlàm, -te, -adh, a. v. teaze, as wool. 

Tlàth, tlàithe, -ead, a. mild, tender, soft, gentle. 

Tlus, -uis, m. warmth, tenderness ; a. tlusail. 

Tlusalachd, f. tenderness, compassion, warmth. 

Tnù, or tnùth, m. envy, malice, avarice ; a. tnùthail. 

Tobar, -air, toibraichean, tobraichean, m. a well. 

Tobha, -achan, -aichean, f. a rope ; a. tobhach. 

Tobhartas, -ais, m. a gift, an offering. 

Tobhta, -achan, -aichean, f. a rower's bench ; a. 

Toenail, -te, -ladh, a.v. dig. [tobhtach. 

Tòchd, m- a disease of the eyes in cattle, bad smell. 

Togsaid, -e, -ean, f. a hogshead ; a. togsaideach. 

Tobhar, -air, -an, m. a manured field, dung, bleach- 

Tog, -te, -ail, a.v. lift, build, brew, rear, rouse. 

Togail, -galach, -galaichean, f. a lifting, faic tog. 

Togair, -airt, -radh, n.v. desire, seek (tog-aire.) 

Togradh, -aidh, -raichean, m. a desire, a wish; a. 

Toibbeum, -eim, -an,m. blasphemy ; a. toibheum- 

Toic, -e, f. gluttony, luxury, wealth ; a. toiceach^ 

Toighe, f. care, notice ; a. toigheach, beloved ; a. 

Toil, -e, -ean,f. will, inclination; a.toileach, toileil. 

Toilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. please, satisfy. 

Toileachadh, -aidh, m. pleasure, gratification, sa- 

Toileachas, -ais, m. contentment, satisfaction. 

Toil-inntinn, f. pleasure, gratification. 

Toill, -tinn, a.v. deserve, merit. 

Toillteanas, -ais, -an, m. desert ; a. toillteanach. 
Toimhseagan, -ain, -an, a riddle; a.toimhseaganach. 

TOI — TOL. 385 

Toinisg, -e, f. sense; a. toinisgeil, toinisgeacb. 

Tòinleagan, -ain, m. moving on the hams, as infants. 

Tòinleaganaieh, or tòinleagain, a.v. crawl on the 

Toinn, -te, -eamh, a.v. twine, twist. 

Toinntein, -ean, m. a thread; a. toinnteineach. 

Tòir, -e, -each, -ichean> f. a pursuit, inquiry. 

Toirbheart, -eirt, -ean, f, bounty; a. toirbheartach. 

Toirbheartas, -ais, m. bounty, munificence. 

Toircheas, -eis, -an, m. increase, rather torachas. 

Tòirleum, -adh, n.v. leap or jump mightily. 

Tòirleum, -an, -annan, m. a mighty leap; a. tòir- 

Tòirm, -e, -ean, f. noise, sound ; a. tòirmeach, 

Toirmeasg, -isg, m. a prohibition ; a. toirmisgte. 

Toirmisg, -te, -measg, a.v. prohibit, forbid. 

Toirrcheas, -eis, m. conception ; rather torrachas. 

Toirt, -e, f. respect, esteem, bulk ; a. toirteil. 

Toiseach, -ich, -ean, m. a beginning, the bow of a 

Toiseachadh, -aidh, m. a beginning or commence- 

Toisgeal, a. the left, wrong ; toisgealach, left- 

Tòisich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. begin, com- 

Toit, -te, -eadh, a.v. and n.v. smoke, boil quickly. 

Toit, -e, -ean. f. smoke, vapour; a. toiteach, toiteil. 

Toitein, -ean, m. a piece of flesh ; a. toiteineach. 

Tolg, tuilg, -an, m. a hollow; a. tolgach. 

Toll, -te, -adh, a.v. bore, perforate. 

Toll, -uill, pi. -uill, -an, m. a hole , a. tollach, 

R 5 


Tolladh, -aidh, m. boring. 

Tolladair, -ean, m. a borer ; tolladaireachd, his 

Tollan, -aiD, -an, m. a little bole ; a. tollanach. 
Tolladhubb, -uidh, -an, m. a prison, a jail. 
Toll-tora, -uill-tora, m. a wimble hole. 
Tolm, -uilm, -an, -annan, m. a hillock ; a. tolmach. 
Tom, -uim, -an, -uinn, -annan, m. a hillock, a bush, 

a little hill. 
Toman, -ain, -an, m. a little hillock ; tomanach, 

Tombaca, m. tobacco. 

Tomb, -te, -adh, a.v. offer, present, aim at. 
Tomhadh, -aidh, m. presenting, aiming at. 
Tomhais, -te, tomhas, a.v. measure, compute. 
Tomhas, -ais, toimhsean, m. a measure. 
Tomult, (or tomad) -uilt, -an, f. bulk, size ; a. 

Tòn, -òine, -a, -an, f. the fundament, the anus ; a. 

Tonn,tuinne, -a, -an, f. a wave or billow ; a. tonn- 
Tonnag, -aig, -an, f. a small plaid. [acb. 

Tonnluaisg, -te, lusgadh, n.v. rock to and fro. 
Tonnluasgadh, -aidh, m. tossing ; a. tonnluasgach. 
Topach, -aiche, a. having a top or tuft ; a. topach. 
Tora, -achan, -aichean, m. a wimble ; a. torach. 
Tòrachd, f. pursuit, inquiry ; tòireachd. 
Toradh, -aidh, -ean, m. fruit, produce; a. torach. 
Tore, -uirc, pi. -uirc, m. a boar, a hog ; a. torcach. 
Torchuir, -te, -adh, a.v. pierce, transfix. 
Torman, -ain, -an, m. noise, a musical sound ; a. 

Tòrr, -a, -an, m. a hill, a heap, a tower. 
Tòrr, -te, -adh ; a.v. pile, heap, bury. 

TOR — TRE. 387 

Tòrradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a burial, a piling. 

Torrach, -aiche, a. pregnant. 

Torraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. make pregnant. 

Torran, -ain, -an, m. a little hill ; a. torranacb. 

Torrunn, -uinn, m. a thunder, loud noise. 

Tosd, or tosdachd, silence ; a. tosdach. 

Tosdaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. silence, be 

Tosg, -uisg, pi. -uisg, f. a tusk ; a. tosgach. 
Tosgaire, -ean, m. a messenger ; tosgaireachd, his 

Toth, -an, f. a foul blast, stench ; a. tothach. 
Tota, f. pi, sods, fall, Scot, rather tobhta. 
Tràbhach. -aich, f. rubbish of river floods. 
Trachladh, rather treachladh, -aidh, m. fatigue. 
Tràigh, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. ebb, empty. 
Tràghadh, -aidh, m. ebbing, subsiding. 
Tràigh, -e, tràgha, tràghad, -ean, f. the sea shore. 
Tràill, -e, -ean, m. or f. a slave ; a. tràilleil, tràill- 
Tràillealachd, or tràilleachd, f. slavery. [each. 

Trà-nòin, m. noontide, mid-day. 
Traogh, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. sink, subside. 
Traoghadh, -aidh, m. subsiding ; a. traoigte, sub- 
Trasd, adv. a cross. [sided. 

Trasg, rather traisg, -aisg, -ean, f. a fast. 
Traisg, -te, trasgadh, traisg, n.v. fast. 
Trasgadh, -aidh, m. fasting; a. trasgach, traisgeach. 
Trà, or tràth, tràtha, -an, m. time, season. 
Tràth, tràithe, a. early, in season ; tràthail. 
Trà, adv in due time, seasonably, early, when. 
Tràthadair, -ean, m. a time-piece, an observer of 
Tràthalachd, f. seasonableness. [seasons. 

Tre, rather tro, prep, through, by means of. 
Treabh, rather treobh, -te, -adh, a.v. plough. 

388 TRE — TRI. 

Treabhadh, rather treobhadh, -aidh, m. ploughing. 

Treabhaiche, rather treobhaiche, -ean, m. a plough- 

Treabhailt, rather trabhailt, -e, -ean, f . a grain-box 
in a mill. 

Treabhaire, rather, treobhaire, pi. houses. 

Treagbaid, -e, -ean, f. a sharp pain ; a. treaghaid- 

Trealaich, -e, -ean, f. lumber, trash. [each. 

Treamhlaidh, -e, -ean, f. a lingering sickness. 

Treas, a. the third ; an treas fear, the third man. 

Treasg, -eisg, m. groats, refuse of malt. 

Treibhdhireach, -eiche, a. upright, sincere. 

Treibhdhireas, -eis, m. uprightness ; treibhdhir- 

Trèig, -te, -adh, -sinn, a.v. and n.v. leave, quit, 

Trèine, f. might, power ; trèinead. [forsake. 

Trèinfhear, -ir, m. a brave man. 

Treis, or treise, m. a supporter, a protector. 

Treise, f. vigour, strength ; treasad. 

Treodhair, -e, -ean, m. a smith's nail mould. 

Treoir, -e, f. vigour, strength ; a. treòrach. 

Treòraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. lead, strength- 

Treoirichear, -ir, an, m. a guide, a leader. [en. 

Treubh, -èibh, -an, -achan, m. a tribe. 

Treubhach, -aiche, a. manly, vigourous. 

Treubhantas, -ais, m. bravery, a feat; treubhachas. 

Treud, -èid, -a, -an, f. a flock ; a. treudach. 

Treudaich, -e, -ean, m. a shepherd ; a. pastor. 

Treun, rather trèin, -Mne, a. valiant ; s. a hero. 

Treunachas, -ais, m. bravery ; treunachd. 

Treunad, -aid, m. strength, valour; a. treunor. 

Tri, a. three ; an triamh, the third. 

Triall, triall, n.v. go, march. 

Triall, m. going, marching, a journey. 

TRI — TRO. 389 

Triallair, -ean, m. a traveller. 
Trian, m, a third, a third part ; a. trianach. 
Triantan, -ain, an, m. a. triangle ; a. triantanach. 
Triath, -èith, -an, èith, a. chief, a hero ; a. triath- 

Tribhileach, -ich, f. a marsh-trefoil. 
Trie, -e, -ead, a. often, frequent ; also an adv. often. 
Trichasach, a. threefooted. 
Trichearnach, -aich, m. a triangle; a. also. 
Trideabac, -aic, -an, f. a mishap, ill luck. 
Tri-diag, a. thirteen; antriamh-diag, the thirteenth. 
Tri-fichead, a. sixty, an tri-ficheadamh, the sixtieth, 
Tri-fiilte, a. threefold. 
Trileanta, -einte, a. thrilling, quivering. 
Trillsein, -ean, m. a lantern, a small torch. 
Trinnsear, -ean, m. a trencher, a plate. 
Trioblaid, -e, -ean, f. trouble ; a. trioblaideach. 
Trioblaidich, -te, -achadh, a. v. trouble, molest. 
Triobuail, -te, -buladh, a. v. and n.v. vibrate, play. 
Tri-oisinneach, a. triangular, s. a triangle, 
Trionaid, -e, f. the holy Trinity; a. trianaideach. 
Tri-shioladh, -aidh, ean, m. a trisyllable. 
Triubhas, -ais, -an, m. trowsers ; a. triubhasach. 
Triuir, a. three persons. 
Triuthach, -aich, f. the hooping-cough. 
Trobhad, def. v. come, come to me. 
Tròcair, -e, -ean, f. mercy, compassion; a. tròcrach. 
Tròcaireachd, f. mercifulness, clemency. 
Trod, -uid, -oid, m. a scold, a reproof, a strife ; a. 

Trod, trod, troda', a. v. scold, reprove ; troid. 
Trodair, -ean, m. a scolder; f. trodag ; a. trodach. 
Troich, -e, -ean, f. a dwarf; a. troicheil. 
Troichealachd, f. dwarfishness. 

390 TRO — TRU. 

Troidh, -e, -ean, (rather traigh, -e, -ean) f. a foot 

12 inches. 
Troileis, -e, -ean, f. trash, trifling things ; a. troil- 

Troimb, prep, through ; troimhe, through him or 
Trom, -uime, -uimead, a. heavy, weighty. [it. 

Trom, -uime, m. weight, a burden, a load. 
Tromaich, -te, -achadh, a. v. and n.v. make heavy, 

Tromb, -a, -uimb, -an, f. a trump, (Scot.) a Jew's 

Trombaid, -e, -ean, f. a trumpet ; a, tromhaideach. 
Trombair, -ean, m. a trumpeter ; trombaireachd, 

his office. 
Tromchluasach, -aiche, a. dull of hearing. 
Tromham, tromhad, troimhe, troimpe, tromhainn, 

tromhaibh, trompa; prep, troimh, conj. with the 

pers. pron. mi, thu, &c, i.e. tromham, tromhad, 

&c. through me, through you, &c. 
Trom-inntinn, -e, f. dejection ; a. trom-inntinneach. 
Troma-lidhe, f. the night-mare; (trom-laidh.) 
Tromsanich, -e, f. heaviness ; a. tromsanach. 
Trostan, -ain, -an, m. a dwarf; a. trosdanach. 
Trosg, -uisg, pi, -uisg, m. a cod fish ; a. trosgach. 
Trot, -te, -adb, a.v. and n.v. trot. 
Trotan, -ain, -an, m. a trot, a trotting pace ; trot'. 
Truachdantas, -ais, m. pity ; truachdantachd. 
Truachdanta, a. merciful, compassionate. 
Truaighe,-ean, f. misery, misfortune ; a. truagh. 
Truaghan, -ain, -an, m. a poor creature. 
Truaghantachd, f. miserableness ; a. truaghanta. 
Truaill, -e, -ean, f. a sheath or scabbard. 
Truaill, -te, -eadh, a.v. defile, pollute, profane. 
Truailleadh, -idb^ m. polluting; a. truallidh. 

TRU — TUA. 391 

Truailleachd, f. pollution ; a. truaillte, polluted. 
Truas, -uais, m. pity; truasalachd; a. truasail. 
Truasaich, -achadb, n.v. pity, compassionate. 
Trudar, -air, -an, m. a nasty fellow ; trudaireachd, 

his fault. 
Trùilleach, -ich, -ichean, m. a filthy or dirty fellow, 
Truime, f. heaviness, weight ; truimead. 
Truis 1 interj. a word for driving off dogs. 
Truisealaich, -te, truisealachadh, a.v. tuck up your 

Trup, -a, -an, -achan, m. a troop of horse ; a. trup- 

Trupair, -ean, m. a trooper ; trupaireachd his office, 
Trus, -te, -adh, a.v. truss, tuck up, gather ; truis. 
Trus ! interj. begone ! trus amach, get away. 
Trusadh, -aidh, m. trussing, gathering ; a. trusach. 
Trusaiche, -ean, m. a gatherer, a collector. 
Trusgan, -aiu, -an, m. clothes, garment; a. trusg- 

Tru, m. a beastly fellow, a villain, a traitor ; trùthair 
Trùthaireachd, f. low mean actions, viliany. 
Tu, pers. pron. thou, you ; emph. tusa, thusa. 
Tuagh, -uaighe, -an, f. a hatchet, an axe; a. tuagh- 

Tuaileas, -eis, -an, m. a dark view, a calumny, a 

Tuaileasach, -aiche, a. glimmering, calumnious. 
Tuaineal, -eil, -an, m. dizziness; a. tuainealach. 
Tuainealaiche, -e, f. giddiness ; faic tuaineal. 
Tuaiream, -eim, -an, f. a guess, nearness ; a. tuair- 

Tuaireap, -eip, -an, m. turbulence, a fray ; a. tuair- 

Tuairgneadh,-idh ; m» disturbance; a. tuairgneaeh. 

392 TUA — TUD. 

Tuairisgeul, -eil, -an, m. a made up story, a slander. 
Tuairisgeulach, a. defaming ; (tuar-ri-sgeul.) 
Tuairneag, -eig, -an, a round dish, a cap. (Scot.) 
Tuairneagach, a. full of caps, tidy, neat. 
Tuairnein, -ean, m. a lathe; beirt-thuairnein. 
Tuairneir, -ean, m. a turner; tuairnearachd, his 

Tuaraa, -an, f. a tomb or grave ; tuant; a. tuamach. 
Tuar, -uair, m. hue, colour, appearance; a. tuarail. 
Tuarasdal, -ail, an, m. fee, wages, salary. 
Tuarasdalach, -aich, m. a hireling. 
Tuarasdalaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. hire, engage. 
Tuargan, -ain, -an, m. discontent, complaining; a. 

Tuasaid, -e, -ean, f. a fight, a quarrel ; a. tuasaid- 

Tuath, a. north, northern ; an àirde-tuath, the north. 
Tuath, -a, f. tenantry, peasantry ; a. tuathach. 
Tuathach, -aich, m. a north country man. 
Tuathar, -aire, a. exposed to the north, northern 

Tuathanach, -aich, pi. -icb, m. a farmer. 
Tuathanas, -ais, f. farming ; tuathanachas. 
Tuba, -achan, f. a tub, dim. tubag ; a. tubagach. 
Tubaist, -e, -ean, f. a mishap, a wretch. 
Tubaisteachd, f. an unlucky accident ; a. tubaisteach. 
Tubb, -te, -adh, a.v. thatch. 
Tubhadair, -can, m. a thatcher ; tubhadaireachd, 

his trade. 
Tubhailt, -e, -ean, f. a towel; a. tubhailteach. 
Tùch, -te, -adh, a.v. and n.v. shut, become hoarse. 
Tùchadh, -aidh, m. hoarseness, cooing; a. tùchan- 

Tudan, -aio, -an* m. a small stack ; a. tudanach. 

TUI — TUL. 393 

Tuig, -te, -sinn, a.v, and n.y. understand, perceive. 

Tuigse, f. understanding, sense; a. tuigseacb. 

Tuil, -e, -ean, -tean, f. a flood, a deluge ; a. tuilt- 

Tuilbheum, -eim, -an, m. a torrent; a. tuibheum- 

Tuilich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.y. overflow, de- 

Tuille, or tuilleadh, m. more, morover. 

Tuimhsich, -te, -eachadh, a.v. and n.v. stagger, 
beat to and fro, knock against, beat. 

Tuimhseadh, -idh, m. a rush, a quick motion ; a. 

Tuineadh, -idh, m. an abode ; tuineach, tuinecbas. 

Tuinich, -te, -eachadh, n.v. dwell, sojourn. 

Tuine, f. dread, terror, alarm, confusion ; tuin- 

Tuir, -te, -eadh, -eamh,a.v. deplore, mourn, relate. 

Tuireamb, -imh, m. mourning, an elegy. 

Tùirl, -te, -inn, n.v. descend powerfully. 

Tùis, -e, -ean, f. incense, frankincense ; a. tùiseach. 

Tùiseir, -ean, m. a censer. 

Tuisleadh, -idh, -ean, m. a stumbling; a. tuisleach. 

Tuislich, -te, -eachadh, n.v. stumble, slip, err. 

Tuit, -earn, n.v. fall, happen, befal. 

Tuiteam, -im, -an, m. a fall, falling ; a. tuiteam- 

Tuiteamas, -ais, m. an occurrence, a chance, a fall. 

Tul, a prefix, signifying entirely, wholly. 

Tulach, -aich, -aichean, m. a small green hill. 

Tulchan, -ain, -an, a little green hill ; a. tulchanach. 

Tulabhriag,-èige,-an,f. a direct lie ; a. tulabhriag- 

Tulchainn, »e ; -ean, f. a house-gable, a backside, 

394} TUL — TUT. 

Tulchuis, -e, f. acuteness ; a. tulchuiseach. 
Tula-mhagadh, -aidh, m. downright mockery. 
Turn, -te, -adh, a. v. dip, plunge, immerse, duck. 
Tumadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a dip ; tumaire, a 

Tunna, -achan, m. a tun, a small cask ; a. tunnach. 
Tunnadair, -ean, m. a filler, a funnel. 
Tunnag, -aig, -an, f. a duck, a drake; a. tunnagach. 
Tùr, m. devise, invent. 

Tùr, -ùir, m. sense, understanding, tùralachd ; a. 
Tùrr, m. a tower ; a. tùrrach. [tùrail. 

Tur, adv. entirely, altogether. 
Turadan, -ain, -an, m. a small heap or stack. 
Turadh, -aidh, m. fair weather, a clearing up. 
Turraid, -e, -ean, f. a turret; a. turraideach. 
Turraman, -ain, -an, m. moving to and fro sitting. 
Turramanaich, turramain, n.v. move to and fro 

Turcach, -aich, m. a Turk ; a. Turcach, Turkish. 
Tùrlach, -aich, -aichean, m. a heap, a great quan- 
Tùrn, ùirn, -an, m : a feat, a job, a turn. Ltity. 

Turrachadal, -ail, m. a slumber ; a. turachadalach. 
Turtur, -uir, f. a turtle ; a. turturach. 
Turus, -uis, -an, m. a journey, a voyage; a. turus- 

Turusaiche, -ean, m. a traveller, a pilgrim ; turus- 

achd, his office. 
Tùs, ùis, m. a beginning, an origin, a van. 
Tùt, ùit, an, na. a fuist ; a. tùtach. 

o— dai. 395 


U, the seventeenth, and last, letter of the Gaelic 

Ua, prep, from, out of, used with the pers. pron. ; 
faic uam. 

U! interj. expressive of surprise or disappointment. 

Uabhar, -air, m. pride ; a. uabhrach, uaibhreach. 

Uachdar, -air, -an, m. a top, cream, upper leather 
of a shoe, woof of cloth ; a. uachracb, uppermost. 

Uachdran, -ain, -an, m. a superior ; uachdranachd, 
his office. 

Uam, uat, uaithe, uaipe or uaithe, uainn, uaibb, 
uapa, or uatha, or bhuam, &c, prep, ua, con- 
joined with the pers. pron. mi. tu, &c, from me, 
from you, &c. 

Uaibhreachas, -ais, m. or f. haughtiness, pride ; 
also uaireas, -eis, and uiareachd. 

Uaigh, -e, -uach, uaighean, f. a grave; a. uaghach. 

Uaigneas, -eis, m. secrecy, loneliness; a. uaigneach. 

Uaill, -e, f. vanity, vain-glory, pride ; a. uallach. 

Uailleag, -eig, f. a prude ; a. uailleagach. 

Uaillmhiann, -a, m. ambition; a. uaillmhiannach. 

Uaincionn, -inn, -an, m. a lamb's skin, dim. uain- 

Uaine, -ead, a. green, pale, wan ; uainealach. 

Uainein, -ean, m. a little lamb ; a. uaineineach. 

Uaiuf heoil, -eola, f. lamb. 

Uair, -e, uarach ; -ean, an hour, weather, time. 

396 uai — uch. 

Uaireadair, -ean, m. a watch, a time-piece; a. uair- 

Uaireadairiche, -ean, m. a watch-maker. 
Uaisle, f. nobility ; uaisleachd ; a. uasal. 
Uaislean, m. nobles, gentry. 
Uaislich, -te, eachadh, a.v. enoble, dignify. 
Uallach, -aiche, a. cheerful, gay, proud, vain, lively. 
Uallach, -aich, -an, -aichean, m. a burden, a load, 

a charge. 
Uallach, -aich, m. a spirited fellow, a fop. 
Uallach ag. -aig, -an, f. a coquette. 
Uallachan, -ain, -an, m. a little burden, or load. 
Uallachas, -ais. m. cheerfulness, gaiety, conceit. 
Uallaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. burden, load, encumber. 
Uamha, -annan, f. a cave, also uamh, -a, -aidh; a. 

uamharra, uamhach. 
Uamhas, -ais, -an, m. horror, a monster ; a. uamh- 

Uamhasachd, f. horribleness, awfulness, dreadful- 
Uamhbheist, -e, -ean, f. a monster. [ness. 

Uamhchrith, -e, -ean, a trembling with horror. 
Uamhraidh, -e, gloomy, fearful, full of caves. 
Uamhann, -ainn, -an, m. horror ; a. uamhannach. 
Uan, -ain, pi. -ain, m. a lamb, dim. uainein; a. 

Uasal, uaisle, -ead, a. noble, genteel ; a. uasal. 
Up ! up ! ubub ! iriterj. expressive of aversion, &c. 
Ubh, rather ugh, uighe, -ean, m. an egg ; a. ughach. 
Ubhal, -ail, ùbhlan, f. an apple ; a. ùbhalach, ubh- 
ùbhla, -aidhean, m. a fine or penalty. [lach. 

Uchd, m. the breast; dim. uchdan; a. uachdail. 
Uchd-èideadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a breast-plate, 
Uchd-mhac, -ic, m. an adopted son ; uchdmhacachdg 


uch — uil. 397 

Uchdmhacaich, -te -achadh, a. v. adopt as a son or 

Ud, demons, pron. that, yon, yonder. [heir. 

Udail, -te, -al, shake, rock, move. 

Udal, -ail, m. moving, flitting, distress ; a. udalach. 

Udalan, -ain, -an, m. a swivel; a. udalanach. 

Ugan, -ain, -an, m. the fore part of the neck, the 

ùghdair, or ùghdaire, -ean, m. an author ; ùgh- 
daireachd, his office. 

ùghdaraich, -te, -achadh, a. v. authorize, empower. 

ùghdarras, -ais, m. authority, power. 

ùghtarrais, f. lumber, stuff in one's way, a struggle. 

Ugsa, -an, -aichean, f. the coal fish ; a. ugsach. 

Uibe, rather ioba, iobaichean, m. a lump, com- 
monly of dough. 

Uibeach, rather iobach, -aiche, a. lumpish, massy. 

Uibhir, f. as much as, quantity, sum ; a. uibhireach, 
equal, alike. 

Uidh, or uidhe, f. a journey, a way; uidh-air 
nuidh, by degrees. 

Uidheam, -im, -an, f. apparatus, dress ; a. uidh- 

Uideamaich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. prepare, equip, dress. 

Uidheamachadh, -aidh, m. preparation, apparatus, 

Uidhear, -an, m. a traveller, a pilgrim. 

ùig, -ùig, -ean, ùigeachan, f. a nook or corner ; a. 

ùigh, -e, -ean, f. a desire or wish, hope ; a. ùigheil. 

Uile, a. all, the whole ; s. uileachd, totality, uni- 

ùileann, -inn, -ùillean, f. the elbow, a corner ; a. 

Uilebeist, -e, -ean, m. or f. a wild beast, a monster. 

398 uil — uin. 

Uilear, a. too much ; cha 'n uilear dha sin, that is 

not too much for him. 
Uile-bheannaichte, a. Infinitely holy, All-holy. 
Uile-chinnteach, a. quite certain. 
Ule-choichionnta, a. Universal. 
Ule-choichionntacbd, f. Universality. 
Uile-chomasach, a. All-powerful. 
Uile-chruthach, a. Omniform. 
Uile-chumhachd, f. Omnipotence ; a. uile-chumh- 

Uile-dhiongmhalta, a. All-sufficient, or All-perfect. 
Uile-fhradbarcach, a. All-seeing. 
Uile-ghlic, a. All- wise. 
Uile-ghlòrmhor, a. All-glorious. 
Uile-ghràsor, a. All-gracious. 
Uile-làthaireach, a. Omnipresent. 
Uile-lèirsinneach, a. All-seeing. 
Uile-mhathasacb, a. All-good. 
Uile-naomh, a. All-holy. 
Uile-neartor, a. All-powerful. 
Uile-riagblacb, a. All-ruling. 
Uile4hroerach, a. All-merciful. 
Uile-fhaicinneacb, a. All-seeing. 
Uile-fh'iosracb, a. All-knowing ; s. uile-fbiosrachd. 
Uile-fhoghainnteach, a. All-sufficient. 
Uilidh, a. all, total ; gu h-uilidh, totally. 
Uile-iomlan, a. All-perfect ; s. uil-iomlanachd. 
ùill, -te, -ùilleadh, a.v. oil, besmear with oil. 
ùilleadh, -idh, m. oil ; a. uillidh, oily. 
Uime, rather ime, prep, uim and pron. e, about, 

about him or it. 
ùine, or uin, f. time, 
ùinich, f. noise, bustle. 
Uinneag, -eig, -an, f. a window ; a. uinneagach. 

UXN — ULD. 399 

Uinnein, -ean, m» an onion ; a. uinneineach. 
Uinnleag, -eig, -an, f. a thrust with the elbow. 
Uinnseann, -inn. m. ash, an ash tree. 
Uipear, -ean, in. an idiot, a bungler ; uipearachd, 

his office, 
ùir, -e, -ach, f. dust, earth ; a. ùrach, ùireach. 
Uircein, -ean, m. a pig, a grice ; a. uirceineach. 
Uireasbhuidh, -e,-ean, want, needy, rather uireasubh 
Uireasach, -aich, m. a needy person ; a. also needy. 
Uirglidh, m. the faculty of speech, speech, narration. 
Uirgleacb, -iche, a. eloquent. 
Uiridh, adv. last year; an uiridh, (uair a ruith.) 
Uirigh, -e, -ean, f. a couch, a bed, 
ùirneis, -e, -ean, f. a furnace ; a. ùirneiseach. 
ùirneisich, -te, -eachadh, furnish, adorn, 
ùirsgeul, -eoil, -an, m. a fable, a novel ; a, ùirsg- 

ùirsgeulaiche, -ean, m. a teller of novels, 
ùis, -e, -ean, f. use, utility ; a. ùiseal. 
Uiseag, -eig, -an, f. a lark, a sky lark ; a. uiseagacb. 
Uisg, (or uisge) -e, uisgeachan, m. water, rain ; a. 

uisgidh, ' 
Uisge-beatha, m, whisky. 
Uisgealachd, f. wateriness. 
Uisgich, -te, -eachadh, a. v. water. 
Uisgidh, -e, a. watery, weak, faint-hearted, 
ùisinnicb, -te, -eachadh, use, treat, 
ùislinn, -e, f. noise, bustle ; a. uislinneach. 
Uist! interj. silence, hist! 
Ula, f. beard, clothes, grass. 
Ulag, -aig, -an, f. a block, a pully ; a. ulagach. 
Ulaidh, -e, -ean, -eannan, f. a treasure, 
ùldaiche, -aichean, m. a stag; a. ùldaidh, wild, 

gloomy, dark. 

400 ULF — URB. 





lit' 1 


Ulfhartaich, f. howling, barking. 

Ullaich, -te, achadh, a. v. prepare, make ready. 

Ullamh, -aimhe, a. ready, done, prepared, s. ullamh- 

Ultach, -aich, -aichean, m. an armfull. [achd. 

Umam, uraad, ime, impe, umainn, umaibh, umpa ; 
prep, im, combined with the pers. pron. mi, &o. 
about me, about thee, &c. 

Umha, m. brass; a. umha ; s. umhadair, a brazier, ùrc 

Umhail, rather omhail, f. heed, attention ; also a. 

Umhailteas, -eis, m. obedience, humility; umailt- 

Umhailt, or umhail, -ailte, -e, a. obedient, submis- 

Umhlaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. humble, subdue. 

ùmhlachd, f. humility, obedience. 

Unchdach, -aich, -aichean, f. an ascent, a breast- 
plate, or breast-girth, extension of voice, sine of 
an angle. 

Ung, -te, -adh, a. v. anoint. 

prep, ann, and pers. pron. mi, &c. in me, &c. 

Ungadh, -aidh, m. anointing, an unction. 

Unnsa, -achan, m. an ounce. 

ùp, -te, -adh, a.v. push,, justle. 

ùpadh, -aidh, m. a push ; dim. ùpag, aig, -an 

ùpraid, -e, -ean, f. bustle; a. ùpraiteach. 

Upaidh, -e, -ean, an idiot, a boor. 

ùr, -ùire, ùiread, a. new, fresh. 

ùrach, or ùireach, a. earthly, dusty. 

ùraich, -te, -achadh, a.v. and n.v. renew, recreate. 

ùrad, -aid, m. newness ; ùrachd, a. ùraiL 

ùraireachd, f. freshness. 

ùranach, -aich, m. an upstart. 

ùrbheachd, f. a second thought or view. 


URB — UT. 401 

ùrbhlath, -aith, -ean, m. a blossom, a flower. . 
ùrbhreith, -e, -ean, f. a new birth, regeneration. 
Urchair, urcbrach, urchaichean, f. a shot, a cast. 
Urchaireacbd, f. shooting, casting ; a. urchaireacb. 
Urchoid, -e, f. calamity, bustle ; a* urchoideach. 
ùrchoill, -e, -tean, f. green wood ; a. ùrchoillteach. 
ùrchradb, -aidh, m. a new distress, 
ùrchrann, -ainn, a fresh tree ; a. ùrchannach. 
Ur-fhàs, -àis, -an, m. a bloom, a sprout. 
Urla, f. the breast, the chest, 
ùrlar, -air, -an, m. a floor of a house ; a. ùrlarach. 
ùrnuigh, -e, -ean, f. prayer, prayers ; ùrnaigh. 
Urra, -aidhean, -achan, m. or f. a person. 
Urrainn, -e, -ean, m. an author, power, ability. 
Urralachd, f. forwardness, impudence ; a. urrasach. 
Urram, -aim, f. respect, honour ; a. urramach. 
Urramachd, f. honourableness, nobility. 
Urramaich, -te, -achadh, a.v. honour, respect. 
Urrantachd, f. boldness ; a. urranta. 
Urras, -ais, -an, m. a surety, a cautioner, boldness. 
Urrasachd, f. boldness, audacity ; a. urrasach. 
Ursann, -ainn, -an, f. a door post ; a. ursannach. 
ùrsgeul, -eoil, -an, m. a novel ; a. ùrsgeulach. 
ùrsgeulaiche, -ean, m. a fabulist, a novelist, 
ùraisg, -e, -ean, a fabulous being, a monster. 
Usa, or fhusa, comp. of furasda, easier. 
Usachd, f. easiness, facility ; usad ; rather fusachd, 

Usgar, -air, usrach, usgraichean, m. a jewel, a 

ùspag, -aig, -an, f. a push, a pang ; a. ùspagach. 
ùspairn, -e, f. a struggle, a strife ; a. ùspairneach, 
ùspairneachd, f. striving, struggling, 
ùt! ut! interj. expressive of disapprobation. 

402 UTH — UTR. 


ùth, -a, -an, -annan, m. an udder ; a. ùthach. 
IJthard, rather urad, adv. up, above, 
ùtrais, f. fidgeting, restlessness; a. ùtraiseach. 
ùtraiseachd, f. restlessness, fidgeting. 

My only design in publishing this small Dic- 
tionary was to give a Standard of pure Gaelic 
words, and their proper sound by means of accents. 


p. I. 
9 25 
11 3 
13 17 
16 18 

20 29 

21 16 
23 31 
30 33 
32 4 
40 17 



fan trà so J 

aonaranach; I. 20 

A itharrais-bkial- 

a. beotha 


41 2 
43 29 
45 19 
49 33 
68 9 
72 2 
75 8 
78 10 



89 5 

90 2 
97 30 

104 32 

105 11 

bole; I. 20, 

on board 
ceiltinnjL 24 place 

cliath-ràmh; I. 24 









8 antled 
19 -ean 

7 ~aig ; I. 8 and 10 
eddying, and I. 
31, Cuibhidh 
10 dldean 
23 dronnach 
10 Fadhail; I 18 
7 'aiche 
23 -aich 

1 9 lethbhliadhnach and 
2. 21, hthbhreth- 
30 lining 

5 liosadaireachd 
1 marri 
25 -uir 
8 Plodach 
12 JRuamhar 
5 Run- chlèireach 
17 Sàraiche 
19 Searbhadair 
12 -eara 

22 -o^, 7. 23, -a*7i/*, 
30 fo/Zow 
32 stàtachd 

7 Stealladaireachd 
12 -an; Z. 13, stopach 
28 streangach 

■rx%i: ?.'■' ì.l\* -■■<*, i"? .. »..-